Touch of Heaven - David Funk | Worship Night

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"Touch of Heaven" sung by David Funk live at Bethel Church
| Episode 3 of 4 from a special Sunday worship night |

Worship Leader - David Funk | @thedavidfunk
2nd Worship Leader - Rheva Henry | @simplyrheva
3rd Worship Leader - Emmy Rose | @emmyrose_
BGV - Melissa Casey | @melissagracecasey
Electric Guitar - Kenyon Reed | @kenyonthe2nd
Strings - Antonio Marin | @allisonandantonio
Strings Allison Marin | @allisonandantonio
Bass - Tanner Erickson | @tannererickson
Keys - Nick Stailey | @nick.stailey
Drums - JP Gentile | @japes876

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11 Nov 2019



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Comentários 5 683
WAGNÃO Anos atrás
Edna Carvalho
Edna Carvalho 15 dias atrás
@WAGNÃO sou muito abençoada por suas palavras!
XD_im_god 27 dias atrás
Awesome worship
Adailton Souza
Adailton Souza Mês atrás
Toda vez que preciso de um ânimo, venho aqui ouvir este louvor .. sempre que vejo, e como se fosse a primeira vez .. logo sinto a presença 🔥
Renata Gomes
Renata Gomes Mês atrás
A primeira vez que ouvi estava dirigindo e comecei a chorar e sempre escuto e me acalma
Greatest Christian
Greatest Christian 9 meses atrás
I received the baptism of Holy Ghost in 1948 at the age of 21. I'm now 90 years of age, and the journey is still glorious & exciting. I invite you on this joyful journey with Jesus also..
Carl Aldion Halili Layao
Carl Aldion Halili Layao 9 minutos atrás
maypaka ay! Laban Lang Jud SA atoang tawag hehe❤
Mazie Beckford
Mazie Beckford 3 dias atrás
So good God bless you keep it up from mazie Beckford
Jo Angel
Jo Angel 5 dias atrás
Time with Jesus Christ is NEVER a waste. I regret the years I was away from Jesus Christ, The Only One who Loved me and you so deeply and Unconditionally that He took our place on the cross for our sins to save us and to be scouraged and publicly die for me and for you. I will ALWAYS worship, praise, Love Jesus Christ publicly, for He was not ashamed to die for us publicly. Am I My Brother's Keeper? Yes, I am. Am I My Sister's Keeper? Yes, I am. Amen.
MrMush20 6 dias atrás
Wow!!! To God be the glory
M 8 dias atrás
@Christy Logsdon Because the numbers literally don't add up lol
Freddy Dancer
Freddy Dancer Anos atrás
I was a muslim 2 months ago. Never believed in Jesus. Lately my marriage is going through crisis, because I wrote with other women and my wife found out. She wanted a divorce. We have 2 beautiful kids and a beautiful home. Life was crashing down on me and I didn't want to lose my family so I started praying to our heavenly father for a sign. My wife didn't even hug me for almost 3 years. Couple days later after praying she came to me and just hugged me. Out of the blue. So I am now baptized and find the light of our lord jesus christ. I'm still fighting everyday to get my wife back and I am praying every day for forgiveness. I'm glad that I found our savior jesus christ.
Thembelihle Masina
Thembelihle Masina 13 dias atrás
Freddy welcome back buddy
Tim Long
Tim Long 2 meses atrás
Jesus makes all things nee. He is the restorer of the broken and the lost sheep. He cares for you so cast all your cares on him my brother, for we cannot fix what we need to in the natural. Only the Lord can do the work for us so just submit to him and his absolute will for your life and your wife's and families. All will bow to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, surrender to him and his will for your life. Don't fight it. He has the victory over your life if you let him, otherwise punishment awaits but not to utterly destroy you but to bring you to a place of repentance. Thank you Lird for your mercy and your pure and mighty holy will for us and our loved ones. Amen
William Price
William Price 2 meses atrás
God bless you brother, what a testimony 😭
Legendary One
Legendary One 3 meses atrás
God is truly a restorer!
Musica Para Amor
Musica Para Amor 3 meses atrás
Worship Songs
Worship Songs 10 meses atrás
*God please save the Philippines and make peoples alive. Heal our pain form this.I hope God everyone make a stronger by your faith and Grace. God we need you above all. Forgive our sins.🙏🙏*
Jo Angel
Jo Angel 5 dias atrás
Dearest Lord God Heavenly Father, Please hear and answer all the prayers my brothers and sisters hold in the silence of their hearts in the Philippines and worldwide, most especially those in most need of Thy Mercy, I pray in Jesus Christ's Name, Amen. Am I My Brother's Keeper? Yes, I am. Am I My Sister's Keeper? Yes, I am. Amen.
Jacilane Quinto dos santos
Não paro de adorar com esse louvor! Me perco na letra,sobe um desejo de ver Jesus logo,partir dessa terra.
Chi Odun
Chi Odun 4 meses atrás
Amen 🙏.
Carolyn Drake
Carolyn Drake 7 meses atrás
Father God, hear our praises, Lord. You are EVERYTHING TO US; for without you, we can do nothing. Thank you for your generous mercy & loving grace, that you lavish upon us out of your everlasting love for us. As we unite our minds & hearts as one Body in worship to you, Lord, we pray, declare, & decree chains be broken, sin & iniquities be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus, infirmities be healed, unholy yokes be broken, spiritual eyes & ears be open to see & hear you, discernment be refined, reconciliation & salvation of souls, captives set free, and your love, peace, & joy be poured out upon all listening or watching, and our towns, cities, states, & nations’ lands & governments be cleansed, healed, & delivered out of enemy bondage, and Christ’s Glory reign in victory, in JESUS’ Glorious Name. Amen. 🙏🏼✝️🕊⛲️❤️🗡🛡🔥💝🎊🎂🙌🏼
Christy Logsdon
Christy Logsdon 7 meses atrás
I'll pray for a touch from Heaven upon your land, all those who call Philippines their home my Sister
Intrument Worship
Intrument Worship 6 meses atrás
If you're reading this with tears in your eyes, know that GOD is speaking directly to your wounded soul through this message. You didn't just happen to stumble across this message.GOD led you to it.He wants you to know that He is making a way for you right now!He is healing that sickness. He is going to give you an opportunity that you've never had.He is going to heal your strained relationships.Stay in faith, bcos your breakthroughs is coming.🕊🕊🕊
Carl Aldion Halili Layao
Carl Aldion Halili Layao 8 minutos atrás
BREAKTHROUGH is coming! In Jesus name My breakthroughs
Carl Aldion Halili Layao
Carl Aldion Halili Layao 8 minutos atrás
Sister Ramesuze Azemar
I thank you Father God in advance for your goodness
Stephanie Alaine
Stephanie Alaine 9 dias atrás
@Jamad Scott Amen
Stephanie Alaine
Stephanie Alaine 9 dias atrás
Phee Govender
Phee Govender 9 dias atrás
This gives me goosebumps every single time I listen to it, I want this so badly live in my heart Jesus, I give myself to you completely. Make me whole again...
Rozella Standard
Rozella Standard 8 dias atrás
I feel the same way. I Love God sooo much! I want to want Him more. To be entirely consumed by Him. God bless you Sister!
Christopher Roach
Christopher Roach 8 meses atrás
I had bipolar and was medicated for years. No amount of meds could get it right, it only kept me stable enough to keep going with negative side effects and still mood swings. Was incredibly broken worshipping one day. I prayed to the Lord asking him to take this weight from me and a girl comes up to pray for my head. I'm healed. The next day God asked me to throw away my meds that had kept me stable enough to keep going for years, since I was a kid. He said the man that Jesus told to walk didn't need his mat anymore after that, did he? I tossed them in the trash. I have lived every day free from bipolar since. People said I looked different, my mood didn't swing, I was living life carrying myself completely differently. My posture which I have been trying to fix for years even changed. One day I was standing straight without thinking and realized I was naturally standing straight. Almost like the weight of my mental illness had been physically affecting me. Have not suffered from symptoms of bipolar since. God told me to tell people. This happened half a year ago. He loves you.
Carl Aldion Halili Layao
Carl Aldion Halili Layao 5 minutos atrás
Deborah Barr
Deborah Barr 18 dias atrás
Beautiful Jesus and God are soo good!!
Наталья Улеева
Angelo Qwequ-Boateng
Wow, this's awesome. May our Lord Jesus Christ preserve and keep you.
Rhobina Doctors
Rhobina Doctors Mês atrás
Thank you Lord for your testimony! 💛
canal da jane
canal da jane Anos atrás
Brazil needs to receive a touch of heaven🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
 Ijaneide Ferreira
Ijaneide Ferreira 3 meses atrás
@Marcos Antonio vdd
Marcos Antonio
Marcos Antonio 4 meses atrás
O mundo todo rs
Jonel Ramos
Jonel Ramos 3 dias atrás
Inspiração do eterno!
Eric De la cruz
Eric De la cruz 10 meses atrás
God free’d me from depression and suicidal thoughts
Tania Duarte
Tania Duarte 6 meses atrás
God wants to give you more Eric there's so much more God wants to give you God breaks every chain
Demetria McFarland
Demetria McFarland 8 meses atrás
Eric keep your heart and mind stayed on Jesus! Thank you for sharing your testimony! God will use your healing ❤️‍🩹 to save others.
Sebastien Sauzier
Sebastien Sauzier 9 meses atrás
I pray to god and believe that he will and has already heal you from these thoughts.. you will now be free from sickness.. keep praying god for his mercy.. be blessed ERIC !!
Lovshek 9 meses atrás
Praise God for his love, goodness mercy and leadership.......... God bless u abundantly.....keep running for his heart,he will show u more and more heavenly things .....
Jo Angel
Jo Angel 5 dias atrás
Dearest Heavenly Father Lord God, Please hear and answer all the prayers my brothers and sisters hold in the silence of their hearts, in Jesus Christ's Name, Amen. Am I My Brother's Keeper? Yes, I am. Am I My Sister's Keeper? Yes, I am. Amen.
Canciones Cristianas
Canciones Cristianas 8 meses atrás
It's been one year and half since my husband died and since I wrote this post. I have been so touched by your words of encouragement and inspiration. I want to tell you that I have seen God's faithfulness to me. He restores, provides and heals. I was blessed to graduate with my Masters degree last Friday! What can I say, we serve an awesome God who can bring you through your lowest point. There is no valley that he will not go to reach you. There is no mountain that is too high for him to overcome. I hope these words encourage you in your challenges because through it all the Lord has been my strength, fortress,high tower and my portion in this Life. God bless you all.
Catherine Grace
Catherine Grace 5 meses atrás
Glory to God! I celebrate with you Sis! Grace and Godspeed in Jesus name 🔥❤️
Evelyn Sanchez
Evelyn Sanchez 8 meses atrás
You have no idea how much I needed to read this. Thank you!
Sascha Veloso
Sascha Veloso 8 meses atrás
The Lord truly truly truly is amazing!!!
Elias Marez
Elias Marez 8 meses atrás
Congratulations! God is so good and faithful!
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz Anos atrás
I was an atheist and drug addict until i receive a touch of heaven 5 years ago, JESUS SAVED ME!! hugs from brazil to y'all! 🇧🇷
Christy Logsdon
Christy Logsdon 8 dias atrás
Oh Beautiful❣ Tears fill my eyes. Praising God for you Brother❣❣❣
Alexandra Perez
Alexandra Perez 19 dias atrás
Amen :) ❤️
Maria Stephany Lindoso Fernandes
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz Mês atrás
@Renata Gomes glória a Deus! :D
Renata Gomes
Renata Gomes Mês atrás
Louvo pela sua vida !!!!! Seja luz na vida de outras pessoas agora !! Sejamos um canal de Deus aqui na terra , por 5 anos eu orei por meu irmão que não acreditava em Deus e no mês passado ele aceitou Jesus !!! É pra isso que viemos , sermos instrumentos de Deus para salvação de pessoas !!!
Greatest Christian
Greatest Christian 4 meses atrás
What a beautiful song! Finally, a true Christian artist that loves Jesus and is singing for Him, not for themselves, or for money and fame. Thankyou!
Claudia R
Claudia R 6 meses atrás
This touches my soul, I'm fighting cancer and I know God has my back and I will be ok no matter what the outcome is as long as I have God in my heart. God bless you ⚘
Claudia R
Claudia R 23 dias atrás
@Shea H thank you. God bless you
Claudia R
Claudia R 23 dias atrás
@Adekola Abiola thank you so much ⚘️ God bless you
Наталья Улеева
Хэлло 🙏! Просто верь брат в исцеляющую Силу Йешуа Мессии! Он одержал Победу на Кресте! И взял все наши болезни и не мощи на Себя! Он Яхве Рафе, Он наш Целитель и Он поможет выздороветь тебе и исцелил тебя уже от рака! Верь. ПрославляйЙешуа каждый день увидишь, как всё восстановит Господь!!! Аллилуйя! Я тоже борюсь с болезнью и не даю ей места даже в моих мыслях, знаю! Меня Победа ждёт в Йешуа Мессии!!!! Я еще буду свидетельствовать, как Господь полностью меня исцелил!!!!! 🙏💐🌷
Shea H
Shea H 29 dias atrás
You are now healed! ❤❤❤
Adekola Abiola
Adekola Abiola Mês atrás
God will give you healing
Rian Anos atrás
I almost slept with this music, Jesus heal my oversleeping now
Vanessa Albuquerque
Vanessa Albuquerque 9 meses atrás
Me too.♥️
Thapelo Pila
Thapelo Pila 10 meses atrás
What a wonderful God he is, one of my biggest struggles at the moment and I believe in Jesus Christ that I will be freed and healed from over sleeping.
Biridiana Ruiz
Biridiana Ruiz 14 dias atrás
He sang that with such anointing!! I felt Jesus's presence and I fell before him in worship!
Mildred Namwenya
Mildred Namwenya Mês atrás
When am stressed, I listens this song and feel good thinking that am in heaven. Really this song gives me courage even if the situation is tough.
tanjiro prince
tanjiro prince 5 meses atrás
I have never just started worshiping in my room before but I put this on and my life is forever changed God bless
EarthBrother 4 meses atrás
Literally same, this song taught me to worship God through song and prayer every night after work
Jessica M
Jessica M 4 meses atrás
@Sydonie Sardia same, it's so good it helps me, i pray almost every night with this song and it helps me a lot.
Sydonie Sardia
Sydonie Sardia 4 meses atrás
Same😭😭😭😭, currently crying it touches me so deeply.
Rachel Bingham
Rachel Bingham 10 meses atrás
This song is just so beautiful. It's so personal and all about wanting more of God and not trying to impress anyone with fancy music, but a genuine prayer to God to be filled with His love. Excellent work, David!
Amanda Vieira
Amanda Vieira 10 meses atrás
This song has helping me to pass for a bad moment of growing and finding myself in Jesus. I hope everyone here can find urself in God.
Chibuzor Maryann
Chibuzor Maryann 9 meses atrás
Mukesh kumar
Mukesh kumar 2 anos atrás
I was a hindu but found Jesus😊 nd he let me out of Porn,Lust nd depression.He provided healing to my family,Now he's my everything,my love,my saviour,father nd i awe all to him. Now he's guiding me nd when i was zero in studies today im able to study research books about astrophysics nd doing very well in my exams....Im 15 years old.Thank u Jesus🙏🙏 from India🇮🇳its my dad's account
Lucas Cruz
Lucas Cruz 3 meses atrás
God Bless you my brother!!! From Brazil
Patrícia Carlienne
Patrícia Carlienne 3 meses atrás
Woooww God bless you!! How are you today? I am from Brazil, but I study bible with indians. If you want know more, let me know! I'm very happy with you testimony!! God Bless You!!!
Sára Kaňáková
Sára Kaňáková 3 meses atrás
God bless you
Joao Ferreira
Joao Ferreira 6 meses atrás
YEAHHHHH, é isso que O Verbo Vivo faz. A fonte de água viva, A Salvação, é isso que ele faz❤❤❤❤❤ Shalom amado irmão que vou conhecer no céu❤💪🔥
Steven Hahn
Steven Hahn 9 meses atrás
Jesus wasn't the one that was lost, He found you... and he saved you... the truth Finds us all.
Mazie Beckford
Mazie Beckford 3 dias atrás
Good evening everyone God bless and keep you all safe mazie Beckford playing this song have good night
Jazmin Rios
Jazmin Rios Anos atrás
I was idolizing celebrities and was sad and depressed with fear. I was too attached to “friends”. I lusted a lot. But God broke all those chains. Now I don’t lust. I don’t idolize anything or anyone that’s no God. I have 2 good friends that care for me. He made me happy. God let me have peace. I’m not scared anymore. Praise God all mighty.
Cherrii 8 meses atrás
@Sara Oliveira Thank you so much!
Sara Oliveira
Sara Oliveira 8 meses atrás
@Cherrii I'll pray for you!
Cherrii 8 meses atrás
please pray for me. I also struggle with lust and celebrity worship. Or lusting after handsome/beautiful celebrities/images.
Sara Oliveira
Sara Oliveira 9 meses atrás
idk bro
idk bro 10 meses atrás
Great to hear brotha!
Ramiro Rodriguez
Ramiro Rodriguez 5 meses atrás
My newborn son was murdered by his mom in December 2020. I wanted to make her suffer the same way, I was angry and hurt, but God helped me to forgive and today I am at peace. I am a better man today and all because I chose to trust in the Lord and give all my worries and pain to him. He blessed me with understanding and wisdom. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul !
Shea H
Shea H 29 dias atrás
You will see him very soon, Christ return is near. Stay strong my brother! ❤❤❤
Samantha Figueroa
Samantha Figueroa Mês atrás
I can't imagine your pain... I'm glad God is healing you and I'm praying for you and baby boy 💞
no_worries_ be_happy_
no_worries_ be_happy_ 2 meses atrás
Jesus saves truly. , “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14 your beautiful sons soul is at peace beyond what we can understand and his precious life was not lived in vain. He had a beautiful purpose that he fulfilled while on this earth, may he rest peacefully until God calls us home soon brother. God loves you so so much may you find joy and understanding through this all❤️
Shawn Walrus
Shawn Walrus 2 meses atrás
Wow wow wow!!! ♥️
Shawn C. Wages
Shawn C. Wages Mês atrás
I'm in tears 😢 I Love ❤️ this song 🎵 I was homeless and headed for hell until I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I'm a Blessing to those in need of the Lord.
Min_Jae 8 meses atrás
Hello. I am a youth attending church in Korea. It makes me feel good to hear such wonderful praise. Please sing great praises next time.🙏
mikha._.a 3 meses atrás
신의 은총이 있기를!
Min_Jae 6 meses atrás
@Ngamgongmei Phaomei Amen!
Ngamgongmei Phaomei
Ngamgongmei Phaomei 7 meses atrás
May the lord be with you min jae
Min_Jae 7 meses atrás
@단이 Thank you!
단이 7 meses atrás
Hello Korean! 축복합니다. 아름다운 믿음지켜나가세요! God bless you. May God's way be done in your life. Stick to our God through thick and thin.
Justine Chvostjuk
Justine Chvostjuk 3 meses atrás
I've found my way back to God, I'm so thankful for everything. May you all be blessed. AMEN 🙏🏻❤✝️
Dark Depression Happy Thoughts
I've been struggling for so long, his praise breaks my chains.
Simbsofficial 26 dias atrás
Anybody know where I can find more worship songs with this type of feel. It feels very intimate as close
Praise Worship Songs
I was a drug addict, homeless on the streets... God is good he always makes a way.. now I've been clean for 2 years, and not turning back..
Mzfit Mama
Mzfit Mama 4 meses atrás
Just saw this comment on a few other videos this same same exact one
Melissa Hamilton
Melissa Hamilton 4 meses atrás
April Dela Cruz
April Dela Cruz 5 meses atrás
Lolita Massey
Lolita Massey 5 meses atrás
What until He takes the world from you. He tells us to pick up our cross and follow Him. But remember we have to have a relationship with Him. Trust me the Bivle is the living word of God. Obedience is better then sacrifice. Once God, the Son and the Holy Spirit speaks to you, it will blow your mind. My mind stays on Him 90% of the time. He is all I want. I want His power, not to just say I love God. I want His power like He gave His disciples. Look around God needs us to stop playing church and get real with Him. Be Still let Him do His thing. Trust Him. Oh! Drop those idols. God hate idols. He is jealous God. Love you. Stand strong. The battle is already won. Love Him.
Brandon Salas
Brandon Salas 6 meses atrás
In the last year I have been through a divorce and have lost my mother to COVID. It's been hard to even devote myself to the Lord and to his word. Today I stumbled upon this and a release of tears that have been bottled up for a year just came out. Then worship followed. He is worthy. He is good. He is faithful. If it had not been for the Lord who was on my side, I don't know how I would have made it this past year.
Mimie Njoki
Mimie Njoki 2 meses atrás
What a tough year I hope 2022 is looking better for you and that God will keep strengthening you and May He soothe your soul 🤍
Brigitte 3 meses atrás
May the Lord fully restore all the enemy has taken! In Jesus name 🙏🏼
Marwavy Mês atrás
When I listen to praise and worship sensations go through my body. God is real and he’s working. He’s so good to me it doesn’t make sense and I’m grateful ❤
Brianna Berry
Brianna Berry 5 meses atrás
There’s no age limit in Jesus Christ!! I believe He cried tears of joy when children come to Him!! And I pray I can be as humble as a child, He said any other way than that we won’t make it into His kingdom. Grow in Him and don’t nobody or nothing turn you around. Endure until the end 🙏🙏❤️
PREMJIT Phaomei Mês atrás
I am listening to this now at 3:20am. My tears stream down as I go through the comments n testimonies. I love you Lord.
Luisa M. Arias Giraldo
A couple of years ago, one of my dad's friend came to visit. He had a daughter, she must have been like 9 years old at that time. I remember I had to take my dog for a walk and she wanted to join, so we walked for a while around the neighborhood. It was windy that day. And everytime the wind intensified she would smile and close her eyes. I didn't say anything, I also enjoy the wind, so I though it was normal. After a while she said "do you know why it feels so good when the wind blows and you feel it?" I asked why. She said "because God is there. In the wind. So when the wind blows, you can feel Him". I thought it was a very beautiful idea, and I have kept it with me all these years. When the song says "I throw my fears into the wind" I can't help but think it doesn't mean "I get rid of my fears", but "I offer my fears to You". (Just a thought I wanted to share).
Sydonie Sardia
Sydonie Sardia 4 meses atrás
Amazing 🙏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾
Janice Rosenberg
Janice Rosenberg 9 meses atrás
I love that scripture in the bible that says, "He waters the earth to show his love." I often think of it when it rains. "He waters the earth to show his love."
Karunya Kannadasan
Karunya Kannadasan 11 meses atrás
So beautiful 💗💗💗
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 11 meses atrás
Absolutely beautiful
Natukunda Solomon
Natukunda Solomon 11 meses atrás
Praise And Worship Songs
Whoever reading this, God never sends you into a situation alone, God goes before you, He stands beside you, He walks behind you. Whatever situation you have right now be confident. God is with you. Ameen
Julio Rosario
Julio Rosario 28 dias atrás
inhisreflection Mês atrás
So good! AMEN!
Susan Allen
Susan Allen 3 meses atrás
Thank you so much 🙏 God bless you
Praise And Worship Songs
@CynBeauty _xoxo Thank you lord amen 🙏😇❤️
CynBeauty _xoxo
CynBeauty _xoxo 3 meses atrás
Chivon Musgrave
Chivon Musgrave 2 meses atrás
Amazing! Best Decision you'll make in your whole life. Bless your ❤
Brian Magalhães
Brian Magalhães 7 meses atrás
Touch of heaven How I live for the moments Where I'm still in Your presence All the noise dies down Lord speak to me now You have all my attention I will linger and listen I can't miss a thing Lord I know my heart wants more of You My heart wants something new So I surrender all All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh You're the fire in the morning You're the cool in the evening The breath in my soul All the life in my bones There is no hesitation In Your love and affection It's the sweetest of all Lord I know my heart wants more of You My heart wants something new So I surrender all All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I open up my heart to You I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now (come on) I open up my heart to You, yeah I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now I open up my heart to You, yeah I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Na, na, na Na, na, na
Michelle Nten
Michelle Nten 7 meses atrás
I'm listening to this and everyday I gain strength 💪 thank you God
Gospel Music
Gospel Music Anos atrás
I am only nine years old and i gave my life to Jesus Christ 3 months ago
Gwendoline Dmgd
Gwendoline Dmgd 2 meses atrás
Woow Amazing ! Blessed be the name of Jesus ! Be blessed 🙏🏻
Justin Riner
Justin Riner 4 meses atrás
Wish I coulda been like you!!! That’s a blessing!!!! Always remember when you get down remember him! Remember GOD!
justin shaddox
justin shaddox 5 meses atrás
Amen glory to God 🙏 bless your heart 💞❤️
Amahya Walker
Amahya Walker 5 meses atrás
that’s so beautiful, and i am so proud of you. keep going !!! DONT let anyone hold you back.. okay? do it for God
Rita 5 meses atrás
Way to go!
Sara Schultz
Sara Schultz 3 meses atrás
"I just want you, and nothing else..." 🥺❤
Quindora Booker
Quindora Booker 4 meses atrás
I want to play this song for my wedding ceremony! The musicians thoughhhhhh I felt in heaven! 😩🙏🏾
Drea 4 meses atrás
This song really explains everything I feel about this journey to be close and trust Jesus Christ.
Lochamo Ezung
Lochamo Ezung 5 meses atrás
How beautiful to see Lots of believers out there Singing for the LORD 🥺❣️. God continue to bless you and use you and keep you safe . Do continue to shine for his Glory . Amen Big Love from Far isolated State Nagaland.
Instrumental Worship Music
I was not a Christan. Until I heard this song. God bless you all...
Veronika Cee
Veronika Cee 4 dias atrás
God bless you as well
etido isin
etido isin 11 meses atrás
Welcome to the family of God
Rebeca EDOH
Rebeca EDOH Anos atrás
Oooooohhh Jesus . Am so glad for you more intimity to you with Holy Spirit. Love you so much . Keep the fire , don’t give up , no matter what happens
Julie Anos atrás
Lina Bambina
Lina Bambina Anos atrás
God bless you! Hallelujah. How are you?
Eric Haggen
Eric Haggen 3 meses atrás
The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is His name.
Jonathan Che
Jonathan Che 2 meses atrás
God makes a way, even through the storms. Lost my momma 2 months ago. It is only God who sustains me.
V.I.P Dance
V.I.P Dance 10 meses atrás
Music is powerful and can take you into another mental stage...your mind is the limit to where you want to be!
Yuri E
Yuri E 8 meses atrás
All I is just to know your heart, and would you keep me here until we’re one. 💕💕💕💕
Kareem Waheeb
Kareem Waheeb Anos atrás
I regret every second I spent in my life away from His presence, in His presence I get healed, restored and empowered
EGC PRODUCTIONS 2 meses atrás
MangaMessiah🗻🏔 7 meses atrás
Put your hand to the plow and dont look back
T 10 meses atrás
@Kareem, Beautifully said and agree 💯. Bless you abundantly exceedingly beyond and beyond
linze 19
linze 19 10 meses atrás
@Lydianow I can't imagine a day without Him, I'm not perfect but He's started a good work in me& I can't wait till it's done. - "being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; Philippians 1:6 NKJV"
Lydia 10 meses atrás
@linze 19 same here you comment made tear up reminded me of all those days my when he'd been faithful to me even when I was living away from him 😭
Luna Le Feuvre
Luna Le Feuvre 2 meses atrás
Ahh my heart touched deeply love this bro bless you man 🦁❤️😎👊🙏
Maria Cecilia
Maria Cecilia Anos atrás
essa música me toca tanto... Jesus você é incrível !!!
Ranna Seah
Ranna Seah 2 meses atrás
I am shy about admitting that I love Jesus. But this song gave me courage.
Melvin Lordclan
Melvin Lordclan 3 meses atrás
Everything About This Song Is Everything ♥️ Thank You Lord God For Bringing Me Here This Morning When I Felt Alone And Discouraged. I Wanna Have A Good Relationship With You Again, Even To Know You Deeper.♥️
Gideon Fisk
Gideon Fisk 2 anos atrás
So I am listening to this while I am in the office working... I bet folks are wondering why my eyes are brimming with tears and my face is glowing! Lord Jesus, I am so desperate to know you better, more deeply. Desperate for just a touch of heaven! Thank you Bethel from bringing this beautiful worship to us!
Rita Abou Chahla
Rita Abou Chahla Anos atrás
Amen! May you receive it today :)
Sergio Ricardo Ferreira De Barros
Deus quê nos ama esse é o nosso Deus
Doc Evans
Doc Evans Anos atrás
Aug 2020 same thing, one of my daughters sent this to me and I struggle thru it at work, at the gym, at the grocery, in the car. By struggle I mean struggling to keep from dropping to my knees in total subjugation, and worship. Too much Glory!
Alma Ramdihal
Alma Ramdihal Anos atrás
Amen, thank you jesus for your nails scared hands and your healing virtue upon your children lifes completely. Amen hallelujah
The Prolific Network
The Prolific Network 9 meses atrás
Dave is like a holy version of Bryan Adam's I love his voice
Chidiebere Nwaoha
Chidiebere Nwaoha 5 meses atrás
i woke up with these song today in my mouth and it has been wonderful.💖💖💖
Lesetja Legodi
Lesetja Legodi 9 meses atrás
I’m at a point in my life where I constantly keep on investing my time and dedicating my life to Christ Jesus. The anointing in this song got me going past through the most difficult time in my life so much burden 💔, with all the young people I know of passing on😢😢It makes it much more heavy on my heart and soul to live each day without my mind racing and not at peace. All I need is a Touch of Heaven right now and forever… I open my heart to You, Do what only You can do to me. Jesus have your way in me now 🥺🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️
Praise Music
Praise Music 4 meses atrás
God has healed you already.... For his ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts.... Who can fathom the plans he has for us?? No one can except The Father
Daniel Dolinnik
Daniel Dolinnik 5 meses atrás
You and God got this! You're together now and forever ❤
Jessica M
Jessica M 4 meses atrás
I turned 18 a couple weeks ago... and i gave my heart to Jesus , my dad is cheating on my mom i see her crying almost every day but I pray to God so he can change my dad's heart and mind, because my mom is an awesome human being and she doesn't deserve what my dad does to her... I know that God will change him.
Jackelin Delgado
Jackelin Delgado Mês atrás
keep praying love, God changes those who wed never think could change. share the word with yOUR DAd. plant the seed in his heart. God will do the rest 💖🙏
Kate Vist
Kate Vist Anos atrás
I'm Russian and I'm so blessed by your worship songs! Our God has no any political and national borders. He has no borders at all! God bless you all, who's reading this! ❤
slavik stankevich
slavik stankevich Mês atrás
@Екатерина Высторопец yeah, i've left ukraine in 1989, with my family, we've been in America since than, and i've been through hell in america, honestly, to say the least, statement wise, but anyway's, life is difficult anywhere, if you become a Force for Good, and not Evil, i am not a fan of violence or war, i myself have not even hit anybody all my Life, or stolen anything, yet i have been through jail and even prison and psychward's in america numerous Time's, plus i've remained to myself as a virgin, just a weird Nation ruled by the "image" of normalcy rather than freedom and room to be yourself, like it boast's in, though it isn't the reality, kinda really sad, alot of discrimination deep down, in the heart's of everyone everywhere...and lack of Heart as well, i don't know, i am at a loss right now myself, living in California, with much difficulties i continually face still, but life goes on, you got to just pray, and ask God for help, He knows everything, the pain, the misery, the suffering, the abandonment, sometimes, according to the Book of Hebrews, it's just better to die.. :\ i've desired to die so many time's already, after repetitiously being brought into psych-ward's and 51'50's, and jail, and prison.... maybe my story is meant to inspire someone here or something, hold on to eternal Faith in God, may God bless everyone..
Екатерина Высторопец
@slavik stankevich thank you for sharing your thoughts🙏I can't believe it's been already a year since I left the comment (I'm texting from my other account). It's painful for all of us, 1st of all for Ukranians, I can't imagine what they are going through rn and for simple russians, who have friends/relatives there and who're totally against the war... 😔Today Idk if I'm welcomed somewhere out of my country, but it teaches me to trust in God even more, and I'm even more thankfull for His impartiality, that He looks on the heart, not a face! I'm not expecting people to like me, but I bless them and pray for them, especially for Ukranians 🙌
slavik stankevich
slavik stankevich Mês atrás
thank you for being loud and proud of you're Nationality, it's hated right now, but the glory of the kings of and servant's of all nation's will be brought into Heaven one Day, and it will be beautiful and all crying and Pain and misery and suffering will be no more, i was born in the ussr, it's sad what's happening and i pray for the kingdom of God to come on Earth as it is in Heaven, pray for people, God is Bigger than what is happening, and pray for all people;s everywhere as 1 & 2 timothy say's ...
Conny Fuchs
Conny Fuchs 5 meses atrás liebt die Menschen...🔥🙏🔥🙏🔥🙏♥️
DayC 212
DayC 212 11 meses atrás
I was filled with anxiety and fear, constanly hearing, seeing things. Cant even have a moment of peace...started to have sinister thoughts of killing/suicide/lusting/harming other people and many chains that held me back but Jesus came to save me from all that and wow...he is amazing, words cant describe. He took my fears, insecurities, anxiety, etc etc away. Everything that i was struggling with is nearly all gone. He is truly wonderful. Trust in him, i promise you wont regret :>
DayC 212
DayC 212 19 dias atrás
@Mitchell HerbertOhhh i relate, but then i thought of this, a relationship with God shouldn't be forced, it should be willingly. The most we can do is just inform them about God and show them what life you can live with Him. I have seen far too many being traumatized by religion by their parent so.. yup defiantly a tough one, im proud of you though, self control is admirable. Hopefully those struggles you endure now can be turned into blessings, God bless!
Mitchell Herbert
Mitchell Herbert 23 dias atrás
I’m struggling with the same thoughts, I struggle with taking them captive and making them obedient to Christ but good thing I don’t act on em, I’d be dead if that was the case. I do struggle with acting on luat tho. I feel like I can’t even take my thoughts captive tho I can’t stand it but please pray for me, God bless you
Sophherzz 2 meses atrás
praise Jesus..he delivers!
Angeliska Liano
Angeliska Liano 3 meses atrás
How I live for the moments Where I'm still in Your presence All the noise dies down Lord speak to me now You have all my attention I will linger and listen I can't miss a thing Lord I know my heart wants more of You My heart wants something new So I surrender all All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Oh Oh Oh Oh You're the fire in the morning You're the cool in the evening The breath in my soul All the life in my bones There is no hesitation In Your love and affection It's the sweetest of all Lord I know my heart wants more of You My heart wants something new So I surrender all All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I open up my heart to You I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now (come on) I open up my heart to You, yeah I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now I open up my heart to You, yeah I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now
Issac Garcia
Issac Garcia 3 meses atrás
Thank you God for all the love and patience you have with me. I only want to move in your ways.
Olivia Dimock
Olivia Dimock 4 meses atrás
I am listening to this song and drowning with tears. This song always gets me closer to God!!! He is so mighty and powerful, He loves you all so much!!
Gabriella Marguerite
Spending my last hour as teenager worshipping my Lord Jesus! Thank you for the gift of life Lord. To Your loving hands, I entrust everything. Thank you Jesus!!!
Ashni Dahiya
Ashni Dahiya 4 meses atrás
God bless you :)
David Sadler
David Sadler 4 meses atrás
@Gabriella Marguerite oh cool! mine's april 18. Thank you for sharing! God bless you
Gabriella Marguerite
Gabriella Marguerite 4 meses atrás
@David Sadler Greetings in the namr of Christ! April 09 is my birthday
David Sadler
David Sadler 4 meses atrás
I love that! May I ask when your birthday is? I noticed that your comment was written 9 months ago and my birthday is about at that time! (I'm using my dad acc, my name is not david, it's hannah)
Olayemi Shonoiki
Olayemi Shonoiki 5 meses atrás
Clarence Morelos
Clarence Morelos 2 meses atrás
How I live for the moments Where I'm still in Your presence All the noise dies down Lord speak to me now You have all my attention I will linger and listen I can't miss a thing Lord I know my heart wants more of You My heart wants something new So I surrender all All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Oh Oh Oh Oh You're the fire in the morning You're the cool in the evening The breath in my soul All the life in my bones There is no hesitation In Your love and affection It's the sweetest of all Lord I know my heart wants more of You My heart wants something new So I surrender all All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I open up my heart to You I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now (come on) I open up my heart to You, yeah I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now I open up my heart to You, yeah I open up my heart to You now So do what only You can Jesus have Your way in me now Oh oh oh oh Na na na Na na na For every voice is saying All I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven Na na na Na na na Na na na Da da da Da da da Da da da 'Cause all I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You are My desire is to know You deeper Lord I will open up again Throw my fears into the wind I am desperate for a touch of heaven
Mimi-Chan 9 meses atrás
Tell me why I was singing Yeshua during the instrumental parts 😭💕 God bless each and everyone!
Leila Mouneimne
Leila Mouneimne 9 meses atrás
This is so beautiful to see everyones hearts solely focused on God and Jesus. Hearts so pure united together
Judit Morton
Judit Morton 9 meses atrás
sharline Esiabia
sharline Esiabia 9 meses atrás
This song is my testimony, I’m glad I came through it on YT ❤️
Edwin 2 anos atrás
A little over 4 years ago my wife was pregnant with my daughter. We found out a little late that my baby was suffering from various complications and we were encouraged to get an abortion because our daughter was going to enter this world struggling and her life expectancy wasn't a sure thing. She was a C section baby, immediately went into surgery for her spine, and stayed in the NICU for months. She had teams from different departments from the hospital coming in her room the whole time, finally, we were told she didn't have much time left. We took it hard but prayed, a little time passed and they said things actually might get better. Only a few months later we were told again, she's not expected to make it to the next year. I remember my wife asking questions about her potentially going to school like she didn't understand what the doctors had said. They told us to spend as much time with her as possible and we did, but we didn't lose hope. We kept praying, believing God for a miracle! It was the first time I was allowed to hold her and I remember thinking and it might be one of the last times. We asked our church to pray, everyone we knew we'd ask, and we kept praying as well. Praise God, because she starting getting better, her body started healing, she was gaining a little weight, and although she was hooked up to machines, she was starting to be awake longer. Shes had over 7 surgeries and had a shunt placed in her head for draining excess fluid. Shes had spine surgery, and there were talks of placing a Tracheostomy tube because she couldn't swallow. (she had minimal motor functions) and was diagnosed with Non-Verbal Autism. We were able to bring her home for a short period of time but had so many emergencies back to the ER it was safer to stay admitted. She coded during our stay, a crowd of doctors and nurses flooded the room as a priest came and escorted my wife and me into the hall to have a seat and pray. We thought God had called her back I remember seeing her (hard to explain but almost like through a vision*) so vividly sitting next to me on the floor smiling almost like God was showing me she was going to make it. We believed God for her being restored and He's done just that since then. We trusted God and said even if she's here for a little while and He calls her back or He provides a way we're going to trust GOD. Fast-forwarding my Daughter is turning 5 in May Praise, God! She uses a wheelchair sometimes but can walk, and can swallow. The road has been the most difficult and stressful experience but so worth it, trusting God and watching my daughter get older is a true miracle and testimony every day. It's so important to remember what man says is impossible, God makes possible! I know that's a lot to read maybe not typed so well, but I just want people to remember God is still very much alive and making miracles happen. The same yesterday today and tomorrow. Cast all your worries on Him and trust our heavenly Father because He is good!
Hope Favour
Hope Favour 2 meses atrás
wow! Definitely Praying for your Family, Whats her name?
Reine Mo
Reine Mo 5 meses atrás
May God bless you😭😭 you're loved
DAISY JZMINEE 6 meses atrás
Praise god ❤️🙏 wow , how beautiful
Thabiso Skinny Zondi
Thabiso Skinny Zondi 7 meses atrás
Hallelujsh!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus. May God continue blessing you and your family brother
Jesus our Sweet Savior
Jesus our Sweet Savior 7 meses atrás
chantal williams
chantal williams 7 meses atrás
when all the lights are out and i listen to this song i feel like all the lights just turned on.
Worship  united
Worship united 9 meses atrás
God bless you all
Worship  united
Worship united 9 meses atrás
God bless you all
Elijah Walton Hemet Blocks
And Heaven rejoiced with a thundering roar just for you! God Bless your every step, and your every breath! May you be a palm tree in the Holy Spirit with many roots keeping you strong! And though you may sway, YOU WILL NOT BREAK! You will be a powerhouse of The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!
aneeka adimoolah
aneeka adimoolah Anos atrás
I recently had an encounter i saw Jesus coming in the clouds, surrounded by the angels and fell on my face and wept, his presence is out of this world, his glory is out of this world, i remembered pleading for mercy and grace, he told me he is coming soon, i remembered he revealed his face and power and authority was so powerful I had to fall to my knees, this was the first time he has ever revealed his face i dont know why he did but he is sooooo beautiful nothing like this world, i just found this song and my God it reminds me of that encounter brought me to tears, oh how i love you Lord. Thank you for saving me and husband and our children,what a privilege and honor to know you Lord.
Lights of hope ministries
I have back i these comments just spoke about my living testimony about the truth the love and the life that is Jesus Christ he saved me from a demonic attack he lives the risen king hes incredible I know what you mean his presence really is out of this world I just seen a bit of him like the light coming of him was so powerful I got a glimpse he’s beautiful and he’s amazing in so many ways lord Jesus Christ thank you my king my one true salvation praise be to you mighty lord Jesus Christ ❤️🙏
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez Anos atrás
amen ! thats amazing, remember that in scripture it says that He will reveal himself to people in dreams and visions, it amazing what you experienced and keep your faith in Him, God Bless you!!
Jesus our Sweet Savior
Jesus our Sweet Savior 7 meses atrás
His healing has saved me from so many things. From trying to get into the entertainment industry to drugs to just trying to be cool and liked. I got reborn last year and got water baptized. Best day of my life. But then again, everyday that I walk with Him is amazing. Thank you Father for saving me. I love you. Praise God.
Natalia Solakian
Natalia Solakian 6 meses atrás
Thank you LORD for Your blessings and beauty!!!!! For all of Your kindness!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💛💛💛✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Nora Akanyachab
Nora Akanyachab 2 meses atrás
I was looking for a thanksgiving song to use for my birthday videos. And I came across this song. Already I've had the thought of not doing anything or wanting anything this year even though I wanted to do a birthday shoot and receive alot of gifts. After listening to this song I realised I just needed one thing more. That's God and nothing else. Thank God for coming across this song and thank you for the song.
Hey Jovens
Hey Jovens 5 meses atrás
i can feel good with this song, i'm crying a lot, thank you Holy Spirit
Hersoul Blesssing
Hersoul Blesssing Anos atrás
My dad was ill ,I have never seen him so sick to a point where he couldn't see or help himself...God healed him ..He is well in Jesus name 💯
Lights of hope ministries
There is power in his name Jesus Christ the risen king healer of the nations the giver of life ❤️🙏praise be to God may father bless you and your family to kingdom come
Christienne Durbin
Christienne Durbin Anos atrás
Praise GOD!
Hersoul Blesssing
Hersoul Blesssing Anos atrás
@STAND YOUR GROUND SHORTY BULLS AND BULLETS I'm glad that the testimony is here to encourage everyone 💯♥️
This hit me hard 🙏
Krystal-Marie Nymann
Krystal-Marie Nymann 9 meses atrás
I feel God and the Holy Spirit Pursuing Me When I ListenTo This Song and God has Call Me and Chosen Me to Not only spread His Word but to be A Vessel and Blessed to BE A BLESSING and this SONG IS A BLESSING TO ME
Kirby Kander
Kirby Kander 4 meses atrás
Turned my life to Jesus a week ago. Love this video and song
YJ H 8 meses atrás
It's overflowing of grace. I'm worshiping in south Korea🙏🏻🇰🇷
Payal Maji
Payal Maji 3 meses atrás
The violin was heavenly ! Jesus bless us all
Mayara Amaral Melo
Mayara Amaral Melo Anos atrás
Não me canso de ouvir essa canção!😭😭😭🇧🇷
Moon cake No doubt
Moon cake No doubt 9 meses atrás
Jesus I Love You, I Love Bethel Church, Love From Taiwan!~Rachel
P. Perales
P. Perales 2 meses atrás
What beautiful music, as unto the Lord. Father be with us 🇺🇸.
Joyce Mallia
Joyce Mallia 6 meses atrás
This music is so awesome. I never stop listening to you. The band in the background puts my hairs standing up on my body with tears flowing. Thank you God for never leaving me when I forgot you. Thank you God for your love and mercy. May worship music never end. I Love you Jesus.
Jballin Anos atrás
I was born in a Christian family, but as a grew I lost my religion. I treated God as a religion, but through out the years I realized it was a relationship rather than a religion. For the longest I felt so close to God, and even righteous in his eyes. Little did I know I wasn’t ready for the biggest depression, and trials that were to come. I thought I believed in him, I thought my faith and relationship was strong, I realized that I was truly weak and unworthy. I would let myself get caught up in the dark and let myself be manipulated and made into someone I wasn’t. It’s now months and hopefully a year since the break up and moment of loneliness, and of no purpose, and I can say God is my strength, and he never lets me down. He was there when I treated him as a religion, when I was close to him, before and after the harsh breakup, the tribulations, the depression, now, and forever! Amen
Melvin Kong
Melvin Kong Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your testimony, brother. I grew up in a Christian family and I can totally relate to this experience. As I grew and made my own decisions, that's where I am challenged to choose God or myself but I always find myself in escapism and hopelessness when I run away from Him. But He pursued me and revealed Himself to be more than a religion but a Lover of my soul. Keep running the race towards Christ to the end. Praying for you.
Gooba 4 meses atrás
The institution has hurt me beyond repair. I am the equivalent of a leper to the church now. But I’ll always hold him in my heart. Always. He is my only parent, my greatest love and my closest friend
Matt Manfrederick
Matt Manfrederick 4 meses atrás
You have the Greatest next to you..Lord does,what is impossible.. believe it .settle your heart, spirit and soul to Him .and by the loves of Him.All is conquer...Bless you and bless yours
Kristina Thompson
Kristina Thompson Mês atrás
This song changed me. It happens to be one of my favorites!
Maria Cecilia Drio
Maria Cecilia Drio 6 meses atrás
Thank you for this worship this is my music when im praying and i feel the presense of God.
Marta Heloisa
Marta Heloisa 6 meses atrás
Gente, que unção nessa moça do violino, meu Deus obrigada.
Hey its Zizica
Hey its Zizica Anos atrás
This song just touched my soul. I was born in a Christian home but I never really had a relationship with God. I was just putting on a show for my parents so they would be proud of me, but during lockdown God touched my heart and made me want to know HIM better. I'm glad i made the decision to start knowing him better. TO GOD BE THE GLORY
Lights of hope ministries
To God be the glory for ever and ever my brother ❤️🙏
Rebeca EDOH
Rebeca EDOH Anos atrás
So beautiful testimony . From Benin.
thebirdshat Anos atrás
How encouraging are all these comments? The lockdown and coronavirus is all worth it, even if it brings just ONE sheep home. God bless you all. You encourage me. We will all see each other on the other side, and we'll all know each other as best friends. Looking forward to that day.
Ravy Lovy
Ravy Lovy Anos atrás
I was born to a partial Christian home.. late mom loved God dearly but struggles in life took her to her early grave, I fully grew up to know my late dad wasn’t a Christian neither was he in any religion but his dad who is my grandad was fetish priest. I am a Christian all right but I have been struggling with fornication depression and anger. my relationship with God wasn’t stable and nothing good stays with me but deep down I know I love God dearly and I believe strongly that He has saved me completely. Listening to this song over & over again I know He’s delivering me. 🙏
Hannie_boss123 Anos atrás
I feel like Jesus is using quarantine to bring people closer to Him! Glory to Jesus!
Rachel Heitman
Rachel Heitman Anos atrás
I am nine too and i love jesus
David Sáez Music
David Sáez Music Anos atrás
No me canso de escucharla!!! 🔥🔥 Dios es tan hermoso!!! 😢😢
konstantin drukteinis
One of my FAVOURITE SONG!!! Love it!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
Bishop Kevin | Official channel
I Just you. Nothing else. Glory to God. Be blessed Bethel worship 🙏
BRAVVO Anos atrás
God I love you so much, I scroll down n see all these people giving their testimonies, it just brings tears to my eyes, n all I can say is I love you right now
BRAVVO 3 meses atrás
@Akinmoladun Oluwanifemi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Akinmoladun Oluwanifemi
Same... tears are just flowing down my eyes. Oh how he loves us. Thank you Jesus ❤ and we all love you too 🙂🥺
Lights of hope ministries
Same here but tees of Joy for the lord has saved so many of us he’s so merciful praise be to God 🙏❤️✝️
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