Crazy Hidraulic Press
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Items that the 100 ton hydraulic press couldn't crush

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2 Mar 2021



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Michael USS Wisconsin
Michael USS Wisconsin 43 minutos atrás
What bomber was that from?
Madhu Joshi
Madhu Joshi 15 horas atrás
All thinking about glass : it's a noob Glass when passes the test be like : see bro, but I'm pro.
Reeta Rastogi
Reeta Rastogi 18 horas atrás
Where is nokia 3310
D M 22 horas atrás
There’s a lot of things it crushes in this video which is opposed to the title
Antgameplay br
Antgameplay br 22 horas atrás
3:00 made in china
Duata Chhangte
Duata Chhangte Dia atrás
I love the music
Dgisch Dia atrás
i thought tungsten would do more to the press and why did you have to do the bomber window so dirty?
BlastFromThePast Dia atrás
This Video has more Content than any Sitcom!
wade peterson
wade peterson Dia atrás
Does it get expensive stuffing your machine parts. O and all hail carbenfiber
MrRazorPL Dia atrás
... passed the 100 ton test ? First item do not passed 50 t -,-
Анатолий Макаров
В общем, шарик из подшипника самое крепкое, что есть на планете Земля.
player dont mind me
0:00 man that look cool in slowmo
Shashikant Santi
Shashikant Santi Dia atrás
Shashikant Santi
Shashikant Santi Dia atrás
Unknown Hack
Unknown Hack 2 dias atrás
Made in china lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they are truly cheap material lol hhahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁
Brendon Sulesky
Brendon Sulesky 2 dias atrás
Yeah ok but how did these pass?
Lin Yen Chin
Lin Yen Chin 2 dias atrás
At 2:07, why did I decide the anvil is called "Betty"?
Daddy Shark
Daddy Shark 2 dias atrás
China made are all garbages. The test just unveil the truth.
Virgilio Greco Baptistella
Plataform hardness clearly failed the test of 100T (or less)
d d
d d 3 dias atrás
The bomber glass was impressive, no bullet would go through it
Jens 3 dias atrás
In german tungsten: Wolfram
Jens 3 dias atrás
“Don't do that at home” yes, as well, I don't even have a nutcracker
Blänk 3 dias atrás
Who else thought the Chinese anvil would break ?🤣😂
ulyot r
ulyot r 3 dias atrás
Pls try Tom and Jerry
Robson de Souza lima
Robson de Souza lima 4 dias atrás
E aquele girino de vidro? HAHAHAHA que aleatório 🇧🇷✊
Putera Bayu
Putera Bayu 4 dias atrás
Made in china no good
Cửa Ngõ Tây Bắc
Cửa Ngõ Tây Bắc 4 dias atrás
Shocked huh?
Conservative Texan 1845
Background music sounds super terminator ish
iwon wahyudi
iwon wahyudi 5 dias atrás
Ball is Strongest 3d shape
Jerry Rinson
Jerry Rinson 5 dias atrás
Parker Trammell
Parker Trammell 5 dias atrás
at 1:30 you can see the press start to break
ÐEXŦER Pachuau
ÐEXŦER Pachuau 6 dias atrás
Admit it,we all knew anything that says China on it is not gonna last long.!
Updated 6 dias atrás
Very satisfying
Israel Dammy
Israel Dammy 6 dias atrás
That bearing has got some balls
༺BGM BOSS༻ 6 dias atrás
hathora to tha hi nhi
Francisca Anne
Francisca Anne 6 dias atrás
I'm not sure where this guy gets stuff for this I bet it's not from China since it can last long. No offence but China products are not that strong
Wind Wolf
Wind Wolf 6 dias atrás
Жулик не воруй
alaskanpilotsdotcom 6 dias atrás
This was the press used to kill the T800
Ally Crawford
Ally Crawford 7 dias atrás
Ruperts drop sounded like an M1 Carbine reloading
AJM FARM 7 dias atrás
Made china 😁😁😁
AMV12S 7 dias atrás
*something explodes* Camera on the gauge: Ah shit, here we go again...
Phu Vet
Phu Vet 8 dias atrás
Ball bearings come in different grades but the balls for the most part are heat forged and cold hardened, you will not crush them with 10x that press' capacity...we had a fender press, they used them to make automotive fenders from rolled steel, 120 ton press, it couldn't smash one, our 250 Ton hammer press shattered one that was 3/8" but both were 100+ year old presses unlike anything currently made. The 250 ton hammer press made radial engine parts for tanks for ww2. It is BEEFY and I have seen someone lose a hand and an eye on that machine...we made a forged aluminum skull for it. The guy who lost his hand and eye still runs that machine, more carefully now of course but he is one of only 3 people who can run it. The owner of the company is afraid of it, won't even go near it. We flatten lead battery cores with it... makes ingots without heating them so they don't make deadly fumes.
Anak Bandal
Anak Bandal 8 dias atrás
1:39 Fire work🙂
SHIN BAKI HANMA 8 dias atrás
I was in a trance watching this for some reason😅 Also, China makes shitty products.
Joey Jennings
Joey Jennings 9 dias atrás
2:46 china crap.. just like the buildings there made of ramen noodles & paint. looks like Gumby afterwards lol
Joey Jennings
Joey Jennings 9 dias atrás
1:35 nice slo mo light show 🌋
In radt
In radt 9 dias atrás
Yusuf Ahmed
Yusuf Ahmed 9 dias atrás
Mr's Sophia Jones is legit and her methods works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
RandomClipsFromLife 9 dias atrás
No one is going to comment on terminator 2 theme in the background?
Msetya dika
Msetya dika 9 dias atrás
Abner Dancuart
Abner Dancuart 10 dias atrás
Witch is the ball of the barring ? Why is so strong ?
uno efx
uno efx 10 dias atrás
Why am I squinting while watching this?
Sherpa Jones
Sherpa Jones 10 dias atrás
So what you are saying is I should stick to drying laundry with my 100 ton hydraulic press. Got it.
Buddha Tha God
Buddha Tha God 10 dias atrás
Size of items suprised me once your hand can in .I was like what lol
Saba Malik
Saba Malik 11 dias atrás
I like that
Pedro Mendez
Pedro Mendez 11 dias atrás
Why am I watching this??
sylvius alv von winschot
I just want to make you remember , sleep it's very important for healthy, so sleep now😴😴😴😴
HENRY OVIEDO 11 dias atrás
Rushikesh Mane
Rushikesh Mane 11 dias atrás
You really want to break that glass .. don't you🤣🤣
Mr P
Mr P 11 dias atrás
You can definitely tell what's been hardened and what hasn't. Lol
Yegor Burov
Yegor Burov 11 dias atrás
Ага, не поддалась советская наковальня,она ж Челябинского инструментального завода!
Gerryson Motian
Gerryson Motian 11 dias atrás
The ball bearing broke coz it's actually made of cast iron... really hard but also brittle af
Giancarlo Piñan
Giancarlo Piñan 12 dias atrás
Tungsten became t u n g s t e n
المهدي المغربي
Imagine if we put a human's head in there 😳
Ram Gowda
Ram Gowda 12 dias atrás
3:01 Made in China🤣🤣🤣
I Think in Ink
I Think in Ink 12 dias atrás
Tungsten before hydraulic press: W Tungsten after hydraulic press: Ꮗ
Hayden Howell
Hayden Howell 6 dias atrás
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel 12 dias atrás
The background music sounds like the start menu of some bad ass game
J&L,ProDucTionS 3 dias atrás
It’s the terminator theme song
alex lavoie
alex lavoie 12 dias atrás
Thank you for helping me fall asleep
Waɔky 12 dias atrás
Do not try this at home? Lol.
nateman79 13 dias atrás
Why does this give me anxiety straight out of hell?
Mechanical Sympathy
Mechanical Sympathy 13 dias atrás
Why were those glass ones so strong? I wouldve expected them to fail much quicker
John Cochran
John Cochran 13 dias atrás
Do a google search on prince rupert's drops and find out. TL;DR Those glass drops are under EXTREME internal tension and that has to be overcome before they can break. On the other hand, break the fragile tail and the entire drop explodes.
PR3NO Majavsbal
PR3NO Majavsbal 13 dias atrás
GAURAV DEV MISHRA 13 dias atrás
Reminds me of Tom and Jerry .. Tom used to get flat as a sheet whenever he was pressed 😂😂
kengi08 13 dias atrás
Am I the only one who laughed at china anvil?
Sabarish R
Sabarish R 13 dias atrás
They wanted to break that bomber glass so bad they brought the ball bearing back from retirement
Sabarish R
Sabarish R 13 dias atrás
Is it just me or does anyone subconsciously try to extend support to the poor thing as pressure continues to mount on it?
jedidiah M
jedidiah M 13 dias atrás
Spheres of metal are so strong we should look into building more things with them.
Immunity bro.
Immunity bro. 13 dias atrás
Love the terminator theme in the background, real fitting considering.
Vitaliy Ryabokon
Vitaliy Ryabokon 13 dias atrás
Стекло бомбардировщика и шарик впечатлили
Rifqi Syaefurrochman
Rifqi Syaefurrochman 13 dias atrás
3:50 let's turn the press on for more interesting content
Chuba Longchar
Chuba Longchar 13 dias atrás
Ball bearings won.
robertpolicastro1 13 dias atrás
The heading says items that passed the test? Most of them were fails
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 14 dias atrás
Where is the Nokia-3310 jokers?
Richard Ramsey II
Richard Ramsey II 14 dias atrás
The bomber glass and the chain were easily the most impressive to me.
Kres Tina
Kres Tina 14 dias atrás
Hydrolicmu remek cok🙄
Deck ‘em!
Deck ‘em! 14 dias atrás
Welcome everyone to another great episode of where tf did my recommendids lead me today!
Agenor Pereira
Agenor Pereira 14 dias atrás
7:51 my god I felt the burst in my face. I'm psychologically injured
Elixira 14 dias atrás
Number 5 Nokia phone
Gicey 15 dias atrás
"this product was made out in china"
Tabish Ahmed
Tabish Ahmed 15 dias atrás
*Some thing breaks* Camera on the meter : weeeeeee
José Augusto Romero
José Augusto Romero 15 dias atrás
No por nada todo lo hecho en china no es de primera calidad.
mr. Dmitry
mr. Dmitry 15 dias atrás
Nokia 3310)
Gourab Kar
Gourab Kar 15 dias atrás
Loved that factory made judgement day music blacksmith edition 😂
Ujwel oZ
Ujwel oZ 15 dias atrás
My question is where is the hammer?
Andre Hdz
Andre Hdz 15 dias atrás
Pinches anuncios culeros
amin prasetyo
amin prasetyo 15 dias atrás
Hobimu ngrusak to mas.
MUHAMMAD FAIEZ 15 dias atrás
Fun fact: glass is more stronger than the new Chinese anvil
If Ash Gamer
If Ash Gamer 15 dias atrás
I think u should try vibranium
ARPIT KAUSHAL 15 dias atrás
One like for the camera which was broken by the vest😂
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