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Watch the BEST Contortionists auditions on Got Talent. Who is your favourite contortionist? Let us know in the comments below.
Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.
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28 Jul 2017



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Comentários 100
Brijit Arellano
Brijit Arellano 13 minutos atrás
InternationalWaters 5 horas atrás
Pasta Playz
Pasta Playz 6 horas atrás
Yas sofie dossi
Clement Ndukong
Clement Ndukong 6 horas atrás Whats up with Donald Trump
arialucaquinn Hollingsworth
my mind is blown 🤯🤯🤯. that was also amazing
rammya bandara
rammya bandara 7 horas atrás
Wow what a ❤ lovely people are there in this 🌎 world ..... Best wishes dear all.amazing ....
Tim Kane
Tim Kane 8 horas atrás
They're all unbelievably awesome what talent
Premlata Chongtham
Premlata Chongtham 9 horas atrás
muhammad saeed
muhammad saeed 10 horas atrás
Marvelous performances really very stunning. There is months and months efforts behind these performances. They are common people like us but they are exceptional. Hats off to them
Qhevili Swu
Qhevili Swu 10 horas atrás
All are super but cameraman not good
Dody Damanik
Dody Damanik 12 horas atrás
wow very good olive you
Raditya Xavier P
Raditya Xavier P 12 horas atrás
Mega Melone
Mega Melone 13 horas atrás
My back hurt while I’m looking at this :^
shriya singh
shriya singh 13 horas atrás
these Contortionists could cuddle with themselves🤣🤣🤣
Jeannette Meza
Jeannette Meza 15 horas atrás
Laudya Bella
Laudya Bella 15 horas atrás
Hebat sekali
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sivo agency pty ltd 16 horas atrás
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Mz RW 16 horas atrás
Honestly some of the performances aren’t even that great, I can even do better. I can beat #1, 2, 4 and 5
Pramod Pendyala
Pramod Pendyala 18 horas atrás
Anna Sca'lfi
Anna Sca'lfi 20 horas atrás
Какие таланты!!!
Rafaela Pagan
Rafaela Pagan 21 hora atrás
WOW!!!! Such great performances. Specially the girl shooting the arrow with her feet.
Rosario Ramos
Rosario Ramos Dia atrás
Son re crack ojalá pudiera hacerlo como ustedes pero voy a gimnasia artística
Kennard Yusup
Kennard Yusup Dia atrás
after watch jojo this looks normal actually
Keerthana Mohan
Keerthana Mohan Dia atrás
The first lady reminded me of Kristen Stewart..they resemble somewhat
Kim Taenie Army & Blink
Kim Taenie Army & Blink 11 horas atrás
Yeah ✌ i thought it too
Mina The Random
Mina The Random Dia atrás
*No one can still beat the shadow man*
Karel Wehrmeijer
Karel Wehrmeijer 2 dias atrás
Ingris Licona
Ingris Licona 2 dias atrás
No savia que existían personas que se estiraran asi
наТка Ivlieva
наТка Ivlieva 2 dias atrás
Захватывает дух.
Mokopa T
Mokopa T 2 dias atrás
Dusan Dimitrijevic
Dusan Dimitrijevic 2 dias atrás
#2 look like failed snapchat face swaps
texasamigo17 2 dias atrás
It is awsome
Henry Rosete
Henry Rosete 2 dias atrás
I know the girl called sofie dossi
Kamal Deka
Kamal Deka 2 dias atrás
Wow very very nice dance
Evans Tetteh
Evans Tetteh 2 dias atrás
Kaitlyn Tran
Kaitlyn Tran 3 dias atrás
I think most people came for Sofie Dossi
Ssenkima Mukasa
Ssenkima Mukasa 3 dias atrás
mi its only Gods mercy evn l cant do running exercise
Ssenkima Mukasa
Ssenkima Mukasa 3 dias atrás
mi its only Gods mercy evn l can do running exercise
Giulia Tedone
Giulia Tedone 3 dias atrás
Wait number 6 Titanic music
Ravinder Kumar
Ravinder Kumar 3 dias atrás
Vary nice
Ivan Koldashov
Ivan Koldashov 3 dias atrás
8:30 самый страшный ужастик который я видел!
Gheyath Alshamaa
Gheyath Alshamaa 3 dias atrás
I can’t even shoot a bow and arrow normally
Lalpari Lalpari
Lalpari Lalpari 3 dias atrás
N momkin kasy momkin h raha a
Ifgb Grr
Ifgb Grr 3 dias atrás
St Stephen's Ponsonby
St Stephen's Ponsonby 3 dias atrás
I can't even touch my toes bending forwards!
Miguel Rios
Miguel Rios 4 dias atrás
Ileana Pitcock
Ileana Pitcock 4 dias atrás
that freaked me out
applecandy folks
applecandy folks 4 dias atrás
well she is imperially slim and a balerina so what are the odds she is a contortionist?? how about visit jamaica and see girls 200 lbs doing the same thing and they aret balerinas plus they are mothers
Nahid Chowdhury
Nahid Chowdhury 4 dias atrás
John Laurens
John Laurens 4 dias atrás
Sharmila Mondal
Sharmila Mondal 4 dias atrás
Oliulla Baidya
Oliulla Baidya 4 dias atrás
Neval Kütük
Neval Kütük 4 dias atrás
4. Uluslararası Yoga Koreografi Şampiyonası'na katılan ülkeler🌺 İzlemenizi öneririm....
Mariana Lobontiu
Mariana Lobontiu 4 dias atrás
Există extratereștrii?!🙈
koppu prabhavathi
koppu prabhavathi 4 dias atrás
Wooow super wonderful✨😍✨😍✨😍
Nigora Nigora
Nigora Nigora 4 dias atrás
Молодец 😘
markos koro
markos koro 4 dias atrás
Mauricio Chape
Mauricio Chape 5 dias atrás
Eddedccdddddsddsxddxcgtyjjfdhbi0pppp Ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp0p0popppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Dilshodbek Zaynobiddinov
Adéla Capilová
Adéla Capilová 5 dias atrás
Sophie Dossi is ❤️
Алонсо Кинн
Алонсо Кинн 5 dias atrás
Да, у них точно нет грыж позвоночника +))))
Shafaly Alom
Shafaly Alom 5 dias atrás
Oh my god!!!!😮😨😮Are they truly human????🤔🤔
You Love
You Love 5 dias atrás
Wow very good
Rina Marini
Rina Marini 5 dias atrás
😃😃😃😲😲😲 mana yg nonton dari indonesia 😩😩😩
candise buckbee
candise buckbee 6 dias atrás
not me
Lilly Ramos
Lilly Ramos 6 dias atrás
Raghvendra LAXAKAR
Raghvendra LAXAKAR 6 dias atrás
S. Samuel
S. Samuel 6 dias atrás
コメント2万という数字を見て、もっと増やしたくなった。 はじめは驚き、そのうち呆れ、最後は感激して涙まで出てきたよ!
Swara Bhat
Swara Bhat 6 dias atrás
I came here only for soffi dossi and I knew soffi was first
Nawar M
Nawar M 6 dias atrás
Im you no in dblyu is kopet meletet
Connie Walker
Connie Walker 6 dias atrás
Wow she is so good OMG Hi
Alondra Balderas
Alondra Balderas 7 dias atrás
Wow nunca había visto algo como eso
Bograh Industries
Bograh Industries 7 dias atrás
so amazing
Julieta Cerda
Julieta Cerda 7 dias atrás
We’re are the organs!?
Abood 40
Abood 40 7 dias atrás
#3 what name the song any one know what the name
** 5:49
TipsteRR 7 dias atrás
Мужики здорово!!! Скоро бой посмотрите мой прогноз и мою ставку на победителя с коэфф. 4.25 БЛАГОДАРЮ!!!
Mariano Eduardo Cardozo
like si estas viendo en cuarentena y si eres argentino y un la puta madre si sos porteño
Mariano Eduardo Cardozo
o por dios que copado y yo que me quejaba de solo agacharme like si estas viendo en cuarentena
SOFIA PEREZ 8 dias atrás
شهد العنزي
شهد العنزي 8 dias atrás
Surendra prajapati
Surendra prajapati 8 dias atrás
These are the people who dont hv bones.
Iman Hamizan
Iman Hamizan 8 dias atrás
Its freaky and hot at the sane time
YAqoob pardhan Yaqoo b pardhan
Very. Danjar
Delroy Scott
Delroy Scott 8 dias atrás
It is amazing I can't take my eyes off of it
امير امير
امير امير 8 dias atrás
Wendy Mudd
Wendy Mudd 9 dias atrás
go sophi
Maple Mallow
Maple Mallow 9 dias atrás
Sofie can honestly be my compass instead-
Me: Your poor spine! Them: What spine?
Rania Jafor
Rania Jafor 9 dias atrás
I only came here for Sofie Dossi
Natasja Hansen
Natasja Hansen 9 dias atrás
Girl Merry
Girl Merry 9 dias atrás
Tuba Çulha
Tuba Çulha 9 dias atrás
hiç türk yok mu
Jay Chandler
Jay Chandler 9 dias atrás
Sapna Bhardwaj
Sapna Bhardwaj 9 dias atrás
Last one is the best
Rebeca Mendes
Rebeca Mendes 9 dias atrás
Ave Maria, essas mulheres n tem ossos não kkkkkkkk
TEOGO Borges
TEOGO Borges 10 dias atrás
Anu Ansil
Anu Ansil 10 dias atrás
Серж Сыр
Серж Сыр 10 dias atrás
Гибкость уникальна браво. Но зачем мне видеть эти лица ведущих. Они почему-то претендуют разделить славу с артистами.
Meryam Barouch
Meryam Barouch 10 dias atrás
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