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Check out the most amazing moments of all the GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2019.
What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
▶︎ Flakefleet Primary School
▶︎ Kojo
▶︎ Chapter 13
▶︎ Akshat Singh
▶︎ Giorgia

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23 Mai 2019

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Comentários 591
Stetson Griffin
Stetson Griffin Hora atrás
Adele 2.0.
Kenneth Robinson
Kenneth Robinson 10 horas atrás
GEORGA!!!! A star was just found!!! BOOOMMMM!
COMPASSION2611 11 horas atrás
These boys ROCK!!!!
Sumeet Singh
Sumeet Singh 12 horas atrás
Love you simon after I watch this clip you are a great one, may god give you good luck, god bless you 👌👏👍👌👏👍
Francis Allan Roque
Like: AGT Comment: BGT
Divyanshu Kandpal
Divyanshu Kandpal 2 dias atrás
There are only 5 in 1 season. No need for top five.
Best Marketing
Best Marketing 3 dias atrás
I think Simon more better become next US President.
colin sellers
colin sellers 3 dias atrás
all of them was shit no way they should have got the golden buzzers wenrt good enough shit total shit everyone of them this show isn't get worse and worse just like the shitty x factor shitty show
Stephinie Berry
Stephinie Berry 3 dias atrás
They are beasts on every instruments amazing wonderful i loved it so much talent talent so young stage presence wonderful
murad Khan
murad Khan 6 dias atrás
This Indian boy is tomuch good Dance love you from Pakistan
Hithen 5 dias atrás
Love from india
lavadeer 6 dias atrás
I wish they could do a collaboration with Coldplay. That would be awesome.... and if Stevie did guest appear in one of their performances I would melt.
Umonunki 6 dias atrás
lets go Kojooooooo
lawrence bosula
lawrence bosula 6 dias atrás
the y good though.. well deserved
stine  hannestad
stine hannestad 6 dias atrás
If u know english. Do not read the texting !! How annoyingly bad English.
Gulam Shabir
Gulam Shabir 3 dias atrás
As long as I understand its cool English isn't the only language in the world
Brothers & Bestfriends
Who saw Ellen degenerous 25:02 😁😁😁😁😁
ISMET BALKAN 6 dias atrás
I DO NOT REMEMBER YOU, YOU ARE THE REPRESENTATIVE, THEATER! The camera follows people who have been pre-trained ... it's not a real reaction !!!!
Amber Gordon
Amber Gordon 6 dias atrás
If those don't win I'm gonna be mad!!!!!!
Agustaf Tamatompo
Agustaf Tamatompo 7 dias atrás
Best teacher eveer
1962Holland 7 dias atrás
Can Simon clip his nose hairs before the next episode? Thanks!
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 7 dias atrás
Why are all the lesbians and faggits in the 🇬🇧 UK. Would 007 approve.
Nicol Pacheco
Nicol Pacheco 8 dias atrás
Los próximos 5SOS? Shockiaaa
PadreDexterSilverio 9 dias atrás
22:34 He didn't deserve the golden button. He was good but not for the gold.
kevin Jacob
kevin Jacob 7 dias atrás
Totally agree.
Dustin Fette
Dustin Fette 8 dias atrás
Ya it wasn't that great at all. That's why none of the judges were the ones who hit the golden buzzer.
FDC 1 9 dias atrás
I know I may get ripped apart for saying this. I am an American, but I like Britain's Got Talent a little more than AGT.
Hawa Cosme
Hawa Cosme 9 dias atrás
Who sings that background song i love it please artist n name of the song please
Das Huber
Das Huber 9 dias atrás
Andy Christensen
Andy Christensen 10 dias atrás
that was sad. very boring ones. yawn!
Łukasz Chomicz
Łukasz Chomicz 10 dias atrás
Last performance was the Best!
Bijesh Singha
Bijesh Singha 10 dias atrás
I like thousand times
Leighton Lundstrom
Leighton Lundstrom 10 dias atrás
Pineapple butch dyke ewws
Kingkhan Khan
Kingkhan Khan 11 dias atrás
I love America got telent
Eve Salvador
Eve Salvador 11 dias atrás
From the start ive cried because you all amazing talents well.done guys enjoy your moment 😍😍😍👏👏👏💖💖💖
Maria J.
Maria J. 11 dias atrás
YEAH..fat people can dance - loved him:-))
Mark DeFazio
Mark DeFazio 11 dias atrás
Top 5? No wonder BGT 2019 was not so good. Oh well, there is 2020 to look forward to.
Spikedude 272
Spikedude 272 11 dias atrás
Awesome to see such young people with a drive to be something amazing let alone blow alot of bands out of the water that have been try to be the best for longer than these kids been alive . True talent!
Crosswalnut 13
Crosswalnut 13 12 dias atrás
How can it be a top 5 list of 2019 gold buzzer when there are only 5 gold buzzers 😂
Alejandro Castellanos
Alejandro Castellanos 5 dias atrás
@Max Pol wich 2 shows are you nuts?
Max Pol
Max Pol 6 dias atrás
@Chaotic 75 I meant 2 shows so 10 gold buzzer total, so a top 5 gold buzzer isn't weird.
Chaotic 75
Chaotic 75 6 dias atrás
Max Pol the sentence you just said made no sense
Max Pol
Max Pol 7 dias atrás
because it came from 2 different shows, the one from Britain too ;)
Lea Laldering
Lea Laldering 12 dias atrás
All of these auditions are so wholesome. From a new and upcoming band that’s so in sync musically to an amazing comedian with a great aura, to the choir of kids that looked like they were genuinely having a good and fun time on stage and probably reminded adults of what it felt like to be a kid, to a kid who went on stage to make a point and did exactly that by showing us his talent and sharing his motto, to the last girl who’s voice is so powerful and message is so beautiful. ♥️
Thomas Clarkson
Thomas Clarkson 12 dias atrás
I want kojo's comedic timing.
Brian 12 dias atrás
all crap
Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Aceh what song on first please?
Johanna Kline
Johanna Kline 13 dias atrás
I loooved Kojo the comedian! He was funny and genuine.
Ben Warner
Ben Warner 13 dias atrás
None of those were sad stories. BGT > AGT and this is coming from an American
Mordorian Queen
Mordorian Queen 13 dias atrás
Those supersonic kids - GLORIOUS!!!!!!
Bledar Hoxha
Bledar Hoxha 13 dias atrás
I love all, but the last one was fenomenal,
RT Life Happens
RT Life Happens 13 dias atrás
Kojo is hilarious!! Great job!
micheal desta
micheal desta 13 dias atrás
Melissa Bass
Melissa Bass 13 dias atrás
The ten year old girl at the end is going to be a star. The amount of talent she possesses at ten is more than that of most adults. Soooooo good!
Ye Heain
Ye Heain 13 dias atrás
Am I high or I just saw the North Korean Dude in the video... 29:20
Fazal Fariz
Fazal Fariz 13 dias atrás
Simon's like, wtf David, are you really crying.
Luis Lozano
Luis Lozano 13 dias atrás
Still salty chapter 13 didn’t won
eugene edwards
eugene edwards 13 dias atrás
load of crap
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