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Check out the most amazing moments of all the GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2019.
What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
▶︎ Flakefleet Primary School
▶︎ Kojo
▶︎ Chapter 13
▶︎ Akshat Singh
▶︎ Giorgia

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23 Mai 2019



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Comentários 771
jose4321ize 5 horas atrás
ellie scoot
ellie scoot 17 horas atrás
I wanna go to a chapter 13 concert lol
princess1king1 22 horas atrás
Aleysha..... Oh forget this.... Whacking the golden buzzer
思ったんだけど、太鼓の達人のマイバチ使ってるよねw 最高!!
이예희 4 dias atrás
I love how he said *FAT PEOPLE CAN DANCE..* I guess I'm skinny then
Cecília Cavalheiro
Cecília Cavalheiro 5 dias atrás
32:02 bah?! Que climão...a cara do David quando a Alesha Apertou "Golden Buzzer"?!😳😬 Sinto cheiro de "treta"...😉👊
모라카롤리니 3 dias atrás
Eu pensei o senti pena do David quando ela interrompeu ele..era a vez dele de opinar..
Damir Muratagic
Damir Muratagic 5 dias atrás
Great show, Great Energy, Love it !!!❤
Tina Horton
Tina Horton 8 dias atrás
You go Simon!! He did that. Brings me so much joy Everytime I watch. He deserved it. He really did
Ali Kauser
Ali Kauser 10 dias atrás
The last one was really UNBELIEVABLE! Hats off to her!
R Es
R Es 10 dias atrás
34:05 what's the song title please?
南風原利行 10 dias atrás
bayan ghadrshenas
bayan ghadrshenas 11 dias atrás
Kojos 1st joke; ripped off from Russell Peters and Dave Chappelle
Ginopa 66
Ginopa 66 12 dias atrás
Paula M.
Paula M. 13 dias atrás
El baile de los niños todos llorando hasta yo que lindo 🥰🥰🥰
Ellie Marabella
Ellie Marabella 13 dias atrás
If u get the golden buzzer from Simon, u know your something special
TheShoalguy 16 dias atrás
didn't think much of the comedian or the indian dancer (thought the latter was embarrassing). The other 3 were brilliant though.
Gilberto Mendes
Gilberto Mendes 16 dias atrás
Alguém em 2020?
Ikhwanul M Habibi
Ikhwanul M Habibi 17 dias atrás
The little kid in the bin, he is so cute and adorable 🥰🥰🥰
Sparkz23 -_-
Sparkz23 -_- 20 dias atrás
We made it kojo💪🏽
Jevan Abiellie
Jevan Abiellie 23 dias atrás
What if this happens in bgt Judge : hello Me : hi Judge : what’s ur name? Me : (ur name) Judge : Ok good luck Me : screams and get out of the show with flat face.... Judge : wowowowowow golden buzzer for u!!!
joanne smith
joanne smith 25 dias atrás
first act reminds me of mcfly and busted etc , very good , good luck to them all in the future
Andy Andy
Andy Andy 26 dias atrás
Fantastic performances by all that deserve the golden buzzer. BUT I want to comment on your MC's, Ant and Dec. They are honest, emotional and a great twosome. They don't try to perform... they react to who is performing. True blue.... Love them. Well done Ant and Dec.
Thi Huynh
Thi Huynh 29 dias atrás
kira joveres
kira joveres 29 dias atrás
david loves kids?
kira joveres
kira joveres 29 dias atrás
btw the golden buzzer backrounds music makes me cry
jaclyn jester
jaclyn jester 28 dias atrás
I think thats the point😂so its more emotional when you get the golden buzzer
kira joveres
kira joveres 29 dias atrás
im so happy for you all yall deserves it😥😍
ธี ธีรยุทธิ์
Marty WOOD
Marty WOOD Mês atrás
There are some hot limeys in the crowd.
のんのん Mês atrás
Evil Deeds
Evil Deeds Mês atrás
What a crock of shit!
Raviyien Mês atrás
i wish i had at least one teacher like him at my school, he's is the most awesome teacher i've ever seen and such a precious man
J.S. Smith
J.S. Smith Mês atrás
why does Alesha have a triangle as an earing?
Adil Khalil
Adil Khalil Mês atrás
Illuminati confirmed😂😂😂🤣
Ольга Симакова
Ах какие молодцы! Как старались...как выступили хорошо
hung tran
hung tran Mês atrás
E thứ 5 hát mà cái giọng không giới hạn luôn, tuyệt vời
Charlotte Barrett
Charlotte Barrett Mês atrás
Mira Baruah
Mira Baruah Mês atrás
The dance of that boy was the language Hindi I know because I am Indian from India
しげへい Mês atrás
Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan Mês atrás
The little blonde girl is just amazing. The power and tone of her voice is so mature
Alfred Yam
Alfred Yam Mês atrás
we need this kind teacher in HK he always give kids positive thinking in life.
charmin innocent
charmin innocent Mês atrás
I cry when i see David cries😩😭😭😭
Leo Cerqueira
Leo Cerqueira Mês atrás
alhamdo lillah
alhamdo lillah Mês atrás
راءعين وممتعين ومميزين يستحقون الفوز💓💓💓💓
谷幸湖 Mês atrás
渋谷スケート♪ 何の事だか?
Jennifer Oviawe
Jennifer Oviawe Mês atrás
Im sorry the big Indian Boy was really unfomfortable to watch.
Arshad Zaman
Arshad Zaman Mês atrás
Colum scott best song
Nofe Team
Nofe Team Mês atrás
24:48 “fat peapol can dance” ❤️❤️❤️
Topviewern Subscriber
Kojo made my day with smile 😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌
じぇりじぇり 2 meses atrás
1:13 かっこいい!!!!❤
ENHANI 35 2 meses atrás
Muhammad azra
Muhammad azra 2 meses atrás
4:50 what a song?
Terapeutas Na Estrada
Terapeutas Na Estrada 2 meses atrás
Lee Allred
Lee Allred 2 meses atrás
Why is David crying over that chaos on stage with those kidsall over the place? All I thought about was when aretheygonna be done? The last little girl was awesome
Lee Allred
Lee Allred 2 meses atrás
I thought the thing with the kids was totally atrocious!
jaclyn jester
jaclyn jester 2 meses atrás
So the same day the golden buzzer was hit 4 times wow that mustve been fun to clean up
Named Geezer
Named Geezer 2 meses atrás
have you all been eating rainbows or something? yes, they're good for their age... but not golden buzzer material!
白雪 2 meses atrás
山風 2 meses atrás
ろまんちっく 2 meses atrás
字幕ないから(英語わからない)日本人が唯一理解できるの 「渋谷スケート」www ありがとう
@ペンた たぶんそれは誰もわからん
ペンた 2 meses atrás
@ホントはいない人 それは分かる 渋谷スケートの意味がわからん
@ペンた 最初に出てきた少年のひとりが着てたTシャツだよ
ペンた 2 meses atrás
Gemma Irvine
Gemma Irvine 2 meses atrás
you say top 5, but there was only 5
Tina Horton
Tina Horton 8 dias atrás
Top 5 overall of the shows episodes I'm assuming
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