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Home of Football ➠ Top 30 Karma & Revenge Moments in Football
Chris Smalling says "bring it on" when the journalist ask him about Lionel Messi challenge. In the first match gives Messi a bloody nose and eye, in brutal clash. Messi was very inspired and motivated because of that moment and in the second match was time to show him his best by scoring 2 goals and eliminating Man Utd from Champions League.
Very interesting story happened in Torino too. After 2-0 lost from Atletico Madrid, Juventus made an amazing comeback. But what is way more interesting is the situation where Ronaldo celebrates Juventus win after match, in the same way it did Simeone in the first match.
Rest 28 revenge moments you can watch in the video. This year have some very interesting revenge stories. Di Maria's celebration after second goal at Old Trafford was one of them too.
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17 Abr 2019



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Comentários 80
Dien Riski93
Dien Riski93 11 horas atrás
10:05 the most satisfying thing i've ever seen
Efe Mert Balkanli
Efe Mert Balkanli 16 horas atrás
Im a die hard Messi fan but Ronaldo's hat trick against Armenian fans was SATISFYING AF, those Armenian fans totally deserved their cocky behavior
Rollin Snipes
Rollin Snipes 2 dias atrás
Never fw Diego Costa😂👌 trust he will do somethin worse
Rafay Ahmed
Rafay Ahmed 2 dias atrás
This doesn't actually mean that they are taking revenge
Fumnanya Ike-ofuokwu
Fumnanya Ike-ofuokwu 2 dias atrás
United embarrassing di Maria 💀
rxzet 3 dias atrás
Smelling doesnt give him a bloody nose he breaks it
MrQwertyus 4 dias atrás
Miazga dominated Lainez in that game, and the US won. Mexico got a player sent off for a challenge on Trapp, the guy that Lainez punked in the first half, BEFORE Miazga's height insult...
Isaac Leandro
Isaac Leandro 5 dias atrás
i don't think that what neymar did to mane is considered humilliating, about ramos and throwing the ball, that is something normal in games, almost every team does that. when you say that a defender tries to hurt an attacking player, dont you mean that they are just trying to avoid a situation where they can concede a goal?
Umar Farooqui
Umar Farooqui 5 dias atrás
Mr Vengeance
Mr Vengeance 6 dias atrás
8:51 - Messi: "La concha de tu madre." Más argentino, imposible. Te amo pulga.
Diego Herrera
Diego Herrera 8 dias atrás
Boca-River in extratime?? Did you even bother to watch the games???
Ciyu 8 dias atrás
Credits to the thumb nail
Federico 8 dias atrás
How is Kimmich tackling Mane and then Mane scoring karma or revenge?
Joel F Masaule
Joel F Masaule 8 dias atrás
😂😂 I need to ask Zokora is Emre still having ⚽⚽ coz that was total revenge
hakeem abbas
hakeem abbas 9 dias atrás
Prince Wasit Arfan
Prince Wasit Arfan 10 dias atrás
de gea shit goalkeeping.
KM4L 10 dias atrás
Last one is best one
_eman06 _
_eman06 _ 11 dias atrás
What’s it with Kimmich and shouting at pol
_eman06 _
_eman06 _ 11 dias atrás
Ellis Allen
Ellis Allen 11 dias atrás
How is ending someone’s career karma it’s disgusting by Keane
Austin Toms
Austin Toms 12 dias atrás
Yes, Ronaldo getting revenge against the mighty Armenia...
Naif Khan
Naif Khan 12 dias atrás
The same didnt happen to payet they lost the finals and portugal won it😂👀👀👌
Markus0469 13 dias atrás
Am i the only One that enjoys the paybacks where Sergio Ramos gets beat up?😂
GoldenbanjoDJ 13 dias atrás
9:13 - the biggest 'yo momma' joke bite in history
Alexander Simonov
Alexander Simonov 15 dias atrás
Trash video and how on earth you didn't added Ibrahimovic revenge on Materazzi when he said he waited for years ....
Jose Zelaya
Jose Zelaya 15 dias atrás
Dialla Macalou
Dialla Macalou 15 dias atrás
Today Tomorrow and After
I gotta say, that Sergio Ramos guy looks like a real asshole
Master_ov1235 16 dias atrás
Song name is destiny
Ayushmaan Sharma
Ayushmaan Sharma 17 dias atrás
So Kimmich shouted in Mane's face in a match which resulted in 0-0, and Mane scored in the 2nd leg where Kimmich did not even play because he got 2 straight yellow cards in 2 straight matches. So when someone he didn't even play even a minute in the second leg where Mane scored that goal, How did he take revenge or How was it Karma? Being passionate isn't insulting to Mane.
BertPauk 17 dias atrás
Müller on Tagliafico wasn't a karma or revenge moment at all. He didn't deserve that, Müller even apologized and talked with Tagliafico about it later.
BertPauk 17 dias atrás
Even Gattuso was like "what the fuck?" at Zidane and he's usually the person who does that.
Sylla 18 dias atrás
One word. Zokora.
ALL IN SS 19 dias atrás
Cool Three Elephant. look...
Adam Mordaunt
Adam Mordaunt 19 dias atrás
Ramos is just an Ibrahimovic wannabe (edit) Way too many mid-rolls for a 13 min video c'mon dude really
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit 19 dias atrás
Who else hates ramos
Ana Rogic
Ana Rogic 19 dias atrás
Antonio Barragan:touches Neymar Neymar:slides into a ballboy
Danvath Darshan
Danvath Darshan 20 dias atrás
Vertex Magma
Vertex Magma 20 dias atrás
22 what tf did tagliafico do
cricket stars
cricket stars 21 dia atrás
ronaldo did the best thing against barça fans
SURIYANI TALIB 21 dia atrás
Saya tidak faham bagaimana neymar mempermalukan mane ketika dia hanya berdiri dan menari seperti anak pelik
Samrawit Tezera
Samrawit Tezera 21 dia atrás
Can you tell me the music
MAX playz_YT
MAX playz_YT 21 dia atrás
Neymar didn’t skill mane he just got passed
Bernard Berger
Bernard Berger 22 dias atrás
Do anyone know about Episoketren System? Does it work? I hear a lot of people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.
Abdullah Bin Monsur
Abdullah Bin Monsur 23 dias atrás
l love Neymar but Sadio's body feint skill was 🔥🔥🔥
joshua2010660 23 dias atrás
lmfao, all im seeing is messi diving and then getting goals from it
Emi Tee
Emi Tee 23 dias atrás
1:46 Wasted 😂
Bean Po
Bean Po 24 dias atrás
Sergio Ramos is such a bitch
khilfi 25 dias atrás
this guy clearly hates liverpool as it was neymar first then mane took revenge
Master gamer Brothers
Master gamer Brothers 25 dias atrás
Waste by Atletico Madrid lol
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans 25 dias atrás
Ummmm I don't really think that the Roy kean was good revenge I mean kean eventually went to court
el pollito feliz
el pollito feliz 25 dias atrás
Neymar no humilló a manè y ese vato siempre se tira
Abu Merkage
Abu Merkage 26 dias atrás
That last one is the best
Rico Mansos
Rico Mansos 26 dias atrás
De Gea is so shit oh my God
semira delil
semira delil 26 dias atrás
Jonathan Mars
Jonathan Mars 26 dias atrás
Såja Sverige
Asap7 27 dias atrás
Harry is one of the worst defenders ever.
Anurag Volety
Anurag Volety 29 dias atrás
Why do I feel satisfied when Sergio Ramos is revenged??
Rabi Khan
Rabi Khan 29 dias atrás
Benjamin Kirwan
Benjamin Kirwan Mês atrás
Mane tackled neymar straight afterwards😂🤐
Blinkin Mês atrás
12:48 halaands father?
Nebil Tomas
Nebil Tomas Mês atrás
Zokora is the man of the moment
Giorss Ms
Giorss Ms Mês atrás
10:13 this is not revenge this is justice
Alrick Cameron
Alrick Cameron Mês atrás
listen close u hear a jamaican
Psycho 'R' VloG'S
Psycho 'R' VloG'S Mês atrás
10:56 Drew Mcintyres Claymore Kick😂
Madridista Mês atrás
10:52 muller promoting bundesliga
Shlok Singh
Shlok Singh Mês atrás
12:48 lol there goes erling's father
Shoaib Shabbir
Shoaib Shabbir Mês atrás
Simione why did you do that, and what did you get karma.
B L Mês atrás
Ricky NGATHEM Mês atrás
Ramos should be an mma fighter as he wants to fight so much
Goober Face
Goober Face Mês atrás
the cough in the music makes it sound like the creator of this video has corona
Nidhin Vas
Nidhin Vas Mês atrás
Is !t Neymer to mane 😂😂😂
Muhammad Hazim
Muhammad Hazim Mês atrás
🔥Neymar Jr🔥 vs mane
Panos Rippis
Panos Rippis Mês atrás
9:41 Messi did that because he had been dirty-fouled 3 or 4 times by Real Madrid in that match, and still managed to score the winning goal. Ronaldo did it just because he wanted to copy Messi's action. Messi will always be the best ❤️
U saw me at McDonald’s
Arjun Ramesh yeah Ronaldo is better
Arjun Ramesh
Arjun Ramesh Mês atrás
@RaiИ get a load out of this guy
RaiИ Mês atrás
no ronaldo is better
Panos Rippis
Panos Rippis Mês atrás
@Arjun Ramesh Yes the 500th I think... Ronaldo is just Jealous of him
Arjun Ramesh
Arjun Ramesh Mês atrás
yeah. and it was some hundredth goal too
marc ballesteros
marc ballesteros Mês atrás
ronaldo’s goaals smh
Messi keep getting hit in the face. Probably cuz he is only eye level with every bodies shoulder.No offence.
omarwalieedsaad Mês atrás
12:46 That is the father of erling haalaand
omarwalieedsaad Mês atrás
Alfie haalaand
Smruti Roy
Smruti Roy Mês atrás
Wasted : 😂
Anil Thomson
Anil Thomson Mês atrás
That tshirt event of ronaldo didn't ever happen in nou camp lol but that messi tshirt event did happen in home ground of Realmadrid hahaha
vexyte Mês atrás
Man U vs PSG was kinda double revenge 1- Ashley Young pushed Angel Di Maria into the sponsorship boards 2- Di Maria sets up both goals and says f*** off 3- PSG beaten on away goals
Robertho Barends
Robertho Barends Mês atrás
They completely ignored Lukaku's celebration in front of Di Maria when Rashford scored the penalty
Apik Rosick
Apik Rosick Mês atrás
Number 30 is my favourite
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