Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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The UFC celebrated its first 20 years by creating the Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History, 1993-2013.


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12 Nov 2013



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Comentários 100
Zachary Takach
Zachary Takach 8 horas atrás
Masvidal flying knee?
Logan Outlaw
Logan Outlaw 8 horas atrás
the weidman one 150Z% doesnt fcking belong. ZSilva just got punished for being an asshole.
Mike Soldano
Mike Soldano 9 horas atrás
Lebron FanPage
Lebron FanPage 16 horas atrás
These are fr fire
Domingo Marshall
Domingo Marshall 18 horas atrás
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
j scott
j scott Dia atrás
so many good knockouts that there had to be 2 #1's.
Project Staff可
Project Staff可 Dia atrás
""Never skip Leg Days bois" -Hercules
D O Double G
D O Double G Dia atrás
"do u wanna take a chance & risk getting KNOCKED OUT?!?!" Ha, perfect timing Jo Ro...😉👍👍✌️
christian beltran
no 20 but thats all right keep up the good work
Fail Sonnen
Fail Sonnen Dia atrás
This needs to be updated with the Buckley KO the Nganno Reem KO and so on
Macabaya Miguel Paolo
Macabaya Miguel Paolo 2 dias atrás
3:24 my favorite knockout
Hooked 2 dias atrás
1:43 imagine paying all that $ for a 10 second fight
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks Dia atrás
Money well spent. That was great
The PleinAir
The PleinAir 2 dias atrás
Khamzat vs Corona Conor vs Football Khabib vs Tiramisu Lobov vs Jones Cejudo vs Lesnar Holloway vs Canelo Till vs Perry Dada5000 vs cardio Helwani vs Schmo Usman vs 70% Colby vs Brasil Co-main: Ferguson vs UFO Main event: Dana on candies vs De La Hoya after weekend of coke Sean Shelby, Joe Silva, Mick Maynard, let's make it happen!!!
Spartan 2 dias atrás
can't understand why guy keeps kicking other guy wich is already unconcious after one shot? :D
Chunkie Wunkie
Chunkie Wunkie 3 dias atrás
6:50 lmao it was his fault for letting his guard down and taunting the other guy
健爸 3 dias atrás
Could do a greatest Kickedout video ~
Mo Olgin
Mo Olgin 3 dias atrás
Liam Simoes
Liam Simoes 3 dias atrás
We need an updated version
Potato Deluna
Potato Deluna 3 dias atrás
Anyone notice at 1:23 they jumped and stopped at the exact same time? No?
Mihăiță Boss
Mihăiță Boss 3 dias atrás
Top 19 🤣🤣🤣
Frances Kelley
Frances Kelley 3 dias atrás
The old vegetable anatomically book because quart qualitatively compare by a young input. sophisticated, moaning venezuela
Dan Mernyak
Dan Mernyak 3 dias atrás
These fuckers like try to kill the guy after they knock em down
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 3 dias atrás
You say “Top 20” but y’all cant have two #1’s!
Nightlovell 3 dias atrás
Masvidal sadge
El Risitas
El Risitas 3 dias atrás
2:10 Overeem wakes up like nothing happened lol
Gianni 3 horas atrás
I am so confused about this one. Was it by knockdown or smth?
JBizzy Gaming
JBizzy Gaming 4 dias atrás
2021 gang wya
yayo 4 dias atrás
damn seeing bisping out cold like that gave me flashbacks of the lewis vs blaydes fight
Conor Keane
Conor Keane 4 dias atrás
what about francis ngannou knocking out alestair overeem
El Risitas
El Risitas 3 dias atrás
Bruh that fight was at 2017
Ho Kage
Ho Kage 4 dias atrás
2:51 soda popinski gets his shit rocked
IssacNewton 4 dias atrás
anderson silva got what he deserved for show boating
Sling and Stone
Sling and Stone 5 dias atrás
Anderson Silva is a respectable fighter. Some of those other guys know their opponent is knocked out and they just still smash on them. Anderson is respectful, not beating the dude head when he sees he's out
Two idiots and PUBG
Two idiots and PUBG 5 dias atrás
ovo je kompilacija resavanja
Arto Ollikainen
Arto Ollikainen 5 dias atrás
hit what stuns = 100% bonus, hit what stuns and one extra hit = 50% bonus, hit what stuns and two extra hit = 25% bonus... maby this "sport" need some new guid lines...
TOFootball 5 dias atrás
We need an updated list.
Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez 5 dias atrás
They need to update this Buckley's KO on fight island was insane
Nayem Rahman
Nayem Rahman 5 dias atrás
5:52 My all time favourite knockout
Александр К
Александр К 5 dias atrás
Хммм накаутов крутых по сей день много. Это не объективно
Gwappo 6 dias atrás
Where’s Anthony Pettis wall flying kick???
DARKS gaming
DARKS gaming 6 dias atrás
Woooow 😮
hugh hemmerich
hugh hemmerich 6 dias atrás
Wanderlei in 2 of these lol not a good sign ll
(youaregodsmackt) 6 dias atrás
Why no replay.s
JOL JOL 6 dias atrás
Take a chance or risk getting KNOCKED OUT, perfect timing.
Radu N. Stingaciu
Radu N. Stingaciu 7 dias atrás
2:31 The bitch saw that the opponent was out but kept hitting his face. This types of fighters deserve disqualification. 5:55 the same.
Cash cow yoyo
Cash cow yoyo 7 dias atrás
ava graham
ava graham 7 dias atrás
The puffy sheep longitudinally stitch because purpose largely consider minus a tiresome basin. acceptable, ritzy emery
Reda Chafik
Reda Chafik 8 dias atrás
One thing is for sure , It is all over
Mark An Morales
Mark An Morales 8 dias atrás
The penitent tower clasically argue because pamphlet spindly warm a a joyous ceramic. enchanting, educated century
Don’t Worry about it
This should be updated
Tarum250 8 dias atrás
Pete Grat
Pete Grat 8 dias atrás
We need an updated version
Jewell Alcaraz
Jewell Alcaraz 8 dias atrás
And the #2 is the beautiful K.O!
Jewell Alcaraz
Jewell Alcaraz 8 dias atrás
16 and 10 is still the scariest K.O for me Rashad Evans is a Monster
Miodrag Stanaćev
Miodrag Stanaćev 8 dias atrás
Ufc make new compilation from last 3 years
Hachi Ko
Hachi Ko 9 dias atrás
Das ist echt komisches gewinnt immer die schwächeren wie kommt das? 🤨
Jiki Vigarista
Jiki Vigarista 9 dias atrás
6:30 playback speed 0,25 OMG
Sports Planet TV
Sports Planet TV 9 dias atrás
Great video. on my channel you can see what a strong man from Russia is capable of....
Anirban Sarkar
Anirban Sarkar 9 dias atrás
why is there 19 instead of 20?
Francis Steele
Francis Steele 9 dias atrás
i love u .
Slick Wiz
Slick Wiz 9 dias atrás
6:27 nervous systems shut down, Barbosa is a Beast!
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 10 dias atrás
As if we are so different from romans
mma 10 dias atrás
David • 10 years ago
David • 10 years ago 10 dias atrás
how is this the first idiot??? it was the worst
mma 10 dias atrás
David • 10 years ago
David • 10 years ago 10 dias atrás
David • 10 years ago
David • 10 years ago 10 dias atrás
ok ill call u later bye
David • 10 years ago
David • 10 years ago 10 dias atrás
David • 10 years ago
David • 10 years ago 10 dias atrás
sure, David_Clap#3824
haitam bth
haitam bth 10 dias atrás
Bill Stevenson
Bill Stevenson 11 dias atrás
I’ll never understand why you want to keep throwing hammers when the other dudes lights are out.
ReVeRsE XCryk
ReVeRsE XCryk 11 dias atrás
Number 17 was crazy to me. He literally threw him out of a clinch and into a kick to his neck 😂 crazy bro
Robinson Ivory
Robinson Ivory 11 dias atrás
Quickest I’ve ever seen Yamasaki stop a fight
LT. Boinks
LT. Boinks 11 dias atrás
Watching corture get knocked out hurts to watch he was so dominant and looked unstoppable
CrispyBoi 11 dias atrás
3:48 he went full savage mode on him
bork laser
bork laser 8 dias atrás
worst ass kicking standing sequence i’ve seen for sure lol .. fucked him up
Olaf Michelson
Olaf Michelson 12 dias atrás
Princeton Manguinao
Princeton Manguinao 12 dias atrás
5:20 they sus the guy on the floor was hard
22-Steel Smoker
22-Steel Smoker 12 dias atrás
No beginning commentating...right to the action with no bull shit fillers. This is how a video should be done. Nice job!!! Some brutal hits, surprised at how many of those I actually had watched. Again....great video.
Sway 13 dias atrás
5:17 why my man's gotta boner in the middle of a fight
James Connolly
James Connolly 13 dias atrás
We need an updated version
E Money
E Money 13 dias atrás
Really UFC.. Anderson Silva had way better K'Os then most of these and the only highlight you give him was one he lost in.. the disrespect.. how quickly they forget how GOATish he really was..
Cedric Quinn
Cedric Quinn 14 dias atrás
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Jesse Cortez
Jesse Cortez 14 dias atrás
1:53 bj shut that shit down real quick
n a h
n a h 14 dias atrás
5:17 he hard 👀 that's kinda gay bro
cbdsteve 14 dias atrás
4:24 THAT was the result of one round? Did he arrive to the fight already covered in blood?
Kurt Barlow
Kurt Barlow 14 dias atrás
No Holly Holm ko of Ronda?
DesperateFun Gaming
DesperateFun Gaming 15 dias atrás
This video needs an update
David Erdman
David Erdman 15 dias atrás
Bisping got electrified.
BigBrainsAndPPGangs 15 dias atrás
updated list?
Marcelo Carrasco
Marcelo Carrasco 15 dias atrás
Que horrible esto .......................un asco de peleas.............NI parecidas al Arte del Boxeo...........esto tiene de todo menos tecnica, estilo, etc.......una Mierd.........
Benjamin Dalhoff
Benjamin Dalhoff 15 dias atrás
Anderson's KO really hurts
علي دياب
علي دياب 16 dias atrás
My friend, I invite you to enter the religion of Islam, for it is a religion of mercy and forgiveness, for it is your way to heaven in the hereafter, and rest and tranquility in this world.
代行2 supreme
代行2 supreme 16 dias atrás
The honorable chair lily match because router rarely listen astride a childlike cheese. laughable, helpful behavior
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 16 dias atrás
The Renan barao shouldn’t be on here
Ron G
Ron G 16 dias atrás
Wanderlei getting KO'd twice
The man Djsr
The man Djsr 16 dias atrás
Guys I think it’s all over
GhoulishRaider1134 16 dias atrás
0:56 there huggin how nice 😌😌
Stephen Snyder
Stephen Snyder 16 dias atrás
They need to update this list
Ben 16 dias atrás
Matt Hughes was out cold and still won 😂
Yaboy Rayray
Yaboy Rayray 17 dias atrás
“Oh look how strong josh is”:drops to the floor:OH ITS ALL OVER”
Will Salvatore
Will Salvatore 17 dias atrás
"Do you want to take the chance and risk getting KNOCKED OUT"
Roger C Williams
Roger C Williams 17 dias atrás
How dare the two fighters interrupt Steve while he was trying to remember his grocery list 🤣
Semper Ludens
Semper Ludens 17 dias atrás
Machida Couture KO is still insane 10 years later
TeRa Daze
TeRa Daze 17 dias atrás
They definitely need to update this list
Kenny Taco
Kenny Taco 17 dias atrás
jerkin.megherkin 17 dias atrás
Who else loved when dan dropped the hbomb on bispings face?
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