Top 20 Easy Nail Art Designs! Diy Nail Art💅How to Paint your Nails at Home! Nail art tutorial 2018

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Top 20 Easy Nail Art Designs! Diy Nail Art💅How to Paint your Nails at Home! Nail art tutorial 2018
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Modern World
Modern World Anos atrás
Have a great time! 🌺 Credit & Full Video:
Zaxo Zaxoliy
Zaxo Zaxoliy 4 dias atrás
Igor Vaskovtsov
Igor Vaskovtsov Mês atrás
Deborah Bartolozzi
Deborah Bartolozzi Mês atrás
@La mua thu, Hello metti una faccina cuoricini Hello Kitty cuoricino fishino kiwi due cuoricini fa così, cucine cuoricino
Deborah Bartolozzi
Deborah Bartolozzi Mês atrás
@Ankita Singh 4jshstd,, Hello cuoricino
Jordan Watts
Jordan Watts 14 minutos atrás
Who has this clear nails!!!!!😱
Yannis Leung
Yannis Leung 4 horas atrás
I like 0:52
Dahlia Kothare
Dahlia Kothare 9 horas atrás
First step: have long luscious nails
Claire Gore
Claire Gore 14 horas atrás
I watch it but never do it
Niamh Domleo
Niamh Domleo 16 horas atrás
I love doing my nails when I am bored with nothing to do Do you have tik tok ? My favourite colour is light blue your amazing do you want to be friends
Pink Fluffi Unicorn
Hamsa Hamsa
Hamsa Hamsa Dia atrás
شنو بنسبة مسلمة ما تكدر اتسوي صبغ اظافر
Thai Food Idea By Oliver
himmel118 Dia atrás
How many people did you do nails on💅🏻
Yasmeen Khateb
Yasmeen Khateb 2 dias atrás
بخزჂ̤ ☹️🖖🏼💔💦
bir hayat boyunca mutluluk
Burda Türklerin olacağını düşünmüştüm .dndjdjdjfnfnnfnf Jdjdjfjfbfjkekekrjffjfn
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson 2 dias atrás
hanitra1982 3 dias atrás
How many is this things
Oni Marlin
Oni Marlin 3 dias atrás
Ghalamoun Nounou
Ghalamoun Nounou 4 dias atrás
من أين يأتي هذا الدكاء
اسامة عريبي
اسامة عريبي 4 dias atrás
ممكن اللي داير الأصابع شنو
nabil nadira
nabil nadira 4 dias atrás
Is nadebi bel winsanias
*-Solstice-* 5 dias atrás
I’m sitting here watching knowing damn well ima fail
مصطفى عادل
مصطفى عادل 6 dias atrás
كلش حلو
Erin Sear-Davis
Erin Sear-Davis 6 dias atrás
these nail arts are amazeballs
Natalia Martins
Natalia Martins 7 dias atrás
Meli love
Meli love 8 dias atrás
Y donde se compra eso donde le pusiste en la uña para los árboles y sabes donde comprar los aparatos para secar rápido la uñas me lo podrían decir porfavor ♥️ gracias
Kathxrine Mae Ledesma
Kathxrine Mae Ledesma 8 dias atrás
In 7:45 that has to be my favorite nail art and in 9:46 my second favorite
Virginia pic
Virginia pic 8 dias atrás
Easy?? What?
Ya Da
Ya Da 9 dias atrás
Nadia Huntu
Nadia Huntu 9 dias atrás
Yann Kimenau
Yann Kimenau 9 dias atrás
le dernier est juste ouaaaaaaaaahh !!!!
Horror CAT
Horror CAT 10 dias atrás
Кто русский лайк
võ thị thanh huyền
Sofia Sanchez
Sofia Sanchez 10 dias atrás
Las primeras estaban horrible nada que ver
7'7f Yifvyi
7'7f Yifvyi 11 dias atrás
احمد كفاح
احمد كفاح 11 dias atrás
Bb Monil
Bb Monil 11 dias atrás
Fiona Chenault
Fiona Chenault 11 dias atrás
Love the cactus ones!
Kingdom of sensations
Kingdom of sensations 11 dias atrás
انا عندي سؤالين 1_كيف طولتي اضافيرك او ما انقطعو؟؟ لان اني اضافري ينقطعو ابسرعة 2_ليش تحطي مناكير ابيض بعد ما تكملي اضافيرك ؟؟ 🤔🤔
fafloy channel
fafloy channel 11 dias atrás
I like 2😉😉😯😯
_Ngạn Tỷ_
_Ngạn Tỷ_ 12 dias atrás
So so good!! Wow like!!^.^💄 ` (|)
Ashley Norman
Ashley Norman 12 dias atrás
Where can you buy the stamps?
Odette Taveras
Odette Taveras 12 dias atrás
Oye esta ermosisima esas uñas pero ermosa
Odette Taveras
Odette Taveras 12 dias atrás
Me encanta todas las uñas
فطوم فطوم
فطوم فطوم 12 dias atrás
كلش حلو 👍👍👍
Sakina 1234
Sakina 1234 13 dias atrás
Sakina 1234
Sakina 1234 13 dias atrás
هه ري بي زه حمه ت 👍 ييت بجيكا هه نه 😆☺هه كه هه بن شكله كي لي بكيشه و بنيره بلا باشي بخو لي كرم 😐😯بس جه ندي نه ازا خه ما بارا دا تشتي بيشول بي تكرم 😌😌😌😔😔
Yuni Didiyowati
Yuni Didiyowati 13 dias atrás
Bagus banget sih tolong yang banyak ya 😃
حسين محمد
حسين محمد 14 dias atrás
وووو ". 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
김선희 14 dias atrás
너무 예쁘당
Lelya Bawadi
Lelya Bawadi 14 dias atrás
احلى الافر
وتب تبمظ
وتب تبمظ 14 dias atrás
كتير حلو روعة😍😍😍😍
Julia Gomez
Julia Gomez 15 dias atrás
Osea me encanta las uñas son osea como que re lindas le dire a mis sirvientes mejores que me lo agan 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
KEIGO CHEUNG 16 dias atrás
I love
محمد خليل
محمد خليل 16 dias atrás
احلى منكير❤
Jayshree Magre
Jayshree Magre 17 dias atrás
durga prasad Sana
durga prasad Sana 18 dias atrás
Very nice💅🏻
Ideal Ideal
Ideal Ideal 19 dias atrás
MakeyouhappyCamplays 19 dias atrás
Luv it
Surendra Singh Shekhawat
I love red colour But Your nails Is good
Makenna Mitchell
Makenna Mitchell 20 dias atrás
Tired of the no shows showing up amirite
Makenna Mitchell
Makenna Mitchell 20 dias atrás
I watch for the satisfaction. 😘
Marisa Pérez
Marisa Pérez 20 dias atrás
Me. Encanto
Aqilah Syazwina
Aqilah Syazwina 20 dias atrás
Your nails are so pretty how do they do it?
Fatiha Benyoucef
Fatiha Benyoucef 20 dias atrás
مايا مايا مايا
احنل لىب
احنل لىب 21 dia atrás
غير يهبلن شنو هل الجمال ❤
اا فف
اا فف 21 dia atrás
لعنة الله عليكم يا عباد الشيطان
Amalia Ramos Janco
Amalia Ramos Janco 22 dias atrás
Me encanto😇🦄
Turac Memmedova
Turac Memmedova 23 dias atrás
Bettina Stevens
Bettina Stevens 23 dias atrás
This is my mom's phone that's why it says bettina
Bettina Stevens
Bettina Stevens 23 dias atrás
At the beginning of the video it said cambria and that's my name I don't see often
كرار حيدر
كرار حيدر 24 dias atrás
حلو كيوت
Layan Lili
Layan Lili 25 dias atrás
ايه الحاجة دى الحضرتك بتحطيها على الجلد وبتشليها بسرعه؟؟
Sagdas Ssffy
Sagdas Ssffy 27 dias atrás
Hfyy fhef yjlg dum d6j. Do, c rfjihv f
Neuralides Silva
Neuralides Silva 28 dias atrás
violetta Palermi
violetta Palermi Mês atrás
WOW A great can you hello in your video in the find to look me hete
Nadeen Abo Yousef
Nadeen Abo Yousef Mês atrás
Wow 👏👌
mulia sugiarti
mulia sugiarti Mês atrás
The nail art are so satisfying :3
alsha azzahra
alsha azzahra Mês atrás
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