Top 100 Places To Visit In Europe

Ryan Shirley
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Europe has to be the most beautiful place in the world! From the countless medieval cities, to the jaw dropping landscapes of the Alps, Europe has it all! I've spent the last few years traveling Europe and I want to show you my favorite places! This video was months in the making and i'm so excited to finally share it with you! Where is your favorite place in Europe?
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0:36 - Seceda & Alpe di Siusi
1:23 - Faroe islands
2:18 - Positano
2:56 - Valle Verzasca
3:27 - Cinque Terre, Italy
3:59 - Jurassic Coast, Uk
4:41 - Mont Saint Michel, French Riviera & Monaco
6:08 - Lysebotn, Pulpit Rock & Trolltunga
7:02 - Blue Lagoon, Reynisfjara, Skogafoss, Stokkness
8:21 - Zakynthos & Milos
9:23 - St. Petersburg, Russia
9:55 - Riga, Latvia
10:26 - Prague, Czech Republic
11:07 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
11:41 - Budapest, Hungary
12:13 - Dubrovnik, Pula, & Plitvice National Park
13:26 - Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and River Soca
14:25 - Lisbon, Ursa Beach, Algarve Coast
15:26 - Bavarian Alps, Berchtesgaden, & Neuschwanstein Castle
16:19 - Tuscany, Florence, & San Gimignano
17:37 - Lake Como & Venice:
18:36 - Edinburgh & Isle of Skye:
19:46 - Dublin, Dark Hedges, & Cliffs of Moher
20:23 - Warsaw, Krakow, & Auschwitz Memorial
21:58 - Vilnius, Lithuania
22:30 - Vienna & Hallstatt
23:00 - Paris, Etretat, & French Alps
24:38 - Grindelwald & Appenzell
25:53 - Zermatt & Jungfrajoch
27:13 - Helsinki & Lapland
28:12 - Stockholm, Sweden
28:34 - Bruges, Belgium
29:10 - Rothenburg, Germany
30:00 - London, Stonehenge, & Wales
31:48 - Lucerne & Bern
33:13 - Copenhagen
33:54 - Tallinn, Estonia
34:29 - Kotor, Sveti Stefan, Durdevica Tara Bridge (Montenegro)
35:37 - Mostra & Kravica Waterfall (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
36:12 - Meteora, Mount Olympus, & Athens
37:58 - Sofia, Varna, & Belogradchik Fortress (Bulgaria)
38:58 - Transylvania, Bran Castle, and Transfagarasan Road
39:40 - Lofoten, Saltstraumen, Atlantic Road & Trollstigen
42:20 - Geirangerfjord & Svalbard
43:34 - Mosow & Mount Elbrus
45:04 - Istanbul, Turkey
46:08 - Barcelona, Ibiza, & Canary Islands
47:47 - Azores & Madeira
48:50 - Sardinia, Rome, & San Marino
51:00 - Senja, Norway
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Comentários 100
Dublin is the centre of the universe, a little know fact.
Tony F
Tony F 3 horas atrás
My top ten cities and places in Europe that didn't make this list: 1. Madrid (most glaring omission) 2. Munich 3. Loire Valley (Chambord Castile) 4. Bratislava 5. Innsbruck 6. Sevilla 7. Sicily (esp. Palermo, Taormina) 8. Diocletian's Palace (Split) 9. Dordogne 10. Český Krumlov And there's way too much Norway ...
Avatar Roku
Avatar Roku 3 horas atrás
Very nice video with awesome shots, but I feel like you must have not travelled in Spain very much if you only did Barcelona for the mainland
Soumyadip Panda
Soumyadip Panda 6 horas atrás
bro plz let me know the total saving that I do need for this trip, positively
Коста Гаћина
You missed out a lot by not going to Serbia
Dennis Bakker
Dennis Bakker 8 horas atrás
Amsterdam wasnt created around the canals.. other way around
Imke 8 horas atrás
You forgot Capri in Italy
Miss keisha
Miss keisha 9 horas atrás
I love Croatia but to be honest it’s very expencive, plus it’s like a basic holiday location for Czech people (i am Czech) and i feel like Croatian people are a little sick of us so they are sometimes not really nice to us 😀
Yiyit! Kaya
Yiyit! Kaya 9 horas atrás
😍😍regards from Romania
AKIN GÜLER 9 horas atrás
What about Cappadocia, Side, Pamukkale Travertine Terraces & Warm Springs, Mount Nemrut, Dalyan, Fethiye Ölüdeniz (dead sea), The City Of Ephesus, Sumela Monastery, Butterfly Valley, Mardin, Patara....
Daniel Penchev
Daniel Penchev 5 horas atrás
Just not in Europe ... :)
Rocha Steven
Rocha Steven 10 horas atrás
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kültürr sanatt
kültürr sanatt 13 horas atrás
İstanbul Turkey ♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷
Raggass 14 horas atrás
Apart from the extensive usage of superlatives, this is a great video! You've really picked some of the outmost beautiful places in Europe (for all of you Yankees who think Europe is one country; it's not).
Lynn VanJaarsveld
Lynn VanJaarsveld 16 horas atrás
Beautiful Job My Love!!!
MrsTenaa 16 horas atrás
Greetings from Croatia! Great video, the footage is just amazing!
Mikey Hernandez
Mikey Hernandez 18 horas atrás
Why does Mont Saint-Michel remind me of shalour city gym from Pokemon x and y
Karin de Vosselijn
Karin de Vosselijn 18 horas atrás
You people do understand you will never be able to visit those spots again. Do you?
Urwah Alhaj
Urwah Alhaj 19 horas atrás
Thanks to you I went to all these places for free. And in one hour.
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 16 horas atrás
Thanks Urwah, I'm just happy you watched it all! Where are you from?
MARTHA ASHWORTH 21 hora atrás
Most beautiful and concise travel video i have ever seen. You did yourself in.
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 16 horas atrás
Thanks Martha! That means the world!
Bunty Singh
Bunty Singh 21 hora atrás
What is the expense to go in Europe 100 please tell ?
Laurie Sparrow
Laurie Sparrow 21 hora atrás
Wow, just wow Ryan 👏👏👏
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 16 horas atrás
Thanks Laurie! Hope all is well :)
senabtl septisizm
45:04 İstanbul😍❤️
europe is so good for tourism you probably need a top 1000 tbh
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 23 horas atrás
Seriously! There’s a endless amount of beautiful places 💪🏼
Georgia Palioura
Georgia Palioura Dia atrás
Haven't even watched the vid yet, but you should deff visit Greece :D
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
Amen to that!
hassan karamelo
hassan karamelo Dia atrás
I visited all Scandinavian countries when I was 24;& I moved to islands went the sound of silence surround lovely nights of Christmas
CoolStuff Dia atrás
Nice job!
Adéla Blablová
Adéla Blablová Dia atrás
What about Vienna??
xheladin ferati
xheladin ferati Dia atrás
Albaniaa Why noot
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
I should have included it! Are you from there?
chemica kim
chemica kim Dia atrás
thanks ... good information ^^
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
Of course! :)
kashif Raza Akbari
I wish, Google to value and encourage local guides in Pakistan as well.
supra anon
supra anon Dia atrás
Stone henge was built in 1960s lol well it was moved re built
Toni Kid
Toni Kid Dia atrás
No Albania here? Are you crazy. All these 100 things you can see it all in one country..clear beach sandy or rocky, river, lake, mountains, ancient cities, castles,unesco cities, and more and more. All cities of Europe has something special, next time try to not forget nobody.shit boy
ballina Dia atrás
I can’t believe I watched 52 minutes of this and you didn’t go to Albania
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
Ah, I need to do a video on Albania!
Cilla Maria
Cilla Maria Dia atrás
Nice video! Been to 20 European countries, 16 cities/places on this list. Greetings from Finland!
Cilla Maria
Cilla Maria Dia atrás
@Ryan Shirley It's really hard to choose. If we're talking about Europe, then maybe Madeira because of its nature. But also the Alps and Tatra Mountains are so beautiful. My fave cities must be Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Outside Europe I usually return to Mexico as often as I can. I love especially Chiapas and Oaxaca states. But Guatemala and Mongolia have also been interesting countries to visit. Ah, there are soooo many amazing places in this world! This video gave me lots of inspiration for considering new destinations :)
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
You're well traveled! Where is your favorite place to visit?
Ciprian Petru
Ciprian Petru Dia atrás
Beautiful video! Unique Europe! From România, i recommend you, Danube Valley (Cazanele Dunării) & Decebal 's Rock.
Oleg Kostyukevich
Travel to Ukraine - #kyiv #lviv #rivne #tunneloflove #odesa #ternopil -
Creed Ave
Creed Ave Dia atrás
I want to ask some Europer here for my trip. I am looking for a countries or villages that have beautiful meadows or flower fields.Which places should i go ? . And the cities that have harbors like anime Porco Rosso.
Kamel Boukheit
Kamel Boukheit Dia atrás
جزائري عاشق أوروبا مر من هنا 🇩🇿 حلم حياتي سويسرا ❤️😭😭💔 العصابة نوكل عليكم ربي
Michael Jonathan Scurtu
Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Slovakia?
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
Ah I need to visit them all 😅🤦🏼‍♂️
Jan Budziński
Jan Budziński Dia atrás
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
Thanks Jan!
Driving Japan 4K
Driving Japan 4K Dia atrás
Hi. New subscriber here🌈
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley Dia atrás
Aye! That’s what I love to hear, where are you from?
ලස්සන දෙරණ Lassana Derana
S.P. Baughman
S.P. Baughman Dia atrás
God made such a beautiful earth ..magnificent...the majesty and brilliance is breathtaking.I have been fortunate to have travelled some and it is incredible ...Thanks for sharing..beautiful ..awesome scenery.
Lucas Elias Zakharia
What about Madrid, Malaga and Milano?🙂
Alan Charlie
Alan Charlie 2 dias atrás
The cut drum undeniably prepare because guatemalan clinicopathologically crush regarding a tasteless motorboat. weary, same nitrogen
Ender_Upp 2 dias atrás
Narender Pal
Narender Pal 2 dias atrás
Superb ...Europe is most beautiful place on earth...hope someday I could make it to visit here. Hi I am ND from India...Your Vlog is great .Superb. I also live in beauty of nature in one of Himalayan Villages. Europe seems similar as himalayan beauties but more beautiful. Superb.
The Generalist
The Generalist 2 dias atrás
no Porto?! bro
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Ah my mistake! I should have included it!
Happy Cat
Happy Cat 2 dias atrás
Awesome stuff. But what’s the name of the song that plays during the outro (last 15 seconds before the video ends) as I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it lol
Music Gallery
Music Gallery 2 dias atrás
Thank you for video.
Davuthan 2 dias atrás
Sample Text
Sample Text 2 dias atrás
I’ve been to 37\100 My favourite is San Marino
Robby Siciliano
Robby Siciliano 2 dias atrás
Sicily??? Every summer belongs to the place with the most hashtags, Scala dei Turchi, Golem del Alcantara, Cavagrande del Cassibile, Syracuse, etc..
Maria 00
Maria 00 2 dias atrás
samir ghimire
samir ghimire 2 dias atrás
بروسلي 2 dias atrás
The origin of European peoples dates back to Japheth, son of Noah, an Iraqi born in Iraq.
HOLIDAY EXPERTS 2 dias atrás
amazing video!!👌hope soon covid will disappear...
Rodrigo 3 dias atrás
When it's minute 46 and he hasn't shown any place in Spain :( Come on it's deffo top 3 countries in Europe. You've listed the most random inhabited places and missed so many beautiful cities and nature here hshahah. I would recommend visiting places like Granada, Sevilla, the province of malaga in general, Toledo, Madrid obviously, Some incredible medieval towns in Castilla y leon and Extremadura, the beautiful north of Spain with mountains very nice beaches, the food is awesome as well. You have the pirenees and the mediterranean coast. I don't know the culture and nature diversity in Spain is very nice. Hope you get to visit more places one day and you like it :)
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Thanks Rodrigo! I’m releasing a video today including almost all those places! Love your country :)
Claudia Pascual Rosa
Claudia Pascual Rosa 3 dias atrás
Podrías haber escogido mejores sitios e imágenes de España. Luego bien que venís en verano a emborracharos.
Alvaro Yuste Torregrosa
Wow man, you still have a lot to discover in Spain! The third country with more World Heritage designations.
Checker 19 horas atrás
@Alvaro Yuste Torregrosa Great list, I'd recommend Ronda! Very unique.
Alvaro Yuste Torregrosa
@Ryan Shirley Based on your passion for mountains I'd try first Granada - Alhambra - Sierra Nevada
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Thanks Alvaro! Where is your favorite place in Spain?
Daviti Kldiashvili
Daviti Kldiashvili 3 dias atrás
Lena Marie
Lena Marie 3 dias atrás
You should say in which country those sceneries are exactly located and not always „it’s in europe“
Karl Campos
Karl Campos 3 dias atrás
I not so known jewel of Spain among foreigners- ALBARRACÍN
Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
A great share, we have so many beautiful places to see in this world. Happy travelling!
Jessica Masterson
Jessica Masterson 3 dias atrás
Thank you Thank you.... Loved all of it!
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Thanks so much Jessica!
C H 3 dias atrás
all this effort and got 1080p??
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Ah my dslr only shoots 1080, but upgrading to a 4k camera soon
Keren Abrahams
Keren Abrahams 3 dias atrás
great video]
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Thanks Keren!
Merra 3 dias atrás
One day i'll go in europe and travel around beautiful countries there.
Merra Dia atrás
@Ryan Shirley omg thank you!! Ill make it ✨
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Yes you will! :)
ARAVIND SAGAR P T 3 dias atrás
you are a really lucky guy ........... i wish i could travel around the world one day
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 2 dias atrás
Thanks brother! Hope you can do the same
Victor Oprea
Victor Oprea 3 dias atrás
M land on
M land on 3 dias atrás
How much did that travel cost him?!
Jenneke 3 dias atrás
Did you make all of these videoclips yourself?
Follow Lesia
Follow Lesia 3 dias atrás
김성훈 3 dias atrás
Umair khalid
Umair khalid 3 dias atrás
All the places are very very beautiful of Europe , i always have a great wish to visit the Europe specially castles old and fountains falling places and mountainious places , huge love from Pakistan...!!!
Greg Paris
Greg Paris 3 dias atrás
5:30 ; mediterranean OCEAN ....... LOL pity for him
Greg Paris
Greg Paris 3 dias atrás
So proud to be European...
chris vanegas`
chris vanegas` 3 dias atrás
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Mara Emme
Mara Emme 4 dias atrás
Bellissimo , grazie mille !
정승훈 4 dias atrás
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Aman 3 dias atrás
Gary Pleimling
Gary Pleimling 4 dias atrás
Kinda missing Luxembourg though?🤔 Great video nevertheless👌🏼
Gabe 4 dias atrás
Take a drink every time he says "one of the most beautiful"
M P 11 horas atrás
Thx for this beautiful roadmap
Gabe Dia atrás
@Ryan Shirley haha good video though 👍
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
You'll never go thirsty again :)
portirnicaSD 4 dias atrás
Great video, only what is missing is Serbia :)
portirnicaSD 4 dias atrás
@Ryan Shirley yes I am 😊👍
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
Thanks mate! I should have included some parts, are you from Serbia?
ELHADAD 4 dias atrás
from Romania please subscribe
Nakita J.
Nakita J. 4 dias atrás
You are living my dream Ryan. I hope to be able to visit all these places as I love the rich history of Europe, the scenery, architecture and so much more.
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
Thanks Nakita! Where are you from?
Mattia Monte
Mattia Monte 4 dias atrás
Go to Italy, basically
Joew 24
Joew 24 4 dias atrás
I would suggest travelling to sark in the channel islands, the french influence mixed with the Rich history, lack of modern influence, and the beautiful sunsets you can see on the morgue make for an amazing trip.
Joew 24
Joew 24 4 dias atrás
@Ryan Shirley Easy ferry access from France or england or a short flight to Guernsey airport and a boat to the island, it's easy to get there!😁
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
Wow, I've never heard of it! Gotta check it out!
Kacper Ząbczyk
Kacper Ząbczyk 4 dias atrás
Damn you butchered these names
Teddy Wills
Teddy Wills 4 dias atrás
I would recommend northern Spain, lots of mountains and beautiful beaches
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
I'll have to check it out!
Robert Sinaga
Robert Sinaga 4 dias atrás
Evelyn Marrero
Evelyn Marrero 4 dias atrás
Amazing!!!! ❤️❤️
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
Thanks Evelyn!
Mac CLRS 4 dias atrás
30:20 caught your man doing the worst drill ive ever seen
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 4 dias atrás
Chin Rotha7777
Chin Rotha7777 4 dias atrás
Lukmisz 5 dias atrás
Bearing in mind that Poland has anti-lgbt zones, I don't think it is ethical to recommend Poland to anyone...
Maria Gl
Maria Gl 5 dias atrás
Great video , thank you. I would add northern Spain though like Cantabria and Galicia
Gabby R
Gabby R 5 dias atrás
can you just like take me traveling with you?
Tibeauthetraveler 5 dias atrás
I love how he says "world" everytime 😁
Tibeauthetraveler 5 dias atrás
@Ryan Shirley hahah, no worries man! Thanks for the great video!
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 5 dias atrás
Haha I need to work on how I pronounce it!
Cvetelina 5 dias atrás
The video is very nice with so much information but the oldest city in Europe is Plovdiv in Bulgaria then it's Athens. Good job!
Ryan Shirley
Ryan Shirley 5 dias atrás
Wow, looking that up right now! Thanks for sharing :)
Peter Donnelley
Peter Donnelley 5 dias atrás
We are from Denmark, and my father in-law had a business trip to Montenegro (We are talking about a man that has traveled the whole world, and that is a successful international businessman). I remember him coming back and saying that he fell in love with the country, especially with the place called Sveti Stefan. He also made a contact with the local Real Estate Agency, named J&M Consultancy [ ]. He says they are extremely professional and reliable, and that he, with their help, already made some High-Level Big investments in Exclusive and Luxurious Real Estate. If anyone was in search of a trusted and professional Real Estate Agency in Montenegro, hope I helped :)
Furkan Mat
Furkan Mat 5 dias atrás
Muğlaya felan gel kardesim
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