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Watch the best of the best auditions that went viral this year on Got Talent. Check out the best singers, dancers, and performers that graced the stage.
What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
▶︎ Angelica Hale - America's Got Talent: The Champions
▶︎ Baby Drummer - Hugo Tambor. Spain's Got Talent
▶︎ Kodi Lee - America's Got Talent
▶︎ Stavros Flatley - Britain's Got Talent: The Champions
▶︎ and MORE...

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30 Dez 2019



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Comentários 175
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson 2 dias atrás
Kojo was very funny! Loved the act.
Shahzeen Saleem
Shahzeen Saleem 3 dias atrás
I have same shoes like kodi lee has😊😊😊
Noah Chase
Noah Chase 6 dias atrás
1438 anyone
Jefson Nelson
Jefson Nelson 8 dias atrás
Codi was pretty awesome I felt his music. Not something i say often.
Kathleen Ross
Kathleen Ross 12 dias atrás
I really adore your legs? What a fecking creep..
Emily Agbayani
Emily Agbayani 6 dias atrás
Artistically ... meaning her legs are talented... coz ger legs was the star... which no 1 understood.... just the way that was said was weird... I think..
SaNyah Watson
SaNyah Watson 14 dias atrás
I started crying
SaNyah Watson
SaNyah Watson 14 dias atrás
Music pop
Music pop 15 dias atrás
Siapa yang dari indonesia
klyonsden 16 dias atrás
I have heard it said that most autistic persons are actually genius. Kodi is a true and beautifully talented angel, and it was an honor to hear him perform! God Bless him and his family!
Zeko 17 dias atrás
41:32 This kid is gonna be the next godfather, I can tell
Kat Kadlec
Kat Kadlec 18 dias atrás
41:49 is so cute
Rebecca Thani
Rebecca Thani 21 dia atrás
Angelica... YOU GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS....literally!
David s Lefort
David s Lefort 22 dias atrás
smart she really is
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 22 dias atrás
when the two year old plays better than a whole grown ass band behind him
Reveron Everon
Reveron Everon 26 dias atrás
The little one he played his drum with a a serious face Love him 💕💓👬🌻🌎🌹☝💋
Devil XGamer
Devil XGamer 27 dias atrás
... 32:50
KEO SRIMACH 28 dias atrás
tiktok lun
tiktok lun Mês atrás
X was amazing
dawngoth20 Mês atrás
I am X is a great magiction!
Thunder Mês atrás
What is the music playing during X Official's audition, it sounds very familiar??
kaddijatou bah
kaddijatou bah Mês atrás
I want to join one day
Elyglan Greenleaf
Elyglan Greenleaf Mês atrás
26:35 I think there is something in my eye...
Kodi is the best singer ever! I’m not blind and even I can’t memorize the keys
Anomynous Kittycat
Anomynous Kittycat 2 dias atrás
σмg ι ƒσяgσт нє ωαѕ вℓιη∂ 😱нє ιѕ the BEST. нє ιѕ ѕσσ gσσ∂!
Ari Bubba
Ari Bubba Mês atrás
32:50 wtf
Kat Kadlec
Kat Kadlec 18 dias atrás
Y is he licking his lips
Fatima Kara
Fatima Kara Mês atrás
I have never seen Simon do a golden buzzer
RelatableRant Media
Can Codi Lee please release and album because I would literally live by that❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shane Senior
Shane Senior 28 dias atrás
Codi was amazing
Shane Senior
Shane Senior 28 dias atrás
Same here
Shane Senior
Shane Senior 28 dias atrás
He was absolutely amazing
Oneida Silva
Oneida Silva Mês atrás
Era o ano para ela mas o povo ainda quase deu Vitória para Darci que já era primeira.Mas Angelica a cada dia prova seu talento e vitórias incontáveis.Amo esse talento muito.she is the best..(Angelicahale).✨✨💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥🔥
Moon Fox
Moon Fox Mês atrás
What if Angelica said *my name is Lilo*
Moon Fox
Moon Fox Mês atrás
*Alesha missing an earring*
Amanda Sanford
Amanda Sanford Mês atrás
Who else dosen't understand why Angelica is so suprised she always wins the gold
Hayley Mejia
Hayley Mejia Mês atrás
50% of the hour is the foot lady lmao
Hayley Mejia
Hayley Mejia Mês atrás
They should make the confetti fall where the people are.
treyce pomroy
treyce pomroy Mês atrás
wonder what else she do wit dem feet
karadndzula _
karadndzula _ Mês atrás
29:35 can you belive that this woman isn't go in semi fials
Laura Bear
Laura Bear Mês atrás
karadndzula _ thought it was kinda boring. After you’ve seen her balance one item the rest aren’t interesting
Елизавета Кравець
I thought the video is 10min long 😂😂😂
Yaw John
Yaw John Mês atrás
Nix789 Nix789
Nix789 Nix789 Mês atrás
So in the video near the end I guess all Judges have to agree for the golden buzzer, also that drummer kid was excellent imagine how good he'll be when he grows up. Now if only we knew what they where saying. *Sigh*
Carter Zuege
Carter Zuege Mês atrás
That Angelica girl... she sounds better than me... when I’m in the shower
Meajor Blink
Meajor Blink Mês atrás
Best ever
Ella Marks
Ella Marks Mês atrás
One like for Kojo!
phoenix God
phoenix God Mês atrás
in 8:04 simon said: you are so funny. its because in 3:24 simon laughs and its super duper hard to make simon laugh
Oscar Tibbs
Oscar Tibbs Mês atrás
Audience: cheers Cogo: starts crying Audience: continues
Roree's Stories
Roree's Stories Mês atrás
Why? Angelica isnt that good at singing at all.... WHO LET HER PUT ON FAKE NAILS?
Alicia Brice
Alicia Brice Mês atrás
Clean the earwax out your ears cause yes angelica can sing if you have nothing good to say than keep your mouth shut please Ps let's see you sing fight song better cause its obviously your just jealous that you can't sing as good as her
Julie's Family
Julie's Family Mês atrás
wow! are they a human or god?
Jacob Burke
Jacob Burke Mês atrás
Did anyone else hear kojos wife cheer
Michael Musaazi
Michael Musaazi Mês atrás
Michael Musaazi
Michael Musaazi Mês atrás
When did I say what
J M Mês atrás
Am I the only one who was disturbed by the pole dancing, garter wearing child? She's very talented but...yikes..
Daniel Machado
Daniel Machado Mês atrás
OMG Cori sing assome his amazim
Yasiya Tech
Yasiya Tech Mês atrás
40:43 song ?
Bri Call
Bri Call Mês atrás
Hugo Molina, el mejor del mundo durante todos los tiempos. Nada que discutir.
Haley Hynson
Haley Hynson Mês atrás
The girl at 40:44 was amazing. And the little boy is adorable and great
Haley Hynson
Haley Hynson Mês atrás
Cody is so good aka super amazing
Queen's Jubilee Band
Great show!! How can I take part in this audition of Got Talent Global?
Phoenix Reflex
Phoenix Reflex Mês atrás
Imagine getting a golden buzzer by Simon Can’t be me
Carter Zuege
Carter Zuege Mês atrás
Phoenix Reflex you have a fortnite character as your profile picture, that’s why it can’t be you
Злой ёжик
Злой ёжик Mês atrás
Да нуу !!!?
Happy New Year to you all.
Mulinda Faridah
Mulinda Faridah Mês atrás
Happy new year
Cleo Janus Nakila
Cleo Janus Nakila Mês atrás
SOMEBODY say Wow!!!
David Alexander
David Alexander Mês atrás
Devaughn Jenkins
Devaughn Jenkins Mês atrás
Simon face went 😑😊😮
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