Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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It’s always a big deal to play at the Super Bowl, and these performances proved why these artists are the biggest names in entertainment. From Lady Gaga, to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to U2, these are the most incredible performances to ever grace the stage of the annual event. WatchMojo counts down ten Superbowl halftime shows
#10: Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers
#9: Lady Gaga
#8: Aerosmith & NSYNC feat. Britney Spears, Nelly & Mary J. Blige
#7: Madonna feat. LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj & Cee Lo Green
#6: U2
#5: Beyoncé
#4: The Rolling Stones
#3, #2 & #1???
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3 Fev 2018



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Comentários 7 475 Anos atrás
This video is brought to you by KAPe, the one source app to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Click here and use the referral code "watchmojo" to sign-up for updates and a chance to win a walk-on role in the next installment of the Kickboxer movie franchise! KAPe will keep you up to date on your favorite fighters and organizations and even allow you to watch classic Martial Arts and Action movies!
the worl n.n
the worl n.n Mês atrás
+Habit ok xd
Habit Mês atrás
+the worl n.n no lol
KaiMJ Jackson
KaiMJ Jackson 2 meses atrás
+The After Dance Party It is obvious. They called Michael as Jacko. They have no repect for him😒
Jack Lee
Jack Lee 2 meses atrás
This list is messed up! beyonce's superbowl is okay but boring and madonna shouldn't even here because she can't sing. she Lip Sync the whole fvcking show.
JaxterfulMagixal 2 meses atrás
Listen up, put Gaga as #1. Jackson has no talent and it's disrespectful of you to put the queen of pop as #9.
Autumnrose 44
Autumnrose 44 20 horas atrás
that moon walk crispy 👌
Autumnrose 44
Autumnrose 44 20 horas atrás
why did the red hot chill peppers show up they are bad who here agrees
BadGame 321
BadGame 321 Dia atrás
Jackson is the king prince is the prince get it right
Ezwar Jackson
Ezwar Jackson 2 dias atrás
MJ is number one... Your ok
theo siahaan
theo siahaan 2 dias atrás
No superbowl 2016????
Jarrid R
Jarrid R 2 dias atrás
U2's halftime show is the best
Alina S
Alina S 3 dias atrás
Maria Fichtinger
Maria Fichtinger 4 dias atrás
When you find out Michael Jackson had a 1,300 kids in his choir 😬😬
Face The North
Face The North 5 dias atrás
Anyone else cringe when she said “Jacko”
Oriana Romero
Oriana Romero 6 dias atrás
Disliked because MJ wasn't no. 1 👎 bye
Loid Intia
Loid Intia 7 dias atrás
Bruno Mars is the best. Period
jesse baar
jesse baar 8 dias atrás
WatchMojo really sucks, no but fo realz yo
Elec Aire
Elec Aire 9 dias atrás
Prince #1 yes, absolutely. Bruno Mars should have been wayyyyyyyy higher
Helliam 12 dias atrás
This list sucked Where's the super bowl 2016 And besides Michael Jackson was a child molester
Future Potato
Future Potato 12 dias atrás
-infinite goes to, TRAVIS SCOTT!
Love love
Love love 12 dias atrás
This video is a mess. They used Michael Jackson's pic as the thumbnail then calling him Jacko & putting him in the second place what the hell? How dare you call him Jacko?😡😠 That's why I gave you a thumbs down👎👎👎
Jack Dickinson
Jack Dickinson 12 dias atrás
prince?????? this is bias as hell. Pandering to a certsin segment of people.. b.s. Prince ahead of the Beatles, Stones???????WHAT A JOKE. ONE GOOD ALBUM. COMPARED TO THE FATHERS OF ROCK. DISGUSTING RACIAL BIAS.
Jack Dickinson
Jack Dickinson 12 dias atrás
Red Hot Chili in the rock hall of fame. Who is that boy band their on stage with?
Claudia Cárdenas
Claudia Cárdenas 13 dias atrás
Michael Jackson #1❤️
Blubbertree07 _
Blubbertree07 _ 14 dias atrás
Only if Kiss played
Itz Sh0ckerz
Itz Sh0ckerz 14 dias atrás
Top 10 Worst Superbowl Halftime Shows *1. Super Bowl 53*
Baby Mario
Baby Mario 12 dias atrás
Marvel Magic
Marvel Magic 14 dias atrás
Imagine if queen ran one
Mark Kerce
Mark Kerce 14 dias atrás
Lady Gaga’s show was SHIT! I’m gunna make a prediction, the 2016 show isn’t on here even tho it should be
Nikolax34 Bruvinski
Nikolax34 Bruvinski 14 dias atrás
Why isn't Queen on the list gosh dang it! Hecking heck! This makes me mad!
Patrick Zulu
Patrick Zulu 15 dias atrás
Nah mj was Buber 1
No More Pineapple Pizza
Patrick Zulu jacko
Patrick Zulu
Patrick Zulu 15 dias atrás
Lady gaga sucked she failed to perform live that day
Ersida Gjeta
Ersida Gjeta 15 dias atrás
Prince should have been second, Michael first cause it was way more powerful and memorable. Cause everything Michael does is freaking amazing and perfect
No More Pineapple Pizza
Ersida Gjeta Jacko?
LipJobby 15 dias atrás
Michael’s was the best
Mali Adams
Mali Adams 17 dias atrás
Okay i was going to strongly contest MJ not being #1..but Prince is great too. Plus, purple rain in purple rain!! But yes, Michael Jackson is Classic!
DANK MARIO 17 dias atrás
If they played sweet victory this year, the half time show would end up here
Red Rhum
Red Rhum 17 dias atrás
I think adam lavine has the best superbowl halftime show.
Lauren MinHo
Lauren MinHo 17 dias atrás
Michael Jackson 4 EVER THE KING OF POP
No More Pineapple Pizza
Lauren MinHo jacko
Sarah ferguson
Sarah ferguson 18 dias atrás
Michael should have been 1 just saying...
No More Pineapple Pizza
Sarah ferguson jacko
neolithiumproduction 18 dias atrás
Got to admit, respect to U2 for understanding America's mood at the time and making sure to really capture it with their superbowl show.
TheTwinSketchers 18 dias atrás
uummmmmmm Left Shark
Ismael Mendez Molina
Ismael Mendez Molina 18 dias atrás
I liked it just switch around Michael Jackson and Prince and there you go. Now i love Prince don't get me wrong i love Prince but i just liked Micheal Jackson a little bit more...but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 18 dias atrás
GAGA IS ONLY 9????!!!!
Baby Mario
Baby Mario 12 dias atrás
Gaga is the best
No More Pineapple Pizza
Mike Jackson I’d put it even lower than maroon 5
Beau Downs
Beau Downs 18 dias atrás
Where’s Paul McCartney?
JoAnna Edssay
JoAnna Edssay 19 dias atrás
Lady Gaga at No9 WTAF??? The fact she didn't need to colab speaks volumes without having to mention her vocals, energy, performance etc etc. I think this list is bs. Should have been No.1= Michael Jackson , No.2 Lady Gaga, No.3 Prince then whatever order you like. I'm a bigger fan of Lady Gaga than Prince which is why she is no.2 on my list.
Brady Anderson
Brady Anderson 19 dias atrás
Rip Michael Jackson And Tom Petty
No More Pineapple Pizza
Brady Anderson jacko?
Brady Anderson
Brady Anderson 19 dias atrás
Why did Michael Jackson Turn White
Miguel Hernández
Miguel Hernández 19 dias atrás
1 Prince 2 U2 3 Madonna.
Mojo Pitamba
Mojo Pitamba 19 dias atrás
Im a simple man. I see Michael Jackson, i click
No More Pineapple Pizza
Mojo Pitamba that’s the point
Mojo Pitamba
Mojo Pitamba 14 dias atrás
No More Pineapple Pizza first, no it's not. Secondly, he didn't like being called that
No More Pineapple Pizza
Mojo Pitamba you mean jacko?
Sahvoy’s sounds
Sahvoy’s sounds 20 dias atrás
They saved the best for last
Mary Sophy
Mary Sophy 21 dia atrás
I see the comments people saying MJ should be #1... okay I understand why... all these shows were in the 2000’s when MJ was in the early 1990’s ... this shows that he didn’t have the same technology as the others but still he nailed it... But Prince performance was not untertaining but it had something different ... the rain and purple rain and the big guitar and his own purple guitar and outfit... the vide was different ... it’s like MJ’s performing Man In the Mirror a the Grammys ... that performance (especially the end) was (the vibe) ... was I don’t know how to call it ... but #1 prince is fine and #2 MJ is fine ...
ü Sam
ü Sam 21 dia atrás
Where is Paul McCartney’s show????????
Gabriel Mojica
Gabriel Mojica 21 dia atrás
Where is queen and freedie!!!!
MachoMan64 21 dia atrás
For people who don't know Michael never liked the nickname Jacko. Because back in the late 80s, the tabloids dubbed him Wacko Jacko as a headline.
No More Pineapple Pizza
MachoMan64 oh wow this took a turn, I wasn’t expecting that...
MachoMan64 14 dias atrás
+No More Pineapple Pizza Tbh I do care about you. I hope all of your dreams come true. I wish you all the happiness in the world. I know you will reach your goals in whatever you do. I'll be rooting for ya. Wanna know why. Cause you are literally the only one who replied to this comment I made weeks ago. Thanks for spending 5 minutes with me. I will forever cherish this moment.
No More Pineapple Pizza
MachoMan64 obviously you do, you just wasted your time replying
MachoMan64 14 dias atrás
+No More Pineapple Pizza well congrats no one cares
No More Pineapple Pizza
MachoMan64 he’ll always be jacko to me
lazerlazer 22 dias atrás
No Katy Perry?
Zaid Holl
Zaid Holl 22 dias atrás
Once I started reading the comments and how you guys responded to the disrespect to MJ I backed out. Thankyou MJ fans.
No More Pineapple Pizza
Zaid Holl jacko
Jorge Albuquerque
Jorge Albuquerque 22 dias atrás
MJ is not on 1st place? Are you kidding me?
No More Pineapple Pizza
Jorge Albuquerque nope jacko isn’t first
Paramveer Singh
Paramveer Singh 23 dias atrás
Mj should be on 1st because started whole new era of sb half time shows
Benyoliminal z
Benyoliminal z 23 dias atrás
Queen should do the halftime show
Roar H
Roar H 23 dias atrás
Imagine If queen (with freddie oc) ever played the halftime show
Sma fa
Sma fa 24 dias atrás
Michael Jackson is number #1 👍👍👍👌👌👌 He is the best 👑👑👑👑👑💗💗💗💗💗
No More Pineapple Pizza
Sma fa nah jacko wasn’t the best
Tina Kasyoka Mwanga
Tina Kasyoka Mwanga 25 dias atrás
Michael should have been #1 !!
HEXZ0R 26 dias atrás
i watch every super bowl halftime shows just to read comments :D
Mon Mi
Mon Mi 26 dias atrás
Where is Katy Perry one? that was my fav. Dislike for that.
Deepti G
Deepti G 26 dias atrás
Lady Gaga should have been higher
Lion Records
Lion Records 27 dias atrás
Michael Jackson’s super bowl was better thin prince
No More Pineapple Pizza
Lion Records nah jackos wasn’t
Mangpithang Haokip
Mangpithang Haokip 27 dias atrás
Where is Katy Perry ?? She deserves top 10 :)
Baby Mario
Baby Mario 12 dias atrás
No More Pineapple Pizza
blessina shirley
blessina shirley 27 dias atrás
Dont ever call him "jacko". Call him "The King"
No More Pineapple Pizza
blessina shirley wacko jacko
Anime_ Lover
Anime_ Lover 28 dias atrás
Michael will always be #1 - the man stood there doing nothing for 2 minutes and had the crowd screaming
Love love
Love love 12 dias atrás
His username has more aesthetics than your username
No More Pineapple Pizza
Your username proves how your statement shouldn’t mean anything
Wank Master
Wank Master 29 dias atrás
My list of top 3. 1: U2 2: Micheal Jackson 3: Prince
vwgames49 Mês atrás
Dishonorable mentions Super bowl LIII Super bowl LIII Super bowl LIII Super bowl LIII Super bowl LIII Super bowl LIII
ivanshadb Mês atrás
WTF MJ #3 dont cant be
You seriously put Prince as #1 and Michael as #2? I’m unsubscribing. Michael’s is literally the best SuperBowl halftime show in history and Prince’s boring rendition should be lucky to even make the list, let alone top it. So gross.
No More Pineapple Pizza
YaBoi Ethan
YaBoi Ethan Mês atrás
What about the one in 2004? Hehe
M Snow
M Snow Mês atrás
I was never a MJ fan, but to this day no-one can touch him, greatest performer of all time.
Soderholm Mês atrás
Prince totally diserved the number 1 spot
Mcpeisthebest Mês atrás
Sweet victory would of been number 1
Corey Olm
Corey Olm Mês atrás
rolling stones didnt accurately portray the music culture of Detroit? what is the musical culture of Detroit?
April 🥀Rose
April 🥀Rose Mês atrás
RHCP need their own Super Bowl show!!
Endless Galaxy
Endless Galaxy Mês atrás
Excuse me, Lady Gaga number 9? She should be in top 3 at least! 😵
Baby Mario
Baby Mario 12 dias atrás
No More Pineapple Pizza
Endless Galaxy not even close
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry Mês atrás
giligili123 Mês atrás
I not agree with this top 10
No More Pineapple Pizza
giligili123 definitely not jacko he shouldn’t be that high on the list
UniqueLazy Mês atrás
In my opinion, out of all the halftime shows ive seen I personally think Lady Gaga’s halftime show is the best. (Ive seen)
Sublimecher 26 dias atrás
Wildboy5699 Mês atrás
You have the nerve to put Lady Gaga and Beyonce on the list but put Tom Petty as an honorable mention? Just another reason to hate Watchmojo. always prasing shitty music and bashing good music
Jaceplayz907 Mês atrás
Bruh they call MJ Jacko then puts him in second place 😢
No More Pineapple Pizza
Jaceplayz907 wacko jacko
Thholyghst Mês atrás
They told prince that it was raining, he goes yes it’s raining, ok just wanted to make sure you were ok? His response? Can you make it rain harder?? 😳🙌 #legend Deserves number1 spot imo
2- D
2- D Mês atrás
El número 2 era el ayuwoki jajaja
GoatKing Mês atrás
paul mccartney had a better halftime show than on this list
Irren Haus
Irren Haus Mês atrás
How dare you put Gaga on the 9th only?!
Paolo Coniglio
Paolo Coniglio 7 dias atrás
I agree she deserved a much higher spot!!!
No More Pineapple Pizza
Shouldn’t even be on the list
Sublimecher 26 dias atrás
So true
Mac Mac
Mac Mac Mês atrás
Dont use KAPe, the list is rig.
Maximilian-UK_Army Mês atrás
So overrated
Maximilian-UK_Army 14 dias atrás
No More Pineapple Pizza just meant the Super Bowl lol
No More Pineapple Pizza
Maximilian-UK_Army jacko didn’t deserve to be so high on the list
Flaming Scorpion
Flaming Scorpion Mês atrás
Lei Mês atrás
People saying that MJ should be at the number 1 spot clearly didn't watch prince's performance and has no idea how genius prince is.
Peach and Black Podcast - A Podcast on Prince
You might as well just retire this countdown from now on. Nobody will ever beat Prince in 2007. #Prince4EVER
No More Pineapple Pizza
Peach and Black Podcast - A Podcast on Prince definitely not jacko
DrZean Mês atrás
Spongebob where?
Vanessa Rickford
Vanessa Rickford Mês atrás
How dare you calling MJ "jacko" 😟😫😖😑
No More Pineapple Pizza
Vanessa Rickford wacko jacko
Joseph Pruett
Joseph Pruett Mês atrás
Make sure you add 52 as Number 1 of the Top 10 Worst Halftime Shows ever.
Sidharth Sreekumar
Sidharth Sreekumar Mês atrás
Sorry; Michael Jackson's was better. It was the best. He blew away the crowd by simply standing there.
Sidharth Sreekumar
Sidharth Sreekumar 14 dias atrás
+No More Pineapple Pizza yes
No More Pineapple Pizza
Sidharth Sreekumar wacko jacko?
thetips Mês atrás
Katy Perry in 2015 should have been on this list
Lupita Sanchez Sanchez
Top 1 hehe
Rae Droid
Rae Droid Mês atrás
Top 10 worst halftime shows 1. Super bowl LIII Others I don’t know
Sister 101010
Sister 101010 Mês atrás
Lady Gaga should’ve been WAY HIGHER. Thanks
Tijuana SIX
Tijuana SIX Mês atrás
Having a bunch of dancers on stage and smoke and pyrotechnics doesn’t make it a good halftime show for people watching at home. Lady Gaga has been ass since her debut album.
PharohScotty _
PharohScotty _ Mês atrás
Im a simple woman, i see micheal. I click. And "jacko"?? NEVER AGAIN. PUT RESPECT ON THAT MANS NAME YOU SWINES
Lukey Clark
Lukey Clark Mês atrás
I’m britsh but I have to say the one in 2019 is best because of spongebob
DoubleTrebleYT Mês atrás
The disrespect to put Bruno Mars' Halftime show at 10... entertainment-wise and vocally easily belongs in the conversation as Top 3. Dude put on a show early on in his career and puts most recent shows *cough Adam cough* to shame... Should be top 3 easily.
jihane hamdaoui
jihane hamdaoui Mês atrás
Sadly ppl now think that all what is old is better than now thats why he was n10 because compared to other superbowl its new
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