Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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It’s always a big deal to play at the Super Bowl, and these performances proved why these artists are the biggest names in entertainment. From Lady Gaga, to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to U2, these are the most incredible performances to ever grace the stage of the annual event. WatchMojo counts down ten Superbowl halftime shows
#10: Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers
#9: Lady Gaga
#8: Aerosmith & NSYNC feat. Britney Spears, Nelly & Mary J. Blige
#7: Madonna feat. LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj & Cee Lo Green
#6: U2
#5: Beyoncé
#4: The Rolling Stones
#3, #2 & #1???
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3 Fev 2018

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Comentários 7 068 Anos atrás
This video is brought to you by KAPe, the one source app to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Click here and use the referral code "watchmojo" to sign-up for updates and a chance to win a walk-on role in the next installment of the Kickboxer movie franchise! KAPe will keep you up to date on your favorite fighters and organizations and even allow you to watch classic Martial Arts and Action movies!
KaiMJ Jackson
KaiMJ Jackson 9 dias atrás
+The After Dance Party It is obvious. They called Michael as Jacko. They have no repect for him😒
Jack Lee
Jack Lee 11 dias atrás
This list is messed up! beyonce's superbowl is okay but boring and madonna shouldn't even here because she can't sing. she Lip Sync the whole fvcking show.
JaxterfulMagixal 12 dias atrás
Listen up, put Gaga as #1. Jackson has no talent and it's disrespectful of you to put the queen of pop as #9.
Blue Diamond is the Oh Yeah Yeah
Sweet Victory should be #1.
Isaac Reyes
Isaac Reyes 15 dias atrás what about Katy Perry half time show???
Your Straight Edge Savior
WWE half time heat is better then bruno mars don't @ me
Mel Frank
Mel Frank 8 horas atrás
The U2 show was, BY FAR, the most powerful 1/2 show EVER. It will never be bested.
Georgia bailey
Georgia bailey 8 horas atrás
Prince did the best in my opinion😁
Rosalie Dobrovolny
Rosalie Dobrovolny 10 horas atrás
YASS PRINCE! MY MAN! Rest In Peace fellow Minnesotan
TheNumbingScorpian 207
TheNumbingScorpian 207 13 horas atrás
Tom petty kind of looks like John wick but blond
TheNumbingScorpian 207
TheNumbingScorpian 207 13 horas atrás
Worst Half time song transitions (Sweet victory to Sicko mode)
Quis Harris
Quis Harris 17 horas atrás
Jackson #1
Joob Delatore
Joob Delatore 17 horas atrás
Why does Madonna look like shes 14
Impact crego
Impact crego 20 horas atrás
I think super bowl 50 was cool cuz they homered micheal In it but that’s just me I rlly though it would beat prince but if not
Daniel Nuteson
Daniel Nuteson 21 hora atrás
#53 Maroon 5 2019 Superbowl 53
Julianne Jeffers
Julianne Jeffers 22 horas atrás
I want panic at the disco to play at the halftime show.
IAaron Young
IAaron Young Dia atrás
Switch Michael and Prince
markho unlayao
markho unlayao Dia atrás
why you know how to explain all artist having there and to show us theyre perfomance in superbowl and call there names except when you say the name of mj in other parts you call him, why you should not to complete say the name of michael jackson why you always say to him a jacko!! iknow its a small issue but to respect and call him in his fullname of one we call a legend!! sometimes we need to respect others even in little or big things they have coz we know michael always hurt when he call him that crazy name,,nextime you should better for youre explanation or some words you say about one person,,to make us more trust on youre program,,coz a simple fan of mj its true im affected coz i know his feeling about that and i want to make him happy in simple or great things he want to heard about himself and say people about him,,coz he give a lots for us to make us happy his doing love others specially children and dedicate his life to music for making us happy,iknow his not here but theres a lot a of kid to know and ask his name and i want them to meet and remember him in a good and kind person and not only a name but on his great good legacy,,
Uniquascaper Dia atrás
Could you shut up for two seconds so we can enjoy SOME of the performances?
Legend Myers
Legend Myers Dia atrás
Drumline not marching band
LiL Pigggy
LiL Pigggy Dia atrás
I think lady Gaga sould have been higher
G Pascal
G Pascal Dia atrás
No mj needs to be #1
Sam Giguere
Sam Giguere Dia atrás
Sweet victory should've been #1
BlueTides Dia atrás
53: Super Bowl LIII
FouR_ Tv
FouR_ Tv Dia atrás
sicko mode best superbowl show
Chumzeek Dia atrás
Michael can't be touched and shouldve been #1
Bastene 360 Solid
Bastene 360 Solid 2 dias atrás
i thought this was live aid because of the michael jackson thumbnail
Splendid, Simply Deelicious
Gloriously fucky guitar.
machia0705 2 dias atrás
The Who !
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 2 dias atrás
Racist Watchmojo...why call him Jacko?
Haydb Hauxhb
Haydb Hauxhb 2 dias atrás
Kary Perry?
Shreklon Piss
Shreklon Piss 2 dias atrás
Top 10 anime battles number 1 shaggy vs Carl weezer
Shaun Mays
Shaun Mays 2 dias atrás
katy perrys shark???
Big Snake Glock fanboy
Jako... huh?
Dejan 2 dias atrás
Holy fuck stop talking and just let us watch the performance
AmericaNeedsWeed 2 dias atrás
Hands down Maroon 5 is #1
W A C K Y noodle
W A C K Y noodle 2 dias atrás
I unsubbed. You dont call Michael Jackson "JACKO". If anyone's the Jacko, its gonna be you.
W A C K Y noodle
W A C K Y noodle 2 dias atrás
"Which almost rival Michael Jackson." HELL NO. Let me explain to the upstuck people why; Michael Jackson worked from a child tsar and honestly worked his ass off too. He worked himself to death, and he was just a higger star with a more skilled level. Bruno Mars is actually an amazing artist too, but to be honest, he cannot be compared TO MJ.
Anthony 2 dias atrás
Bruno Mars and RHCP should be higher in the list
Anthony 2 dias atrás
Bruno Mars and RHCP should be higher in the list 
Zee 2 dias atrás
MJ was a God of performing on the stage. Hands down to him
Dave 2 dias atrás
U2 should have been where Bruce Springsteen was. My opinion U2 did an awesome job
Juan Escobar
Juan Escobar 3 dias atrás
I came here from Sweet victory
Paris sot
Paris sot 3 dias atrás
I wish Freddie Mercury lived enough to play at the SuperBowl with Queen.
Lukas 3 dias atrás
kaekoon lee
kaekoon lee 3 dias atrás
TITUSPUNKER 3 dias atrás
And my favorite show is: No Doubt featuring Sting in Super Bowl 2003. Others favorites: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, U2.
Rick Benitez
Rick Benitez 3 dias atrás
This list sucked. Bruno is number 1 hands down.
wilkifrog6 3 dias atrás
I thought No Doubt & Shania twain should have made the top 10
ColleaM4 3 dias atrás
This channel is either racist or have something against M J. Lol
ColleaM4 3 dias atrás
Michael Jackson was a super being. The dude was like a God or something.
bite me
bite me 3 dias atrás
Christian Hale
Christian Hale 3 dias atrás
Where’s sweet victory
Elie Meouchi
Elie Meouchi 3 dias atrás
If queen with Freddie played in super bowl they would stolen the show 😁
Devin Gilliam
Devin Gilliam 3 dias atrás
Bruno being 10 is criminally low. Just saying.
teto69us 3 dias atrás
B.s... mj is untouchable make a new video and fix it mj #1 como on i bet a Prince fan did this wtf
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar 3 dias atrás
Rachel K
Rachel K 3 dias atrás
so um, dont call him jacko pls
Sammyz Vlogz
Sammyz Vlogz 3 dias atrás
who’s here after the dicko mode incident this year
Kašpar Juráček
Kašpar Juráček 3 dias atrás
Where's Sicko mode?
I love Michael Jackson so much he's my favourite but i agree with Prince in the number 1 spot
Rhidalgo789 3 dias atrás
Disappointed to not see The Who listed here.
Trisha_ Payteswho?
Trisha_ Payteswho? 3 dias atrás
Top ten best national anthem performance at super bowl
Kteam TV
Kteam TV 3 dias atrás
Well, when im in the halftime show in Super Bowl LX, im showing them a show everyone will never forget!.
Steve C.
Steve C. 3 dias atrás
Michael Jackson was #1 by far!! and it's a fact! I wonder what group Watchmojo belongs to? CNN group? all with their own 'special' agenda...
James Kent
James Kent 3 dias atrás
The guy at the end in the crowd did not think Prince was that good lol
Chris PM
Chris PM 4 dias atrás
Im proud of Nicki Minaj
Brayan Andrade
Brayan Andrade 4 dias atrás
Y katy perry :,v
Drew Fitzgerald
Drew Fitzgerald 4 dias atrás
1. micheal jackson 2. prince 3. beyonce 4. lady gaga and that's the tea
•Wilson CM•
•Wilson CM• 4 dias atrás
*Spongebob is number one for me*
Filip Marinkovic
Filip Marinkovic 4 dias atrás
Ok so where is Katy?
Isaac476 4 dias atrás
Keith Jones
Keith Jones 4 dias atrás
Hell Yeah! it actually rained when Prince sang Purple Rain. How many of those kids did jacko touch after his performance?
SueQueen 92
SueQueen 92 4 dias atrás
Did she say jacko?? Micheal hated that Nick name
Zarate Luis
Zarate Luis 4 dias atrás
Madonna 7??? Before Madonna nobody really took seriously the halftime show, after her she make everyone else to beat that amazing futuristic performance. So for me, For me she should be number 3 un general after Prince and Michael, but divided by decade, she will be the #1 of the 2010's
Flibgonrt Sheglis
Flibgonrt Sheglis 4 dias atrás
Oh please! Madonna sucked.
maxin80 4 dias atrás
Michael Jackson deserves to be number 1.
Carmen Surano
Carmen Surano 4 dias atrás
I disliked the video because spongebob sweet victory wasn’t #1
Zane Wong
Zane Wong 4 dias atrás
I came to rewatch this to remove my PTSD of the 2019 halftime
Unowen 4 dias atrás
After the end of #2 I already got angry why Prince was neither in the list nor in the honorable mentions. But I was even happier to see his show as number #1
Kimmy Art
Kimmy Art 4 dias atrás
Who else came here after the disappointment of this year’s Super Bowl because they didn’t play Spongebob singing Sweet Victory?
AbakalakabA 4 dias atrás
Mojo, you talk wayyyyy too much, shut up and play the videos.
Analise London
Analise London 4 dias atrás
What about Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé??? Not even honourable mentions🤨🤨
Ejembi Moses
Ejembi Moses 4 dias atrás
Never ever put prince or anybody in front of Michael ever again,u this imbecilic prince-fan.if u had used your prince's pic,u know u wouldn't get a hundred views,a and u knew Michael changed superball perfomance
Phillip Gamez
Phillip Gamez 4 dias atrás
there is no number 2, MJ and Prince were tied
Can we get to 10,000 subscribers ?????
*_Pissed Spongebob Fans have joined the chat_*
Max 4 dias atrás
#1 sweet victory by the bikini bottom superband
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 4 dias atrás
I would rather have Prince, Tom Petty, and Michael Jackson holograms perform than that dumpster fire of a halftime show.
Seung Kirishima
Seung Kirishima 4 dias atrás
I feel like queen should've played in the superbowl
Donald Tramp
Donald Tramp 4 dias atrás
I came here for Janet's tit.
justingutube 5 dias atrás
Damn 6 seconds into the video and I have to watch a 15 second add. This shit is getting ridiculous.
hollysaga 5 dias atrás
Number one deserves to go for beyonce or gaga
Desirée Joi
Desirée Joi 5 dias atrás
1. Michael Jackson 2. Prince 3. Lady Gaga 4. Bruno Mars
Team Rowdy
Team Rowdy 5 dias atrás
Beyounce sucked. She ruined that game for me. Her and her satanic demeanor
Flat Accord Music
Flat Accord Music 5 dias atrás
HollowDolly 5 dias atrás
Aerosmith/Nsync/Britney/MaryJ. should've definitely been number 10. Come on.
Jeffery Young
Jeffery Young 5 dias atrás
NOT enough Love 4 Lady GaGa! Dude jumped from the freaking Stadium Roof! C'MON MAN!
Lola Plays
Lola Plays 5 dias atrás
Maroon 5 is in the worst half time show...leading the list
Harry's TV
Harry's TV 5 dias atrás
Where is katy perry
the adventure's of Logan Arkels
So happy my patriots came back from last year
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 5 dias atrás
football sucks
Zaina TheRiotGirl
Zaina TheRiotGirl 5 dias atrás
Freckles McGee
Freckles McGee 5 dias atrás
Number 53: Super Bowl 53 Travis scott soiled it
Attack Of The 9 Year Olds
I only came here too see comments about maroon 5 ruining with sweet victory with sicko mode.
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