Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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It’s always a big deal to play at the Super Bowl, and these performances proved why these artists are the biggest names in entertainment. From Lady Gaga, to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to U2, these are the most incredible performances to ever grace the stage of the annual event. WatchMojo counts down ten Superbowl halftime shows
#10: Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers
#9: Lady Gaga
#8: Aerosmith & NSYNC feat. Britney Spears, Nelly & Mary J. Blige
#7: Madonna feat. LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj & Cee Lo Green
#6: U2
#5: Beyoncé
#4: The Rolling Stones
#3, #2 & #1???
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3 Fev 2018



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Comentários 8 003 Anos atrás
This video is brought to you by KAPe, the one source app to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Click here and use the referral code "watchmojo" to sign-up for updates and a chance to win a walk-on role in the next installment of the Kickboxer movie franchise! KAPe will keep you up to date on your favorite fighters and organizations and even allow you to watch classic Martial Arts and Action movies!
Deniz Nouri
Deniz Nouri 12 horas atrás
listen up it is Michael Jackson not jacko
judy browne
judy browne 2 meses atrás
@Michael Kirschner lol ok
Michael Kirschner
Michael Kirschner 2 meses atrás
@judy browne ew ur annoying
judy browne
judy browne 2 meses atrás
@Michael Kirschner wooooww. Michael Jackson has no talent? What a sad, bitter individual you are.
Habit 5 meses atrás
@Random Stuff :P Eyy who cares lol
timothy williams
timothy williams 2 horas atrás
I don’t believe that lady Gaga’s performance should be above Bruno’s. Even if the other band kinda messed it up, it was still better than Gaga’s I believe.
zeppirl Dia atrás
U2 was the best show and should be number one. It embodied some much of what America is and need to embrace after 9/11. The song, the energy, the show, timing and the patriots.
Vishambar Chauhan
Vishambar Chauhan 2 dias atrás
Where is katy perry?
Fat Herobrine
Fat Herobrine 2 dias atrás
Ima KeepItReal
Ima KeepItReal 3 dias atrás
How are The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Aerosmith, Nsync, & U2 better than Lady Gaga & Bruno Mars? & Bruce Springsteen better than Beyonce??
HealthyBuildz- 3 dias atrás
Katy Perry?
3500 children huh.....
Charles C
Charles C 5 dias atrás
Mojo got it right. Prince... hands down.
Christian 3k7
Christian 3k7 5 dias atrás
madonna performance is the best
StraberyLifgard 5 dias atrás
How come nobody is talking about how at time stamp '10:33' when it says prince is number one but it shows “all along the watchtower” and says prince but that’s not his song because he didn’t care about promoting himself he was just there to make good music.... it’s Jimmy Hendrix’s song and yeah the jacko things wasn’t appropriate...
Greed is Good
Greed is Good 6 dias atrás
MJ was good. Don't get me wrong but the massive downpour during Purple Rain couldn't be scripted. It was perfect. Chill people damn.
10eTV Gaming
10eTV Gaming 6 dias atrás
I'm a simple 12 yr old. I see MJ on thumbnail, i click.
highopes 7 dias atrás
The best super bowl events: - Deja Blue: The Giants defeat Patriots in Super Bowl with last-minute TD again - The morning of Super Bowl XLI, Don Mischer asked Prince if he would be OK to perform in the rain. Prince responded simply, “Can you make it rain harder”? Just the image of Prince singing “Purple Rain” in the Florida storm resulted in many critics deeming The Artist as the greatest halftime show performer of all time. His performance that day will go down in history as one of the best and clearly most memorable shows ever, Super Bowl or any event for that matter. - Before Jackson took over the halftime stage, the show was usually comprised of university marching bands, drill teams and other performance groups. The 1992 Super Bowl halftime show became a breaking point for show coordinators. To this day, Jackson’s influence has been referenced in many halftime shows since. Joining RHCP and Bruno Mars during the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary in 2016, Beyoncé took her opportunity to deliver a powerful message while performing her anthem “Formation.” While her dancers paid homage to the Black Panther party in their classic berets, Mrs. Carter channeled the spirit of Jackson as she sported the same black and gold military jacket her idol famously wore. Since 1993, plenty of legendary artists like U2 and Bruce Springsteen have cemented their own version of the halftime phenomenon into the history books. In the wake of the September 11 attacks, U2 put on a touching tribute to the victims by displaying their names on a backdrop.
Hans Christian Parel
Hans Christian Parel 7 dias atrás
Cindy Noland
Cindy Noland 7 dias atrás
#1 Prince #2 Bruce #3 Gaga
breat Music
breat Music 7 dias atrás
Nah mate, Eminem back stage
Rexie Delacruz
Rexie Delacruz 7 dias atrás
Guerda Cherestal
Guerda Cherestal 8 dias atrás
Since Michael Jackson passed away I don't watch show like this anymore or neither American award Live forever Michael king of pop love you baby
Guerda Cherestal
Guerda Cherestal 8 dias atrás
You know his name is not jacko you disrespectful woman his name is Michael Jackson why people are so freaking hateful I love you Michael no matter crap they say about you
Jeffrey S. Green
Jeffrey S. Green 11 dias atrás
Prince's Super Bowl Performance is well deserving of Number 1 and is absolutely amazing. RIP.
Mr Corrigan
Mr Corrigan 11 dias atrás
U2 should be #1
adb012 11 dias atrás
#1: U2 #2: Prince #3: MJ #4: Vacant #5: Vacant #6: Vacant #7: Vacant #8: Vacant #9: Vacant #10: Vacant
Diarmuid Ó C
Diarmuid Ó C 2 dias atrás
YES!!!!!! Right on!
Daniel Fletcher
Daniel Fletcher 12 dias atrás
no katy perry
Paklao Gaming
Paklao Gaming 13 dias atrás
Brun mars is the number 1
Rexie Delacruz
Rexie Delacruz 14 dias atrás
Michael performed super no.1 Amazing talented Genous King of Pop.we love you from Philipines
YoursTruly S
YoursTruly S 14 dias atrás
They disrespected Bruno Mars
Blake Bolin
Blake Bolin 14 dias atrás
YoursTruly S They said they would rank him higher but the RHCP was weird.
Ferny Esquivel
Ferny Esquivel 14 dias atrás
Michael Jackson Number 1
lc0806 15 dias atrás
I think beyonce did the best
Giannis 123
Giannis 123 15 dias atrás
Michael Jackson should have been #1
Charlie G_
Charlie G_ 15 dias atrás
Madonna’s ht show in 2012 was ass
Sheikh Maruf Billah
Sheikh Maruf Billah 16 dias atrás
micheal jakson is always best
Monster Dobbs
Monster Dobbs 17 dias atrás
Fuck this video, Michael's Superbowl Performance was the absolute BEST performance ever, also don't call him Jacko
SexRockN'Roll lml
SexRockN'Roll lml 18 dias atrás
Lady Gaga in #9 ?!! Are you kidding me?!!
Spektic 18 dias atrás
Done ripped off her boob thang
Jojo Regalado
Jojo Regalado 19 dias atrás
Michael Jackson, the most iconic legend is no. 1
legendary broly
legendary broly 19 dias atrás
So yall wanna be disrespectful huh?
Blake Bolin
Blake Bolin 14 dias atrás
legendary broly How are they being disrespectful?
MissLittleTee 20 dias atrás
Just here to see ALL the pissed MJ fans, you didn’t disappoint 😂
Philip Horan
Philip Horan Dia atrás
I love MJ but Prince sang live! Did MJ sing live? I hope so.
King Rajesh Music
King Rajesh Music 5 dias atrás
He deserved #1 in my opinion
Shashwat mishra
Shashwat mishra 20 dias atrás
Correct list 1-Prince(2007)&Bruno Mars(2014) 3-Lady gaga(2017) 4-Mj(1993)
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson 20 dias atrás
Prince totally deserves this
Xochilt Lehmann
Xochilt Lehmann 21 dia atrás
Sorry but I am Missing Coldplay Bruno Mars and Beyoncé
tokia nexus
tokia nexus 21 dia atrás
Many expected Michael Jackson no.1 but no. How sad called him jacko
Nathaniel Famisan
Nathaniel Famisan 22 dias atrás
While Michael Jackson really deserves immense credit for changing the game of Super Bowl halftime shows since 1993, the showmanship and truly live vocals from start to finish alone by Prince and Lady Gaga in their respective shows really made a huge difference, not to mention that these three never had guest acts when they last performed. In fact, Prince and Lady Gaga's live halftime performances may even rank among the world's all-time greatest on television. In terms of collaborations, Beyonce's show was really a league of its own. It's a shame the last 2 shows by Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5 were a complete reversal of that 2013-2017 streak when NFL actually got it right at the live performers year by year. It's interesting how Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will turn the tide in 2020 (and I'm paying keen attention to J.Lo if she does perform vocally decently side by side with Shakira, who's got a lot of experience performing live in huge sporting events like the FIFA World Cup).
Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore 22 dias atrás
Who the hell is Jacko! That’s not his name.
Chelito 22 dias atrás
There’s no way Bruno Mars is number 10
Min Criss
Min Criss 22 dias atrás
MH- Tech
MH- Tech 23 dias atrás
Mj top 1
OMeWa Summer
OMeWa Summer 23 dias atrás
U2 should be number 1.
William Pruitt
William Pruitt 24 dias atrás
These MJ fans are hurt, I've seen both performances and Prince by far was the best.
Devin Mccafferty
Devin Mccafferty 25 dias atrás
michel jackson and 3500 children.... hold up 🧐
lone wolf
lone wolf 25 dias atrás
I clicked here for Michael Jackson my heart stopped then I see Slash I pass out.
lulun neitham
lulun neitham 26 dias atrás
Michael just standing there beat eveyone performing whole time.
Daniel Jan Garay
Daniel Jan Garay 26 dias atrás
I think Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chilli Pepper should be higher
Mackeyjay Lozada
Mackeyjay Lozada 26 dias atrás
DONT YOU EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mess up Michael Jackson’s name again you bitch that the quickest way to get sock
Karla Amaya
Karla Amaya 26 dias atrás
Yo Michael Jackson should have been #1
{Kawaii MaDness}
{Kawaii MaDness} 26 dias atrás
Honestly prince deserved to be first! I’ll never see or experience something so amazing again ❤️😩👏
Abdou Stanley
Abdou Stanley 27 dias atrás
when a random football game takes place during a Gaga concert
Ems Eyt
Ems Eyt 28 dias atrás
I watched Michael Jackson Superbowl show. JUST WOW. You'll see his incredible impact to the audience even without doing anything, just standing and then the audience goes crazy. Hmmm, no icon could do that tho. He is indeed a LEGEND. And heyy, HE'S IS NOT JACKO!!! And heyyy? You should put him #1
Paidyn Cashman
Paidyn Cashman 28 dias atrás
Billie Eilish for superbowl 2020
amal ahmed
amal ahmed 28 dias atrás
Michael Jackson deserves #1 King of Pop💗
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