Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows
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It’s always a big deal to play at the Super Bowl, and these performances proved why these artists are the biggest names in entertainment. From Lady Gaga, to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to U2, these are the most incredible performances to ever grace the stage of the annual event. WatchMojo counts down ten Superbowl halftime shows
#10: Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers
#9: Lady Gaga
#8: Aerosmith & NSYNC feat. Britney Spears, Nelly & Mary J. Blige
#7: Madonna feat. LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj & Cee Lo Green
#6: U2
#5: Beyoncé
#4: The Rolling Stones
#3, #2 & #1???
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3 Fev 2018



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Comentários 80 2 anos atrás
This video is brought to you by KAPe, the one source app to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Click here and use the referral code "watchmojo" to sign-up for updates and a chance to win a walk-on role in the next installment of the Kickboxer movie franchise! KAPe will keep you up to date on your favorite fighters and organizations and even allow you to watch classic Martial Arts and Action movies!
life life
life life 3 meses atrás
@Keineth Polinas nope prince is #1
Keineth Polinas
Keineth Polinas 3 meses atrás
Mj is no. 1
Keineth Polinas
Keineth Polinas 3 meses atrás
@Kev Walthall true
Omotola Oyeniyi
Omotola Oyeniyi 3 meses atrás
MICHAEL JACKSON'S PERFORMANCE WAS NO 1, WE ARE SORRY FOR THE MIXUP. That's the correction for this video, thanks.
Ligaya Joy Bejar
Ligaya Joy Bejar 3 meses atrás
Hello rubbish! Let the public vote if who's the no. 1 half time show! I cut my hair short if Michael Jackson don't win, if you let the public vote! Rubbish top ten count down!
Marco Ezen
Marco Ezen 7 horas atrás
I’m sorry but Michael Jackson should be Number One... You know, He is The King of Pop.. and Prince just a Prince.....
Geneva Gomez
Geneva Gomez Dia atrás
How the hell is Michael Jackson # 2???? he deserved NUMBER 1.
Thunder Striker
Thunder Striker 6 dias atrás
Why do you have to hate the red hot chili peppers? they were amazing
Beast Mode__82
Beast Mode__82 6 dias atrás
I hate modern day shit pop and rappers teaming up with the the most amazing rockers and bands ever
Dalton Fortner
Dalton Fortner 6 dias atrás
They did Katy Perry wrong man
*Has anyone noticed that the Halftime show crowds have gotten WAY smaller over time?*
Mauro Hustmascher
Mauro Hustmascher 8 dias atrás
Sorry but first Madonna
Dominios Seahawk
Dominios Seahawk 9 dias atrás
2015 to the present are shit, honorable mentions were better than the great part of the top 10
Isa Moya
Isa Moya 9 dias atrás
They had me when I saw MJ
Mad pint 69
Mad pint 69 10 dias atrás
Number one pick should’ve been sweet sweet victory
S W 10 dias atrás
No Coldplay ? Wtf
Rob Earnest-System Pavers
I watched all of these live. Prince def #1! MJ and Gaga are honestly a tossup for #2. MJ was groundbreaking, but the sound was terrible. Every other show on this list was disappointing. Also don’t call him “Jacko”.
Douglas Pilman
Douglas Pilman 12 dias atrás
I want next year's halftime show to be featuring Metallica
Jonias Sanabria
Jonias Sanabria 13 dias atrás
You forgot about Sponge Bob Square Pants-Sweet Victory! The true number 1 of this list!!!!
CVTMR 14 dias atrás
The narrator has some nerve calling Michael Jackson (Jacko) that is an insult. The man was and always will be a legend, give him the respect he deserves. Michael is also the greatest entertainer of all time,, no one can ever take his place. #2 ??? He should have been #1 RIP my sweet angel. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
GTDuck 14 dias atrás
Why is the narrator insulting MJ? Now I realise why he's second place.
VANDROSS Ortell • _
VANDROSS Ortell • _ 15 dias atrás
Prince should be number 2, Michael should be number 1
• / / n o k i a / / •
Lady Gaga should’ve been #1 half time show
DeShaun Fernandez
DeShaun Fernandez 22 dias atrás
Diana Ross didn’t do three costume changes and leave in helicopter to be an honorable mention. Mawma SERVED
jeni Clairedt
jeni Clairedt 23 dias atrás
Michael Jackson could stand on stage like this for 20-30 minutes, not move or say shit and mfs be screaming and passing out the whole time....🐐 lol
Phillip Ward
Phillip Ward 23 dias atrás
Ironically this video was made before (arguably) the worst halftime performance in 2019 and (arguably) the best halftime performance in 2020.
Esemsupreme Plays
Esemsupreme Plays 24 dias atrás
Put respect on MJ’s name, his name isn’t “Jacko”, it’s michael Jackson... dislike for days
Jacky Raharja
Jacky Raharja 24 dias atrás
Without even look at the video, for me, Prince is the BEST ! Not just about the performance but the story behind it
M. B
M. B 26 dias atrás
He is number 2 ? Dislike you call him jacko unsubscribe
Janine Jakubik
Janine Jakubik 26 dias atrás
After this year's super bowl show by shakira and Jennifer Lopez, this list should be urgently revised. My absolute number 1 in front of Lady gaga, who in my opinion is too far behind in this list :)
Ari snatched my wig
Ari snatched my wig 28 dias atrás
number 9? i think u meant number 1.
Susi Strolch
Susi Strolch 28 dias atrás
MJ is number one and will remain till the end of time! You all have a severe neglect !
Chriscy Jim Flores
Chriscy Jim Flores Mês atrás
It should be updated, I bet there is something need to be removed in this list because of Shakira and J. Lo performance
Antoine De Azevedo
Antoine De Azevedo Mês atrás
And Katy Perry ?????????!!!!
Rubina980 Mês atrás
I'm sorry. Lady Gaga is placed 9??? Are you guys deaf and blind at the same time??? She DEFINITELY belongs to the top 3, at least!!!
Issut Music
Issut Music Mês atrás
Katy Perry very Best Show 👍🏻
Seji Noonim
Seji Noonim Mês atrás
Its just so funny that they quoted that MJ defined the standards for Superbowl Halftime but he is only #2, as well as calling him Jacko . DONT USE MJ fans for your views . You know how big MJ Fandom is . And give respect to the dead, people . Heartless humans
Metal Music
Metal Music Mês atrás
Who else realized they put lady gaga and beyonce over Paul McCartney and Tom petty?
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz Mês atrás
Jajaja me equivoqué de Watchmojo este está en inglés
John Jielwyne Festijo
John Jielwyne Festijo 20 dias atrás
David Asamoah
David Asamoah Mês atrás
Who came here just for Michael Jackson?
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR Mês atrás
Why in the fuck is Lady Gaga number 9??
Jansen Arellano
Jansen Arellano Mês atrás
Ikr the disrespect to mother monsterr
Galarian Victory
Galarian Victory Mês atrás
In a alternate universe Sweet Victory would be #1
African Logic
African Logic Mês atrás
Kiwi Lee-Lee
Kiwi Lee-Lee Mês atrás
Dont call Michael Jacko bc you just lost mad subscribers bc of dat
Nicholas L
Nicholas L Mês atrás
I went right to the dislike button when they said the Bruno Mars one was ruined by rhcp, you got it backwards Bruno Mars ruined the rhcp performance
Omar XCX
Omar XCX Mês atrás
Why Jacko?
Rizzy5 Mês atrás
9:49 "It was an enormous success, greatly influencing future Super Bowl Halftime shows. The whole tradition wouldn't be what it is today, if it weren't for Michael Jackson." *lmao SO WHY TF IS HE NUMBER 2!*
Rizzy5 20 dias atrás
Lilia Almanza Nahhhh... MJ is the GOAT
Lilia Almanza
Lilia Almanza 20 dias atrás
because Prince’s show was better
Rizzy5 Mês atrás
Why tf would they put Michael in number 2, but put him in the thumbnail. That shows he's number one. They trying to get more views These guys are very unprofessional and rude by calling him Jacko aswell. Technically that is racist.
becky osborn
becky osborn Mês atrás
Rest In Peace mj 😭 🌺🌸🌾🌹🌷
Steve Fitzsimmons
Steve Fitzsimmons Mês atrás
Other than Michael Jackson and Prince, they are both gods, all of the other groups that performed on their own were white, just saying . period
Giovane Derenevick Filho
No Black Eyes Peas? Bullshit
The chiken farmer How to start a chicken farm
My number one is Coldplay!
Ghazaleh Baghaie
Ghazaleh Baghaie Mês atrás
Pleaseeee Stop calling MJ jacko!👿
Ghazaleh Baghaie
Ghazaleh Baghaie Mês atrás
MJ is the greatest entertainer to have ever walked on earth!😍 He is innocent forever! Cause the truth always triumphs!💪🏽
Sheryl Davira
Sheryl Davira Mês atrás
99% of people comment about Michael Jackson The King Of Pop is always number one The best forever and ever The greatest of all time
TheCoolDewd T_Ω
TheCoolDewd T_Ω Mês atrás
Where’s Spongebob
Sigh_art Mês atrás
I TOTALLY AGREED TO IT,... NOT UNTIL SEEING GAGA @9 LOL haha I prefer her behind JM and Prince
Jay Empsey
Jay Empsey Mês atrás
Xavanius Mês atrás
Where the fuck is Katy Perry performance
Daisy Manjula
Daisy Manjula Mês atrás
MJ !!!!! He is the fucking best yo!!!!!!
Pol Huston
Pol Huston Mês atrás
music lover here, i love MJ and prince but i think GAGA halftime show is the superior of all of them, pure talent(playing instrument), no extra(guest), crazy choreograph, and superhype performance
African Logic
African Logic Mês atrás
Nice joke.
Phyem Mês atrás
Imagine give beyonce the title queen. Theres only one queen*Freddie, Brian, Rodger and john.
African Logic
African Logic Mês atrás
beronce is better than freddie
Ieva Žalnieraitytė
MARKEYCE P Mês atrás
Jansen Arellano
Jansen Arellano Mês atrás
Dont do drugs
LOGIC KING Mês atrás
adesh jagdale
adesh jagdale Mês atrás
Lady gaga at 9th .??? You going to put Madonna, nsyns before gaga?? She is at 3 just behind mj and prince. Don't even come at me.
Flyte Mês atrás
It didn't happen yet, but when it does, number 1 will be sweet victory,period.
Robinson Plays
Robinson Plays Mês atrás
Michael Jackson should be number 1
Bailey Arnett
Bailey Arnett Mês atrás
I’m sorry but this lost is TRASH. Michael Jackson, prince, Beyoncé, and lady Gaga had the BEST halftime shows EVER. And the fact that y’all really out Gaga’s at 9 is just what???
theyahoo you
theyahoo you Mês atrás
I think the michael jackson super bowl is the BEST not prince’s
Aristotle Mês atrás
The Who??
MetroZombiez Mês atrás
We all gangster until lady gaga goes creative mode.
Sarah Mês atrás
Lady Gaga deserved a better place
John Jielwyne Festijo
Micheal needs tobe no.1 because it was a concert dinasty for micheal jackson. And dont call me wacko jacko it hurts me. -micheal jackson
Jeremy Richard May
Jeremy Richard May Mês atrás
U2 is number 1 and it’s not even close
Nathan Boucher
Nathan Boucher Mês atrás
Michael Jackson should be first
Krasen The WildFox
Krasen The WildFox Mês atrás
He is Not JACKO he is Jackson Stop calling him that
Paul Castle
Paul Castle Mês atrás
Michael Jackson for the show, U2 for the emotion. That’s your one and two.....I can’t separate them.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 2 meses atrás
And Prince at one I think Michael Jackson should be at one and Prince at two
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 2 meses atrás
Why is micheal Jackson at 2
Plug aka Pete Vegas Raider
stones were eh ok..
zeeshan hyder
zeeshan hyder 2 meses atrás
show respect.not jacko ....angel jackson
sagar d
sagar d 2 meses atrás
Dont care what watchmojo has to say but MJ is clearly no 1.
Zabiullah Soltani
Zabiullah Soltani 2 meses atrás
´sweet victory wouldve been nr.1 forever
Rowan Haight
Rowan Haight 2 meses atrás
why does watch mojo suck so much, u2 should be #1, prince should be #2
Tammy McClure
Tammy McClure 2 meses atrás
2020s super bowl was practically a strip club
Anne Of Cleves
Anne Of Cleves 2 meses atrás
First of all, don't you ever disrespect Michael Jackson like that again, Second of all, y'all keep trying to be relatable to milenials and it'll never work
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