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Simon Cowell knows best!?
Watch all the top 10 best singer auditions which Simon stops and corrects singers on Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent. What did you thing of the singing performances?? Let us know in the comments below...
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8 Fev 2019



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Comentários 453
Rockas360 19 horas atrás
The guy who sings in Italian reminds me of Bocceli
Ayu kushwaha
Ayu kushwaha 4 dias atrás
J A 4 dias atrás
Poor Simon is SO tired of some of these songs.
Chris Childers
Chris Childers 5 dias atrás
Audience need to learn when to shut up. I couldn't even hear that
Rangg Lạc
Rangg Lạc 6 dias atrás
let me ask anyone. Which year was the first performance in this video. thank u so much
Solène 8 dias atrás
33:16 His reaction to that golden buzzer is so contagious, I found myself smiling and cheering and laughing
not the channel you're looking for
Even tho it's staged, still entertaining
Deborah Goins
Deborah Goins 10 dias atrás
Hope needs to use less makeup. She doesn't need it she's a very pretty young lady.
Miss Dee
Miss Dee 11 dias atrás
The dad singing under his breath with the last girl is one of the cutest things I have seen.
Aa I
Aa I 12 dias atrás
Got through 9 seconds of it. That's how I feel about reality TV. Entertainment's version of rectal cancer.
Judyouise Hagen Carter
Judyouise Hagen Carter 13 dias atrás
My name is Judy Louise Hagen Carter me and my mommy the angel,just like me we are going to win,bad,Trump,Mrs,Clinton,Mr,Obama,and that Lady on Facebook just like me we are going to win,them all but not the white,house,the new,house in Delta,Colo,81416,with a 100,bedrooms in that new house,they is a new,church in that new house,call my mommy the angel,just like Mei Love to be on that show but I do not have the money but my Bother,is dieing of cancer, but in my Book is not going to die and if I sing that song Caldwell will not stop me do you all got that
La Donna Strang
La Donna Strang 13 dias atrás
Thanks, Simon.
La Donna Strang
La Donna Strang 13 dias atrás
Ronee, you are not "twenty feet from stardom" - you are less than a foot and a half.
Guy Riviere
Guy Riviere 14 dias atrás
No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE STOP IT! you can not set up an incredible moment where Simon gives somenone the chance of their life, for example with the classical singer (sorry an't remember his name and don't want to go back and lose what I've written) when he had only an hour to learn a completely new song and then NAILED IT and then cheat us of seeing the judges reaction and comments!! The whole point of watching this show is to not only enjoy the amazing performances but to bask in the joy as the judges confirm our feelings and commend them for their amazing talent, STOP CUTTING OUT THE END COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING, CAN'T YOU GET THAT???!!!
Dhiren pratap
Dhiren pratap 16 dias atrás
3rd song?
Arafat Khan
Arafat Khan 16 dias atrás
Damian Quijada
Damian Quijada 17 dias atrás
the guy dressed all in black and black jacket - was that a alejandro fernandez song?
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez 17 dias atrás
Simon is never wrong. For me!
See Gotcha
See Gotcha 18 dias atrás
simon rude shot to other success.
Amber Nicole Massey
Amber Nicole Massey 18 dias atrás
He learned that song like that only after only being able to hear it maybe 20times.
Ronald Stevens
Ronald Stevens 19 dias atrás
25:14 id buy that song
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia 20 dias atrás
Simon is a G.
Pascal Hoevers
Pascal Hoevers 20 dias atrás
32:00 i wish i had friends like that
alec petrossian
alec petrossian 21 dia atrás
He knows the potential and quality of the voice, straight forward in his judgment.
Sase Zezov
Sase Zezov 23 dias atrás
Taylor Swift? Really?
Danial Abbas
Danial Abbas 24 dias atrás
simon knows talent
jay reyes
jay reyes 24 dias atrás
The first little boy wow just amazing gave me chills and water to my eyes when he sang beautiful
Leoni Burge
Leoni Burge 22 dias atrás
jay reyes do you know what happened, the significance of Simon's words?
SPIT&P51 28 dias atrás
That Simon's look when he's right Priceless
victor pardo bravo
victor pardo bravo 28 dias atrás
en principio eres un cabronazo simon pero me quito el sombrero sabes sacar le voz y el potencial que cada uno lleva dentro ! love you
deepak surwade
deepak surwade 29 dias atrás
I only watch AGT BGT X Factor and American Idols only for Simon... You have changed many of life with your correct and fabulous decision. Hats off to you Simon.
Sheria Starlight
Sheria Starlight Mês atrás
I like Simon Cowell he's one of the best judge's.
Flor Acuna
Flor Acuna Mês atrás
Excelente el sr Simon el que sabe sabe
malpaul Mês atrás
Oh for fucksake're making money hand over fist, just spend a bit of it on something that will stop the ads from interrupting the performances! Christ!!!
C Holman
C Holman Mês atrás
Would have liked to have seen the whole audition with the singer at 18:52. He was fabulous! Sorta cute too.
FENIXIA Mês atrás
Jule Mês atrás
Am I the only one who doesn't understand how someone like Heidi Klum (who hasn't any talents except being stupid and breaking down young girls at Germany's next top model) do the same job as Simon (who is literally like a magician)?! (At agt) Btw I'm sorry if I did any grammar mistakes, I've been learning Englisch for 4 years (I'm from Germany)
gas1304 15 dias atrás
Jule no you are nor the only one !
Eve Ak
Eve Ak Mês atrás
Simon is a genius. He gives 2nd chance to talented ppl & they make him proud
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson Mês atrás
The dude at 19.00 learnt a song he did not know in an hour?? BRILLIANT!!!!
richard white
richard white Mês atrás
Simon knows his stuff. the kid was great
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Mês atrás
The first guy ain't gonna sound like that in about 2-3 years
Sally Johnson
Sally Johnson Mês atrás
Simon is usually right
M Rivers
M Rivers Mês atrás
How does he know what wrong and right every time!!
VVFarm Goat Lady
VVFarm Goat Lady Mês atrás
Who is the guy in black that Simon had come back after learning a new song??? I want to buy the albums he's surely recording by now.
fannysludge Mês atrás
And that ladies and gentlemen , is why he’s in the right job 👍
greytiger1 Mês atrás
Back in the day I could never appreciate what Simon knew about music but then he had times like this where he clearly has a great ear for what works with people's voices and you can see how he has had such success! Really respect him after seeing these moments throughout the years as they show his clear talent!
Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon Mês atrás
"I want to be like Taylor swift"
Sue TV
Sue TV Mês atrás
i think all of this was prearranged, you can see it the contestants, no surprise whatsoever. Must create some drama for the show.
Anatoly Mukuria
Anatoly Mukuria Mês atrás
That lady does not look 15 at all.
Eric Fike
Eric Fike Mês atrás
I just loved the guy at 19 minutes. he was really great to listen to.
creepy pinny
creepy pinny Mês atrás
The problem with most of these kids specifically the boys is that they haven’t gone through puberty and there is a pretty good chance of them losing the ability to hit high notes
Krishna Krishna
Krishna Krishna Mês atrás
Such a nice judge, he stops the show when he feels contestant has more talents and ask for an another song and moreover if the song was well singed he will give a standing ovation😍simon😍
JamesSliworsky Mês atrás
10:13 was a banger of a song mate.
PillCosby Mês atrás
These "moments" are sooooooooooooooo staged.
Mo Ana
Mo Ana Mês atrás
I get it bye
Mo Ana
Mo Ana Mês atrás
Richard will be mine ...!!!!! In the after life !!!
Mo Ana
Mo Ana Mês atrás
Simon will be sitting in jail .... he can hear voices from his cell ..!!!
Captain Pug
Captain Pug Mês atrás
And corrects them
Tobi Herbert
Tobi Herbert Mês atrás
Piers please be gone
Louis Madeline
Louis Madeline Mês atrás
Movie french
Bob Sanders
Bob Sanders Mês atrás
This is NOT got talent... It is SIMON SAYS!
Jule Mês atrás
well yes
Scotland the brave
Scotland the brave Mês atrás
The best part of the video is when and advert is coming in the middle of a song. Thanks BRvid.
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