TOP 10 MOST INSPIRING Auditions On Idol, Got Talent and X Factor!

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Check out the most inspiring auditions ever on American Idol, X Factor UK, X Factor USA, Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent!


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4 Dez 2019



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Comentários 209
Even Hora atrás
"What kind of guy would i be if i left her now when she need me the most" That broke my heart, grade A guy..
Dim's Dreams
Dim's Dreams 13 horas atrás
Чертовы ниндзя опять режут лук...
Eddie Tavares  Jr.
First 2:00 minutes i was crying this guy gets my respect
Mystical Misty
Mystical Misty Dia atrás
I've learned to hold back my tears and most of these I've seen before
Mystical Misty
Mystical Misty Dia atrás
these r in the wrong order
Kamel 2 dias atrás
Mandy Harvey was so ridiculously good, it’s freakin amazing. Forget being deaf, it was beautiful - I’d buy that song in a second.
purrplrein 2 dias atrás
Cody's mother has done an amazing job with him. What a beautiful family.
APP Authenticator
APP Authenticator 2 dias atrás
Monica Enriquez
Monica Enriquez 3 dias atrás
This young man is living what Jesus lived, died and resurrected to teach the world about LOVE! I hope by the love, hope and rescuing of this baby ( his son / nephew) that some educated African American family would “adopt” both of them to provide all that will propel them in life. If I had any financial means I would do that. They are the promise to contribute and be examples of Christ’s living presence in this world! God bless and protect them as they progress in this world!
조영훈 4 dias atrás
너무 재미있게 보았습니다
Adam Scott Delamere
Adam Scott Delamere 5 dias atrás
8:20 Young Ed Sheeran & Craig David
Deborah Manning-Galarza
Every song, I felt the emotion of every song. Words that are sung with raw emotion will stir your soul. If you don't feel something here, you better check yourself.
Lia Adams
Lia Adams 6 dias atrás
For the last one I wonder what the accident was??
Lia Adams
Lia Adams 6 dias atrás
Ofc you gotta add Kodi❤
Lia Adams
Lia Adams 7 dias atrás
That 1st one hit hard in a place I didn't know I had
Chris Didieu
Chris Didieu 7 dias atrás
Some of the most beautiful poignant performances I have had the absolute pleasure hearing and watching.
فرهاد غضنفريان
Jayson Manzanilla
Jayson Manzanilla 7 dias atrás
The last part.. Chris Medina is the most emotinal and inspirational man alive
Kymmberliestarr 8 dias atrás
I'm completely out of tears until the next one. These are so good on this video. Just WOW!
Gbemisola Adu
Gbemisola Adu 8 dias atrás
Cody 💗
andrea gallucci
andrea gallucci 11 dias atrás
Sieve Randomness
Sieve Randomness 12 dias atrás
You know I have watched Mandy Harvey's performance multiple times and I am still blown away by just how amazing her voice is!!!
Stephanie White
Stephanie White 12 dias atrás
What spectacular dad!
JojoplusBo 12 dias atrás
The Lord taketh away ... and the Lord giveth✨Touched by every performance!
Nicholas Siqueira
Nicholas Siqueira 14 dias atrás
9:15 What is the name of this song ???
Nicholas Siqueira
Nicholas Siqueira 12 dias atrás
@Sunshine R.H.M.C Thanks
Sunshine R.H.M.C
Sunshine R.H.M.C 13 dias atrás
jealous .. by Labrinth
Momo _Deadly
Momo _Deadly 15 dias atrás
Fucking adds that don't let me skip are gay as fuck I'm triggered I hate 'Google fi"
Momo _Deadly
Momo _Deadly 15 dias atrás
I'm very fucking emotional and I just cried trough the whole video omg
Brat Bristol
Brat Bristol 15 dias atrás
i am crying now im so sad i cant even im speechless god bless you josh
Weisritter Mk2
Weisritter Mk2 15 dias atrás
52-53:00 was an amazing episode in american idol. Such a committed gentleman staying with his fiance, thats what love is boundless and no limits. The stuff that makes me inspired by all these talents, I hope to make one or two of my dreams real and if I can make one of them real in music these individuals are what makes me focused to it.
Tayyab Faran
Tayyab Faran 19 dias atrás
She made me cry omg
Talisha Blodgett
Talisha Blodgett 20 dias atrás
Rayvon Brunson Jr
Rayvon Brunson Jr 21 dia atrás
He is making me cry so much😢😢😭😭😞
Jillian Davis
Jillian Davis 23 dias atrás
Everyone starts hollering don't you understand she can't hear you 😒
Библиотека Охотника
*The author is a liar!!! Video emotions of the jury of the second participant were stolen from the video of the performance of the Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen.*
Mireya Small
Mireya Small 25 dias atrás
My mouth literally dropped when that autistic/blind guy showed up 😧😲 I’m literally so proud of him Edit: I mean Cody/ I did not get his name beforehand
Malvina Mabom
Malvina Mabom 26 dias atrás
i love yu simons
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson 27 dias atrás
Watching these are always so emotionally draining, but I love watching them. Josh Daniel always makes me cry, but that last one had me balling like a baby! What a stand up guy! There are men that would leave women for so much less. How he said that he was only a couple months away from saying his vows, and what kind of a man would he be if he turned his back on her then. Take notes guys, and girls for that matter. When you truly love someone, you are there for them through thick and thin.
Lil Bredoitall
Lil Bredoitall 28 dias atrás
I cried so much my damn head hurts. All voices were awesome. I was shocked by Cody's voice. I was wowed. I played it twice
ATOMIC S3V3N 21 dia atrás
Alison Trelvik does it matter that much to you
Mystical Misty
Mystical Misty 25 dias atrás
its spelled Kodi not Cody
Lily Mês atrás
“cAn I pLeASe hOlD hiM?!”
Oras Hashim
Oras Hashim Mês atrás
He knows with out the kid he's not going to win 😂😂😂🙏
Mystical Misty
Mystical Misty Mês atrás
the first 1 part of the reasosns they said yes is cause of the baby and they want 2 see him again
Htness NZ
Htness NZ Mês atrás
Seeing Simon Vulnerable.............. Need I say more.
Melanie Loew
Melanie Loew Mês atrás
Melanie Loew
Melanie Loew Mês atrás
Melanie Loew
Melanie Loew Mês atrás
Bq sriarya Ningrum
Bq sriarya Ningrum Mês atrás
Menyentuh hati....
Keamogetse Modikele
I always cry whenever i listen to da second guy singing its so emotional
RX Gaming
RX Gaming 11 dias atrás
@Samson Samuel yes his mom passed away a month before that audition. That's why that song got him.
Momo _Deadly
Momo _Deadly 15 dias atrás
AHHHHH omg same 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Samson Samuel
Samson Samuel 29 dias atrás
Keamogetse Modikele Simon mom had passed recently I believe(He felt that one)
Nk Padichambou Dicham
The last one is so much ......... love it .......... sencern heart
Kimberly Dickson
Kimberly Dickson Mês atrás
Strange.. I'm watching this on dec. 23, 2019 and Marc's video of Isabella was on dec. 23, 2015 and my little brother died on dec. 23, 2014...
Ikigai '-'
Ikigai '-' Mês atrás
Can anyone tell me what this jury's name is 7:40?
Jeff Young
Jeff Young Mês atrás
Merry Christmas everyone you just experienced a MIRACLE !!!!!! My god what a voice i'm still wiping tears.
Linda De Gracia
Linda De Gracia Mês atrás
😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i cry a lot.
John Hager
John Hager Mês atrás
He is the best man i ever herd😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
Erwin Limoa
Erwin Limoa Mês atrás
Musik tidak menghalangi seorang yang kurang dalam pendengaran
malu pontes
malu pontes Mês atrás
Que jurado lindo segurando o bb
PeBu34 Mês atrás
If the last guy makes a career as a singer, I think he will not have much time to spend with his girlfriend. I wonder if she is going to be happy then. (Just saying!)
khadija maalim
khadija maalim Mês atrás
Mi Angel
Mi Angel Mês atrás
The deaf girl performance got me... I'm crying so bad, cause i love my life and i appreciate all i have and i don't imagine my life losing any sense, especially my view because I'm an artist :(
brett andrews
brett andrews Mês atrás
My son?
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