Top 10 Most Dramatic Moments Of The 2021 F1 Season 

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25 Set 2023



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Parzival Anos atrás
As many have said before, Thank you Lewis and Max for a season I'll never forget. This year was truly epic!
MrAyOuB Anos atrás
But the fia destroy a lot! Especially Massi, we gonna kick out him!
JP91 Anos atrás
@MrAyOuB Dude stop
Kwuv Anos atrás
@MrAyOuB cry about it
Tennis-Man Anos atrás
@MrAyOuB cope.
Phoenix25 Anos atrás
Would have been even better if the FIA wasn’t a complete joke this season...
Zara Anos atrás
I love how the top 4 most dramatic moments are all ones involving Max and Lewis 4. Max and Lewis coming together at Saudi Arabia 3. Max and Lewis coming together at Italy 2. Max and Lewis coming together at Silverstone 1. The championship decider between Max and Lewis
Seth N.
Seth N. Anos atrás
Dont forget Lewis horrible braking habits where he gave up positions,...Namely at Azerbaijan where he failed the first corner as if he had no idea how to turn or slow down correctly, and when he left his self wide open for Max to move in during the last race and braked way too early allowing max to take the apex correctly and cut him off
The Amazing Parker C
@Seth N. Azerbaijani, he had a brake warming setting on which turned off his rear breaks and only the front breaks
west ay
west ay Anos atrás
@Seth N. could also bring up max's aggressive driving
cat 7 meses atrás
@Seth N. azerbaijan he had the magic brake button on and in abu dhabi he was on old hards and max was on fresh softs if he braked later max couldve hit him (like always) or hamilton just runs wide because of lack of grip
Christian Simmons
Christian Simmons 5 meses atrás
@Seth N. Jesus Christ dude you’re wrong on absolutely everything you commented on Did you even watch the season? 🤔 judging by your comment clearly not
Ze Fudismo
Ze Fudismo Anos atrás
Im not even gonna lie, I was cheering for Max during the entire season, mainly due to the fact that I was a bit bored with the absolute Mercedes dominance we have been seeing for the last few years, but seeing Lewis after that last lap, so close to history, and still accepting defeat in such a graceful way, publicly congratulating Max, his father, and Redbull, really makes me appreciate Lewis's growth as a person over the years. Wish him all of the best. Hopefully next season will give us some thrillers like the banger that was the 2021 season.
KOKO400GT Anos atrás
Yes, he just disappeared for a Month, he surely accepted the defeat.
KOKO400GT Anos atrás
@cambuurleeuwarden no ahhhahaha
Musketeer 5
Musketeer 5 Anos atrás
@KOKO400GT i don't like Lewis and have been a max fan for 3 years, maybe more, but you're just being illogical lol
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay Anos atrás
Disappeared to conspire to get Masi sacked and carte Blanche next time
Hoskins10 11 meses atrás
I've watched the 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 seasons live. The best seasons I've personally experienced. Lots of emotions, controversies, scandals, etc.. And this 2021 season was right up there, maybe even be the best season I've ever seen. Thanks Max and Lewis for this awesome Battle all out the season! F1 is Love!
Rien van den Dungen
Rien van den Dungen 2 meses atrás
Malak Anos atrás
Never realized how much Verstappen managed to control his last turn acceleration oversteer with perfection at 13:12 Can you IMAGINE if he spun and gave out the championship at the LAST corner? Incredible focus with such stakes
Jackyback Anos atrás
I think he does that on purpose, he did it in monaco before as a sort of victory celebration thing
Juan Anos atrás
@Jackyback This time it seems like he had a problem with his right leg (a calambre, in Spanish)
Yannis Gavage
Yannis Gavage Anos atrás
@Jackyback he had a massive leg cramp and had trouble driving the car
Leander Anos atrás
@Yannis Gavage source?
Finn Starkie
Finn Starkie Anos atrás
@Leander he said that himself
Gabry oo3
Gabry oo3 Anos atrás
This season is probably one of the most intense ever in F1 History
Phill Collins
Phill Collins 4 meses atrás
Dobry Molodets
Dobry Molodets 3 meses atrás
Why? Verstappen will become a champion easily.
Gabry oo3
Gabry oo3 3 meses atrás
@Dobry Molodets I was talking about 2021
Teaman 3 meses atrás
Nah it's gotta be 2007
Electrozed 86
Electrozed 86 2 meses atrás
Any season with a championship fight after one team's dominance is always thrillingly intense
Alcathous Anos atrás
Bottas taking out 4 Hamilton's competitors in one move. What a teammate!
niels kerszemaker
niels kerszemaker Anos atrás
amen mate tat is what i thought then....
Mark S.
Mark S. Anos atrás
to be fair, i dont think he did it on purpose. it would require a considerable amount of processing power to predict the trajectories of all the cars involved. And he's not that kind of driver.
Douwe odH
Douwe odH Anos atrás
@Mark S. I think he was being sarcastic
Santhush Anos atrás
Best team player sad to see him go 😭😭
niels kerszemaker
niels kerszemaker Anos atrás
@Santhush he is right
Max Horsten
Max Horsten Anos atrás
The last lap of the Championship final gave me chills and it still does.
Argento Anos atrás
I know, right? Seems straight out of a Hollywood movie.
James Morgan
James Morgan Anos atrás
Well it was fixed.
Jerry G
Jerry G 10 meses atrás
Which part? The FIA giving the championship to max?
Matt Traven
Matt Traven 10 meses atrás
@Argento felt very "talladega nights" to me
hornox4life 7 meses atrás
I remember it like yesterday, My heart rate was through the roof... Without any physical activity, simply by watching a screen😛, never experienced such a thing.
Brendan P
Brendan P 10 meses atrás
Rewatching this, I got goosebumps. What a season 2021 was.
goliathraydjc 10 meses atrás
Was amazing!
SamJesus8 3 meses atrás
Hands down one of the best seasons I've ever watched. I'm glad to have even witnessed this action regardless of the controversy and the drama
Maximus 3 meses atrás
It's been 2 years already but I really missed it, the most intense season in F1 history for sure
Senna Faber
Senna Faber 3 meses atrás
Yes I am a Max fan but I am not enjoying this season as much as the 2021 season. I do think that I enjoyed the 2021 season a bit more due to the results after such a great battle. But yeah it was really one of the moste intense seasons in the history of F1.
xFirebloodx Anos atrás
what a season
Pearse77 Anos atrás
Finally someone who just appreciated the great battles and wasn’t toxic about it. I forgot they existed. Thank you dude 🙏
SnElph Anos atrás
Stroll going over the curbs in Monaco is probably the most dramatic moment of the season
Dude Anos atrás
what has happened we need to know
Mario Rubio García
and hitting the barriers
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Anos atrás
@Mario Rubio García and causing a 28 car pileups.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Anos atrás
@SnElph hi SnElph. Dont forget about last lap crash at Daytona 500. Should be number 2 at best.
BrumBrim Anos atrás
Lol I'm chocking
L'Arena del C.A.O.S.
2021 season was phenomenal. Once in a lifetime season. Glad to have witnessed it.
Celine Celine Francis
Celine Celine Francis 2 meses atrás
Bottas taking out 4 Hamilton's competitors in one move. What a teammate!. What a season for both Max and Lewis. So exited for 2022.
thouxandbandvuso 2 meses atrás
AllenKey19 6 meses atrás
2021 was an absolute banger. Maybe not in the midfield but Max and Lewis going 12 rounds every week was just epic
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes 9 meses atrás
Max is the most aggressive driver I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t yield anything ever. I truly believe that some of his crashes were simply to tell the other drivers that if they want to stay in the race they better yield cause he’s not going to.
Alef Calixto
Alef Calixto 9 meses atrás
A lot like Senna
Jossbross 9 meses atrás
He is not very aggressive, he is the best driver in f1 history
C L 9 meses atrás
there exists a space, either you take it or they take it. Choose.
Kyaryi 8 meses atrás
Max may be the closest to Senna and Schumacher
cat 7 meses atrás
@Jossbross nope
johanbakx Anos atrás
This season was insane! It truly had everything.
TheApexHound Anos atrás
Unforgettable season. Roll on 2022.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Anos atrás
Yes. But 2022 gonna get much messier.
Mischevious Anos atrás
@Damar Fadlan im interested to see which new rules they will apply after the whole chaos with the championship race. I heard they are reforming quite a lot of rules, and the new car will also be interesting of course!
Michael P
Michael P Anos atrás
Add George Russell to the mix for 2022. If you thought two was company then three will be a crowd.
C Breeze
C Breeze Anos atrás
If bottas just helped Lewis in the last 3 races it would have been different. Glad he’s gone, useless in the last race.
Robert VanZant
Robert VanZant Anos atrás
You won’t see this again for 30 years , besides Mercedes way ahead for 22 already old lulu will get another easy title , his 8th
Tito Agina
Tito Agina Anos atrás
Watching all this made me realise how much Max really deserved it. Lost plenty of points for things that weren’t his fault
Tiafi Anos atrás
@travelledbones you mean like hamilton crashed into max at 280 kmh? That could have gone terrible wrong
Smiffy Anos atrás
@travelledbones if You Actually looked at it, You would have seen that Hamilton went well wide of the apex, Max Gave Enough space but unfortunately got hit by Lewis, overall, A racing incident, But leaning towards Hamilton’s Fault Imo
ND9 Productions
ND9 Productions Anos atrás
Hamilton had 2-3 incidents that affected him
Dominic decoco
Dominic decoco Anos atrás
He did deserve it but this also shows max did his best to wipe Lewis out more than once
AJP_33 Anos atrás
No one deserves anything in this sport, it all comes down to what you can do when it matters regardless of how you got there.
Gabriel Malet
Gabriel Malet Anos atrás
despite all the drama, the last images on lewis and max congratulating each other is the one to remember. Both outstanding athletes. Let's go 2022 !
R M Mês atrás
By far one of the most exciting seasons I’ve seen since my first full season in 2010. Enjoyed every moment even as a Max Verstappen/Red Bull supporter. I love that he’s at the top this season but man it’s a bit boring :)))They don’t even show him on camera anymore 😂
Knuffeltrut Anos atrás
Such a amazing season that brought back F1 to many people. Lets hope the rivalry continues in 2022.
Chester Winfield
Chester Winfield 14 dias atrás
Congratulations to this great F1 season 2021! That was epic! I've never seen such an amazing finale! Max Verstappen was back in a league of his own & he has been driving around the ears of all other F1 drivers since 2021! Max is the king of Formula 1! Congratulations to Max Verstappen and to the Red Bull Racing Team!
aaronbxy Anos atrás
As someone who didn’t grow up watching Senna and Prost for example fighting for the championship I have to say that this was by far the best season I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad that we have those two guys in the sport giving it all they’ve got. Amazing!!
Unlived Anos atrás
Imagine Twitter with Senna and Prost… mental. FIA was worse then also 😂
Phoenix25 Anos atrás
Imagine how toxic Social Media Would have been then lol
Dan Anos atrás
@Unlived The FIA back then had a name: Jean Marie Balestre. If Senna wasn't disqualified for taking the wrong way for rejoining the track in '89, he would've been dq'ed for an illegal push-start. In any way, a frenchman made sure a frenchman won that season. Sometimes, that's F1 too.
Chara Mia
Chara Mia Anos atrás
In 30-40 years, I think the fans not around now will look back on this era in the same way we who weren't around for Senna/Prost look back at that era.
Archana Shukla
Archana Shukla Anos atrás
@Dan except that's not the case, even if you give Senna the win in Suzuka, he would still need to win in Adelaide which he of course didn't because he crashed out. So prost deserved that championship
Invest Miami Live Miami
Checo’s defense , williams more points than last 4 seasons , gasly performance, lando’s season and max and Lewis battle. What a season !!!
Murk RL
Murk RL 2 meses atrás
Max’s tire blowout was so unfortunate, and then for Hamilton to hit his magic button… we really were destined for the championship lap, given all the crazy stuff that happened
Iceman Industries
Iceman Industries 5 meses atrás
A season etched in the annuals of history as one to remember for generations to come. Regardless of all the controversies surrounding it & all the what if scenarios you could come up with, gotta give respect where it due. If I may use a wrestling equivalent - Bret Hart & Shawn Micheals comes to mind instantly.
Caroline Crossan
Caroline Crossan Anos atrás
Nearly gave myself a heart attack at the end of that exciting what a sport!
Christian Kämmer
Christian Kämmer 3 meses atrás
I can clearly remember watching every single race with my best friend. Both rooting for Max. Doing the Math after every single one of the last 10 races on how it could turn out. Screaming, Yelling and laughing with every single event. And i do remember the feeling as a Max Fan when even Checos brilliant Defense couldnt get max close enough. And then the total disbelief that it might not be over yet when Latifi crashed.
AshleySessyoin Anos atrás
"You can hate the sport for a few hours, but after it's fine" is what everyone felt in the entire year with all the controversy
Armin Gleißner
Armin Gleißner Anos atrás
After Silverstone and Hungary I was sure to quit watching but when the next weekend came nearer I couldnt resist 😂
Nyaluogo Walter
Nyaluogo Walter Anos atrás
Then start counting hours to till the next race
Geoff Macey
Geoff Macey Anos atrás
I still hate it
Rizspy Anos atrás
Exactly 😂
adizMMZ Anos atrás
Emmm, it's been almost a week and Lulu fanboys are still crying
xX RForcE X x
xX RForcE X x Anos atrás
What a season, what a final race, what a final lap. Absolutely amazing. This is Formula 1!
said wyn
said wyn 4 meses atrás
One of the few championships that I have lived in sync while they happen. That legendary duel of a whole season of the young promise against the absolute legend, a whole season full of mixed emotions. It had the best ending anyone could imagine. One of the best seasons I've ever seen.
Thomas 3 meses atrás
would have been the best ending if it wasnt decided by a late SC tbh, they both deserved it. the SC was only nice for verstappen fans tbh and they'll defend it with their lives
Senna Faber
Senna Faber 3 meses atrás
@Thomas Lewis could have made a pitstop but he didn't. If he would have done a pitstop I'm sure that Lewis would have won the championship. He had a chance but he just didn't take it. So as a Verstappen fan I am of course very happy with the result but I do think that both drivers had equal chances in this race.
B L 2 meses atrás
@Senna Faber Lewis had already gone past the pitlane when the yellows came out
abyss 2 meses atrás
@Senna Faberif he would of pitted, masi wouldnt of let the lapped cars overtake thats for sure
Euan Forsyth
Euan Forsyth 11 meses atrás
Went to my first grand prix in 1998. Watched Schumacher vs hakkinen, raikonnen vs Schumacher, raikonnen vs alonso, Schumacher vs alonso, vettel vs alonso, vettel vs Hamilton, Hamilton vs rosberg over the years but nothing compares to this season. Absolute shambles with the rules in Abu Dhabi 2021 but ultimately the right man won the title and he's just proved it with an absolutely dominant title in 2022. Great content here
kraterkop Anos atrás
What a season! I hope Lewis doesn't quit because I want to see him battle with Max alot more! Outstanding drivers
Well we got a lot of that this season...
DethstruXioN ™
DethstruXioN ™ Anos atrás
@HANKTHEFARMER It can still happen, today (Canada GP) might have some of it.
kraterkop Anos atrás
So far it aged like milk...but still hoping!
AriET_ 10 meses atrás
@kraterkop We're kinda there... COTA was hella fun, Mexico could've been better. Let's see what Brazil has got to show us.
komakie Anos atrás
This was a great season that had it all. But I'm glad Leclerc and Verstappen are racing different against each other then Hamilton and Verstappen. It's nice to see them getting along and having respect for each other.
DethstruXioN ™
DethstruXioN ™ Anos atrás
Yeah, even though Max is my first pick, i do feel bad for Leclerc when he's got bad luck again. If Leclerc went to Red Bull, i think he might beat Max to the championship, as Max doesn't really battle with Leclerc, but Leclerc is more willing to start the duels, kinda like Max would with Hamilton. Then again, every time Leclerc retires, it means Max is getting extra points, so it's kind of a double feeling.
komakie Anos atrás
@DethstruXioN ™ I hope that he doesn't get any bad luck anymore. We need him to keep the championship Interresting. Max is learning that it takes 23 races to win the championship so he tries to battle Leclerc, but isn't taking to much risks. But same for Leclerc. They have the same age, background and they are both really fast. They are used to racing like they do. Hamilton wasn't last year and when things don't go like Hamilton plans you get a championship like last year.
RK8 Anos atrás
This season was historic and legendary
MrAyOuB Anos atrás
We just want kick out massi and the FIA!
Sebastian Buse
Sebastian Buse Anos atrás
we f1 fans deserve this exciting season after merc budget and regs ruined our sport since 2014 making it a 1 team sport.
Carlo F
Carlo F Anos atrás
I bet there will be a movie about this season like Rush
Backfisch Anos atrás
@Carlo F that would be awesome
Phoenix25 Anos atrás
One of the greatest seasons of all time.
Yura Kuzhel
Yura Kuzhel Anos atrás
Я не забуду никогда этот фантастический сезон!Спасибо,Формула 1!!!🔥🔥🔥
Mahelj Anos atrás
The season was amazing, but I’ll never forget the last lap in Abu Dhabi race, it was simply breathless
A Ab
A Ab Mês atrás
10:04 Lewis his signature move all over again. 10:55 Lewis, you steered into him steering wide? Even you yourself went out of the track, that's how hard you steered into him.
Historically Accurate WW2
Todays race was absolutely incredible for the first race of the season, Ferrari coming in with a 1-2 was so unexpected.
Shooting sports Transparency
Those last laps are F1 best laps ever and will go in F1 history as a highlight of real racing
Psivewri Anos atrás
Could've been a top 20 list with all the dramatic moments this season!
Álvaro Reyes
Álvaro Reyes Anos atrás
And a top 50😂
muhammad wahyu hidayat
@Álvaro Reyes and also Memes added the animted this year will be ready to reveal ever.
Riccardo Anos atrás
Latifi is the big crash....drammatic moment 🤣🤣
Stan Sinot
Stan Sinot Anos atrás
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Anos atrás
Top 10
Arkaitz M.A
Arkaitz M.A 3 meses atrás
Uno de las temporadas mas bonitas y locas de los ultimos años
Fernando DBDarkmaster
Fernando DBDarkmaster 6 meses atrás
I doubt there going to be a more dramatic, intense and amazing season in F1 in a couple of decades. The outcome couldn't be closer, literally.
Breno. M .Gomes
Breno. M .Gomes Anos atrás
A f1 voltou aos trilhos de 2021 para 2022 tem sido competitivo eu amo corridas absolutamente amo
Steath 6 meses atrás
2023 and I’m already reminiscing this incredible season.
Sergio Halaby
Sergio Halaby Anos atrás
Side Note: Max finished P1 or P2 all his races except when he was taken out in Silverstone, his tyre blew up in Baku and got hit by Bottas in Hungary. He deserves the title no matter what people say.
iscrubSOAP McTavish
I’m a lewis fan and I’ve been busy through out the season so I don’t remember half of it but watching this shows how close max came so so many times but then just something happens. What a great season though
Daniel Dryden
Daniel Dryden Anos atrás
桀翟 Anos atrás
Also Monza
stop Anos atrás
He didn't finish in monza
NoobPyxl Anos atrás
@stop but verstappen and hamiltion both dnf'd
The_Legendary77 Anos atrás
Unbelievable how unlucky Max was while Lewis was so lucky during the season, and most of Max's problems were caused by Merc but luckily he still is world champion and deserved It 100% looking at the data from the whole season!
Julian David Rodriguez Monroy
"Toto... It's called a motor race. Ok?" The only coherent thing Masi said in whole season.
Thomas 3 meses atrás
funny they said that while the last race ended up to be decided by the SC
Alex Baker
Alex Baker 3 meses atrás
that silverstone crash is terrifying, blatantly got his back right wheel when there was more space on the inside of the corner
Senna Faber
Senna Faber 3 meses atrás
Something like that should never happen. So dangerous. If this didn't happen the championship would have gone way different.
Femke Anos atrás
max's win will never stop giving me goosebumps. absolutely amazing season
Was here
Was here 8 meses atrás
I don't think we'll ever get another season as intense as 2021
Christopher Vinantius
This is exactly what we need right after the season ended
The Barça Boardroom
They might as well have played the whole season
Jraybay Anos atrás
There was a really nice season montage at the award ceremony. I wish they'd post it here too
UnknownParadox Anos atrás
Honestly this season made last year look like 2015
Christian Orsa
Christian Orsa Anos atrás
yes, yes indeed
Phoenix25 Anos atrás
We need top 10 overtakes video next
Kartkid024 2 meses atrás
This season had it's fair share of controversy, with such a fitting and poetic ending.
slayerr4365 2 meses atrás
Such an insane season and that was likely lewis last chance to ever win a f1 championship again
Jack Anos atrás
That last lap, the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life, still brings a tear to my eye!
Thomas 3 meses atrás
how was it exciting tho? from the moment i saw that SC appear i knew it was over for hamilton, there was no way to defend against max with fresh softs
Adam Leuer
Adam Leuer 10 meses atrás
Man it’s crazy that 1) McLaren clearly trust Lando enough to let him make the call on tire choice, 2) just how rude he was to his race engineer when asked about it, and 3) for all that, he made utterly the wrong choice. And even still he’s their golden boy.
Brie 3 meses atrás
in all fairness lando was completely under tons of pressure and adrenaline, they had already asked him prior and he said no, and then he completely owned his mistake lando is a huge talent they just need to tailor the car to him a little better and get that car to be competitive and lando could be taking podiums
Mehhhh 3 meses atrás
Also the last update he got from the team was the rain would stay the same rather than getting heavier which he felt he would have managed. I think there was just too much pressure between the garage and Lando therefore the team didn't give him the latest info. In contrast, Lewis also wanted to stay out but trusted the team's call from the weather forecast.
Alessandro Cacciatori
Leclerc’s heartbreaking in Monaco was the saddest moment for me in 2021
Super Glue
Super Glue Anos atrás
Checo’s defense in baku is so underrated moment he was holding Lewis on his own with that long straights. Absolute blessing to RBR
Jeroen van der Zee
Jeroen van der Zee Anos atrás
Without that defense max would not have won the title because lewis would have enough room to pit under the safetycar Absolute insane defense by him
hubabava Anos atrás
And it wouldn't have happened if Lewis hadn't pitted that early. He had a lot of great laps left in those mediums, would've taken a second per lap on Max with his hards. And he only needed 10 seconds more to have a free pit on Checo... First mistake by Mercedes team that sunday
mago97615 Anos atrás
@hubabava Hamilton was more than just unlucky, he was the victim of a wrongheaded decision which put the show above the sport. He didn’t deserve to lose the title that way - nor would Verstappen had the roles been reversed. Exactly. Had race direction Happy for Verstappen, but the FIA really didn’t wanna let Hamilton wins… the race. I think the results were manipulated
Jesus Mining
Jesus Mining Anos atrás
And according to the team directors, he is not even in the top 10 of the best drivers this season, what a joke...
nestoavila Anos atrás
@Jesus Mining what? Where was that?
Baba Godef
Baba Godef Anos atrás
La victoire de redbull est juste impensable ! Le dernier tour est de la part du commissaire de course indéfendable et même une des plus grosses escroqueries de la f1 actuelle. Même si je l’aime beaucoup, le titre revenait à Hamilton…
Leonhardt Rotch
Leonhardt Rotch 10 meses atrás
A championship where the FIA ​​was more protagonist than the contenders themselves, something that should/should never happen. The Race Direction was never up to such a demand. Whiting was needed and the hooliganims that were hidden came to light. A BITTER END for such great competitors.
Parker 7 dias atrás
"No, Mikey! No!" The real most dramatic moment of the 2021 season.
Rich Anos atrás
Verstappen: *Ahead of Hamilton in the table* Bottas: Ive got you bro Also Bottas: *takes out all of Hamiltons competitors in turn 1*
mary 10 meses atrás
not a redbull fan but max winning his first championship gives me goosebumps everytime i watch it
Adam lury
Adam lury Anos atrás
Wow the Russell bottas incident feels forever ago this season has been action packed
Ov M
Ov M Anos atrás
That's what I thought.. It feels like it was so long ago🤣🤣..
Kevin Hanandi
Kevin Hanandi Anos atrás
Yea, I thought it was last season or something
Abbas Savliwala
Abbas Savliwala Anos atrás
Mr. Belding
Mr. Belding Anos atrás
Why did George not get told off for hitting Bottas? Any other (non British) driver would have been reprimanded.
Tom Humphrey
Tom Humphrey Anos atrás
I actually forgot that happened
carlos pantoja
carlos pantoja Mês atrás
Alex Dmi
Alex Dmi Anos atrás
Great Season, Great Finale, Max 💪
samsonlovesyou Anos atrás
What a season. I remember thinking Copse wouldn't be topped for drama. Then Monza happened. Then Sochi. Then the Saudi mayhem. But nothing could prepare any of us for Abu Dhabi.
Matt_sierra Anos atrás
I’ve been a Mercedes fan since I started watching F1. But Max’s reaction gives me chills
YRT Racing Team
YRT Racing Team 4 meses atrás
0:05 for me this is the moment that russel already proved he is the biggist AH! in F1! His comment on it combined with the sound of his voice, and all his wining he does during the few weeks he is racing with mercedes makes it a fact!
Joel XoeGLeoJ
Joel XoeGLeoJ Anos atrás
The fact, that the Win of Daniel isn’t even in the Top 10 shows what a season it was 👍😂
Adolf Stalin
Adolf Stalin Anos atrás
Well his win isn’t “dramatic”
Tomás Midkiff
Tomás Midkiff Anos atrás
@Adolf Stalin it kinda was.
The Game
The Game Anos atrás
Yeah but where’s Charles crash in Monaco 😭
Földi Kornél
Földi Kornél Anos atrás
it shows that it was pure luck and he is finished
Tomás Midkiff
Tomás Midkiff Anos atrás
@Földi Kornél i love this response 😂😂
Lars Haver
Lars Haver Anos atrás
If u put the incident between bottas and russel at 0.25x speed you can see bottas left enough space. But yeah I know it is really difficult to react to that at that speed
At Empty Time
At Empty Time 2 meses atrás
We need more F1 race like 2021 season in the future.
Facro GD
Facro GD 2 meses atrás
Best season in Formula 1 history by far.
Jota 3 meses atrás
Lo pense en su dia y cada dia que pasa me doy mas cuenta, ese mundial estaba preparado para Max. En su dia no me quise dar cuenta pero la temporada 22 y la 23 se nota que estan preparadisimas para Max. El 21 fue a Hamilton quien Max se cargo, en el 22 fue a Leclerc y en el 23 es a su propio compañero de equipo. No os creais nada de que le veais. Todo esta preparado.
Prof.Progress 5 meses atrás
I want the confidence and courage of George to blame others for my fault
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
Y’know this season has been intense when Ocon and Ricciardo’s win is not in the top 10
Extremely juicy
Extremely juicy Anos atrás
2022 will be madness
Rubén 13
Rubén 13 Anos atrás
Or leclerc's heartbreak in Mónaco
Phoenix25 Anos atrás
Or Russell qualifying P2
Ryan Price
Ryan Price Anos atrás
Because f1 only care about the top 2 teams
Benedikt Habiger
Benedikt Habiger Anos atrás
Well these two wins aren't really a dramatic moment from this season, are they? More like big surprise^^
Herman Nakibinge
Herman Nakibinge 10 meses atrás
He who laughs last, laughs best! Max won the championship in a most of a thrilling series of events ever! His failed pole position lap at the Saudi ArabianGp was the best moment of 2021 in my opinion. Resl racing
ALaa Matter
ALaa Matter Anos atrás
I’m a Ferrari and Alonso fan …. But I still get goosebumps from that ending
President 11 meses atrás
Чемпионства Макса - полностью заслуженные. Говорю, как человек, который три года болел против него
Luis rodriguez
Luis rodriguez 5 meses atrás
La mejor temporada jamas vista en la historia de la fórmula 1
Jens 2 meses atrás
F1 please give us a season like that again!
PavarottiAardvark Anos atrás
Can you even IMAGINE Toto's reaction if Perez had ever taken out BOTH Mercs during a restart....
Driver Nephi
Driver Nephi Anos atrás
Red Bull's biggest mistake was not taking the Mercedes cars out early in the season when they wouldn't be blamed for crashing to win the championship.
Akira Tablet
Akira Tablet Anos atrás
@Driver Nephi it's not how F1 works
Driver Nephi
Driver Nephi Anos atrás
@Akira Tablet Yeah, it depends on the team you drive for.
Douwe Egbert
Douwe Egbert Anos atrás
@Akira Tablet you wish
G Anos atrás
@Akira Tablet that’s how it worked for Merc at Silverstone and Hungary.
Peterstanley Peterstanley
My favorite sport, very thrilling and keeps you on your seats edge. Following since nearly 25 years. My favorite is of course Michael Shumaker, what a gentle person, i wish to see the day he is on his feet. Thanks for sharing Satya. Hoping all is well. Stay blessed always. 🙏🙏🙏
King Chub
King Chub Anos atrás
Lewis did well to hang on that long with used hards against new softs! Feel bad for Lewis he was controlling that race! Well done Max
MRIWILLPLAY 5 meses atrás
When Bottas was told to take out the 2 Red Bulls. I also love how Lewis tried to claim Max brake checked him when he could have easily gone past at any point.
Basil Agula
Basil Agula Anos atrás
Lando's loss was sooo painful
Avinash Sawant
Avinash Sawant Anos atrás
7:49 two magic words by Hamilton - dangerous driving
Juan Villanueva
Juan Villanueva Anos atrás
We've been blessed with one of the best F1 season in history
Kahina Of The Elements
Lewis fans have a different opinion on that
Envixix Anos atrás
@Kahina Of The Elements lol
GRIME & GARAGE Anos atrás
@Kahina Of The Elements Fake drama, manufactured for a TV show doesn't make it the best.
GRIME & GARAGE Anos atrás
@Christopher Robin Garrish Blaming Hamilton's loss on tyre change is so B.S.
PAC Anos atrás
2012 was still the best season
MBA Shawn
MBA Shawn 11 meses atrás
13:13 when Max's car drifted I almost had a heart attack, so glad he had under control!!!
Vinny Naro
Vinny Naro Anos atrás
What an awesome season!
Probable Projects
Probable Projects Anos atrás
Max is the new Era of F1. He reminds me alot of Ayrton Senna Driving, very agressive.
Anonymous Icarus
Anonymous Icarus Anos atrás
Totally. Someone who drives fiercely like Ayrton has finally come, and enjoying it to the fullest. Waited too long for this. If he gets a slight bit of space, he will go for it all the time. Love to see it.
Steve V
Steve V Anos atrás
last lap of 2021 championship goes straight up into the pantheon of the most memorable moments in sport history
Erwin Kim
Erwin Kim Anos atrás
Their desire to win is unstoppable.
imanc Anos atrás
Absolutely fantastic montage!!! Few key things that could have been included: Ocons P1, Alonso's defense. Perez hunting down Bottas at Paul Ricard, Daniel's Shoey, "Ask him to defend like a lion" from Alonso, Alonso podium, Perez defending at Abu Dhabi, Bottas longest pitstop at name a few!!!
bongman Anos atrás
That's awesome moments, not dramatic as such
Bruno Alves
Bruno Alves Anos atrás
Alonso defending against Lewis in Hungary won "action of the year" by the fia, but it's not even on this top 10, go figure 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sentient Arugula
Sentient Arugula Anos atrás
Charles crash in Monaco
Violet Aliwa
Violet Aliwa Anos atrás
Drive to survive is sure to cover all that.. can’t wait
Ammar Israr
Ammar Israr Anos atrás
You mean Alonso defending off Lewis like a lion but when tells Esteban to defend like a lion, he defends like a cat
blackmancer 11 meses atrás
Perez applying that early pressure, almost running straight into Lewis to get him to overshoot, brilliant!
J. Paul M.
J. Paul M. Anos atrás
I was appalled by the way this championship ended, but I must say, what a championship fight to the end. I see a lot of people saying Max's championship was fake, but if you want real fake championships, go watch NASCAR. Hamilton and Verstappen both gave it everything and then some and had seasons that mathematically equalled going into the final race. True, that final step was given away, but the whole road to the point was one hundred percent earned. It was my first season watching Formula 1, starting at Silverstone and I must say, this was a championship fight for the ages.
Samit David
Samit David 7 meses atrás
Lando throwing away his win is still quite funny
TJ 8 meses atrás
Loved seeing llando slide off the track after being so adamant to stay on. Learnt the hard way.
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