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In this episode I ranked the best Led Zeppelin Riffs!
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25 Out 2021



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Tom Pluto
Tom Pluto Anos atrás
Can we just take a second to appreciate how accurate the tone is for each riff? Incredible.
Ozo Shatranj
Ozo Shatranj Anos atrás
True, he even used the Telecaster for "good times bad Times" from an album notoriously made with that guitar
James Loughran
James Loughran Anos atrás
It does have some serious talent.
IrLosin Anos atrás
Brian May told him he thinks Rick is a better guitar player than him. I mean that says it all..
Damon Duerr
Damon Duerr Anos atrás
I always appreciate an electric 12-string. The real top-10 list is the top 10 guitars used for this top-10 list.
rtdude1 Anos atrás
@Damon Duerr I'm not a guitar player or anything, but that does sound interesting! I second the notion.
Timothy Kirk
Timothy Kirk 9 meses atrás
I've long contended that Jimmy Page wrote 12 of the best 10 rock riffs ever.
Rick Chyczewski
Rick Chyczewski 5 meses atrás
You are not wrong lol
GM Rick
GM Rick 3 meses atrás
Keith Richards might have something to say about that.
Bust in Peace
Bust in Peace 3 meses atrás
@GM Rick keith is a joke compared to Jimmy
Noah_S_Shop 3 meses atrás
@Bust in Peace facts
Poer Guiller
Poer Guiller 2 meses atrás
I think he meant Tony Iommi.
Casket Anos atrás
Zeppelin and Floyd absolutely timeless bands that will live on forever
Beautiful Day Monster
Beautiful Day Monster 7 meses atrás
King Crimson too...!! ☺
Nazare Schwenck
Nazare Schwenck 3 meses atrás
Ryzen 3 meses atrás
@Beautiful Day Monster no way
Beautiful Day Monster
Beautiful Day Monster 3 meses atrás
@Ryzen I guess you've never heard KC at all...
murray crichton
murray crichton 3 meses atrás
If they were playing the same concert, which one would be the cover band?
Mick O
Mick O 5 meses atrás
In his prime Jimmy Page was writing absolute classics riffs for kicks and giggles.
SolidArnoŚĆ 966
SolidArnoŚĆ 966 4 meses atrás
Yeah.. “writing”. More like stealing songs and trying to get away with it.. hence all of the court cases and having to settle out of court in other cases.
Eric Mojave
Eric Mojave 4 meses atrás
@SolidArnoŚĆ 966we found him!! You must be fun at parties.
Geo B
Geo B 4 meses atrás
Lots of other musicians were doing the exact same thing back then. I think the lawsuits had more to do with the 300,000,000 albums sold than infringing out of date copyrights.
SolidArnoŚĆ 966
SolidArnoŚĆ 966 4 meses atrás
@Geo B Two original songs on their debut record.. the rest were covers. Covering other songs is fine. But not giving writing credits to the original musician? Plagiarism. Zeppelin was forced to pay royalties after virtually every album. A whole lot of love and Dazed and confused are cover songs. Wow.. what an “influential” cover band. Lol.
SolidArnoŚĆ 966
SolidArnoŚĆ 966 4 meses atrás
@Eric Mojave Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to bring you down with some honesty. Go back to lying.. be happy.
Bane1240 12 dias atrás
Ten Years Gone is just an incredible work of art on guitar (and overall). Always amazed by Ricks ability to demonstrate awesome music.
J B 7 meses atrás
Nobody has ever had as many great songs as Zeppelin.
Harrison Gwin
Harrison Gwin Mês atrás
Soundgarden is close
Connor Finch
Connor Finch Mês atrás
@Harrison Gwin 😂😂 no.
Claus Qvist Jessen
Claus Qvist Jessen Mês atrás
Well, The Beatles did :-)
Maddox Davidson
Maddox Davidson Mês atrás
heftosprod 3 dias atrás
The Beatles had two to three times more. Easily. Not a criticism... The LZ canon sure was loaded
Christopher Daugherty
It’s crazy how this list probably could’ve been 20-30 songs and most people would know them all.
To Si Ma
To Si Ma Anos atrás
It s like with Queen, CCR, The Stones or The Beatles. Quality music back in the day.
Garance A Drosehn
Garance A Drosehn Anos atrás
I saw Jimmy on a solo tour in the 1990's (iirc), and at one point he sat down just doing a rambling (ha!) instrumental. He'd go off in some random direction, and then drop into a riff from Led Zep song. He wouldn't do more then maybe six to eight notes for any one riff, but every time he did one the whole crowd would roar with recognition of the riff.
Tim Williams
Tim Williams Anos atrás
Years ago I had a job working nights and every night at 8 the radio station would "Get the Led Out" 3 songs in a row, I got so sick of that... now I appreciate the education although I am not a big fan I am glad I listened (like I had a choice).
mgmm14 Anos atrás
I was just thinking about how 10 is just not enough for this list...
Akshat Anos atrás
@To Si Ma c'mon man, their riffs don't come even close to zeppelin's
Joe Butler
Joe Butler 5 meses atrás
I'm glad he put Ten Years Gone on here! I love that song and like to play it on guitar too!
ADIT ADDICTS 4 meses atrás
Should've been closer to #1 imo.
William Bennett
William Bennett 4 meses atrás
My favorite too
BlueMoon 4 meses atrás
Totally agree- much closer to #1
Kristina 4 meses atrás
Underrated song
Joe Butler
Joe Butler 4 meses atrás
@Kristina totally! I'm always trying to introduce it to people!
Gaprise 18 dias atrás
Rick's knowledge and talent is indeed a gift to rock n rollers
J Swart
J Swart 13 dias atrás
The diversity of these timeless riffs came from the creative, musical genius of Jimmy Page
TDZ 4 meses atrás
One of the all time riff kings. I was maybe 11 and my father sat me down in front of the green doored credenza where he had his vinyl and stereo. Prior to that day I never had any interest in it. We sat on the floor and he gave me my musical education that day…selecting albums he had bought over the years. Albums that ignited a fire inside me that never left. The first album he played fir me was the first Led Zeppelin release. That was it for me. I still see the room, can smell the album covers, feel the texture of the credenza and hear the crackle of the phonograph needle. My father just passed and it’s left a hole inside of me. But that day is hands down the best memory I have with him. I’ll be traveling to Florida soon to retrieve these albums, of which he left to me. I plan to find a similar credenza, stereo system and sit on the floor and revisit that day. Rest easy dad. Love you.
Jon Grover
Jon Grover Mês atrás
As I listen to these, I can hear Bonham's drumming in my mind along with them.
Dave auf dem BMW
Dave auf dem BMW 9 dias atrás
Bonzo and his Ludwigs!
Beebo Anos atrás
Over The Hills And Far Away!
Jo Ba
Jo Ba Anos atrás
‘The Rover’ for me.
Elasmo Jones
Elasmo Jones Anos atrás
The finest of all Zeppelin
mgpvii Anos atrás
Definitely yes and definitely yes to any Led Zeppelin song anyone suggests :) So many great ones.
Bat Man
Bat Man Anos atrás
Yep that was the second zeppelin riff I learnt after moby dick. I love it
David Devoe
David Devoe Anos atrás's the very first true riff my 11 year old has learned this summer. Every day for a month this summer he would start with his pentatonic scales and spend the next hour working on the OTHAFA opening
Freakuensea 2 meses atrás
Achilles Last Stand is one legendary song of them that always gets overlooked
danutd94 Anos atrás
Where would we be without Zeppelin? Truly the most important band of all time in my humble opinion 🐐
Shawn Milstead
Shawn Milstead 3 meses atrás
The best there ever was or will be
Musical Mystery
Musical Mystery 2 meses atrás
Personally my favorite band of all time, but let's not forget that Time is a continuum and Led Zeppelin HEAVILY stood on the shoulders of music greats (especially Elvis + blues greats) that came before them and influenced them. Pretty much like ALL musicians. That said, the musicianship, technical execution, and musical creativity of EVERY member of the band was (and probably still is) unrivaled! They definitely all descended from the tops of mount Olympus to grace us mere mortals with their talents!
TheAnimeist 8 meses atrás
The tuning is what makes Kashmir so fun to play. Jimmy Page is a genius.
William Bennett
William Bennett 4 meses atrás
A great reminder of how amazing Jimmy was at creating these incredible riffs
Guillermo 4 meses atrás
Qué increíble la música que fueron capaces de crear estos monstruos. Lo de Led Zeppelin es de otro planeta. Melodías hermosas y tranquilas y por otro lado riffs potentes.
RC32 Anos atrás
You can never have enough Zeppelin. One of the most important rock groups in history. Cheers Rick!
Colt Wheeler’s Country Guitar
Gotta get the Led out!!
Fam Laurie K
Fam Laurie K Anos atrás
Never enough, never turn off any Zeppelin, feeds my soul🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
First Anos atrás
I don't get it. I think they're decent, but have never understood why so many people go apeshit over them. These riffs are pretty good, but are casually swept aside but half the riffs on the first RATM album
The Ghost Of Fred Zeppelin
Never heard them before, great band!
HaleysTusk Anos atrás
@First context matters, these guys were pioneers who have been credited as the start of what would eventually be known as Heavy Metal (with Black Sabbath). Robert Plant is recognised along w/ Mick Jagger as quintessential Rock front men, and bands like Zeppelin, Sabbath and the Beatles brought blues and soul over the Atlantic back to the US where those styles originated, The US didn't really recognise those genres until the British invasion brought it back to them (They grew up near coastal towns in England so were exposed to that music from the sailors who brought the music to the UK).... Even if you don't care for their music, those early British bands are what turned Rock into blues/soul tinged music you hear even today.
Gene Johnson
Gene Johnson 9 meses atrás
I saw Led Zeppelin at Subiaco oval in Perth back in 1973. Absolutely amazing. This band was the ultimate in rock and roll. Some of their acoustic recordings are the best as well.
Carlota Obregon
Carlota Obregon Mês atrás
he uses one different guitar for each different song, it's amazing the sound that he makes, love it
buixrule Anos atrás
Ten Years Gone just reaches a place that other songs can not. I don't know what it is but makes me happy.
drdvs69 6 meses atrás
One of Their best imo . One of The greatest songs . Ever . Period .
Rick Chyczewski
Rick Chyczewski 5 meses atrás
so true...and in that vein, if you like 10 years, Page and plant did a tune called blue train on walking into Clarksdale. That song makes me cry everytime I listen. Roberts vocals are haunting.
Carl Burnett
Carl Burnett 10 meses atrás
Ten Years Gone is one of the greatest songs/riffs ever
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Mês atrás
Don’t forget those soul piercing solos
Rick Gutleber
Rick Gutleber 10 meses atrás
How in the world do you get such all those amazing (and super accurate) sounds? That tells me that there was a huge amount of work put into the video above and beyond just playing these riffs. Rick, you're amazing!
Dave auf dem BMW
Dave auf dem BMW 9 dias atrás
Rick is just that good.
Larry S Wood
Larry S Wood Anos atrás
0:36 Moby Dick 1:15 Good Times Bad Times 1:46 The Ocean 2:15 Heartbraker 2:46 Ten Years Gone 3:47 Whole Lotta Love 4:17 Black Dog 4:42 Dancing Days 5:40 Stairway to Heaven 6:17 Kashmir
Giovanni Gagliano
Giovanni Gagliano Anos atrás
Where is Achilles Last Stand. Since I've been loving you. The song Remains the Same. The Rain Song. Dazed and Confused? In the Evening. In My Time of Dying. Battle of Evermore. How Many More Times. Your skipping some of the best songs and riffs that have been copied over and over. I get you can't give them to much praise because of the whole stigma, but when the best of the best that has played in the same industry bows down to them, that's all the recognition that is needed by us who actually have the ear but not only the ear we have the third eye to see what is truly the Hammer of The Gods. So mysterious, so magical, so transcending, it's a question that sounds them that no person past or present can truly answer. That's the wonder of Led Zeppelin!
MirrorImageOfYou Anos atrás
You're the real MVP! Thank you 💯✊🏆
Carlos The Rocker
Carlos The Rocker Anos atrás
You don't know how much I appreciate you listing the time stamps.
Carlos The Rocker
Carlos The Rocker Anos atrás
Ten Years Gone is sooooo painfully beautiful.
Tom Henninger
Tom Henninger Anos atrás
The Ocean! Needs to be there. 🙂
Mike Bowman
Mike Bowman Mês atrás
Outstanding !!! Love hearing these all together.
Bruce 4 meses atrás
Rick actually panned the speakers for specific songs in his playthrough... that's some serious dedication to production.
abcd Mês atrás
Fr genuinely impressive as hell, wish everyone made this much of an effort to have their cover tones match the originals
Jason Goweser
Jason Goweser Anos atrás
Man...I still remember how Whole Lotta Love made me trembling when I was a kid in 70's and it still does. But for Page's solo I am more into Since I've Been Loving You.
Red Zeppelin
Red Zeppelin 10 meses atrás
That sky blue Les Paul is so damn beautiful 💙 Edit: the opening riff to ‘Bring it on Home’ will always be the greatest of all time.
David King
David King 5 meses atrás
10 Years Gone is such a majestic sounding song. That and The Rain Song live are probably my top two favorite Zeppelin songs…with about 40 more in third place. What a sound they had.
Hunter Macintyre
Hunter Macintyre Anos atrás
We could have a whole video dedicated to “Ten years gone” such a masterpiece
Pyme Fisher
Pyme Fisher Anos atrás
Please do it!
Lido Shuffle
Lido Shuffle Anos atrás
"Ten Years Gone" is my #2 Zeppelin tune, just behind "Kashmir"...
Jay Love
Jay Love Anos atrás
Taste is subjective, 10 yrs gone... nothing finer!
Mark Hill
Mark Hill Anos atrás
Without doubt, it is the most incredible, emotional, lush piece of music ever. What really saddens me is that at the ARMS concert, the only time the 3 greatest have ever been on stage together, they didn't play Ten Years, Paul Rodgers could've done the vocals. Guess Clapton didn't want Layla upstaged!
PD Anos atrás
I think the second most amazing thing about Ten Years Gone is that Jimmy & JPJ worked out music that beautiful to begin with. Imagine being a singer and being handed that piece of music to write lyrics for and sing over without ruining it. And that's the most amazing thing about that song, that Plant actually managed to do it. If I were trying to be a rock band in the 70s and I had to compete with that, I'd just say F it and start punk too.
Michael's YouTube Channel
How can one mortal man create so many classic licks.. Jimmy Page is the best there ever was and ever will be. Great countdown, expertly executed.
Jim B
Jim B Anos atrás
Perhaps a 5 billion year old planet,....and we get the honor of hearing the greatest musical artists of the world since, and one Master Rick Beato showing, explaining, and teaching
Three Six Nine
Three Six Nine 9 meses atrás
Jimmy Page's riffs are why he's one of my favourite guitarists. Many players better than him, but few can match his riffmeistery.
Byron 26 dias atrás
10 years gone is my favorite song of all time. I'm learning guitar when I get to that point where I can play that..that would probably be my greatest personal achievement 😊
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Honestly I feel like even if Led Zeppelin were a new band today, they’d be still quite successful, they were ahead of their time back then
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen Anos atrás
“The Rover” off Physical Graffiti is one of the most underrated LZ songs with amazing groovy riffs. Same goes with “The Lemon Song.” Goes to show LZ’s greatness!
Guitar Tabs Daily
Guitar Tabs Daily Anos atrás
The Rover Is the best 🔥🔥🤘🤘
Brian McQuillan
Brian McQuillan Anos atrás
"The Rover" is the most "copied" Led Zeppelin song, as far as using it as a template.
PedroFrassonB Anos atrás
Warstub Anos atrás
Agree with all of you. And I will add that composition-wise, it has great distinctive guitar parts, with a guitar solo almost as good as Stairway. Such a fantastic drum intro too!
Buffalo Rick
Buffalo Rick Anos atrás
LThomasUnity 7 meses atrás
I wrote a whole novel because of "Good Times Bad Times." That's what good music can do.
jon green
jon green 3 meses atrás
That's the MOST enjoyable 7½ minutes of youtube I watched in ages :) You could put those 10 in any order!!! Nice one, Rick
crmcrmll 10 meses atrás
true is that Jimmy composed the biggest amount of iconic riffs of an unreachable beauty
ChicoBluesman10 3 meses atrás
You can check the best riffs from 00:01 of Good Times Bad Times to 05:30 of Wearing and Tearing.
nzmarty 4 meses atrás
I reckon the best Kashmir is live at Celebration Day. Page is simply masterful and the undertones and slides exquisite
John Hoyle
John Hoyle Anos atrás
“Achilles Last Stand” doesn’t get the love or recognition it deserves.
Geezer 1962
Geezer 1962 Anos atrás
It does from me!! I tried to play it before. It’s a marathon session. I only got maybe 70-80% down. My band mates just looked at me and shook their heads! “We can’t do that song! Too hard!”
Sonia DM
Sonia DM Anos atrás
True! It is one of my favorite, one of their greatest songs imho.
Geezer 1962
Geezer 1962 Anos atrás
It’s truly one of their “Epics”, right up there with Kashmir! Presence was an under-rated and often overlooked album. Also contained Tea For One, which is a blues classic right up there with Since I Stopped Loving You!! Also the great Nobody’s Fault but Mine!
johnraevis13 Anos atrás
I was waiting for this comment
texi 123
texi 123 Anos atrás
Yeah... A good old 10min banger... Also the rover is so underrated
Wise Owl
Wise Owl 24 dias atrás
Jimmy was a creative riff bloke to be sure and you've replicated the magic very well Rick
Anthonius AlphaProject
Anthonius AlphaProject 9 meses atrás
Rock, a compound of happy music accidents of cool sounds that only Rick knows how scientifically explain.
Geo B
Geo B 4 meses atrás
I love the slow heavy riff in “The Rover” on Physical Graffiti. Less is more. The groove in “Out On The Tiles” from Led Zep III kicks much ass. The phased as fuck rubber band open in “ Nobody's Fault but Mine” on Presence is epic.
Steve Gant
Steve Gant 2 meses atrás
Ten Years Gone has always been my favorite, it's a true masterpiece!
michael graalum
michael graalum 4 meses atrás
The Rover is my favorite. So many underrated Zeppelin riffs
Frank Glad
Frank Glad Anos atrás
I've always loved the guitars in " Ten Years Gone". That would have probably been a career defining song for anyone else but Jimmy Page.
AdlerHut (Arsine)
AdlerHut (Arsine) Anos atrás
Great guitar in this song. Also , the point which the guitar solo starts is just awesome. Some serious air drum material.
BBBri57 Anos atrás
Me too! Great, great song
Jack Sheppard
Jack Sheppard Anos atrás
I saw them do it live in 1979. Then I saw Page and Plant do 'Since I've been lovin' you' in the 90's. I can die happy.
Barry Mizrahi
Barry Mizrahi Anos atrás
Agreed. One of my favorite Zep songs.
Steve VanScoik
Steve VanScoik Anos atrás
So melancholy
Tom Hawkins
Tom Hawkins 2 meses atrás
And for the most part played on the correct guitars, wow! Danelectro on Kasmir etc. Rather imagine the various Les Paul models represent the evolution of number 1 through the years. Love it.
Ajoep Anos atrás
Many other Zep songs could have made this list, like « immigrant song » or « Livin’ Lovin’ Maid »… and that’s what makes Led Zeppelin so special
Colin Wright
Colin Wright 4 meses atrás
It would be great if Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music gave listeners the option to say what prompted them to listen to a band or song. That way content creators like Rick get some credit for increasing interest in classic music.
BenStark 5 meses atrás
So glad you got Ten Years on there, for sure the most underrated Zeppelin song.
Mark Fox
Mark Fox 4 meses atrás
I was hoping to hear “In the evening”
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 3 meses atrás
This gave me goose bumps! Almost nobody plays that Stairway riff correctly. Rick nails it.
PI-Patriot Anos atrás
Tens Years Gone and the Rain Song are two of the best Led Zeppelin songs ever recorded. INCREDIBLY creative and well rounded!
LIAM Z Anos atrás
the rain song!
Carl Neoh
Carl Neoh Anos atrás
Beautiful lyrics by Plant as well!
LIAM Z Anos atrás
@Carl Neoh yes!
Disgustipated Anos atrás
Ten years gone definitely. I like no quarter more than rainsong but I love led zeppelin soooo yeah
Pat Glaze
Pat Glaze Anos atrás
No better rock ballads - The Rain Song, Thank You, and Ten Year Gone.
Bassman3478 4 meses atrás
Jimmy Page with The Black Crowes is a great version of “10 years gone”
Harold Conner
Harold Conner Anos atrás
WOW! Page came up with some sick riffs/songs! Greatly played Rick!
OneCupOfCoffee204 Mês atrás
You just inspired me to play one of those iconic riffs. Awesome! Note to future self. I wonder how long it will take...
mstewart248 11 meses atrás
I was showing my wife this video. I said he’s doing a top ten Led Zeppelin rift video and he has a different Les Paul for every song! I got Les Paul last year and it has taken over my life.
DetroitJimB 16 dias atrás
Some of my absolute favorites that aren't here (goes to show how many great riffs they had) - 'How Many More Times', 'The Rover', 'Communication Breakdown', 'Out On The Tiles',' Four Sticks', 'Over The Hills And Far Away', 'No Quarter'. Geez, I could keep going! And let's not forget, John Paul Jones came up with some of them. Offhand I can only think of 'Black Dog', but I know there are more.
Mary Vallas
Mary Vallas Anos atrás
What REALLY makes the "10 Years Gone" riff great though, is the sick bass line that goes with it. I would LOVE to see you do a "What makes this song great" video on it! You always make my brain understand what my ears and heart have known all along!
Tom Hathaway
Tom Hathaway Anos atrás
The Rover?
Kevin Mason
Kevin Mason Anos atrás
It's one of my favorite Plant performances as well. Great song, great album.
Dave Tuttle
Dave Tuttle Anos atrás
Oh, yeah, that would be great. That tune has a GB Factor rating of an 11 on the 10 scale (goose bumps) every time I hear it, and when Rick started playing....whoa, there we go. Just the greatest tune, so underrated. [Disclaimer: GB Factor is a product of the mind of Alex Lifeson and I do not own nor receive monetary value from it's use].
MatMalt Anos atrás
Also Jimmy Paige used like 12 different guitar tracks for that song. There's so much going on and it all blends so well together.
Mary Vallas
Mary Vallas Anos atrás
@Dave Tuttle LOL! 11 on the GB factor indeed! Seriously... it does something to my soul every time I hear it, which is countless times!
Jeff Black
Jeff Black 11 meses atrás
'Achilles last Stand'. When I was in my early bands, they kept asking me why I kept changing riffs and rhythms to the point where i could have made five songs out of one. It's because I learnt guitar to this stuff.
Frederick Glasser
Frederick Glasser 3 meses atrás
The Mighty Led Zeppelin began their storied career with the intro riff to Good Times/Bad Times. For about 90% of the rock and roll groups, that'd be what we call a career.
buzz hernandez
buzz hernandez 2 meses atrás
I think maybe Rain Song, the ending live is pretty damn worthy. But, it would be hard to bump one off this list! Ten Years Gone one of their nest ever!!!
Andy Feleh
Andy Feleh 3 meses atrás
I was pleasantly surprised by "Kashmir", because I thought "of course here will be Immigrant song and not Kashmir in the whole list for some reason"... But then! Woah! "Kasmir" was always my favourite LZ song since I first meet their music in my life. This incredible piece of art is like a mini-symphony with heavy as thunderstorm and beautifully poetic elements at same time. I love this song the most from LZ.
john Harbour
john Harbour 10 meses atrás
Couple things, so glad you included Ten years gone in there! Such an underrated song! And man you really should have ripped a little of that stairway solo! You were killin' it!
Alex C
Alex C Anos atrás
Ten years gone is probably one of the most underrated Led Zeppelin songs. Just amazing
Guitar Ninja
Guitar Ninja Anos atrás
Who rates it poorly? I think it isn't as known, because most who hear it, love the song.
ZiPolishHammer Anos atrás
I've never deep dived Zeppelin (was always more a Stones and Who guy) and as soon as he played that riff I went and listened to the song. Definitely not one known by casual fans, but what an incredible song.
Alex C
Alex C Anos atrás
@Guitar Ninja ZiPolishHammer basically just answered that question. The average led Zeppelin fan doesn't know the song. You are right that everyone that has heard of it, likes it. The song just never got it's recognition as a whole. There were two hits on Physical Graffiti when this album came out: Houses of the Holy and Kashmir.
Guitar Ninja
Guitar Ninja Anos atrás
@Alex C I think we're all on the same Page (dumb pun included) ...I've never been a casual fan of Zeppelin, and it's cool to hear other perspectives. I do contest that one can't rate what they are unaware of.
Alex C
Alex C Anos atrás
@Guitar Ninja I like hearing others perspectives too. I'm also a big Who fan as well. "Who's Next" is one of my favorite rock albums. Not a bad track on that album in my opinion
Guenther Graphics
Guenther Graphics Anos atrás
I could listen to every Led Zep song played like this in their entirety.
Mongol Mcphee
Mongol Mcphee 24 dias atrás
An amazing video. Super well played. You could argue about the order of these songs for a lifetime.
C V Anos atrás
I am a drummer, cannot play a lick of guitar, however addicted to you and your channel. Always something interesting to watch and I love the combination of your incredible talent and also the interviews that you do. Just want to say thank you for your contribution to my music.
Hayden Isaac
Hayden Isaac 2 meses atrás
The Kashmir riff gave me goose bumps. I love it when music does that
Tom Decuca
Tom Decuca Anos atrás
Rick!! Hats off for "Dancing Days," which has to be one the coolest song Zeppelin ever wrote!! The only thing cooler is you figuring it out!! Well done. That's a strange song even if you know the tuning, with those voicings like that.
Amazon Bookworm
Amazon Bookworm Anos atrás
Led Zep is an amazing band period, but it's when you hear it broken down like this that you realize just how talented Page is and how innovative, especially for his time. It's amazing to hear the variety too. So often groups, especially rock groups, create a very specific sound and once it works, just stick with it. LZ's songs had a distinctive flair, but each song was definitely unique. My all-time favorite song by them is When The Levee Breaks, for many reasons. The beat, Plant's vocals, the song is just *chef's kiss*
Kineahora Anos atrás
I listen to this one a whole lot still. And Ramble on, and the Rain song. Top 3 still listened to by me.
arthurmee Anos atrás
Jimmy Page was the riffmeister in general. without doubt.
Douglas Magowan
Douglas Magowan Anos atrás
What do you mean "for his time"? His time was the great age of guitar-driven rock. He inspired and was emulated by nearly all that followed him. Page is a rock god!
blue bay
blue bay Anos atrás
Rain Song is out of this world.
George Anos atrás
You are spot on.
Teresa Dewey
Teresa Dewey 3 meses atrás
I can tell Heartbreaker is one of your favs to play because you nailed that one
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt 10 meses atrás
Page really was one in a trillion. He perspired riff.
R Scott
R Scott Anos atrás
Rick, how can you be such a Beatles fanatic when you play these Zep songs so well !
jusup djidjimidjimilovic
It is hard to reduce best Page's riffs to only ten, many others are possible to enter in top ten list, but this is really good ranking.
Tim Weber
Tim Weber 10 meses atrás
Thankyou that was fantastic. Dancing days is in my view one of Jimmys greatest but weirdest riffs, after 100 listens still not sure whether i love it or it grinds on me.
TorToroPorco Anos atrás
Great to see Ten Years Gone on this list, it’s such a beautiful song. Some of the most dramatic and powerful riffs you’ll ever hear. No doubt the wide variety of material that Page was exposed to as a session guitarist gave him a broad experience and encyclopedia of musical genres to draw on for inspiration.
FreeMpg Anos atrás
@TorToroPorco: My favorite Page sessions story was him playing when Shirley Bassey recorded "Goldfinger". He said she held a note so long at the end she passed out and collapsed to the floor. Her being so dramatic to begin with just added to it.
Anthony Scully
Anthony Scully Anos atrás
Yes, he was drawing on world music, not just the blues
Somewhere Down South
Somewhere Down South 11 meses atrás
We Zep fans salute you! 🙏🏻♥️🎼🙏🏻
Wim G
Wim G 9 meses atrás
The bass was also excellent played. Right in sync.
Fred Lougee
Fred Lougee Anos atrás
I recall reading in one of the guitar rags that Nuno Betancourt was asked what his first thought was when he learned that Extreme were going to open for Coverdale Page. He said that he wanted to ask Pagey why he had to go and write every single rock riff and not leave any for everyone else.
Uwe Menrath
Uwe Menrath 9 meses atrás
All in all, we need to say that Jimmy Page created the best, the most important, the most imaginative guitar riffs in the history of rock music. Anyway, I'm missing Rock and Roll?
Jake Wolfson
Jake Wolfson Anos atrás
Of the songs on albums considered “the good ones,” Ten Years Gone is under appreciated but In The Light is slept on even more. Insanely heavy.
jdalexander69 Anos atrás
I was hoping to see the In the Light riff, too. The only thing overshadowing it is JPJ's keyboard work. But the riff is so so heavy, love it!
Splifftone Anos atrás
In The Light is such a great tune. Heard it on the radio as a kid that didn't know anything about music and it haunted me for years (the exotic, droning intro followed by that crushing riff). This was pre-BRvid, pre-Shazam and I had no idea who wrote it or how to track it down. Was so pumped when I got deeper in to Led Zeppelin years later as a teenager, bought Physical Graffiti, and finally found it again as I made my way through that second disc.
MegaSilverBlood Anos atrás
Yeah, to me, both those songs are probably top 5 best Zeppelin songs, stairway is iconic, but ten years gone and in the light are kashmir epic level
Mr Mike
Mr Mike 10 meses atrás
The intro to Celebration Day is another great riff and when Jimmy first plays on In the Light.
Scott Parker
Scott Parker 19 dias atrás
Kashmir and Stairway To Heaven are my absolute fav songs by Zeppelin, great work sir!
Anupam19781 6 meses atrás
Great stuff, Rick. Your playing and your taste is impeccable. I would have included 'Dazed and Confused' but its a good top 10. Jimmy Page!
Thomas Guercio
Thomas Guercio 4 meses atrás
Rick, you are a great talent.
Jim Hagan
Jim Hagan 3 meses atrás
Can't leave out Rock n Roll! That's the best riff ever for any band! blues and rock!
the  black circle  ---  ⚫💽
Jimmy Page could be pretty crude onstage when he'd been awake for 5 days straight and loaded on Jack and Smack but my God he could move you with his playing at times. The notes he chose were always perfect , even if they weren't always perfectly executed some nights. But look at the life he was living. He's one of the few actual geniuses in rock. The second solo in Ten Yrs Gone is to me the most brilliant, emotionally charged solo in rock history . (2 minutes and 30 seconds in, for those who are curious). Nobody could capture the mood of a song with a solo like Jimmy Page
Greg Florko
Greg Florko Anos atrás
Jack and Smack. Don't forget the Coke. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to stay up that long. Ha ha ha!!!
Mitvelkez Anos atrás
I agree Page was great but not the only guitarist to capture the mood of a song in his solo. Check out Michael Schenker with UFO he's an equal in my mind.
Dylan Whitnack
Dylan Whitnack Anos atrás
I agree, except that the second solo from comfortably numb is the greatest solo of all time. But Ten years gone is a better song all around
Christopher Mitchell
I've played that live so many times I luv it, I play the knebworth version on the W.O.F. I always waited for someone to recognise it but everything U said its true
Bryan Jackson
Bryan Jackson Anos atrás
Jimmy was often so wasted that a lot of his live solos sucked. All out of key and way, way, way out of time. It was only because Bonham and Jones were able to hold the bottom that Page was able to pull through. But other than that, Page was incredible.
Tom Cushing
Tom Cushing Anos atrás
All amazing. Page is a guitar riff legend. I probably would have put them in a different order, and you could probably have done a top 20, but excellently done.
N Priore
N Priore 11 meses atrás
I find it hard to rank any of those 10 Zeppelin guitar riffs They are all great
Ralph Plummer
Ralph Plummer 3 meses atrás
Rick, you are an amazing guitarist and musician!
Rev D
Rev D 2 meses atrás
Rick, I’m so jealous of your musically. I’m living vicariously through you.
dlschgo 8 meses atrás
Spot on, Rick! If I could just play those 10, I'd be satisfied for life.
Ryan G
Ryan G Anos atrás
Rick's a treasure who needs to be protected at all costs
Gregory Mize
Gregory Mize Anos atrás
We will defend him till the ends of the earth!❤
Lisa R
Lisa R Anos atrás
I was just going to tell him he was a national treasure. 😀
SzopTuptus Anos atrás
Hey he's international, greetings from Poland.
Studio151 LLC
Studio151 LLC Anos atrás
Amen brother!
Cheftekar D
Cheftekar D Anos atrás
Yes! Beatos UNITE!
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger Anos atrás
When I first heard Whole Lotta Love in 1969 I was in a military cafeteria in Atsugi Japan where my Dad was stationed. My "Jr" group was already playing Hey Joe by Jimi and other things attainable to 5th graders. I just looked up and tuned in to the music coming over the cafeteria radio....then saw that EVERYONE was just slack jawed listening to that new sound. What a ride it still is.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson 6 meses atrás
10 Years Gone is my favorite Zeppelin song and I don't know why. To me it could be second to Stairway in emotion and sound!
Donu Duty
Donu Duty Anos atrás
My favorite is the Rain Song and Rock n Roll is fun. So nice to hear the bass part so clean along with the riffs so sweet!
Ronald Aldrich
Ronald Aldrich Anos atrás
this is me wanting get a new album of them forgot how good they were.
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