Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

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Gentlemen, a short view back to the past...
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19 Jul 2019



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Comentários 100
FORMULA 1 Anos atrás
Which was your favourite moment? Let us know if you think there are any we should've included 😂
Mulya Bagus Setiawan
Mulya Bagus Setiawan 16 horas atrás
Montoya's interview
adam gould
adam gould 6 dias atrás
The Juan one was the one that won my vote for number one !
Isabel Chua
Isabel Chua 6 dias atrás
The Juan question 😂
rzober89 8 dias atrás
MSC microphone with Rosberg and "we're still in free practice" :D
Sara Saliba
Sara Saliba 10 dias atrás
Lando’s laugh definitely.
# Namenlos
# Namenlos Hora atrás
1:01 Get yourself someone that looks at you the way boi Russell looks at Walter Koster (the legend).
Yvonne Pingleton
Yvonne Pingleton 4 horas atrás
Lando Norris, and Ricardo, are uplifting chaps. The rest of them. WHY SO SERIOUS?
Jimmy 4 horas atrás
Deals Dia atrás
4:31 kimi and Fernando passing notes? Perhaps paying up on a bet that they’d both claim they were right?
Burger Man
Burger Man 2 dias atrás
Danny Ricc and Norris in one team next year is gonna be beautiful to watch
ykpeky 2 dias atrás
8:19 you can see Lewis thought the reporter was about to say something racist an start looking around like 'is anyone hearing this' Even Nico R was a bit shocked by what was said Luckily it was just an innocent comedic question
Rhys Maybrey
Rhys Maybrey 2 dias atrás
Number 3 very funny.
Adrian De los Santos
Adrian De los Santos 2 dias atrás
5:00 juan one juan one juan one
eyyop 3 dias atrás
Dando 2021
Sossarado 3 dias atrás
Mika was the best, miss that guy
Flasino Flasino
Flasino Flasino 3 dias atrás
Top 10 Funniest press? You have to start with Daniel :D
Motos&Carros20 4 dias atrás
Kacper K
Kacper K 4 dias atrás
Now lulu has only 6 years
Luthfi Zaidan
Luthfi Zaidan 4 dias atrás
4:37 new twisted tounge
Sayak Ghosh
Sayak Ghosh 8 dias atrás
Pwoah is the predecessor of Bwoah.
Hash Smash
Hash Smash 8 dias atrás
Watching 5:35 min drivers look and act like children which fits the playstation f1 cars they driving nowadays! In the 80s and 90s poduim had warriors! Irony how f1 changed to worse.
pragalbh p
pragalbh p 11 dias atrás
Why isn't kimi in here
Mantis Trucker
Mantis Trucker 11 dias atrás
Daniel Ricardio (hope I spell that right) is a breath of fresh air in F1 these days. Actually got a personality along with the raw talent
tzl83 11 dias atrás
@8:17 check the change of expression on Lewis' face, when the reporter says the word "monkey". Priceless.
Piemonte Fantasma
Piemonte Fantasma 12 dias atrás
4:38 Binary code question...
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 12 dias atrás
Juan in the p one in this formula 1 race one round one
Anthony Esper
Anthony Esper 12 dias atrás
To this day, I've still never heard a better question than that last one.
Jakob.21 12 dias atrás
Raihan Dzaky
Raihan Dzaky 14 dias atrás
Is that christiano ronaldo at 7:05 ?
Jaim Diojtar
Jaim Diojtar 14 dias atrás
the juan one was insane hahahhahahahj couldnt stop laughing
Abril Crauzas
Abril Crauzas 15 dias atrás
Porfa si alguien lo sube con subtítulos en español se lo agradecería mucho
LoganHunter82 15 dias atrás
That Eddie and Mika shenanigans.... We haven't seen like that in a long time. Maybe Norris, Russell, Ricciardo and such will finally open up the humorous side of F1 to the public after long time.
Hannah Plumley Myvloggingaddiction
that one Juan one I laughed way more than I should of done why is it soo funny???
auge auge
auge auge 16 dias atrás
Dion Peeters
Dion Peeters 17 dias atrás
I love the juan one
musmus96 17 dias atrás
Too many salty driver, it's not funny, it's cringy
Vignesh MK
Vignesh MK 18 dias atrás
David Coulthard about Ferrari 😂😂😂👍
max esports
max esports 19 dias atrás
My favorite moment was 1990
V13 Sac
V13 Sac 20 dias atrás
Traducción en español!!!!!!!
hieroglyph321 21 dia atrás
This was actually funny, lol
hieroglyph321 21 dia atrás
What an opening to the video LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a pr!ck LOL
erwin ellis
erwin ellis 22 dias atrás
#7 prank of the legends
ApexInstinct 23 dias atrás
9:09 Everyone's smiling except Rosberg?
Manosh 23 dias atrás
Aww, Pascal seems like a nice chap. Too bad that there's only 20 seats in F1.
Barış Oktay
Barış Oktay 23 dias atrás
Vettel and Ricciardo are actually smart. Getting the jokes before they are even delivered and start coyly smiling and preparing comebacks. No other driver has it in this video. Especially Rosberg and Lewis.
JuanCarlos Reyes
JuanCarlos Reyes 24 dias atrás
Fantastic compilation. Congrats!!
ThatsRaidillonActually 25 dias atrás
Less Buttons Sad Jenson noises
Mauricio Garcia Loyo
Mauricio Garcia Loyo 26 dias atrás
The Ricciardo one problably
tuxedo mask
tuxedo mask 26 dias atrás
Kimi and Alonzo killed me lol
Ilya 27 dias atrás
Man, I rewatching this in 2020 mid season and it’s amazing - for years surely 😂
Richard 77
Richard 77 27 dias atrás
The old guy asking the long winded questions was the funniest and of course the driver laughing like a girl
Gabriel Allard
Gabriel Allard 27 dias atrás
Lando + Ricardo = my death from laughter It's great to know that when Danny leaves F1, we will still have Lando to keep me questioning how I am still alive after laughing so much😂
Diego Renato Pua
Diego Renato Pua 28 dias atrás
Glad to see Lionel Messi on 3:31 .. 😆
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Mês atrás
when the interviewer said gentlemen in the last clip it sounded kinda like the spy from team fortress two
SpeedLust Mês atrás
4:37 was the best😂😂
Mirsad Redzovic
Mirsad Redzovic Mês atrás
I juander where all the dislikes are from
Viper Mês atrás
2:30 Montoya questioning why Schumacher did not see him and a second later he forced his teammate on the grass, lol
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen Mês atrás
Open your eyes in the last days.. For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul..⌚💣🧠💪😏..wake up playtime is over..
Medusa TV
Medusa TV Mês atrás
The torpedo got me! 🤣
billygowhoop Mês atrás
I really hope Lewis writes that book. Not so I can read it, I just think the reporter deserves it.
adam Mês atrás
the pubes one is still my favorite and the reaction is priceless... Ricciardo is by far one of the funniest F1 drivers out there.
ghada razouqi
ghada razouqi Mês atrás
mathieu dignard
mathieu dignard Mês atrás
I’m so confused about the Juan one
George Simon
George Simon Mês atrás
that english speaking german computer is really funny.
Arief Praditya
Arief Praditya Mês atrás
Wow ferrari really blowing up their master🅱lan since 2007 eh lol
J M Mês atrás
Anyone who doesn't love Daniel is a soulless person
cha yan
cha yan Mês atrás
can u repeat the question
Matheus Santiago
Matheus Santiago Mês atrás
4:23 kimi and fernando laughing their asses off
Leona Cunningham
Leona Cunningham Mês atrás
Is it really that easy to mix up a Scottish person and a Irish person as I don’t think we’re that similar to mix up (I’m Scottish btw)
Orange Sheep
Orange Sheep Mês atrás
6:18 so cute
Richard Ballan
Richard Ballan Mês atrás
"...when he took him out" "oh gosh" xD
Rob H
Rob H Mês atrás
Juan is a beast.
Rob H
Rob H Mês atrás
Ferrari forgetting to put fuel in 10 years ago. And the memes start this year.
Fitipaldi Mês atrás
Montoya best driver ever.
Silent_Ghost Mês atrás
Nr.3 Next year they‘re teammates ❤️ I love the Norris /Ricciardo combination ❤️
lg78 Mês atrás
4:36 who knew Pete Holmes was an F1 fan
Imed Tiss
Imed Tiss Mês atrás
-What's the Torpedo ? -It's what Seb called him,China last year... -You have agood memory do you ?
Nevanya Afi
Nevanya Afi Mês atrás
1:59 that voice sounds like davie504’s voice not kidding😂
augusto ferreira
augusto ferreira Mês atrás
Quien es el que pregunta como un subnormal
TheEDDmaster Mês atrás
Ruined by poxy advertisements
Emma Pullen
Emma Pullen Mês atrás
Mate this is actually so funny haha hahahahaha
wolfe1970 Mês atrás
'Can you repeat the question'.....only time ive laughed at Seb
DeadBoiClique Mês atrás
Can someone explai why number 5 is funny
DeadBoiClique Mês atrás
I don’t understand number 5
dunderogbrak Mês atrás
Dani and Lando is going to be AWESOME together!
CaptainPlanet Mês atrás
Ooh Gosh
CaptainPlanet Mês atrás
Hats off to you Walter Koster - featured twice including number Juan - not even a driver and 99% of people watching this don't even know what he looks like or his name. Legend has it he's still asking that 2nd question
jonas prieto
jonas prieto Mês atrás
Great Juan Montoya when amazingly says about Schumacher something real and no rubor: "You have to be blind or stupid..." Was really great!
FTWRoguE Mês atrás
What's the 'Torpedo'?
paul papadopoulos
paul papadopoulos Mês atrás
7 years for lewis..
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese Mês atrás
Love Alonso’s face when old guy starts rambling his question🤣
elwingy Mês atrás
Vip Vop Voy
Vip Vop Voy Mês atrás
LOL the dude pretty much asked lewis “will you write your book before I die?” What a legend
artur menino
artur menino Mês atrás
5 minutes more and less what i understood one one one one one one one one one one , one one, one one one one
Volve Mês atrás
nico ',I will make like I understand ,but in my head I need subtiles ''
Rogmello Uk
Rogmello Uk Mês atrás
2:29 montoya and kimi are the best ones on the conference room. 😂
electrikoptik Mês atrás
Torpedo looks like butt-head.
Mister Bumerang
Mister Bumerang Mês atrás
one Juan one one .....This was the best 😁 Look at the Montoya's face 😁😁😁
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT Mês atrás
Mclaren mercedes who what Mclaren or mercedes
Darth Bane
Darth Bane Mês atrás
Walter koster really is somebody i hope asks a question all year😊
UserNamedNone Mês atrás
How many buttons damnit!
mcarreira 4l
mcarreira 4l Mês atrás
i mean Juan do you Juan Juan number one ? u got that ? fuck i don't understand a thing l'mao
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Mês atrás
Nanu Pin
Nanu Pin Mês atrás
Can you repeat the question? (Im out of here)
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