Top 10 British Spoof and Satire Movies

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Top 10 British Spoof and Satire Movies
These movies take the mick, and that's why they're amazing! For this list, we're counting down the best, funniest and most memorable spoof and satire movies to come out of Great Britain. So, expect parodies aplenty, with films like "Death of Stalin", "Life of Brian", "Dr Strangelove", "Shaun of the Dead", "In the Loop" and "Johnny English all in contention!
Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool:
#10. “Johnny English” (2003)
#9. “The Death of Stalin” (2017)
#8. “Hot Fuzz” (2007)
#7. “Mike Bassett England Manager” (2001)
#6. “Four Lions” (2010)
#5. “In the Loop” (2009)
#4. “Borat” (2006)
#3, #2, #1: ???


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21 Mar 2018



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Comentários 68
Amy Clarke
Amy Clarke 5 meses atrás
10 l b g t dkc gf wf 9 I j r dkc n dkf dkif 8 k dkc dka dkc dka dkf dkif 7 s s s dkc n gf f 6 m r m dkc dka dkf dkif 5 f dkc dka dkc dka dkf dkif 4 I m p dkc c gf wf 3 b b s ef wf dkc dka 2 b b s gf wkof 1 f dkc r gf wf m dkc
Paul Jung
Paul Jung 8 meses atrás
I was wheezing throughout the entirety of Death of Stalin. I've been trying to get my friends to watch it with me ever since.
Jutta Maier
Jutta Maier Anos atrás
Four lions is hilarious. Only the Brits manage to make a comedy out of a dim subject that works.
Luísa Bortoli
Luísa Bortoli 10 meses atrás
I recommend you this channel, very nice satires:
George Job
George Job Anos atrás
What about lock,stock and two smoking barrels ! It's hilarious, British comedy at its finest...
Jared Griffiths
Jared Griffiths Anos atrás
I know the Pink Panther movies aren't officially considered parody movies for some reason but I personally consider A Shot in the Dark a parody of murder mystery stories and The Pink Panther Strikes Again a parody of James Bond movies.
Abducting Gods Tattoos
wheres grimsby? (the brothers grimsby)?
Marc Ortlieb
Marc Ortlieb Anos atrás
They missed Peter Cook's brilliant "The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer".
swewunna Anos atrás
US make comedy. UK make Satire. Bar late Robin Williams, none of the current crop come near enough to match British humour.
Kor3an Savage
Kor3an Savage Anos atrás
What about kingsman
G Curtis
G Curtis Anos atrás
Hot Fuzz only 8? No
Jess Chii
Jess Chii Anos atrás
Four Lions is both hilarious and heartbreaking.
Stacey Lou
Stacey Lou Anos atrás
He's NOT the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!
big kahuna burger
big kahuna burger Anos atrás
10. Johnny English 9. Death of Stalin 8. Hot Fuzz( amazing movie) 7. Mike Bassett: england manager 6. Four Lions 5. 4. 3. 2. Honorable mentions
maryavatar Anos atrás
Oh god, why is Johnny English on this list? It’s complete shit.
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
Great picks. Also great pics.
chris willgoose
chris willgoose Anos atrás
Sorry but johnny english sucks so hard and is not even worth a mention.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Anos atrás
How come "This is Spinal Tab" not in the list??
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser Anos atrás
It's American.
John Parr
John Parr 2 anos atrás
Johnny English is one of the worst films I've ever watched
Neil Bartlett
Neil Bartlett 2 anos atrás
Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!
marconatrix Anos atrás
An immortal line if ever there was one :-)
James West
James West 2 anos atrás
Yup... if there is one thing we Britain can do well... it’s taking the piss.
mark griffiths
mark griffiths 2 anos atrás
Dr Strangelove not a British film !
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
Shot in Britain and stolen by Peter Sellars.
disney fan81
disney fan81 2 anos atrás
What about "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"? I actually think it's a million times better than "Life of Brian".
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
It's a terrific movie but not as well known and let's be honest not as polished as LoB.
Phobe Romys
Phobe Romys 2 anos atrás
Great movies! Watched them all except Mike Bassett England Manager - thanks for the suggestion.
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 2 anos atrás
Mike Myers is Canadian not American. This is why you're just a shit Whatculture.
bfahren 2 anos atrás
Mr. President, we must not allow a mine-shaft gap!
killer funghoul
killer funghoul 2 anos atrás
No up Pompeii or up the front? Carry on doctor/nurse/matron, carry on up the khyber or up the jungle? The original St Trinians films (Alastair Sim will always be the best miss Fritton, sorry Rupert Everett your good just not good enough) where were they?
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
Not in living memory, are they? Not for enough people anyway. OK so nor is Strangelove but that has a cult following the others don't.
killer funghoul
killer funghoul 2 anos atrás
J0hNF_UK seems so. how johnny english managed to be in this lost is beyond me, it’s crap, the pink panther series of films is way better. i like hot fuzz, but to say it’s any better than carry on constable is a tough call. i think it’s a lot to do with age of the people watching, these are as you say for the trendy crowd, me i’m 40+ that grew up with the likes of carry on films, Frankie Howard in up pompeii and peter sellers pink panther films, those are funny.
J0hNF_UK 2 anos atrás
This list is obviously for the, 'young, trendies', so films like the ones you mentioned would be deemed too old with people starring in them that the majority of youngsters won't have even heard of, never mind seen them in any films.
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 2 anos atrás
Not comedy or particularly funny if I'm honest but if your looking for dark then look no further than "in Bruges" brilliant film, both me and my girlfriend loved it
PtolemyJones 2 anos atrás
A short sighted list indeed... apparently humor isn't required. What, no Carry On Nurse? Thhhpppttt...
Bearded Ste
Bearded Ste 2 anos atrás
How can you do a top 10 of British Spoofs without including Whoops Apocalypse?
Bearded Ste
Bearded Ste Anos atrás
Yes, that's the one.
Isabelle Drennan
Isabelle Drennan Anos atrás
Bearded Ste ah right, yeah that rings a bell. Has it got rik mayall and richard wilson in it? I must be getting it confused with another film.
Bearded Ste
Bearded Ste Anos atrás
No, it's a cold war spoof with Peter Cook as the Prime Minister of England about to start a nuclear war over the kidnapping of a British Princess.
Isabelle Drennan
Isabelle Drennan Anos atrás
Bearded Ste is that the one where luke skywalker gets his head cut off?
The_Nerd 2 anos atrás
Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?
Patch McPatch
Patch McPatch 2 anos atrás
For the record, Mike Myers is Canadian, not American... and his parents are English.
alphadawn2015 lennon
alphadawn2015 lennon 2 meses atrás
from liverpool too
Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango 2 anos atrás
Life of Brian, no contest. So many funny lines and scenes, and of course the controversy with the god squad.
George Job
George Job Anos atrás
Spike Milligan is brill when he does his confused begger..
Sam Fallow
Sam Fallow 2 anos atrás
Trying to pick my No.1. Hmmm... difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.
Subscribe to Me
Subscribe to Me 2 anos atrás
The whole cornetto trilogy should be top 3
Charles Bee
Charles Bee 2 anos atrás
Gotta love 4 lions
Cameron McLean
Cameron McLean 2 anos atrás
Life of brian isnt exactly an attack on the bible. Its an attack on the idea of following for the sake of it. Thats the whole point of the film and what its trying to get across.
alphadawn2015 lennon
alphadawn2015 lennon 2 meses atrás
i always thoguht it mocked people, and how easy they are to jump on a bandwagon without any actual proof of anything of a higher order
Robert McElwaine
Robert McElwaine Anos atrás
Well, there has been some disagreement among the Python team about that. Apparently there was a brief exchange that occurred when the surviving members reunited in Aspen, Colorado, in 1998. In the section where Life of Brian is discussed, Terry Jones says, *"I think the film is heretical, but it's not blasphemous."* Eric Idle can be heard to agree adding, *"It's a heresy." However, John Cleese, disagreed, countering, *"I don’t think it's a heresy. It's making fun of the way that people misunderstand the teaching."* Jones ten responds, by saying *"Of course it's a heresy, John! It's attacking the Church! And that has to be heretical."* Cleese replies, "No, it's not attacking the Church, necessarily. It's about people who cannot agree with each other."* In a later interview, Jones did however say the film *"isn't blasphemous because it doesn’t touch on belief at all. It is heretical, because it touches on dogma and the interpretation of belief, rather than belief itself."* At the end of the day though I suppose it boils down to how anyone as an individual interprets the movie. Personally I don't think the "blasphemous" although as an atheist I couldn't care less if it was. Heretical yes as Jones stated but it clearly doesn't mock Jesus but his followers.
Robert McElwaine
Robert McElwaine Anos atrás
@NCC 1701 I'm not lol
charimonfanboy Anos atrás
@NCC 1701 just like everybody else
NCC 1701
NCC 1701 Anos atrás
Yes! We're all individuals!
anonUK 2 anos atrás
With Four Lions, I was actually worried with two of the characters that we were laughing at the mentally disabled.
Noel Down
Noel Down 2 anos atrás
Your accent is killing me. Not in a good way.
Michael Rawson
Michael Rawson 2 anos atrás
Ricky Thommo is an absolute LEGEND!!! 😂
A Amelia
A Amelia 2 anos atrás
No one does satire like us Brits!
awesome420ication 2 anos atrás
Hot Fuzz is no.1 for me.
Chrisey 2 anos atrás
Holy Grayel is so much better then life of Bryan
alphadawn2015 lennon
alphadawn2015 lennon 2 meses atrás
....grail ....brian
Lisa Kazmier
Lisa Kazmier 2 anos atrás
Love the story about how Eric Idle was discussing the loss of funding for Life of Brian to George Harrison. Apparently Harrison read the movie and said "I want to see that!" and thus funded it. Awesome.
Mhairi Gibbons
Mhairi Gibbons 2 anos atrás
Spinal Tap should be 11. ☺️
Wesley Webb
Wesley Webb Anos atrás
I’m pretty sure it’s a American film
son of sam
son of sam Anos atrás
Or this list should go to zero
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
♫ Stonehenge!! ♫
WatchMojoUK 2 anos atrás
Mhairi Gibbons or we could just make 10 one louder 🤣
NotoriousValcor 2 anos atrás
I live right near where most of four lions was filmed.
DanFarrell98 2 anos atrás
Damn Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead? You guys are too kind
DanFarrell98 2 anos atrás
These are so much better than American spoofs or satire films
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser Anos atrás
Spinal Tap, Airplane, Naked Gun, Postal...
Robert Polanco
Robert Polanco 2 anos atrás
@DanFarrell98 - Well, I am sure that there were some GOOD American films that were spoofs or satires. Like "Airplane" and "Top Secret," for example.
Peter Frank
Peter Frank 2 anos atrás
Better than the 'Scary Movie' franchise for sure. But back then there were 'The Player' and 'The Network'.
Sally Philpin
Sally Philpin 2 anos atrás
Hot Fuzz was fimed in and around Wells in Somerset, England. Some of the extras were actually local people from Wells. I know that because my father used to dtive the Somerfield delivery van that is shown in the back car park of the supermarket.
Emma Griffiths
Emma Griffiths 2 anos atrás
I watched Four Lions for my a-level media exam and it was hysterical
Nepali Warrior
Nepali Warrior 2 anos atrás
I see four lions I click
Peter Frank
Peter Frank 2 anos atrás
'Hot Fuzz' is funny as hell but I never took it as a satire.
Rich the Unstable
Rich the Unstable 2 anos atrás
Satire of any of the action cop films from the states
Luke O'Neill
Luke O'Neill 2 anos atrás
It's completely a satire! I mean come on "Crusty jugglers" and "the greater good" make you crack up during the serious moments and it never takes itself too seriously!
Elliot Newton
Elliot Newton 2 anos atrás
Think it falls under spoof, it spoofs action movies like Shaun of the Dead spoofs zombie movies.
Peter Frank
Peter Frank 2 anos atrás
Max Bonic It's cool.
Max Bonic
Max Bonic 2 anos atrás
lol not thinking, thought you were talking about shaun of the dead haha
Pete Marr
Pete Marr 2 anos atrás
Death of Stalin.. one of the worst films I have seen.. Wished I never bought it.. Just not funny!
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
The pacing was poor but at its best was hilarious. Depended too much on performance, not enough on script.
Robert Polanco
Robert Polanco 2 anos atrás
@Pete Marr - I agree with you. That movie was pathetic.
steven fowler
steven fowler 2 anos atrás
well rowen first did back in the 1980 has a tv advert for Barclay card.
iammontecristo 2 anos atrás
Ah yes, Life Of Brian. One of my personal favorites
Rossm3838 2 anos atrás
I'm Alright Jack is brilliant. Must see.
Rossm3838 2 anos atrás
or a memory beyond 10 years (except for Dr strangelove)
Colin Baker
Colin Baker 2 anos atrás
Rossm3838 Yes. Disappointing that Watch Mojo UK doesn’t seem to have honourable mentions.
TomUnited 2 anos atrás
Four lions is quality best be number 1
James West
James West 2 anos atrás
No one knows how it’s 6
Kosta Jovanovic
Kosta Jovanovic 2 anos atrás
+Tom hardly a poor list
TomUnited 2 anos atrás
Only 6th and mike bassett only 7th poor list imo both quality films
colin wilson
colin wilson 2 anos atrás
what no carry on screaming carry on dont lose your head.carry on follow that camel or any of the carry on films
David McMullan
David McMullan 2 anos atrás
Carry on up the Khyber is my favourite.
Sally Philpin
Sally Philpin 2 anos atrás
colin wilson. I totally agree with you, the Carry On films were all classics.
Total Creative Gaming
Total Creative Gaming 2 anos atrás
Haha. "He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy!" Heh heh. Love this line from Life of Brian. Hilarious.
killer funghoul
killer funghoul 2 anos atrás
'Shut up big nose' 😂
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 2 anos atrás
Hot Fuzz > Shaun of the Dead
Conor O'Neill
Conor O'Neill Anos atrás
Hot fuzz is more consistently funny but shaun of the dead is a better made film all around
Mike Page
Mike Page Anos atrás
Yeah no. And Scott Pilgrim beats World's End, which is a poor movie all round.
James West
James West 2 anos atrás
jonathan wakefield
jonathan wakefield 2 anos atrás
Nah dude
awesome420ication 2 anos atrás
I agree.
Raging Reality
Raging Reality 2 anos atrás
Four Lions is still one of the best comedies ever made.
akshay Viswambharan
akshay Viswambharan 8 meses atrás true.... how did the producers not get killed for making this jihadi satire I wonder ?
De Oppresso Libtard
Couldn't get made today. They'd call it "Islamophobic". 🙄
swewunna Anos atrás
I think "The Death of Stalin" surpass that. If you haven't seen, see it and you will realize what I meant.
Makkajakka 2 anos atrás
"Most loud bangs aren't bombs going off, they're just cars backfiring."
Elementus 2 anos atrás
Is a wookie a bear?
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 2 anos atrás
Rubber dingy rapids
Chrisey 2 anos atrás
Don't kill the special needs donkey
Unnamed 2 anos atrás
johnnys land fast track to heaven mate
Sean Kratovil
Sean Kratovil 2 anos atrás
American here: Some of these are my favorite movies of all time
Todd Costa Rica
Todd Costa Rica 2 anos atrás
Glad you put In the Loop on the list, but what about the Rutles?
J0hNF_UK 2 anos atrás
They did a mockumentary called, 'All you need is cash', which was more a film than a TV show.
Kimberly Sharpe
Kimberly Sharpe 2 anos atrás
I agree, but this list was films, not TV shows! The Rutles was a TV show.
Max Bonic
Max Bonic 2 anos atrás
Four Lions better be number 1
Max Bonic
Max Bonic 2 anos atrás
ignore it, Its just the wassa wassa
lee 1
lee 1 2 anos atrás
Rubber dinghy rapids enit
Max Bonic
Max Bonic 2 anos atrás
Can i cook mine?
Gary Reid
Gary Reid 2 anos atrás
It's not a small gun its big hands 😂
Max Bonic
Max Bonic 2 anos atrás
Fast track
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt 2 anos atrás
Malcolm tucker Vs the 13th Doctor
Mediocre Guitar Covers
He was the 12th Doctor
claw Maniac
claw Maniac 2 anos atrás
Tell them to sub to me plz😄
claw Maniac
claw Maniac 2 anos atrás
Hi im nathan and i sub plz notefiy me in your next video
Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker 2 anos atrás
I am Firsticus
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