Top 10 Biggest Crashes of 2018 

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When you're close to the edge at all times, you're bound to go over it every once in a while. Here are some of the biggest smashes, crashes and barrel rolls of the 2018 season 💥
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20 Dez 2018



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Comentários : 2,7 mil   
@itzwilliam5051 5 anos atrás
Hartley was the official F1 Safety tester of 2018!
@mohdnazrulaizie8214 4 anos atrás
@explizut3979 4 anos atrás
And Leclerc was the Official F1 HALO safety tester.
@thetechnoking 4 anos atrás
@@explizut3979 what's Halo?
@explizut3979 4 anos atrás
The halo is a driver crash protection system used in open-wheel racing series which consists of a curved bar placed to protect the driver's head. @Jardiel
@NazriB Anos atrás
Lies again? Being thrown out of the car after crashing and being deaf due to loud engine roar are my biggest concern
@LobinhoGamer097 3 anos atrás
First Hartley crash: *grass* Second Hartley crash: brakes failure from Leclerc Third Hartley crash: squeezed into the barrier Fourth Hartley crash: suspension failure... Boi this Just wasnt his Lucky season
@affogatoast 3 anos atrás
The second one could've been avoided if he'd listened to his team radio
@dionysusnu3881 3 anos atrás
@@affogatoast could possibly have been avoided, but it still wasn't his fault.
@Vaxcave 3 anos atrás
When Hartley get Grosjean SPIN
@affogatoast 3 anos atrás
Rezcuz, he was asked to open the gap “as much as (he) can”. If he’d done that, he would’ve maybe finished the race
@winken2666 3 anos atrás
@pastormaldonado8822 5 anos atrás
This compilation would be drastically improved if I still had my seat at Williams.
@MySteveBoy 5 anos atrás
@casperlykkehus6971 5 anos atrás
Technically you were with Lotus
@sreerajpj 5 anos atrás
Miss u
@SGR_Blackout 5 anos atrás
@Mrdredz0071 5 anos atrás
@LobinhoGamer097 3 anos atrás
3:43 Ericsson: Im gonna turn right Car: *no*
@reneneubert8144 3 anos atrás
@shivamdhumal5864 2 anos atrás
@Charleston Lo 👍
@cikame 4 anos atrás
I like how Hartley knows exactly what went wrong every time.
Hartley must have gotten a degree in physics!
@tomzzx 2 anos atrás
Halos are such a simple, yet incredible pieces of engineering...
@X32Original 2 anos atrás
Can't whait to play Halo Infinite 🙂
Unfall Unfall Spiel
@X32Original 2 anos atrás
@@inobhutnahmegruppedusseldo3032 Ich bin die Blumenbolzen-Susi
@Clankr Anos atrás
HaLos RuIn F1
@user-fn3qd8fc3c Anos atrás
@callum8792 5 anos atrás
Brendan Hartley was really unlucky at times this year
@edwardsmith2979 5 anos atrás
But lots were not his fault
@tmr362 5 anos atrás
@@mn1907 Too much bad luck is just inability (maybe inexperience) imo ^^ Brendon Hartley with that Porsche 919 LMP1 was fire though! F1 naah, better luck next year.
@mn1907 5 anos atrás
@@tmr362 well he had bad luck as well but it doesn't change he fk up half of season cuz of bad driving where he had strong car I think he's not ready for F1 yet
@tmr362 5 anos atrás
@@mn1907 I do agree!
@jok9640 5 anos atrás
It's impressive how safe a f1 car is these days, good job FIA
@ey7290 5 anos atrás
Not when its upside down and on fire
@user-ue8nz9ed8d 5 anos atrás
Man I had just watched alex zanardis 2001 crash before this and believe me today's drivers don't have the fear of their life like those drivers back then. His whole legs got cut off
@ey7290 5 anos atrás
@@valerierodger7700 this was an oil fire, if the flames ignited the fuel tank that is 100kg of fuel about to burn real hot, therw would have been little chance of saving him
@ey7290 5 anos atrás
@@valerierodger7700 nothing is truly safe. The halo is needed but currently it is too dangerous
@ey7290 5 anos atrás
@@valerierodger7700 im bringing up a fact and you're in denial
@kmg1100 5 anos atrás
What strikes me is how professional Brendon Hartley is. Whenever there's a crash he remains calm and immidiately diagnoses the problem.
@jedisaki730 3 anos atrás
Amazing work from the marshalls at 3:43, getting knocked over and immediately running to Ericsson's aid. Well done!
@joejoe2974 2 anos atrás
Crazy how they can keep calm during and after crashes, can't imagine the stress and fear of spinning out at these high speeds
@stormysamreen7062 4 anos atrás
Crashes: *exist Brendon Hartley: "I'll take your entire stock"
@joshthekiwi1540 3 anos atrás
I’m crying 😂😂
@SeshvirSeodutt 3 anos atrás
Paul I hate to tell you but this is an official channel
@alki3443 3 anos atrás
Most of them weren't really his fault though.
@bigkhara3504 3 anos atrás
I would like the comment but it has 666 likes and I don't wanna ruin it
@BandaiNamco2005 5 anos atrás
Hartley is very unlucky in 2018
@ErwinLiszkowicz 5 anos atrás
@Nanderlizer Nanderlizer how the fuck two? Only Spain was his fault.
@BandaiNamco2005 5 anos atrás
@Nanderlizer Nanderlizer He had just 1 fault. Was in Spain
@ErwinLiszkowicz 5 anos atrás
@Nanderlizer Nanderlizer nope, it was on a corner exit so it's Stroll's fault. These rules only work during a corner where you can't really see what's happening around you. Stroll was already on a straight but he chose to shut the door on him. Moreover Hartley had already passed 1/2 length of Sirotkin's car, he lost that length at the exit but that doesn't mean that you can do sth like that just because he doesn't have 1/2 of the car length anymore. Sirotkin clearly knew where Hartley was but he didn't use his malfunctioning brain.
@Fons.s 5 anos atrás
beetle juice it took me a few minutes to understand what you are trying to say. You are very unclear. I now see you are referring to the first comment saying he’s unlucky. He didn’t mean it in the way of: “he would have scored more points” but he meant that most of his crashes were not his fault. In your comment, it looks like you are saying that it was his fault that Leclerc got a brake failure, and that it was also his fault that he got a suspension failure
@jakejones6481 4 anos atrás
Even after all the crashes Are you okay? -Yes im fine. This shows how safer the sport has become.
@jamesgarrity3532 4 anos atrás
I mean you can hit a wall at 150x,flip and spin” I’m ok” tells you something about the construction of that car
@DaniFold 4 anos atrás
and sex being too dangerous
@neithere 3 anos atrás
To imagine that it started with unbelted drivers sticking out of those flat bricks of metal with no protection around them whatsoever... And the tracks without any means to slow down the car and soften the impact... So many deaths back then!
@kosmosyche 3 anos atrás
@@neithere Used to be at the beginning of the season it was pretty much understood that not everyone will make it alive till the end. I assume the drivers felt like modern day gladiators in some ways.
@ethankareti5291 2 anos atrás
Verstappen's Monaco crash is almost identical to Leclerc's in 2021
@megadragon886 2 anos atrás
Ikr, and didn’t received the hate that Leclerc received
@ingridhagestein5493 2 anos atrás
max and Lewis Hamilton it is not max his fault
@cap-2463 2 anos atrás
@@megadragon886 because it’s max, he’ll never get hate
@vordenkar6615 2 anos atrás
@@megadragon886 cos max crashed in fp3, not in quali. He didn't ruin anyone's quali lap compromising their position for the race
@maxverstappen9220 Anos atrás
@starbuckscoffee8521 2 anos atrás
Brendon Hartley one of the most unlucky drivers. How he wasn’t given a second chance after all the things that happens to him that year is beyond me 🤦‍♂️
@user-xw1vn1il9l 3 anos atrás
2:00 ngl if he saved that oversteer it couldve been the sickest actual drift in formula 1
@chinmay.s 3 anos atrás
@RblxFighter69420 3 anos atrás
They should've allowed more steering angle lol
@keaton902 3 anos atrás
It's Grosjean, it was never gonna happen
@jme3752 3 anos atrás
If he didn’t start accelerating he might’ve
@jonskhag 3 anos atrás
grosjean’s rear tires: *o o p s i e*
@LuXuZ 3 anos atrás
3:43 Those marshals had their scare of a life time.
@Assassin-eh3du 5 anos atrás
Barriers at Italy: I think Ericsson hit us
@richardg.6807 5 anos atrás
Assassin 4056 edit ohh I get the joke aha
@Assassin-eh3du 5 anos atrás
Richard G. XD
@mastergamingnic1681 4 anos atrás
Me: I’m sure Ericsson hit you.
@EricDerLetsPlayer 4 anos atrás
Assassin 4056 yeah theres nothing we can do about it keep focus keep focus 😂
@joseegritten2103 4 anos atrás
The way that half of the crashes end in: “U ok?” “I’m ok.”
@vanshverma2089 4 anos atrás
I wish that doesnt change. Ever.
@nguyenkhangdo2300 4 anos atrás
Better than “ u ok” and then no one answer
@ddsDev 4 anos atrás
Nguyen Khang Do you damn right 😢 rip Antoine 😥😥
@nguyenkhangdo2300 4 anos atrás
Devin de Smit yea i was really sad when that happened RIP
That's the rule tho
@Malwontae 5 anos atrás
It really does show how much safety has improved over the years that everyone just walked away from these crashes (eventually in Nico's cow case) with no injuries and we got through the entire season with the same 20 that started in Australia.
@OmegaOreoxxx 4 meses atrás
I love how hartley is just chilled and explained what happnes
@ParkerTheTanner 4 anos atrás
forget “valtteri, it’s james,” it’s now “brendon, are you okay?”
@efetasgin7997 4 anos atrás
iDrive this was a year ago its now james its valtteri its james
Yep, true, unfortunately he’s not in the sport anymore
Früh Autorennspiel
@manuelmijares2178 4 anos atrás
2:38 Hulkenberg's overturn was impresionant
@sienna7249 4 anos atrás
Ericsson’s car just wanted to show off it’s break dance skill
@junioryt8444 4 anos atrás
@nicolasduran917 3 anos atrás
*In a parallel universe* "I think Grosjean hit us"
@jericotv8819 3 anos atrás
*break* dance 😂
@jamilahsaid9683 3 anos atrás
Nico im hanging here like a cow! Get me out there's fire theres fire
@rafrub614 3 anos atrás
@matt_dobson0614 5 anos atrás
I hadn't actually seen that Hartley one at Silverstone before now, that impact was huge. Imagine if that had happened 30 or 40 years ago...
@manosfrantzas5860 5 anos atrás
If this was the 80s every crash above number 10 would lead to a fatality.we should be thanking the clever people who put some time and effort to continue making the sport as safe as it is right now and not complaining about safety devices just because the dont look aesthetically good
Not really, the only one that would result in injury not fatality would be the first one. Here's some examples of ugly accidents that weren't fatal: Gerhard Berger at Imola 87, Nelson Piquet at Imola 87, John Watson at Monza 81, Nigel Mansell at Suzuka 87 and Phillippe Alliot at Mexico 1988.
@samueleli84 4 anos atrás
@@borninpennsylvania3908 those guys were devilishly lucky. you can't put a finger on how safe the cars are now compared to back then, where it was literally flipping a coin for your life or death. Any life being saved is worth stripping off aesthetic, unbridled power etc. it's 100000000x worth it
@littleboy1273 4 anos atrás
Manos Frantzas Exactly i’m all for a crash, it’s part of the sport but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be as many safety regulations as possible
@panadaol9373 4 anos atrás
Were there any fatalities among these top 10?
@panadaol9373 4 anos atrás
Valerie Rodger thank you, I know nothing about racing. Idek why I’m here haha
@fra93ilgrande Anos atrás
I've watched Ericsson crash live at Monza! 😱 it was absolutely horrifying 😭 luckily he was OK 😂
@pavloswagner5713 4 anos atrás
Hamilton: "I got a puncture" Ericsson: "Hold my beer" 3:44
@nathandoan8401 2 anos atrás
I love how all but 1 outof 4 crashes were Hartley's fault. Man just can't seem to escape fate
@MahNameTook 4 anos atrás
3:43 When you are playing with inverted controls for the first time
@shaashcya405 4 anos atrás
@bapples1233 4 anos atrás
Ohh yeah that
@DaniFold 4 anos atrás
"right! right! right! why isn't it working? maybe i'll check if it goes le-"
@arctus4272 4 anos atrás
@@DaniFold car : SIKE WRONG BUTTON
@Crispy_pata 4 anos atrás
Hahaha wtf!?
@redbandet 5 anos atrás
I was watching the last one from the Gran stand in Monaco and it was properly shocking. The crash was over in a second but it felt like and hour before Ericsson climbed out the car
@stefersonpatake 5 anos atrás
To see Ericsson walking normally after that big crash, Ayrton Senna´s life was not in vain!
@kavanerwee3244 2 anos atrás
3:50 that marshal is very brave filming outside the barrier while that car is tumbling
@Thebassist999 5 anos atrás
This season was actually terrible for locals: *Leclerc in Monaco (DNF)🇮🇩 *Stroll in Canada (DNF)🇨🇦 *Grosjean, Ocon and Gasley in France (2 DNF and Grosjean out of the points)🇫🇷 *Lewis in GB (was beaten by Vetel)🇬🇧 *Vetel in Germany (xD)🇩🇪 *Vandoorne in Belgium (crashes in FP and finishes last in race and quali)🇧🇪 *Ferrari in Italy (xD)🇮🇹 *Sirotkin in Russia (finished last) 🇷🇺 *Honda in Japan (both cars out of the points)🇯🇵 *Haas in US (DNF and DSQ)🇺🇸 *Checo in Mexico (DNF)🇲🇽 😭😭😭
@Thebassist999 5 anos atrás
ViaticalSquire Gaming Montages hahaha Actually I am a Force India fan mate.
@davidecesaroni4832 5 anos atrás
@@Thebassist999 so you are also for Mercedes
@fabian0906 5 anos atrás
VETTEL WITH TWO T ... and yep I smell a log of Mercedism here as well!
@Kevin-fj1ve 4 anos atrás
You put a slovakian flag after Russia
@kevinhoppe7098 4 anos atrás
The flag at Sirotkin is Slovakia but Sirotkin is russian 🤔
@MimMdance 3 anos atrás
Imagine seeing Ericson's crash live from those stands.
@lilxenops4336 4 anos atrás
*A very expensive ultra fast vehicle* : A piece of grass: *i'm about to end this mans whole career*
@m3wy_m4n45 4 anos atrás
lil xenops im your 69th like you’re welcome
@jazminyz 3 anos atrás
lil xenops I’m your 869th like you’re welcome
@beamoflaser 3 anos atrás
lil xenops I'm your 1000th like you're welcome
@Drache191200 3 anos atrás
lil xenops I'm your 1169th like, you're welcome
@fettaheker 3 anos atrás
Lil xenops I'm your 1645th, you're welcome
@28natdav 5 anos atrás
Hartley’s onboard in Canada is scary seeing his head smash of the halo.
@keanupark6677 4 anos atrás
I feel so bad for Brendan Hartley. Props to you for keeping your temper
@JohnJohansen2 3 anos atrás
Romain Grosjean is a crash maker. That's including his last scarry crash a week ago. I'm so glad he walked away from it.
@TripleTSingt 5 anos atrás
It's so crazy, those massive crashes and no one gets hurt. The safety is off the roof. Really great what engineering did in a couple decades.
@deserved2k955 3 anos atrás
Brendon hartley is basically in demolition derby but with 100 percent damage
@AlexanderKG 5 anos atrás
Quote of the day: Brendon, are you okay?
@Pubtomfoolery 5 anos atrás
I'll forever question Groujean's throttle control in Barcelona.
@xtheamazingax 5 anos atrás
Thanks for this. I love a great crash compilation (well as long as everybody's ok of course). I hope there's gonna be one for Formula 2 and GP3. If possible. That'd be nice. :)
@Darkwind13 8 meses atrás
Forgot how insanely unlucky Hartley was
@SOME-RANDOM-GUY457 5 anos atrás
Damn i can't live without F1
@NoMoStatic 5 anos atrás
Paradise Palm it’ll be ok buddy, there’s more to life I promise... don’t do it please ;)
@justsheeeps134 5 anos atrás
Weebs,this is james
@iwangoodfellow4404 5 anos atrás
james, this is weeb
@milesyuen3926 5 anos atrás
We'll get through this guys
@pab22f73 2 anos atrás
3:11 this moment makes me goosebumps
@pastormaldonado8822 5 anos atrás
Nico Hulkenberg in Spa... ... Demonstrating how one should drive an F1 car.
@windows3.094 4 anos atrás
@Mr.McWatson 3 anos atrás
Been out for a while. Nice to see that Grosjean is still spinning around smashing other drivers chances.
@JacobLuy 5 anos atrás
These top 10s keep me alive through winter szn
@Wayeseh 5 anos atrás
Try watching Formula E because they will be an alternative to winter break.
@moipaslui2924 5 anos atrás
@@Wayeseh Next race is in three weeks though
@duosonic391 5 anos atrás
@@Wayeseh I keep trying, not the same though. I want to like and watch Formula E, but does not excite me the same as F1.
@Wayeseh 5 anos atrás
Yeah because I watch MotoGP , WEC ,Formula E , and the best F1.
@duosonic391 5 anos atrás
@@Wayeseh I am similar, watching F1, MotoGP, FIM World SuperBike, and Formula E.
@mossegaming Anos atrás
Poor Hartley, hopefully he got a certificate for being the safety tester!
@Nebagram 5 anos atrás
We are going to miss Brendan next season.
@burakokudan3408 3 anos atrás
Marshalls almost had a heart attack when Ericsson hit the barriers.
@jenspedersen6162 5 anos atrás
you forgot Toto slamming the table
@mrsea5697 5 anos atrás
Lol that was in 2016 XD
@notaidan4451 5 anos atrás
He doesn’t do it anymore
@khanhngo3337 5 anos atrás
Because all the table are broken 😂
@jenspedersen6162 5 anos atrás
@@notaidan4451 he slammed the table after Bottas crashed in Australia
@tmr362 5 anos atrás
@@jenspedersen6162 Actually someone without Dementia xD
@nashwalker7 4 anos atrás
Ya Hartley deserves another drive. On another note, I’m amazed at how safe these cars are. Crazy.
@cristinaalves3003 4 anos atrás
Toro Rosso não perde a mania de quebrar a suspenção.
@stormysamreen7062 4 anos atrás
*"I'm hanging here like a cow"* Best. Line. Ever
@RiccardoTheBeAst 5 anos atrás
Hulkenberg best among non-top-class team pilots despite many DNF. Good job!
@oOBobiboOo 3 anos atrás
Ericson crash at monza recall me of the formula one in gran turismo 4. When you raced them at le mans, they would do exact same mooves into the barrier during the unaudieres for no reason. It allowed me to get that championship done with lmp cars
@Mx64MaxyImpress 5 anos atrás
Hartley & Hulkenberg really-really unlucky! Edit:Yeah,got Thousand likes in my favourite racing channel, Thanks!
@519achilles 5 anos atrás
Mx 64 and Leclerc as well. Alonso run over him :)
@gripen15 5 anos atrás
Hulkenberg why? 2 crashes was his fault out of 3.
@IROCMAN666 5 anos atrás
Especially Hartley.
@hangrezka3547 5 anos atrás
U blind?
@akosjuhasz6699 5 anos atrás
Mx 64 Hulkenberg is finish in drivers championship 7th! So he isn t unlucky!
@Kidzspeed 5 anos atrás
THATS A LOTTA DAMAGE! Hartley and Leclerc are at it!
@romanscerbak5167 2 anos atrás
Now I understand why Hartley did not last BTW Verstappen's crash in Monaco is very similar to Leclerc's in 2021
@farhanmaleq1921 5 anos atrás
Crash #7 is the one I'm feeling very devastated... Why? Because, once VB crashed on Q3 at the season opener (Australia GP on 24 March 2018), he also failed to claim wins for the whole season (albeit claiming 2 poles at Austria and Russia) and I saw his crash on news (while spending a spring vacation at Tawau, Malaysia on the same night) as well! 😭
@farhanmaleq5607 5 anos atrás
Correction: #8
@FarmYardGaming 3 anos atrás
3:49 I've just noticed, look at that marshal on the right!
@FormulaJake101 5 anos atrás
Why were these crashes mostly to do with Brendon Hartley 🏎😁
@erik1421 5 anos atrás
You know that only one crash was his fault right? (Spain)
@edwardsmith2979 5 anos atrás
But most still involved him.
@Flash224 5 anos atrás
@@edwardsmith2979 And? What's your point?
@ErwinLiszkowicz 5 anos atrás
@@Flash224 he was very very unlucky TBH
@kieroncraig3594 5 anos atrás
they weren't all caused by him though, usually the other driver
@suthasaskara 5 anos atrás
Man Hartley taking a lot of beating this season
@insidethepits 5 anos atrás
The saddest crash was in the Abu Dhabi GP and when it happened I was shocked and nearly cried
@Joobral 2 anos atrás
Grosjean in 2018: I have lost control and spinned Grosjean in 2020: *REBORN*
@prplprince8730 4 anos atrás
Started watching your videos not to long ago and I love the quick format with no absurd music. I came for the 10 biggest crashes and saw just that, thank you!
2:33 Going over and over and over and out of this race!!!!!!!
@ag3127 5 anos atrás
you forgot Grosjean in Baku Ericsson's fault
@mikegr7158 5 anos atrás
@duosonic391 5 anos atrás
I think Ericsson hit us.
@chetanpangam4007 5 anos atrás
in this video it was not ericcsons fault
@markgodfrey100 5 anos atrás
You forgot Grosjean in every race Jk
@telecaster1951 5 anos atrás
Yeh, definitely.
@MaLeFiZjAcKe 5 anos atrás
Hartley 3rd was ouch … This is what happens when the tire sticks to the car and he is all the way through sand. That is by far the most dangerous crash around here. Could have been worse.
@LazyData 5 anos atrás
"Brendan are you ok" - The most spoken words of 2018
@The1MetaKnight 3 anos atrás
3:43 “Turn right to go left”
@fettaheker 3 anos atrás
Ligntning mqueen
@fettaheker 3 anos atrás
He actually turned right tho the car slipped
@resadrecebli2263 3 anos atrás
-hudson hornet
@jtalexandre 5 anos atrás
Hartley nailed it. Top crasher of 2018.
@julien__f1 3 anos atrás
The fact that leclerc goes into the wall in order to avoid the crash with Hartley is amazing
@CRLRosberg 5 anos atrás
“Are you okay, Brendon?”
@bald.47 4 anos atrás
*Yeah, I'm fine.*
@hammerbro1947 4 anos atrás
"Is he ok?" "Yes (Driver Name) is fine."
Yeah i'm okay. Just ran me off'road. xd
@xtromox8062 4 anos atrás
@pauldzim 4 anos atrás
Brendon should have had a YEAH I'M FINE button on his steering wheel
@barttenbrinke9034 5 anos atrás
I am still impressed Ericsson got out of the car without any injury.
@LooseWheelNutPod 4 anos atrás
One thing to take from this video. The safety measures in F1 are just top job!
@daniyalinam5067 Anos atrás
Hulkenburg was the funniest response to crash I’ve ever seen😂
@RitchieV 4 anos atrás
You can hear Hulkenberg’s fear when he’s talking, wonder what these guys think at that moment
par la grace de DIEU Ericsson s'en est sortie j'ais même eu des frissons
@khjfreddy 5 anos atrás
Clearly those dislikes are from marshals who had to clean all those debris...
@jdksports6340 4 anos atrás
Commentators (at least in this clip) don't even mention the stewards who were standing right at the impact zone of Ericsson's crash. That barrier saved their lives remarkbly.
@Dante-nu5cn 3 anos atrás
The safety of these cars is just amazing, people have these insane accidents but everything just turns out fine
@dwilhelm_21 2 anos atrás
I think Brendon Hartley appeared more in this video than in F1 itself
@luca7069 5 anos atrás
It isn't a true Monaco GP if Verstappen doesn't crash
@vukdelic7000 3 anos atrás
Never heard about Hartley before...but i'll remember him, that's for sure😆
@MattiK2609 4 anos atrás
The safety measures of these cars are incredible. They can hit the wall at around 200 kilometers per hour or in Ericsson's case crash and do several barrel rolls and the drivers get out of the wrecked cars completely unscathed like nothing happened at all
@sourmyth8008 5 anos atrás
I never noticed how much Hartley is involved in these crashes.
@michaelfisher7159 5 anos atrás
Hartley had some massive crashes this year
@moelester7923 2 anos atrás
ericsson’s crash must have been terrifying for both driver and the people watching but it was visually pleasing
@nelpan9592 5 anos atrás
Glad to see the cars today are very safe. Ericsson walked out like if it was nothing.
@matr1x601 2 anos atrás
On 30 October 2018, it was announced that Ericsson would race full-time for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports in the 2019 IndyCar Series. ... He ended the 2019 season 17th in points. Ericsson will move to Chip Ganassi Racing for the 2020 IndyCar Series season.
@KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD 3 anos atrás
Man F1 has done massive improvement to the BRvid content. Coming back here and seeing these scuffed overlays is always fun :D
@MrArchoir 5 anos atrás
It's amazing that they all just casually walk away from it
@SQUINTY 5 anos atrás
Brendon's engineer must've gotten tired of saying "Brendan are you okey?" all the time
@matejerba9607 Anos atrás
Wow, these are some insane crashes. I think I would not make it coming out of those crashes if I had that in my family Škoda Felicia
@TACTICSGAMING13 2 anos atrás
Watching this makes me realise how unfortunate hartleys 2018 run was
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