Top 10 Best Races Of The Decade | 2010-2019

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The votes have been counted and we can reveal that the best race of the last decade is...
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10 Jan 2020



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Comentários 100
sportsman165 3 dias atrás
Legend has it Vettel and Hamilton won every other race in this decade
Mike Ogden
Mike Ogden 5 dias atrás
2 of the 10 races of the decade are at Interlagos and yet they want to drop it from the calendar, are they mad?
Syed Abdur Rahman
Syed Abdur Rahman 6 dias atrás
george Moros
george Moros 7 dias atrás
Baku 2018???
Bharadwaj R
Bharadwaj R 7 dias atrás
Jenson Button ❤❤❤❤
Paul Großpietsch
Paul Großpietsch 8 dias atrás
Funfact: In 6 of this races Vettel had a Crash or retired
Peter Van Reenen
Peter Van Reenen 8 dias atrás
Hamilton is in every race and won or span out of the race🤔🤔
GreatGamerKZ 9 dias atrás
5:56 This is where men cried
Cléristo Leal Lacerda
Brazil 2018????🤷 Áustria 2019???🤷
veeraj patel
veeraj patel 9 dias atrás
Barath Kiran
Barath Kiran 10 dias atrás
When was the last time you heard " the speed of the Ferrari"
Maurizio Arrivabene
Maurizio Arrivabene 10 dias atrás
I had to give up after 7 minutes. Croftys voice is just ridiculous and actually the worst commentator in f1 history
Genosse Goertz
Genosse Goertz 11 dias atrás
both mercedes have to retire best race of the decade
Daniel Navas Tello
Daniel Navas Tello 11 dias atrás
Fernando Abreu
Fernando Abreu 11 dias atrás
Brazil always deserves
Mr MONICIRAM 11 dias atrás
Jayadeb Pradhan
Jayadeb Pradhan 12 dias atrás
Red bull power🐂🏎️💪:-0:38
Bonita Boys
Bonita Boys 13 dias atrás
Props to Germany 18 and Bahrain 14 to be in the top 10 despite the Merc 1-2
joan cata
joan cata 13 dias atrás
What about usa 2015?
Ankur Kapoor
Ankur Kapoor 14 dias atrás
One "average" MotoGP race has more action than the 10 best races of the decade in F1 combined. Just tells you how boring F1 has become.
Soham Belge
Soham Belge 14 dias atrás
Best race mercedes double dnf
Zura Matchavariani
Zura Matchavariani 16 dias atrás
DirtyStonerNL 16 dias atrás
Every fellow Dutch: but what about Brasil 2016?
Muhammad Irsaam Asim
Muhammad Irsaam Asim 16 dias atrás
1:20 did he really say regains the leaf back again. Is the commentator high
Merlin Mangwende
Merlin Mangwende 19 dias atrás
if jeff from f1 2014 saw the battel nicko rosderg vs lewis hamolton he wold malfunchion and only say becefull of your teammate
Riders On The Storm
Riders On The Storm 19 dias atrás
why music in background ? are you singer channel ?
Gregor Gela
Gregor Gela 19 dias atrás
Malaysia 2012?
Kaivalya Pitale
Kaivalya Pitale 19 dias atrás
germany 2018 the worst thing i have seen
Kunwar 20 dias atrás
I just started watching F1 and tbh i really wished i would have started watching it earlier its epic actually
Mr.Fodastic 20 dias atrás
"Obrigadow Interlagows" De nada F1
HEISENBERG CURRY 20 dias atrás
listen to the roar!!
Christian Phillip Ampoloquio
Ah the classic Maldonado being a wrecking ball in the track
Fun (and obvious) fact: the decade is 2011-2020, and not 2010-2019, but whatever.
GrrMeister 22 dias atrás
*Lewis the GOAT*
Paulo Vinha
Paulo Vinha 24 dias atrás
We will miss you, Interlagos
Xander 25 dias atrás
Verstappen best driver in the world!
045 Yash Sharma
045 Yash Sharma 26 dias atrás
Indian gp was best
Will Timms
Will Timms 26 dias atrás
0:49 *everyone liked that*
Blackout76 27 dias atrás
Interesting how 80% of the "best races of the decade" include either bad luck for or a mistake by Vettel: Hungary 2014: Spin Australia 2010: DNF Germany 2018: Crashes Baku 2017: Hits Hamilton on purpose Europe 2012: Engine Failure Brazil 2012: Hit by an other driver Brazil 2019: Crashes into his Teammate Canada 2011: Cracks under Pressure
David Zafiu
David Zafiu 28 dias atrás
Every racing driver needs a psycholog
Chris R
Chris R Mês atrás
including 2010 while omitting 2020 and 2021 in a list about "the decade" is hilarious. must be the fiscal decade.
Kimberly Ler
Kimberly Ler Mês atrás
most of this is when hamilton crashes
Igehay Nation
Igehay Nation Mês atrás
I wish nowadays people would still race Hamilton , rather than letting him pass
Wojciech W.
Wojciech W. Mês atrás
6:18 His smile and happiness: gone
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Mês atrás
Excellent comebacks in numbers 3 and 2.
Bence Sulek
Bence Sulek Mês atrás
Singapore 2017
Alexander O'Donnell
The fact canda 2011 is 2nd is just wrong
Der Dan
Der Dan Mês atrás
In math you start counting with one. So the current decade ends with the december 31 2020 and it started in january first in 2011. you have to change your mistake.
Epicstanbo S
Epicstanbo S Mês atrás
Vettel doing a Vettel 😂
nineseven Mês atrás
Who’s the Michael Jordan here?
Johan Mês atrás
I love how the definition of a good race is people crashing
Lucas Teixeira
Lucas Teixeira Mês atrás
Monza 2020 would be at least on 3rd on this list
HMR Mês atrás
5:13 That's a legendary podium
Felipe Sardim
Felipe Sardim Mês atrás
Really missed Interlagos 2016, Brazil
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson Mês atrás
Firose Firose
Firose Firose Mês atrás
F a R s H i D
BFFBartek25 Mês atrás
Brazil 2012 should be on the 1st place And Abu Dhabi 2012 should replace bahrain 2014
nxt will be mugello 2020 for sure 😂😂😅😅
Jeremy Scholte
Jeremy Scholte Mês atrás
I think 2016 brazil should be there to
Traze Mês atrás
Funny how Hamilton has destroyed ''first podiums'' before albon's
dennis Greevink
dennis Greevink Mês atrás
mugello can be on the other decades video
Zubamba Gaming
Zubamba Gaming Mês atrás
Spoiler for next video in 2030: Best races of the decade (2020-2029) 1. Monza 2020 2. Austria 2020 3. Mugello 2020 4. Silverstone 2020 This comment will be edited within the next 10 years.
TheBastl TV
TheBastl TV 13 dias atrás
I also think that barcelona was one of the most exciting grand prix if the year
N P 14 dias atrás
oh, oh okay
Norbert Kocsis
Norbert Kocsis 20 dias atrás
which Silverstone race are you talking about? British GP or the 70th Anniversary?
Blairs video channel
Blairs video channel 24 dias atrás
@SPF1_FormulaGeo But to be serious I think Austria deserves to be
Billie-Joe Dobson
Billie-Joe Dobson Mês atrás
Who’s here after the Tuscan grad prix
Shiju S
Shiju S Mês atrás
So incident makes race better? :)
Mr. Slickman
Mr. Slickman Mês atrás
The year is 2020, Hamilton is dominating. We need Rosberg to come back
Leafs20XXChamps Mês atrás
@ja ne is klar nico refused to wash hamilton's car after the race so they found someone who would
H2G Mês atrás
Gasly has won the same amount as Verstappen and Bottas We watch for the midfield
ja ne is klar
ja ne is klar Mês atrás
Mercedes wants to have this empty puppet of a driver so Hamilton can be WC 20 times. NICO wouldn't give a fuck about James
Marziano Mês atrás
lewis hamilton wavy shits craze
Marziano Mês atrás
mercedes really has a driver named buttass lmfao legendary
Rogmello Uk
Rogmello Uk Mês atrás
7:18 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ magnificent ❤️Interlagos 🇧🇷
Freddie Readie
Freddie Readie Mês atrás
They should reduce the double espresso injections on the commentators.
nindza84 Mês atrás
I think they ruined F1 with the V6
Rsa 1803
Rsa 1803 Mês atrás
Lewis learned from a ton of mistakes he made and now he is a legend. That's the key to life😉
NorNot Mês atrás
Austria 2020 Italy,Monza 2020 Tuscan, Mugello 2020 No rain but the best race
Aaron Shattuck
Aaron Shattuck Mês atrás
It's crazy they're going so fast that it looks slow. Or maybe I'm just drunk...
Ayubxon Mês atrás
Monza 2020 and Mugello 2020🗿🗿
Sviatoslav Marynial
Germany 2019?? Canada was better.
Sander Hansen
Sander Hansen Mês atrás
Italy 2020 btw
Joel Nordness
Joel Nordness Mês atrás
3:28 Kimi: Finally have my drink
simoul 59
simoul 59 Mês atrás
SamHM Mês atrás
Monza 2020de was insane
expeditie 1ea
expeditie 1ea Mês atrás
were is spain 2016
t l
t l Mês atrás
I forgot how good the Rosberg/Hamilton rivalry was. F1 feels a bit empty as of late
ZÁM YT Mês atrás
2020 Italian Grand Prix "We already have one this decade"
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Mês atrás
Pretty good
Dado 7
Dado 7 Mês atrás
😴 😴 😴 =F1
Just AViewer
Just AViewer Mês atrás
Best races of the decade were from 2010 to 2013.. hybrid era is trash
Anton Vakula Sakada
Todays one is here
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Mês atrás
Who’s here after Monza 2020?
TheZefBoi 25 dias atrás
Even later
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Mês atrás
Frank Smith it’s not, unfortunately, I’ve spent my whole life devastated my parents didn’t give me the honour of possessing that name
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Mês atrás
@Frank Smith Thank you. I thought of the coolest name possible and came with "Frank Smith". Is that your real name?
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Mês atrás
Frank Smith nice name
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Mês atrás
Yt-Erik Mês atrás
Monza 2020
GDRainbowX8 Mês atrás
2020 italy = yes
Antonio Medina
Antonio Medina Mês atrás
They gotta update this!!!
Ale Mês atrás
I swear all these videos prove how big of a fucking piece of shit asshole Hamilton is
Simon Nyman
Simon Nyman Mês atrás
Time to add Monza 2020 to this list!
matheus fiorelli
matheus fiorelli Mês atrás
since the decade technically havent ended yet, they could edit Monza 2020 in this list :V
Alex M
Alex M Mês atrás
Technically the decade very much has ended
Jérôme Lageyre
Jérôme Lageyre Mês atrás
Hello Italy 2020 !! First podium without Mercedes, Ferrari nor Red Bull ! Bravo la France 🇫🇷😁
Jakub Zieliński
Jakub Zieliński Mês atrás
Why there`s no Hamilton`s pit stop in Germany 2019? That was the best moment of decade
Dyl Cohan
Dyl Cohan Mês atrás
The guy who made this clearly hates Sebastian Vettel
Rahul Saxena
Rahul Saxena Mês atrás
I like how they cut out "Valtteri, it's James" from that battle for the lead in Germany.
SaaD Mês atrás
I'll never forget Brazil 2019 when hamilton took Albon off the poduim. So selfish. So very selfish.
Ben Thorpe
Ben Thorpe Mês atrás
good video,keep it up
spidyspidy 1
spidyspidy 1 Mês atrás
Where is the 2010 Championship Decider in Abu Dhabi, what a thrilling race
Vinícius Carvalho
Vinícius Carvalho Mês atrás
Brazil and rain = Best GP's ever.
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