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We've made a list of 10 AMAZING Blind Auditions in The Voice that made all coaches turn. Who would you pick as a winner? Let us know in the comments.
🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Kennedy Holmes - “Turning Tables” (Adele)
2. Cedric Neal - “Higher Ground” (Stevie Wonder)
3. Matthias Nebel - “Bed of Roses” (Bon Jovi)
4. Anette Kolkova - “Jealous” (Labrinth)
5. Aydan Calafiore - “Despacito” (Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee)
6. Nadezhda Aleksandrova - “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak)
7. Mo Adeniran - “Iron Sky” (Paulo Nutini)
8. Siki Jo-An - “Qongqothwane/The Click Song” (Miriam Makeba)
9. Charly Luske - “This Is A Man's World” (James Brown)
10. Jej Vinson - “Passionfruit” (Drake)
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24 Abr 2019



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Comentários 932
Best of The Voice
Best of The Voice 7 meses atrás
🚨 Any recommendations for PART 2? 🚨
JJ 19 dias atrás
Maria Alves
Maria Alves Mês atrás
Fernando Daniel - The Voice Portugal
syzygy10 Mês atrás
Diana Rouvas, 2019 winner Voice Australia. Easily one of the top 5 Voice blind auditions all-time, worldwide.
Oana Miulescu
Oana Miulescu Mês atrás
Sawyer Fredericks, Jordan Smith, Christina Grimmie...
Sozib Rahman
Sozib Rahman Mês atrás
1. Earth song - Ion bogdan 2. Dream on - Travis Cormier 3. Try little tenderness - Chris weaver 4. Like a river - Sandy redd 5. When doves cry - Sam Perry 6. Great balls of fire - jerry Lee lewis
syarifah haron
syarifah haron 8 dias atrás
2020 here👍
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 12 dias atrás
"Turning Tables" and "Passion Fruit" My favorite auditions ever
turexid rosa
turexid rosa 16 dias atrás
The black rocker guy is so freaking epic!!!
ChrisLove Lovely
ChrisLove Lovely 16 dias atrás
Iron Sky and Man's World 😍
Bulli 21 dia atrás
Wtf all great Voices but what can i say i think the Voices from Holland are all amazing!!! Greets from Austria
Manuel F. Almeida
Manuel F. Almeida 22 dias atrás
8:47 It's the proof NASA's been looking for lol. What about that voice? damn!
Dillon Lawrence
Dillon Lawrence 23 dias atrás
Quite possibly the worst pics for all time tip 10 4 chair turns. Some were absolutely great picks but overall this was dog shit picks
ecstasiaburdened 24 dias atrás
My favorite part of these videos is when we see the family breaking down in the back 😭❤️
Sharese Busch
Sharese Busch 25 dias atrás
Ya not bouta sleep on despacito boy😍
Dragon_ Feenix
Dragon_ Feenix 26 dias atrás
The Woman from South Africa & the guy rt after her made this video WORTH IT!!!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️
Jéssica dos Reis Gonçalves
Sinclopus 27 dias atrás
Siki Jo-An’s voice and carisma are insane. What a woman!!!
irsan utomo
irsan utomo 29 dias atrás
charlie luske... luv luv luv him...😘😘😘. indonesia here...
Andre Tofanelli henrique
The last one is the most beautiful that i ever listened
The reaction of their families when the judges turn always makes me cry🙈such love and pride🙆priceless😍😍😍 #supportsystem💜
Christy S
Christy S Mês atrás
Looking for help. Trying to find the blind audition of a guy who sang a slow version of Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" at first then went into full tempo and danced. I watched it on a random rotation and got so into it, I forgot to save it. Anyone here see this? Where is it? Thanks!
Chris Long
Chris Long Mês atrás
Siki jo an is my favorite act ever
Keith Willis
Keith Willis Mês atrás
Hi, forgive my naivety, but much as I love these, is there a channel where I can watch, like, the acts and the subsequent interaction with the judges? I'm still finding my way around this stuff really...
Vashaun Price
Vashaun Price Mês atrás
now THIS is a top 10
masca panmei
masca panmei Mês atrás
wow bonjovi song was the best one. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
darvoid66 Mês atrás
That last guy CRUSHED it. Jej is amazing.
Ari Dreams
Ari Dreams Mês atrás
Bed of Roses was stunning. Absolutely amazing.
adelmo .V.A
adelmo .V.A Mês atrás
Without jennie lena? This is so sad
Ben Haynes
Ben Haynes Mês atrás
Talk about saving the best for last. Jej Vinson with "Passionfruit". The moment when the judges knew they had met their match. Dude straight up "out-legended" J. Legend!
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell Mês atrás
2nd guys performance was my favorite. That voice, that energy, his groovin. Get it man! We're jamming with you my friend! ROCK ON! 🤘
Wicked Game performer, her rime arrangement like feather wading through my mind. Wish she has more dedicated performance.
Suga Kun
Suga Kun Mês atrás
I wanted Jade De Rijcke to be on here with “Homesick”. But all these people sang beautifully!!
Josh Reed
Josh Reed Mês atrás
How nobody gonna give Mo props...
Fay Faize
Fay Faize Mês atrás
The second is lit
Қанат Смаков
Деспасито. Desposito. BRAVO! !!👏👏👏👏
N M Mês atrás
14:14 The.goosbumps.
Lenon Castro
Lenon Castro Mês atrás
12:24 im screaming
Lenon Castro
Lenon Castro Mês atrás
Oh my lord! The girl on the piano is stunning! She’s so beautiful and awesome singing
Lenon Castro
Lenon Castro Mês atrás
Bed roses gives me goosebumps
Shuyi Zhu
Shuyi Zhu Mês atrás
The South African performer was sooo gooood!!! That’s we call the voice of South Africa
w harrington
w harrington Mês atrás
Since the guy sang Jealous for his X Factor tryout I just can't. It has so many different meanings to me. 😢
Aaliyah Wiley
Aaliyah Wiley Mês atrás
Wow that was so amazing I love seeing the judges and their reactions before and after and during the performances.I admire these people that have the courage to go on that show globally and the judges with their kindness to help these bright stars and the show oml the show is just so amzing I love the stage this was a great idea whoever came up with it👏🏽bravo
Oana Miulescu
Oana Miulescu Mês atrás
They're all amazing, especially the piano girl& the last Asian guy. Really emotional! 👏👏
tavanashe asaphia mudara
oh wow
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