TOOL - Fear Inoculum (Audio)

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7 Ago 2019



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Comentários 50 782
Anglosaxon 3 horas atrás
I'm loving this album! I've been binge listening to it over and over for a week now.
AXI Media
AXI Media 4 horas atrás
Shit I think I got more intelligent listening to this.
Omar Zenteno
Omar Zenteno 4 horas atrás
I feel alive again.
melmothtw 5 horas atrás
Is everyone else having to sit through the dirge that is 'Sam Fender' before every song on this album plays? Driving me nuts.
Toni Sisty
Toni Sisty 5 horas atrás
Tool:) what a Legend .... they always been my hero...... took the road less traveled 💁
The Doctor
The Doctor 7 horas atrás
Whoa! Sounds so much like a lot of the other boring songs on this album... and their other similar sounding albums
Fox 8 horas atrás
For all of you that are upset it took so long fuck u thanks tool for 1 of the best albums ever
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Major Luchs
Major Luchs 9 horas atrás
Wyatt H
Wyatt H 9 horas atrás
Thank you for another album. I was in middle school and high school when the last albums came out. My older brother and I use to listen to it all day. He has been missing since July of 2006. I know he would have enjoyed this album.
Baily love
Baily love 9 horas atrás
Matthew 9 horas atrás
11k people are not conscious enough to grasp the pure talent before them
Jeff Kersting
Jeff Kersting 9 horas atrás
I'm 46. I was 14, when they said they were coming out with this album. #bouttime
Jimmybob Jimsauce
Jimmybob Jimsauce 9 horas atrás
2:00 - 2:55 is overwhelmingly beautiful.
Jaime Matheus K.
Jaime Matheus K. 10 horas atrás
5:11 middle of the song: "Mythosis" growing though...
Agent 301
Agent 301 10 horas atrás
Crystal Clear
birdorienteering 11 horas atrás
This shit is dope.
Joe Schmidl
Joe Schmidl 11 horas atrás
Song is fucking horrible
carlos castro
carlos castro 11 horas atrás
Saludos de Perú,
chavoksg 60
chavoksg 60 12 horas atrás
This some real classical shit
Jaxon Berg
Jaxon Berg 12 horas atrás
not gonna lie this makes me think of age of empires
Orion Blackburn
Orion Blackburn 12 horas atrás
Holy shit! Actually still sounds like tool!
gio montoya
gio montoya 13 horas atrás
Thank God, there are still humans with talent and no dumb pop trash musicians, like this Swift. Who the hell is she?
Joursef 13 horas atrás
I need LSD or mushrooms and listen all the album. This album is so psychedelic, god, I fcking love it
Matthew 9 horas atrás
Joursef I dropped like 400ug for this album and let me say HOLY SHIT
Flippeddippedscatteredshatteredsmotheredinshit Dude
If a band utilizes a double bass pedal in this fashion, and one goes to their concert.( In the bass drum department of the show) you got the two for one deal. It feels good to save money doesn't it? Hah! Caught you satan! Everyone knows money is the root of all evil! Just playing. This song gets an a+ from me.
Fit Pops
Fit Pops 13 horas atrás
So grateful listening to NEW Tool in 2019 🤯👍 Not to be greedy but we're ready for more 🎶
benindc83 14 horas atrás
11k people disliked this and clearly don’t enjoy polyrhythms or, you know, music that requires thought.
Oskar Järvinen
Oskar Järvinen 15 horas atrás
Heather Ancheta
Heather Ancheta 16 horas atrás
My 9 year old son has just started drumming lessons and this album could not have come out at a more perfect time!
farmerbob96 16 horas atrás
Watching the roommates have a domestic, she's hit him and started shaking the baby while abusing him, he hit her to get the baby out of her arms, the cops are coming and he'll get arrested. This video clip sucks but man this song is awesome
Casey Ashba
Casey Ashba 16 horas atrás
You're music has been a major life enhancer. Thank You
Luke Janes
Luke Janes 17 horas atrás
Oh look...11k people need to clean out their ears.
Rukkkis 18 horas atrás
This song would only be better if it was longer.
Danilow Ferreira
Danilow Ferreira 19 horas atrás
11k TS fans until there..
Jonathan Conklin
Jonathan Conklin 20 horas atrás
What happened to the official non vevo version? it says video no longer available, but it was uploaded to BRvid by TOOL Topic.
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis 22 horas atrás
3:05 ping
Sam Moore
Sam Moore Dia atrás
OK, I'm ready for the next album.
Adam Marquez
Adam Marquez Dia atrás
This song is the best song on the album
HyeongKook Leem
HyeongKook Leem Dia atrás
뭐 이런노래가 다있노. 다시는 안듣는다 뭐고이게
Rhett Combs
Rhett Combs Dia atrás
I love this song I used to not like tool but overtime it has grown on me but my dad loves them. I love the very detailed lyrics it makes the song mean more than you previously thought. Great song tool
Michael Ehrhart
Michael Ehrhart Dia atrás
Wow. Somebody has been practicing! Better than ever. A must-see tour, for sure...
Troll Master
Troll Master Dia atrás
Friendly KoRn Fan here. This is my first time listening to Tool.
David Layman
David Layman 10 horas atrás
Yeah... You' do seem friendly. I hate to say anything, but I believe it's spelled "corn." No K and definitely no capital R in the middle of the word! LOL...adorable... I right??!? JK. I'm a cynical KoRn fan myself.
Goth Farmer
Goth Farmer Dia atrás
Hey! Check out some of their earlier stuff too, Opiate & Undertow.
Julian Gaviria Martinez
Hijueputaa, que pedazo de tema, dope af !
Broken Sprites
Broken Sprites Dia atrás
I love the side of me that hates this song. Listening to TOOL reminds me of a life I lost and brings a certain amount of pain and sadness but I find myself playing this on repeat. I hate that I love you.
farmerbob96 Dia atrás
Hate is love. They are not separate, individual entities. Not a choice. Not like egg, that with effort the white and yellow can be separated. One.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry Dia atrás
Why tf have I never listened to Tool before?! This is the best damn shit I've heard in a long time!!
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 17 horas atrás
@Илия Кузев Even Better!
Илия Кузев
They have more good songs!
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane Dia atrás
this album is keeping us from being poisoned by the media. bless this immunity. thank you tool. now go vegan.
Don R
Don R Dia atrás
1993 tent camping in the smokey mountains with 4 friends. Playing the new Tool album turned down low as we are trying to sleep. Then at the end of the cassette, DISGUSTIPATED starts to play. Everyone wakes up asking "what the fuck is that"? Creeped us all out as we tried to get back to sleep in the Appalacian mountain woods. Good times, good times.
Robin 17 horas atrás
"these are the cries of the carrots"
evilal20 Dia atrás
My uncle passed May 14, 2016. He was a huge fan of TOOL. I actually have a few of his CD's. 😣 Maybe I'm reaching, but I feel like this album is from him, spiritually. 😏
PG Loi
PG Loi Dia atrás
Finally, some new beats to the monks.
Shawn Henschel
Shawn Henschel Dia atrás
ok... lol
Justin Ball
Justin Ball Dia atrás
Never had goosebumps throughout an entire song before.
Andrew Waltz
Andrew Waltz Dia atrás
Just a coincidence that the opening line from this song--itself being the opening track to the album, thus making the first line of this song, the first line of the album, and hence the first new line from a song lyric to come from Tool, in over a dozen years--and so, is it just a coincidence, that said line says "...long overdue"? Sure--because Tool, and Maynard in particular, are notorious for being ridiculously careless regarding thoughtful analysis of their songs; it probably never even crossed any of their minds, not even once, the irony of using such an opening line. Or, /maybe/, it was on purpose... ..nah! ;)
farmerbob96 Dia atrás
At 5:10 Maynard sings Mitosis - the half way point of the song ;)
lia maus
lia maus Dia atrás
I've heard this album 60+ times now and my IQ has gone from 95 to the math!
ZombiePlanet Dia atrás
Wow you guys haven't changed at all.... should've just called it lateralus and 10000 days no. 2 Anyway, disappointing
Sean Allan
Sean Allan Dia atrás
this part 7:19
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