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19 Jan 2023



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Sam Adame
Sam Adame 2 meses atrás
Old man's old people is actually nice and kind and they know magic 🙏☺️
sular • há 789 anos
Os velhos do Brasil fazem piadas machista
EMERALD MUSIC- 423 Mês atrás
Por eso está el dicho " un viejo mago nunca pierde su toque"
Zurainee Yahya
Zurainee Yahya 5 dias atrás
😱 😲
Zurainee Yahya
Zurainee Yahya 5 dias atrás
😱 😲
José diego Martínez ballestero
Una rota y otra bien
José diego Martínez ballestero
Jajaja habían 2 cartas
3-D Mês atrás
si we
Hi :)
Hi :) Mês atrás
Magic looks so realistic I didn't doubt for a second🤯
Ochest Fairweather
Ochest Fairweather Mês atrás
7th grade and I will can
TegoSS Mês atrás
The man needs an award for the most confusing trick ever
BGMTerence Mês atrás
It’s actually very simple to figure it out
Harshil Shah
Harshil Shah Mês atrás
You not complicated you just need eyes 👀
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
AxrbianDxys Mês atrás
​@Fox idk what to write ikr
AxrbianDxys Mês atrás
​@ÅÑGÈLØK it is complicated
Michelle Parkin
Michelle Parkin Mês atrás
Aww he is such a lovely man 🥹
Markitowns Mês atrás
mano eu me senti feliz porque ele ta doente ou algo feliz me sinto bem por ele estar se divertindo...
Zues Ortiz
Zues Ortiz Mês atrás
Eazy there is a card in his sleeve that had black tape on it and then when he was moving around his cards he put the card on top
Mohammed Mohammed
Mohammed Mohammed Mês atrás
Man needs a million Oscar's
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
Milgreat Mês atrás
@ItsFurious ok mega mind
Eric Rodrigo Bordim
ItsFurious Mês atrás
@Milgreat not to be a jerk or anything, but….oscars dont give awards for that
Enele Enele
Enele Enele Mês atrás
I love that man ,,you keep going what you are doing.
🍄The.mushroom elf🍄
That would fool anyone but you can see the other card, AWSOME❤️
Yourmorning discord
That’s what I’m saying you need good eyes to see it unless nettle juice looks at this
CaptainKirk MasterJinn
i thought i saw a 4 of spades and the way he holds the card(s)
{Cookie kitty}
{Cookie kitty} Mês atrás
Man needs a million Oscar’s
Ch1k1N.bUtTss Mês atrás
@Yourmorning discord u ruined the trick😐
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
MarkedToucan Mês atrás
Little Louie
Little Louie Mês atrás
There is a sec9ng card with tape and the card below it has the hole in it
Hobgobbler Mês atrás
Do you even know what an Oscar is for
X4Gaming Mês atrás
Old man got some tricks, I think how it works is that when he puts his hand on the card with a hole, he is putting a non-damaged card with a sticker on it, on top of the card with a hole, making it look like he removed the hole by turning the hole into a sticker and removing it like a sticker.
MXTERRA Mês atrás
Acho tão bom quando esses caras pega de frente com uma viatura
Poetlover Mês atrás
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
BA SIL Mês atrás
Oscars is for actors
Diksha Rai
Diksha Rai Mês atrás
@yui:) look at the comment i did now u will understand
Diksha Rai
Diksha Rai Mês atrás
@Omar Syarif nop u don't observe the things carefully... that's why u always have a temper problem
Diksha Rai
Diksha Rai Mês atrás
I told u first he kept one card on his plan .... Like u sleep ok bed .. ok then he put his finger ih the card which was straightup and had hole on it .. but then he picked up the card which he kept on his plan when he slide down the holed card and like that it seems to u like a magic..... Observe it carefully..
ayanaliz. balistoy
ayanaliz. balistoy Mês atrás
he is very talented it would be amazing if kids watched this video🥰🥰
starling gacha :D
starling gacha :D Mês atrás
never let them know your next move they say
Ghani Mohammed
Ghani Mohammed Mês atrás
This grandpa is a legend he needs an Oscar and a cure for cancer😊
V1nLu4N_D Mês atrás
a card that is the same is lying down while the one shown is a hole, then what grandpa will do is turn the standing one upside down so that they overlap with the one lying down so it's not obvious and the one lying down card previously had electrical tape on it and then grandpa will just remove it
emine severcan
emine severcan Mês atrás
​@Star Amv it does
Ghani Mohammed
Ghani Mohammed Mês atrás
@Gamer doggo Mam?
Anca Cristina Efrimescu
Guvernul fost foarte frumos pentru ajutor în care Trimis
A palavra " Mago " nunca ficou tão bem em alguém kkkkk
Andaloy Salentes
Andaloy Salentes 5 dias atrás
Thes man is magical ❤🙏
botato_bacon RBLX
botato_bacon RBLX Mês atrás
this man needs a oscar for that magic trick
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
North • 7638 years ago
​@Harshil Shah Yup I saw that from a mile away
@Harshil Shah car💀
Harshil Shah
Harshil Shah Mês atrás
It’s not that hard there was a car layed flat down in his hand and the one with the hole in it was up. He kept a stick an the one the was down and when he put them together it made it seem like there wasn’t a hole
Pollo Mês atrás
​​@Dex653 And u too.
guddinti anthonamma
9 months later , the card got pregnant🤰
Lakr Rawr
Lakr Rawr Mês atrás
This Man Needs A 👑
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
That guy is a legend.
James Patterson
James Patterson Mês atrás
A legend at being average
Sven Sjolund
Sven Sjolund Mês atrás
Of course he’s a legend have you never heard of Hector Salamanca
Snail Flow
Snail Flow Mês atrás
Dude you're right hes a true legend
Perminder singh Dullay
nice man no tension only smile sir
Eden Russom3572
Eden Russom3572 4 dias atrás
Leonida Casinillo
Leonida Casinillo Mês atrás
Give this man an oscar
Yourmorning discord
Don’t because if you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
Noobxdnewbiethai Mês atrás
Borkh Ochirpurev
Borkh Ochirpurev Mês atrás
Borkh Ochirpurev
Borkh Ochirpurev Mês atrás
Chicken Nuggy
Chicken Nuggy Mês atrás
This made my day
臨也折原 Mês atrás
animedits030 Mês atrás
Ik it’s two cards but the old man did it well
DeKu._ Mês atrás
i saw the two cards too
092 - Karthik Reddy
092 - Karthik Reddy 8 dias atrás
He holds a card without hole horizontally behind the card that is showing to the screen ,as he flips the card,he places the card with hole on the normal one and two cards together
Ninjacole Mês atrás
If you ever feel useless think of Tom holland
Bless this man 🙏
How's nobody talking about the ✨P R I N C E S S P E N C I L✨ LAMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
yeiox Mês atrás
uma bela mágica, bela mágica
Hes Smile is so cute🥰🥺 Thanks for Like
AlphaFlare Mês atrás
Thank you for your reaction tom holland Now i know how to react
ChauPhan Mês atrás
Is a Legend...🎗
Iwona Jakobek
Iwona Jakobek Mês atrás
That old man is really talented 👏
ThatOnePilo Mês atrás
he folded the card
Hung Anh
Hung Anh Mês atrás
Quá đỉnh luôn ông ạ☺️
♡hello.Little bunny🐇
my mind doesn't help 😭
Dolphinpower1937 Mês atrás
That man needs an award❤
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
Red Rose
Red Rose Mês atrás
@James Patterson and you don't need to comment
James Patterson
James Patterson Mês atrás
He most definitely doesn't
𝗣𝘀𝘆𝗰𝗵𝗼 𝗚𝗶𝗿𝗹
I knew that the paper turned it over, a smart move
Bella&Martin Mês atrás
As an genius the old man actually holding a double the 1st card have a whole, and the 2nd card will hide it But I have to say his kind and genius too
Almighty Reality☦️
I actually saw 2 cards but respect grandpa he should get 4,000,000 Oscars for that🙏
Chad Raymond
Chad Raymond Mês atrás
​@Mayank Rathore i cant hate on the man cuz its awesome but ya, when he flips it u can look at the side closer to him. The top card is cut shorter and clear tape . Makes it easier to flip the card back and forth. But i give him credit!
Laura Rodrigues
Laura Rodrigues Mês atrás
​@The HMSGaming kar
Mayank Rathore
Mayank Rathore Mês atrás
​@The HMSGaming there's 2 cards, one with the hole. While passing the pencil and finger, the second card was pushed down. Later, he aligned them and removed the tape from the second card.
The HMSGaming
The HMSGaming Mês atrás
2 cards and what, it doesn't matter if it's 2 cards, the pen looks like it go straight through 2 cards :))
justin hernandez
justin hernandez Mês atrás
Amy Garay
Amy Garay Mês atrás
Se gano mis respetos
samuel 2.0
samuel 2.0 Mês atrás
Eu vi tem duas cartas aí quando ele abaixa e levanta já tá com a outra e a outra tem uma fita Obrigado pelo 1 like
King Axolotl
King Axolotl Mês atrás
If this man was in the magic olympics, he deserves a medal
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
&-JokerDeath-& Mês atrás
@♡︎𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞♡︎ The fact that people actually do tho-?
Кирилл Мамедов
​@ソーダ炭酸水 щщ9х
Ed Blox
Ed Blox Mês atrás
Ita not that hard
OnePinQuinn Mês atrás
Rip to people who believe he is actually reacting to this💀💀💀
Alan’s Golf World
Alan’s Golf World 29 dias atrás
Bro the fact that the old woman just showed her like five times the 2nd time she put her finger in like we didn’t need you to put it out that much times woman-
Angela Mês atrás
Man needs a oscar ❤😊
jayk Mês atrás
@Yourmorning discord ???? Seems that u just dont get it
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
jayk Mês atrás
​@Dex653 get out of your parents basement
Cyborg Mês atrás
​@Dex653 lol
Dex653 Mês atrás
Get off ur phone and get to work
Elu D
Elu D Mês atrás
this trick is amazing!! love it. This could trick anybody although i could see the second card. Keep up the great work ❤
bayaraa bayaraa
bayaraa bayaraa Mês atrás
Answer of the trick: After the card is in his palm, he switched to a similar card
~hey_girls!~ Mês atrás
these seniors are so cute and amazing not just because they are seniors
Today's subject
Today's subject Mês atrás
Henrique Fonseca
Henrique Fonseca Mês atrás
Entendi o truque, tem um pedaço de cima de carta escondido atrás da cara, quando ele deita ela ele agarra, aí ele a deita com o naip para baixo, nesse pedaço tem um papel ou sei lá preto que ele tira fazendo vc pirar.
Jatin 4 dias atrás
Double card liya hai uncle ne but Jadu accha tha ❤
Tea !
Tea ! Mês atrás
This grandpa needs a oscar
Yourmorning discord
He does until you look closer it’s another card cut in half a bit that’s why he’s not showing the other side again
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar Mês atrás
Bro needs English Grammar For Dummies
JustBreme Mês atrás
Bro need attention
Swes AG
Swes AG Mês atrás
what is the song
John Mês atrás
It's a cool trick but it ain't worth an oscar
josefina arzave
josefina arzave Mês atrás
Que magia me encantó el señor grande que dios lo bendiga 🙏😊
First Class
First Class Mês atrás
बाबूजी छेद वाला पत्ता निचे गिर गया।आपने दूसरा पत्ता दिखा दिया 😂
Cheryl Condeza
Cheryl Condeza Mês atrás
God bless this man with no harm whatsoever 😢
JFR Gameplay
JFR Gameplay Mês atrás
I'm translating in Portuguese for people
Lucia Yabandire Muiba
Yes for faque?
JFR Gameplay
JFR Gameplay Mês atrás
deus abençoe esse homem sem mal algum
ludmi Gorriz
ludmi Gorriz Mês atrás
un abuelo siempre tendrá poderes xd como las mamás y la chancla👍😎
Deathmean30 Mês atrás
If y’all didn’t see it there was two cards in his hand and the one that had a hole in it was at the bottom and the real card had a small black card on it to make it look real
namuunaa nyamotgon
namuunaa nyamotgon Mês atrás
He should win a Oscar
Toryn Glisson
Toryn Glisson Mês atrás
I know how he does it: the card shown that has a hole in it is the only card visible but when he puts the card down in his hand.. thats card that has a hole in it.. gets laid on top of the normal card but the normal card have a piece of black tape on it so when he puts the card with the hole in it down and bring sit back up the side with the numbers still has the hole but the side he pulled the tape off of.. was a new card
wixlzoo Mês atrás
So, we're gonna ignore the fact that Tom Holland sure as hell did NOT react to this?
Shannon0.1 Mês atrás
This grandpa is better at talent than I ever could Edit: omg tysm for all the likes ♥️
Sun Screen✔️
Sun Screen✔️ Mês atrás
He just folded the card
Alperen Kılıç
Alperen Kılıç Mês atrás
there are two cards, when you throw your hand on it, it puts the second card in the middle, it's that simple.
Lerrix Mês atrás
Сделал это очень профессионально, хоть я и нашел разгатку, но не с 1 раза, человеку скорейшего выздоравление
Tsm jay
Tsm jay Mês atrás
damn grandpa got skills 👏🔥
Ari Lopez
Ari Lopez Mês atrás
We claramente se ve el nótese de un son 2 cartas 😂😂😂😂😂
Chasity M.
Chasity M. Mês atrás
If people don’t understand the trick this is how it’s done he has the hole in the main card and then he has a secondary card with electrical tape on the back of the secondary card he shows there is hole in the main card but when he shows the back of the secondary card he then slides the secondary card up giving the illusion he took to hole off Comment how many time I said secondary and main
♡ Valentina ♡
♡ Valentina ♡ Mês atrás
thats talent
Thiago Botelho
Thiago Botelho Mês atrás
"Um mágico sempre tem uma carta da manga"
mr kill toy man
mr kill toy man Mês atrás
Serendipity bujo
Serendipity bujo Mês atrás
En realidad tienes la. Arta del lado abierta y le plso el dedo,😎
Nicolas Ycaro
Nicolas Ycaro Mês atrás
​@Blackstar era duas cartas da para ver pela ponta
Blackstar Mês atrás
​@Anônimo como
João Manoel
João Manoel Mês atrás
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha Mês atrás
It had 2 cards there but he still knows how it done
Sky of Justice
Sky of Justice Mês atrás
Had 1 card with a cutout in it and one that he cut 1/3 off, you can see it when he transitions from showing the front to back. And yes I maxed out my perception in Skyrim's skill tree.
Sabastian Heinle
Sabastian Heinle Mês atrás
And yes, I maxed out my credit card balance figuring this out.
Ms.Banana Mês atrás
Damn bro, grandpa got some good tricks up his sleeve Thank you for the 86 likesssss❤❤❤
YT with Mo
YT with Mo Mês atrás
Tanya Hosmer
Tanya Hosmer Mês atrás
Fr tho he does
Хабибат Дамаданова
Жизнь пускай будет долгой и здоровья тебе дедуля🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰🥰🥰
That's some ancient magic If you understand it...
Только мама лишь одна.... Ждёт тебя всегда.... Снова день.... Снова ночь... Мысли прочь в эту ночь... Мать не спит.... День и ночь.... Снова ждёт сына, дочь.... Пусть не гаснут никогда.... Все звёзды только Для тебя... Да я сын не самый лучший.... Но я лучший для тебя... Шаг за шагом... Год за годом... Гордость полна душа... И отрывки этих строчек... Будут покорять сердца!!! Для кого-то Мама счастья!! Для кого-то лишь слова... Пусть искра в сердцах сияет!! Что не гасло не когда... Снова уезжаю Из родного дома я..... Автор закрепи пожалуйста 30 минут писала пожалуйста🙏🙏🙏
Life with Casey and the dogs
Cool trick just needs to be faster at adding the other card
right hand man
right hand man Mês atrás
He swapped the card with another one when he put his hand over it, basic magic technique
Maysa • há 13 anos
How cute but at the same time sad since he has these respirators in his nose, I hope he gets better grandpa 🙏❤
U pull no moms
U pull no moms Mês atrás
@waterpole how tf do u know
BaconlolXD Mês atrás
@Bryce Sweeney it’s just a sick man doing a magic trick
Bryce Sweeney
Bryce Sweeney Mês atrás
@BaconlolXDhe’s laughing cus it’s a funny video not cus of the respirators in his nose
Rashi Sehgal
Rashi Sehgal Mês atrás
I hate l
​@Esperanza Ramirez wrong its actually laughing so hard that u had tears while laughing feels like your a kid.
Amy Rendon
Amy Rendon 29 dias atrás
Eso es ese señor es un mago grande 🥵
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh Mês atrás
He uses a card as a spare on his other hand and just flips the card having a hole on top of that card!
special plays edits(AS)
Respect grandpa he is trying make us happy and how cute he is when I saw his face (Thanku for 500 likes )
special plays edits(AS)
@Cool Cat :| I understood beacuse the thickness
special plays edits(AS)
@Cool Cat :| I know
Cool Cat :|
Cool Cat :| Mês atrás
very simple. there are two cards
Lợi Boùi
Lợi Boùi Mês atrás
Uggy dám
TrickyTriggs Mês atrás
Second card behind his palm, when he flips he raises the back card up to reveal non cut card back
ÆLFÆ Mês atrás
Buen mago el señor pese a su edad, lo malo que se le nota otra carta...
Cmlace [ The Transformers ]
R.I.P to those 5 yr old’s that thought Tom Holland was reacting 💀
no one thought that tho
Gabe Mês atrás
If you look closely you can see he has 2 cards but that was still really good
Monster Tropico
Monster Tropico Mês atrás
The old person I don't want to know, she's too smart
SeekVR Mês atrás
It's a simple trick but he's mastered it so wholesome
verson verdadero
verson verdadero Mês atrás
maybe he was a good magician back in his days
ㅤጿ Mês atrás
2 tháng trước xem live đúng cái đoạn đưa cây vào rồi lướt qua, giờ mới biết là hay 🤣
Steinunn Indiana Sveinsdóttir
This is why you have to respect old people❤
PaFig Mês atrás
Карту поменял и убрал в правый рукав))
): axocolatado :)
): axocolatado :) Mês atrás
for me it was easy to know how to do it but I was so happy with the Lord's magic that I won't explain how to do it
skay :3
skay :3 Mês atrás
A mágica foi incrível, mas esse senhorzinho é mt fofo 🥰
8irdNest Mês atrás
I just discovered how to do this 🤣
mr pr ___46💫
mr pr ___46💫 Mês atrás
In this video lo 2 cards by use cheysadu correct chudandi
Duolingo Mês atrás
www it's so cute to see an elderly man doing magic ❤️ he has talent congratulations 👏👏💕
Matilda Pascual
Matilda Pascual Mês atrás
Matilda Pascual
Matilda Pascual Mês atrás
mery_patinhas Mês atrás
@Your Local Mongolian🐸🍵 cafezin('>☕>')
Your Local Mongolian🐸🍵
Duolingo please I missed my japanese lesson. Please spare me and my family.....
mery_patinhas Mês atrás
@Juan David Cabrera Landinez :0
Серго Долинин
видно две карты, одна порвана. а так дедуля молодец)
@Dariel frd#salazar bd"
Anciano más experto que yo que nunca muera
Taib Gorgy
Taib Gorgy Mês atrás
Bro that’s the easy list trick but my man deserves 1,000 oscars
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