Tom Cruise Terrifies James in 'Top Gun' Fighter Jet!

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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"Top Gun: Maverick" star Tom Cruise picks up James for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the desert where Tom pilots James in a vintage fighter plane for the afternoon. And just when James thinks he's survived, Tom informs him the two will be going up again - this time in a jet fit for modern aerial warfare. There isn't much doubt Maverick will survive the experience, but will James? "Top Gun: Maverick" comes out only in theaters May 27!


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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 22 063
Robert Theron
Robert Theron 2 meses atrás
This guy fly's jets, helicopters, drives race cars, does his own stunts. whether or not you like him you have to admit, this guy is the real deal and has balls of solid titanium
tleesmith781 4 dias atrás
And still looking good! 👍🏽
The Son Man
The Son Man 13 dias atrás
@DScritchy Have you seen Born on the 4th of July, Collateral and even Tropic Thunder??
Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan 16 dias atrás
Lol cgi. They never moved from where they parked
Jacon Johnsonter
Jacon Johnsonter 18 dias atrás
i mean unlimited amount of money you can do this too
Troy 29 dias atrás
My Tom Cruise story. My dad is in the movie business and he took me to about 20 movie premieres in Hollywood/Los Angeles when I was a teenager and their after parties(when the venue allowed). I can’t count how many movie stars I met. But Tom was the most impressive by far. His character was a pleasant surprise and pleasure to witness. The majority of actors/actresses didn’t want to mingle at the after parties much or at all. He’s the only one that I’ve ever seen literally spend hours meeting and saying hi to people, literally a lined formed, he looked at each person in the eyes, making them feel like they were special and genuinely engaging with every single person. I asked my Dad about that and he said Tom considers the moments he shares with his fans and supporters as his duty as a lead an actor and to the film. Truly impressive human.
meanster100 2 dias atrás
I hope Tom reads your comment
miss miss
miss miss 5 dias atrás
@Anonymous Potato🎃 very sad
Natalia 5 dias atrás
@Jeff Heyer I agree with everything he said. People know the rules, you have to respect them. Shooting a great movie in times of Covid is really complicated, and in those days even cities or countries were closed. Money that is wasted, delays and producers who do not want to give more. A big stress
Mike Berecochea
Mike Berecochea 7 dias atrás
@Ankerias Käärme yep!
Anonymous Potato🎃
Anonymous Potato🎃 8 dias atrás
He is an abusive husband and a cult member
akaTyler 27 dias atrás
its so easy to forget that he is a PROPER pilot and has been doing this for longer than a lot of commercial aircraft pilots have
Kyle Kranz
Kyle Kranz 2 dias atrás
@Gabe Pelletier You can get a commercial pilot's license at 200 hours, or even less if your slight school falls under Part 141 regulations. At that point you can legally fly and be compensated - hence a commercial pilot. One only needs 1,000+ hours for an Airline Transport License (ATP) to be first officer with the airlines. So Tom Cruise most likely does have more hours than an airline pilot starting their career.
Spacelicious 4 dias atrás
@Roxanne Rodriguez me neither, but it actually doesn't surprise me. It just fits him.
bowser5678 7 dias atrás
@Saint Saint He and the rest of the cast had to undergo 2-3 months of flight training provided by the US Navy to film Top Gun Maverick.
Saint Saint
Saint Saint 12 dias atrás
@Gabe Pelletier Still, exceptionally impressive for an actor.
Elizabeth Brammer
Elizabeth Brammer 28 dias atrás
I think what most people don’t realize is that in order to fly these planes, he has to be type-rated on each one, separately, costing anywhere from $25k-$100k for the instructions and flight time… for him to be type-rated on so many different aircraft is insanely cool! That, and he has to regularly take up those planes in order to stay current!
spastik 2 dias atrás
Price doesn't matter to him
Dojoadventures 4 dias atrás
According to the net Tom is worth 600 million so I don't think he is too worried about the cost.
Elizabeth Brammer
Elizabeth Brammer 9 dias atrás
@Have a nice Dai ACCURATE
chrisroe6456 Operator
chrisroe6456 Operator 9 dias atrás
@Sovereign Citizen LEO You must not be a pilot, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Have a nice Dai
Have a nice Dai 9 dias atrás
@Elizabeth Brammer when you have a net worth of approx $600 million, an average yearly salary of around $50 million, and just made $100 million for starring in Top Gun Maverick alone… I don’t think the cost of jet fuel or maintenance is much of a concern. I don’t think the cost of _anything_ is much of a concern. Plus, if money was of any concern to him, he wouldn’t be such an established figure in the cult… ahem, I mean “church” of Scientology.
Ode2Bees 29 dias atrás
He's done more than the Navy itself to inspire and recruit future pilots.
Morten Hansen
Morten Hansen 9 dias atrás
@Ben Reynolds And many other things as well. But yeah.
Ben Reynolds
Ben Reynolds 10 dias atrás
These films are pretty made to recruit for the air force. Hollywood is just one big recruitment campaign for all the armed forces.
yoga asix
yoga asix 19 dias atrás
Dont forget the Afghans who were clinging in the C-17
Guilherme Nogueira
Guilherme Nogueira 20 dias atrás
@p s yo, actually here in my country and some others, advertising college is a real thing. My degree is called "Publicidade e propaganda", thats literally "advertising and propaganda" and it derives from Social Communication. Its like engineering, first all engineers study the basics together, than go to the derivations like automation, computer, electrical, or chemical engineering. After social communication we can go to journalism, marketing, advertising, and some others.
Strategic Application Solutions Inc.
As a pilot, I can tell you that the amount of time it takes to get to that level of comparability in that caliber of plane is immense. He has obviously spent an extraordinary amount of time and money flying with instructors and on his own. Good for him to pursue that passion...
bayViation yay
bayViation yay 8 dias atrás
@King Johan LMFAO you think it's not hard to fly a P-51 or L-39?! The L-39 has a THIRTEEN SECOND throttle response from idle to full power if you get into a rut, do you know how far ahead of the airplane you need to be in that thing? And the P-51 can go out of control so damn easily and is difficult to land. What are you on about? Not too late to delete your comment.
Nathan Caulford
Nathan Caulford 11 dias atrás
@Vera Bolton or both Or both 🤣🤣🤣
Vera Bolton
Vera Bolton 12 dias atrás
@Nathan Caulford Or jus' realistic. Or jus' realistic. Why do you comment twice? Twice? 🤣
Nathan Caulford
Nathan Caulford 12 dias atrás
@Vera Bolton cynical much? jus' sayin' :)
rmp5s Mês atrás
TIL: Tom Cruise not only has a pilot's license, he's held one for decades AND that GORGEOUS P-51 is actually HIS!! Life goals...hahaha
rick8928 Hora atrás
@Chantal Himmelberg His p-51 is reported to be based at the Van Nuys airport. This film took place somewhere out in the desert (obviously).
Mirium Hurt
Mirium Hurt 13 dias atrás
That's HIS P51??? Omg!!!
Richelieu 24 dias atrás
@777dwane you need one to fly a plane without an instructor…
777dwane 26 dias atrás
NO such thing as a --> PILOTS LICENSE
Dillon Kimbrell
Dillon Kimbrell 27 dias atrás
people dont know that he can actually fly planes, helicopters, and even modern fighter jets.
Gary Davis
Gary Davis 25 dias atrás
I worked with Tom for 3 months In Montana and Ireland on Far and Away and we did some pretty good fights.. He is one of the most professional and fun people I have ever worked with in a 30 year career in the motion picture industry. The fact that Ron Howard was directing made it one of the most enjoyable movies I ever worked on.
Gerry Jurrens
Gerry Jurrens 2 dias atrás
Ron was on Colbert this week & talked a bit about that film (which I’ve not seen yet). Ron’s Dad insisted on being in the first take of a hugely dangerous scene. Great story.
Christine Pahlmann
Christine Pahlmann 13 dias atrás
@Chris M I just loved that movie...accent or not...
Troy 20 dias atrás
Not sure if you saw my story that I posted in the thread of comments, but I went to a couple of Tom’s movie premieres and after parties in the 90s. He was so nice to everyone, like a shining light of positive energy. I went to a lot of premiers and I’ve never seen someone be that engaging to fans and supporters at a after party. It’s great to hear all these positive stories about Tom. Ron Howard is a legend. I was lucky enough to literally be feet behind Ron’s chair and watched him direct Angels and Demons in Los Angeles. The helicopter crash scene with with Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor. They literally built the front of St Peters Square in Rome in a parking lot of a racetrack called Hollywood Park in Inglewood. Where the NFL stadium is now. Was one of the biggest set I’ve ever been on. Ron was so nice and liked by everyone.
Chris M
Chris M 23 dias atrás
Its too bad he got ripped for his bad accent in that movie. It really overshadowed the fact it was a great movie. As great as Tom is at acting, he is TERRIBLE at accents. Any accent.
Lauraaa 23 dias atrás
These two together are just awesome. They just work off each other, both were absolutely hilarious in this, to the point I was laughing so hard I was crying. Especially at the Tom Cruise run James did across the tarmac 🤣🤣
Joseph Gold
Joseph Gold 59 minutos atrás
The marshmellow bit had me dying.
Natalie James
Natalie James 5 dias atrás
@Laurence Gavard they make their film looks real
Laurence Gavard
Laurence Gavard 11 dias atrás
Did you watch them as they jumped out of an airplane?
McShortNfat 13 horas atrás
This is the best interaction I've ever seen him have with a talkshow. There wasn't any obtrusive questions, solatious gossip. They genuinely had good fun together. It was awesome.
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 2 meses atrás
Tom really looks like he’s in his element here. More relaxed than I’ve seen him in regular interviews lol
J. Jackson
J. Jackson 2 meses atrás
@Bertrand146 why you gotta question someones religion? None of your business.
Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson 2 meses atrás
@Joe Mills Yes but he goes to more extremes then many others.
TALON 25 dias atrás
This whole thing is great LOL - Shoutout to Tom, heck of an actor and movie action hero. Hasn't slowed down at all and it blows my mind that he still operates at the highest level like this. Skilled at so many things and talented out the yin yang. Even when it comes to Mission: Impossible franchise, I thought he would have ended the series by now and he has two more confirmed on the way. Top Gun: Maverick was fantastic and loving the fun of this comedic bit. Undeniably one of the greats.
Teresa Gradolf
Teresa Gradolf 14 dias atrás
Tom mat talbot clay jonathon
Annie B
Annie B 17 dias atrás
Absolutely incredible! James just got the experience of a lifetime. I'd kill to be in his shoes. Tom Cruise is a next level person.
Dwight Lembke
Dwight Lembke 27 dias atrás
I am impressed with Tom. I didn't know even though he can even fly jets, he is down to Earth during the filming of the clip. I'm impressed.
Jessica Bradley
Jessica Bradley 8 dias atrás
Should've got that Oscar for "Born on the Fourth of July"
n Pilot
n Pilot 22 dias atrás
he is an actor and he has done comedy before. Actually before the MI movies he did a number of good ones: A Few Good Men, Rainman (that one was pretty good actually) and Jerry Maguire were not bad.
Robert Allen
Robert Allen 26 dias atrás
I just found that out now...impressed because the training for that is not for the feint of heart...
GabrielTheGuitarist 8 dias atrás
I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but life had other plans. Seeing an actor who practically goes out and does the stuff he plays on the screen has to be the best life experiences. who would not want to fly with him? this had to be an absolute blast. I'd love to hang out with him.
Haseeb Niazi
Haseeb Niazi Mês atrás
Imagine being so good at everything that flying a jet is another skill. What a legend.
Rimba Hijau
Rimba Hijau 14 dias atrás
@Dave Neill you don't even watched but comment weird 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
fxrsniper1 Mês atrás
@mikeeendean Wrong they were in the same jet
Live Life
Live Life Mês atrás
Imagine Tom’s resume on one page 📄
Haseeb Niazi
Haseeb Niazi Mês atrás
@A440climbingchef want and need. There is a difference. If you want to, you will do it regardless.
A440climbingchef Mês atrás
@Haseeb Niazi well if you got a lot of money in the bank already, you don't need to work 10 hrs a day making minimum wage trying to pay your bills.
theZero-ø0 28 dias atrás
I feel like I would give anything to fly with Tom Cruise. He seems like a hell of a guy.
One Tik
One Tik 5 dias atrás
"I don't want to be plopped out." Comedy gold this whole segment.
Abraham Hashmi
Abraham Hashmi 10 dias atrás
Next level, was genuinely smiling throughout this whole thing.
Stein Franken
Stein Franken 28 dias atrás
It looks like Cruise is an excellent pilot. I would go flying with him in either plane in a heart beat. Wish I had his bucks so I could fly those myself. "Thou shalt not covet.... Thou shalt not covet...." I keep repeating to myself.
You Must Be This Tall
You Must Be This Tall 19 dias atrás
Same - I'd fly or jump out of plane with Cruise. Little known fact is that he also has a helicopter license and is certified for acrobatics on that platform. The last MI movie with the closing helicopter chase...TC flying that and doing the spiral dive.
David DiMuzio
David DiMuzio 2 meses atrás
…Now that’s how you promote a movie 🍿🤩
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
And religion lol
Skyz qt
Skyz qt 2 meses atrás
@Sue T. how are they racist?
AllValleyWorks 2 meses atrás
fuckign video almost has as much as the trailer views. just... man. TOm is one of a kind. Maybe I'll look into that cult. No. No, thats what they want.
Dion J3n1
Dion J3n1 2 meses atrás
Caley Holland
Caley Holland 2 meses atrás
@ismail it’s just a movie. not real life
Vincent Corver
Vincent Corver 24 dias atrás
Fabulous production, edit, sound, storyline, jokes, and true friendship between two ridiculous famous and funny individuals. This is what BRvid should be all about.
ELLE JAE 22 dias atrás
joe bacarella
joe bacarella 7 dias atrás
Just awesome, Tom seems like just a regular guy who wants to take out a buddy, but he`s rich, and a pilot, and this is how he plays, that`s just insane, too cool, these two are great together.
Christine Moon
Christine Moon 4 dias atrás
I will ALWAYS love Tom. He's an outstanding actor. He never let's us down. James is also THE FREAKING BEST EVER!!! These men are AMAZING!!!
Jonathan Clayton
Jonathan Clayton 18 dias atrás
Tom Cruise has done more amazing things then forgotten about, than most will ever attempt to do.
GoShelbyGoYo Mês atrás
This makes me love Tom Cruise. His sense of humor and perfect delivery in this entire segment is amazing.
F Mês atrás
Always remember that he sees you as inferior to him no matter what , that’s Scientology for you
Varik Lane
Varik Lane Mês atrás
@GoShelbyGoYo what do they do
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
The airplane sounds and movement part were hilarious
Bjørn Olav Nyberg
Bjørn Olav Nyberg Mês atrás
I do wonder how much is improvised, and how much is scripted, though.
GoShelbyGoYo Mês atrás
@Marc Bopp yes, except for the scientology. And this is coming from someone that lives 2 minutes from their hive. They are nuts.
Kimberly Taylor
Kimberly Taylor Mês atrás
Amazing actor right here! Have always been a Tom Cruise fan but this stuff really makes you appreciate actors who actually act. Doing his own stunts is what makes him the greatest!
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 18 dias atrás
Tom Cruise may believe in some weird shit, but I would want him on my team every time. He knows to the pinpoint what he wants in life and just does it. Not a fan of his life choices, but I do admire his sheer GUTS. He does things on a whim, that I would find terrifying.
carlos garcia
carlos garcia 23 dias atrás
how are people surprised that he actually flies his own plane, he has had more experience than many pilots. I would feel very comfortable flying with Cruise.
Shane M.
Shane M. 22 dias atrás
Immortal 22 dias atrás
Until you realize he's a scientologist and people have literally died around tom cruise on planes.
Mark Bataitis
Mark Bataitis 20 dias atrás
No one dives into his craft or into life itself like Tom. And he's a great guy to top it all off. You can't say that for so many people of his ilk. Tom 'da man!
Rufus Goldstein
Rufus Goldstein Mês atrás
The man is pushing 60 and still cooler than most twentysomethings will ever be.
Mick 8 dias atrás
The Squadron leader of WW2 RAF Dambusters was 26 y/o. The average age of RAF Bomber command crew was 22.
Happy Hands
Happy Hands 13 dias atrás
@Peter Goezinya Normal physiology of adrenaline addiction in post 50 males.
Peter Goezinya
Peter Goezinya 13 dias atrás
@Happy Hands how do you know that? Are you close friends with Tom cruise??
Peter Goezinya
Peter Goezinya 13 dias atrás
@Marius Man only because they spend their money eating out,buying the newest phone, buy only name brand clothes, and so on. They only spend amd rarely save. I remember being in my 20s. While not all are like this, most are, especially these days
Peter Goezinya
Peter Goezinya 13 dias atrás
@Pie 679 botox, plastic surgery, hair dye, hair plugs, a lot of exercise and you can do the same
Catoer CB
Catoer CB Mês atrás
Since the old time watching Top Guns I saw him as a special person from his look, his personality, his acting, and his capability of doing great things. Never missed any single movie he is on. You're an amazing person, Tom
Lynne Sagum
Lynne Sagum 24 dias atrás
I must say James is pretty brave to do this, knowing what Tom would probably do.
Haydon Cooper
Haydon Cooper Mês atrás
Despite everything that is said about Tom he is an incredible man.Love him.
Kendra Wong
Kendra Wong Dia atrás
y'all the laughter that came out of my soul-Tom is way too funny holy crap
RbRunner Mês atrás
I think we all agree that Tom Cruise is a brilliant actor, pilot and stunt man but can we please give him credit for his sense of humour BECAUSE THAT MARSHMALLOW PART ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT!
Ampman 8700
Ampman 8700 28 dias atrás
Super super funny, so damn funny
Edyn Orr
Edyn Orr 29 dias atrás
@Heather Hale nobody cares that you don’t like him.
Heather Hale
Heather Hale Mês atrás
I would disagree - I've never liked him as an actor (except in "Interview with a Vampire" - one film). I DO give him props for his stunt work though!
Wes Morton
Wes Morton Mês atrás
Need not look further than the Lex Grossman role to recognize that Cruise is a real G
範範 Mês atrás
@Tessa Rasinar 6:52
Rachelle Aubichon
Rachelle Aubichon Mês atrás
Tom cruise for the win…. What can’t this guy do?? Respect to all of the trainings he has done to learn to fly like that. This guy walks the walk and talks the talk. Bravo ! James, you were certainly courageous.
Elliot Hughes
Elliot Hughes 3 dias atrás
I can't stop laughing. Tom is amazing full stop.😂😂😂
linuxgeex 20 dias atrás
For the curious, the jet @10:38 is an Aero L-39 Albatross trainer, not a war bird. The P-51 Mustang @1:38 is an American WW2 fighter. Some news outlets have called it a Top Gun Fighter. Its role at Top Gun was for following the real fighter jets around with film gear. So it was a "Top Gun" (the movie) Crane and its pilot could be considered a Best Boy, getting the camera in position.
Michael G
Michael G 29 dias atrás
Awesome stuff. I gained a lot of respect for James (my respect for Tom couldn't have improved more). No way in hell would I do this stuff. I'm terrified even on commercial airliners.
Orlando Frison
Orlando Frison 2 meses atrás
I’ve been a pilot for 42 years and I’m very impressed with the skill that Tom showed up. Congratulations. Keep on you’re doing a great job.
Tom Curise™tomcurisece@gmail. com® (FANZONE)
@Shawn Clark It's a pleasure🌹 for Supporting all my movies😀, you're very welcome and I wish to have such a❣️ wonderful😘 Fan. where are you watching from..?
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark 14 dias atrás
I had no idea he was a real pilot!
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 27 dias atrás
@Lamar Faulk | TFG I think both. He's probably really flying, but sprinkled with some Hollywood magic dust
Macie Dixon
Macie Dixon 2 meses atrás
@Lamar Faulk | TFG Tom cruise really can fly airplanes so yes I bet this time it might actually be real. Lol
Tom Cruise™® (FANSZONE)
WOW! very well detailed expression and thanks for supporting by commenting on my contents here on the youtube. where are you communicating from..?
Avianto Dayanun
Avianto Dayanun Mês atrás
Love this, their face expression from the start, conversation about emergency , in the cockpit 🤣
Sherry girl G G
Sherry girl G G 28 dias atrás
Tom Cruise is the real deal, love his movies.
TheWlosser 26 dias atrás
He’s definitely up there with Eastwood, Gibson, Wayne, Washington, Freeman ALL the really exceptional actors!
lorrizzo Mês atrás
Always love that man, some may not like him but he's truly amazing and makes anything possible he wants to do, because he works hard, lives real, and believes in himself and those work with him. Way to be the man Tom!! And James, you are da man for doing this and making it so entertaining as well!!!
Marty Davis
Marty Davis 7 dias atrás
This is insanely awesome!! Tom is truly dedicated when it comes to Top Gun and all the other movies that he has starred in. He puts in the time and needless to say, the effort is off the charts! Without a doubt, he makes it worth our wild!!
Tom Cruise (
❤️ Thanks for your endless love and support you have shown me. I'm forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love and support towards me... Where are you watching from?
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 2 meses atrás
Tom Cruise, is one of the greatest artists, his movies are some of the best
tj e
tj e Mês atrás
He is probably the best to ever do it
rolling stone
rolling stone 2 meses atrás
@proudamerican lmao.
proudamerican 2 meses atrás
but will smith is the best he won the oscar
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 2 meses atrás
@Danisha yes
rolling stone
rolling stone 2 meses atrás
@J BD watch it
Charmaine Rider
Charmaine Rider 22 dias atrás
Absolutely love it! Would give anything fly stunts on that jet with Tom! Brilliant!
Joyce Edna
Joyce Edna 19 dias atrás
I’m blown away by Tom There’s nothing he can’t do and do well
Morgan Dulaney
Morgan Dulaney 28 dias atrás
He may have gotten involved with scientology, but as a person he's the kind of person with the kind of life we all want. I only wish I was as talented as Tom.
Richard S
Richard S 19 dias atrás
Tom Cruise will go down in history as one of the most admired and best loved actors in modern times, for 40 years he’s been doing his thing, his craft. Always the consummate professional, he puts the ‘also rans’ in the shade by a very wide margin. I’ll always remember him in Risky Business and thinking to myself, as a similar age young man, ‘This guy is going to be a huge star one day’… Tom is not somebody who boasts about his extraordinary number of professional talents, he doesn’t have to as he actually does them - actor, stuntman, skydiver, pilot, race car driver, motorcyclist…the list goes on. Hollywood and the global film industry owes him big time, he’s promoted them on a level rarely seen before. Yet the best bit is, very much like that other extraordinary man Steve McQueen, he’s the real deal in that you see what you get. No bullshit, genuine humour and humility, a thoroughly decent guy that you’d happily sit down with for some banter, a cold beer and barbecue.
Alessio Marin
Alessio Marin 2 meses atrás
I have huge respect for Tom Cruise. Nobody pushes themselves through the training required to become a fighter pilot merely for money. He genuinely cares about producing very high quality movies for his audiences.
Joseph Gold
Joseph Gold 48 minutos atrás
@Marty McFly Forget flying the F-18, can you imagine acting and pulling Gs like that simultaneously?
Emma Nemz
Emma Nemz 25 dias atrás
I was absolutely blown away by the new movie. Me and my parents watched it growing up and were so floored by how incredible it was. It gave me goosebumps and I have so much respect for everyone who put the dedication into training for it to turn out so amazing. it probably would have been easier and cheaper to do CGI in this day and age with the way technology has progressed but they made TRUE movie magic
Steve Giboney
Steve Giboney 29 dias atrás
@baltimore marine salvage turbofan powered Czechoslovakian designed and built.
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Mês atrás
@Tyler Rogozinski do you think the Navy is going to trust a movie star with an aircraft like that? Or that Tom Cruise is even capable to fly it? They don’t just let anyone fly those, doesn’t matter how famous or rich they are. It’s impressive enough that Tom and the other actors were able to sit in the back of an F18 while also operating the camera and acting while undergoing actually Gs, but there is absolutely no way in hell that the Navy would ever let them pilot the thing. It’s way too dangerous and risky. Please check your sources before spewing out nonsense.
Tyler Rogozinski
Tyler Rogozinski Mês atrás
@baltimore marine salvage no one said you have to believe it but I'm dead right. You can cry all you want but it won't change it. Sorry that you're wrong but you are it sucks for you just own it.
Thalia DaCosta
Thalia DaCosta 25 dias atrás
Tom looks like he gives one hell of a hug! If ppl would put half as much into what they do as this dude does with EVERYTHING - this world would be in a much better place.
ptrick213 3 dias atrás
These two are comedic gold. I love this video so much. And just idk almost heartwarming!?
Sandra D
Sandra D 3 dias atrás
I never laughed more and I enjoyed the flight! Thank you both! I‘ll have my flight on L39 Albatros in September! ❤ Greetings from Germany!
Jay Que
Jay Que Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is amazing! He does it all. He does the stunts real.
Beastie Boy
Beastie Boy Mês atrás
Tom is on another level in this life. Absolutely inspiring.
Dean Neely
Dean Neely Mês atrás
@catholicdad CENSORED
catholicdad Mês atrás
@Dean Neely Just his Thetan . . .
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls Mês atrás
@catholicdad ok "catholic dad"
Dean Neely
Dean Neely Mês atrás
Did he finally come out of the closet?
Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright 21 dia atrás
I was in the Navy and always wanted to fly…. I’d fly with Tom any day! My bucket list would be complete😉❤️
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital 16 dias atrás
Top Gun Maverick was epic. So hard for a movie to top the original which was also amazing. But this one sure did. I would watch it again.
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 27 dias atrás
"With all due respect, you played a lawyer in A Few Good Men, I wouldn't want you to represent me in court" 😂😂😂
angela el-sheref
angela el-sheref 22 dias atrás
I just love Tom cruises sense of humour and he is just perfection 🙏
Ryan Pozen
Ryan Pozen 2 meses atrás
No matter what you think of him, the fact that he wants to give the audience a real deal experience of his action sequences is why we all go to his movies
WeezeWitz Mês atrás
That reason alone is why I push my family to watch top gun on the theater and it's totally worth it
Wilfred Wilde
Wilfred Wilde Mês atrás
It’s excellent flying aerobatics.I’m booking another lesson .It’s money we’ll spent .Try it everyone .
G- Man
G- Man Mês atrás
Yeah, you got fooled, thats not him flying this aircraft
hokieduck Mês atrás
@danimayb He may very well get a producer Oscar for this film. And he surely will get an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement eventually.
DrBjamin Mês atrás
Tom is an amazing pilot with more hours than commercial pilots.. James was never in any danger LOL
Evelyn Mês atrás
Love this. It’s must be an amazing experience fly with Tom. If I have a chance can go with him,it definitely is my honor!!
Tabbs Smith
Tabbs Smith 23 dias atrás
And I will say James is a very lucky man to have a ride in one of these!
Precious Bello
Precious Bello 27 dias atrás
James: "I love you, Tom" Tom: "Thank you" 😂😂
Julia Red
Julia Red 2 meses atrás
You just have to respect Tom Cruise as an entertainer and professional. One of the best to ever do it!
Han Nas
Han Nas 2 meses atrás its here finally
Lindu Oreg
Lindu Oreg 2 meses atrás
23:23 Hermosa elección los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejoresconciertos mañas no se la 00:01Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial...
Katie 12 dias atrás
He's also great at comedy. He cracks me up lol
Gee Kae
Gee Kae 17 dias atrás
Hilarious! Great flight manouevres and images as well! And so nice that both stick to their roles ...
BigBaseBuilder Dia atrás
Mr. Cruise, thank you for that masterpiece of movie we just got delivered. The whole movie crew did an OUTSTANDING job!
Joyce Gibbs
Joyce Gibbs 23 dias atrás
Tom Cruise, what a legend. So glad his film has done so well. Such a lovely man & brilliant actor.
Hall Aboard
Hall Aboard 2 meses atrás
Love him or hate him you cannot take away from Tom Cruise that he puts his heart and soul into his movies. Doing his own stunts, learning new skills and taking risks is what makes him a fabulous actor. He’s not a young man anymore but he’s still at full throttle, fair play Tom, I for one salute you 💙
Don Laubheimer
Don Laubheimer Mês atrás
Matthew 2 meses atrás
Younger than me and I’m 37
Jonas Goos
Jonas Goos 2 meses atrás
@geekyfraulein Well that's good for them. What do you expect me to say?
Mar Tin
Mar Tin 2 meses atrás
@Álvaro A. Lorite Good for him
geekyfraulein 2 meses atrás
@Jonas Goos And yet millions of women (and men) totally would.
a man named J
a man named J 17 dias atrás
“I don’t want to be plopped out” 😆
Christopher McGroarty
Christopher McGroarty 28 dias atrás
That was great from start to finish!!! Love them two together!!!
anita capilato
anita capilato 26 dias atrás
Tom Cruise is what you call, a movie star!!!!! Love him
Darin b
Darin b 11 dias atrás
Tom needs his own show or something between movies , he's too entertaining.
Cpt Cap
Cpt Cap 2 meses atrás
Tom Cruise is a true badass. He’s one of the best and most dedicated actors out there.
Troy 29 dias atrás
My Dad was in the movie business and took me to over 20 premieres. I met so many movie stars during that time. But Tom was the most impressive by far. His character was a pleasant surprise and pleasure to witness. The majority of actors/actresses didn’t want to mingle at the after parties much or at all. He’s the only one that I’ve ever seen literally spend hours meeting and saying hi to people, literally a lined formed, he looked at each person in the eyes, making them feel like they were special and genuinely engaging with every single person. I asked my Dad about that and he said Tom considers the moments he shares with his fans and supporters as his duty as a lead an actor and to the film. Truly impressive man.
darklordixor Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is just fanatical levels of zealousness in everything the man does. Maybe he is gay and hides it through Scientology or has a superego that he needs to be supplanted via Scientology but his sheer dedication to mastering whatever it is he is...I'd say engaged, but that doesn't quite describe the level of dedication, passion and focus he just engrossed himself in a task.
Phil Collins
Phil Collins 2 meses atrás
Insanity is an ugly thing!
Steve Anthony
Steve Anthony 2 meses atrás
Good actor but horrible human being
jimlthor 2 meses atrás
I dont agree with the scientology shit all, and I dispise him because of it.. But, I can't help but respect the guy. I wish I could live that life. Minus the church
SuperWhiteBarry Mês atrás
If i could choose an actor to hang out with for a day it would definitely be Cruise, he's a real character, seems genuine and fun to be around! Legend!
J Mês atrás
*tom putting marshmallow on fire* ”this is us tomorrow” LMAOOOO
Ludwig Rotin
Ludwig Rotin 2 dias atrás
When Tom grabbed the toy and started running around the chairs, I realized that these two guys have too much time on their hands lolol!
justin beck
justin beck 25 dias atrás
Well done - a movie production in itself with all the elements to be entertained and uplifted. Thanks Tom! Looking forward to Top Gun 3 or a derivative where the people/masses are liberated from those who wish to control/manipulate them.
HowLifeWorks 24 dias atrás
Maverick goes on a mission to take-out Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum... thereby liberating the world.
Kilo Ron
Kilo Ron Mês atrás
I knew Tom Cruise was a pilot but now after watching Top Gun 2, learning about the training course he designed for the actors, and watching this I can tell he really is a pilot's pilot. It's obvious he's passionate and cares about aviation immensely.
hokieduck Mês atrás
@G- Man Wrong clip, man. You are commenting, correctly, that Cruise did not fly the F-18 Super Hornet in the film Top Gun: Maverick. The only CGI in the entire film was shooting the exterior of the F-18s to make the double cockpit appear to be solo cockpits. But this vid is about Cruise taking up his friend James Corden, The Late, Late Show, in his P-51 and doing stunts to mess with him. He had taken Corden sky-diving before that to great amusement.
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls Mês atrás
@G- Man he was flying
G- Man
G- Man Mês atrás
Except he was not flying the aircraft, it came out like two days after this was filmed.
Sammie Dudley
Sammie Dudley Mês atrás
I just saw it today & l am SOOOO grateful to see this on the big screen. Nail biting anxiety for 2 hours, mixed with sniffling tears l could hear throughout the audience. Am DEFINITELY going back before it’s out of the theater. I’m 40, but fuckkkkkkkking hell i am still reeling!!!! Busting out the dvd & Nintendo game tonight!!!!!! INCREDIBLE MOVIE!!!!!!!
hokieduck Mês atrás
@Lix ツ The actors went through 4 months of fighter pilot training but do not actually fly the Tomcats (they do actually learn to fly and fly Cessna single prop aircraft. All the exterior shots in the film use CGI to make the two seater fighter appear to be a solo seater.
Cindy _
Cindy _ 10 dias atrás
They're so funny together!! 😂 They crack me up!!
Alice Anne
Alice Anne 15 dias atrás
Just saw the movie yesterday, and I highly recommend seeing it in the theater. This VIDEO IS AWESOME! Tom Cruise is a wonderful actor... and he was my favorite until he sort of deviated in his personal life. Still...everyone enjoyed seeing Maverick back in action!
Tom Cruise (
❤️ Thanks for your endless love and support you have shown me. I'm forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love and support towards me... Where are you watching from?
Nef Mês atrás
This both seem to be having a great time...we need more of this...
babk08 9 dias atrás
Who needs an airforce when you have Tom Cruise.
Xavier 2 meses atrás
Massive props to the film crew on this, it all round looked amazing, the ground scenes could easily fit into a movie and the Air scenes were even better
Han Nas
Han Nas 2 meses atrás its here finally
carl f.
carl f. 2 meses atrás
Are you the same professional BRvid commentator on all videos we see.
harsh singh
harsh singh 2 meses atrás
How the hell are you in every video that I watch ?
Saurabh Shukla
Saurabh Shukla 2 meses atrás
@Knight Austine Pineda He is the defualt setting of you tube..
Jared Silvers
Jared Silvers 2 meses atrás
My exact thought. Incredible work by everyone involved on this. The shots they got and the moments they got between the two of them were really top notch.
Sentiben Longz
Sentiben Longz 19 dias atrás
Is there anything Tom Cruise can't do? Like him or hate him Man's a Legend. By the way is that a P-51?
Phil M
Phil M 18 dias atrás
Yes, it is.
arjun adyanthaya
arjun adyanthaya 4 dias atrás
Reactions from James are just hilarious. LMAO
Lori Lynn
Lori Lynn Mês atrás
The World War II P-51 Mustang seen in this movie is actually Tom Cruise's own airplane; he is an accomplished pilot in real life. None of the cast members including Tom Cruise were allowed to fly any of the F-18 the military wouldn’t allow it but they were allowed to be on the jets in the air but they had to sit behind the actual pilots
Josey Wales - Entertainment Media
Kudos to the cinematographers for keeping up with him! That ain't easy 😎👍
Rao11 2 meses atrás
There'll never be another Tom Cruise. He's insane.
Kurt Snyder
Kurt Snyder 2 meses atrás
@NeckofTheWoods By whom? You? A possibly anti religion person, or are you just anti Scientology? If that is the case, why;and don't start the controlling thing as every paternalistic religion is at its root a controlling one. I do know some of the history with this particular one and it is fascinatingly hilarious because, as you may know LRH was a sci fi author and among his early stories was one about a religion created by a con man, that develops with a Twilight Zone(original, not the '80s or 00's remake/reboots) twist at the end. I remember reading it back when I was in jr & sr high school in the '70s. Read practically all the sci fi the school and local public library had. I am given to understand that on a whim in his middle age, he decided to actually try what he had written about in his younger years , couching it with "modern"( for the late '50s) things like the emeter and of course the funny "creation" story, complete with lizard people living in the center of the Earth or in volcanos, like some other "Flat Earther"s think the Earth is supported by a gigantic tortoise or a pack of elephants or othersuch. And it actually worked( and true to the twist, it got out of control and out of his direct contact), Hell, you can see something similar at work right now with the Republiturds and their belief in that QAnon shit, even thinking JFK Jr is going to be TheRUMP's running mate. Forget who said it about fooling people, but he was absolutely right iin that you can fool a lot of the people all of the time.
NeckofTheWoods 2 meses atrás
@Kurt Snyder you need to get educated on this matter!! And kidmen ended because her father was a psychologist among other things the cult hated.
Sharknado 11 dias atrás
Tom Cruise is a living legend and he deserves an Oscar
9988ScooterGirl Mês atrás
You gotta admit. That "Help me" sign was pretty funny! 🤣
mark im
mark im 21 dia atrás
I’ve not cried and laughed so hard ,my god what a life that guy has, …good for him..
Chris Cox
Chris Cox Mês atrás
That was pretty good ! I laughed all thru it ! It must be nice to be really rich to be able to do and buy things like his jet ! I'm impressed ! 😄 👍
XdeXavi_p1 2 meses atrás
I love the way Tom Cruise spends his vast wealth on his hobbies and living life to the fullest!
Ben White
Ben White 27 dias atrás
@Patrick Hartwell Tax free money! Woohoo!
polly v
polly v Mês atrás
well.. He has lost my respect over Scientology
rbwagner77 Mês atrás
And disowning his children for non having same beliefs as him plus being a total jerk to their mother who just wanted a divorce. When parents divorce it should never mean divorcing from children also..
TheKFDCase Mês atrás
@Miss Know it all I don't much care for Scientology myself (the history behind it makes for interesting and sobering reading), indeed, I tend to be suspicious of organized religions in general. That's the point: I don't have to like his personal choices in matters of faith. I don't like his choice, *but* as long as he's not pushing it on other people, carrying out car massacres, bombings, shootings, etc. in the name of his religion (made up as it is, though that can be said of all religions), I am less inclined to jump on him than certain other religion(s) that have worshippers whom do exactly that. I don't know Tom Cruise personally. He might be strange. I don't know. I do know that I respect the heck out of his commitment to his craft and his 'all-in' approach to whatever projects he commits to. Also: this video shows a wonderfully comedic side to Tom Cruise.
Ra Walker
Ra Walker 22 dias atrás
Tom Cruise is as real as it gets 24/7
Oneris Barett
Oneris Barett 27 dias atrás
Best loving feeling interview with Tom & James ever in 30+ years. Seriously!
sarah scrimshaw
sarah scrimshaw 14 dias atrás
Tom Cruise Is my all Time No 1 Fil Hero, and being a professional pilot in real life, I would dare him to take me up in a Top Gun Plane Any Time, Any Where, Any Day, he's mad, Bad , and Insane, he's a Maverick and full of Tricks,
Syafiqa Razalli
Syafiqa Razalli 2 dias atrás
"you are my goose" But I realize goose died in the end of film 😂😂😂
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