Toasted Walnut Potato Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 56)

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Slam Poetry Popcorn:
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Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin
Recipe inspired by:
Chop up 2 pounds of potatoes (or one pound, then halve the dressing)
Toss with olive oil salt and pepper pepper pepper
Bake at 400 30-45 minutes, wrastle' once or twice
1/2 cup walnut oil
2-3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons of dijon
(while I put olive oil in it in the video, next time I'll go full walnut)
Mince a shallot and put half of that in the dressing to soak (one full small or half large)
Toast the rest of the shallot and walnuts on a pan until they're brown
Chop a couple dill pickle up finely
Mix everything together with some salt and pepper pepper pepper
For extra creaminess add avocado...if you're going to have leftovers, don't add the avocado to all of it, just before serving.

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31 Jan 2017

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Comentários 1 588
Greta Patapavčiūtė
Greta Patapavčiūtė 2 dias atrás
Has anyone actually made this recipe??
Morally_ Bankrupt
Morally_ Bankrupt 7 dias atrás
Daddy potato highkey scared for a second
even dumber kitty
even dumber kitty 17 dias atrás
Mr. Original
Mr. Original 18 dias atrás
Of course I like Dill Pickles! ...By Charles L. Johnson! XD
GAME OF BRONZ 23 dias atrás
potato kebab salad ''NICE''
UberAsteve 23 dias atrás
More vegan recipes
Kayleigh Turner
Kayleigh Turner 24 dias atrás
My Chemistry teacher played this video in class and we all couldn't stop laughing
Highlandgirl 1701
Highlandgirl 1701 22 dias atrás
Totally awesome
Kayleigh Turner
Kayleigh Turner 24 dias atrás
+You Suck At Cooking he is!
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 24 dias atrás
Wow sounds like your teacher is cool AF.
thepotatopact :D
thepotatopact :D 26 dias atrás
my moms potato salad is pretty good so just saying ps if for any weird reason you want to know whats in it its just potato, boiled egg, bacon, and mayonnaise
whj Mês atrás
I was quite surprised because “ondo” literally means “temperature” in Korea
thedabbqueen 55
thedabbqueen 55 Mês atrás
I actually love potato salad.
Noodle Opps
Noodle Opps Mês atrás
”Oh theres the dad”
SillyWhiteDaddy Mês atrás
You should do creepy stories on another channel I totally listen your voice is so soothing and will be creepy as well
Magma Magnetic
Magma Magnetic Mês atrás
Ok now do egg salad
The Rains Down In Africa
That looks like ass on the grass man
Dorothy Wang
Dorothy Wang Mês atrás
Imagine someone runs around in the woods just to make a cooking video
Dorothy Wang
Dorothy Wang Mês atrás
Hahahaha roasted lol I can’t
Chloe Bell
Chloe Bell 2 meses atrás
Only my mum can make good potato salad
Austin Da Nan
Austin Da Nan 2 meses atrás
Potato salad anyone?
roma 3 meses atrás
the editing and sound weren't really good in this one
Kaneki Katharsis
Kaneki Katharsis 3 meses atrás
your videos are better then porn.
Blargherness 3 meses atrás
I'm actually cooking and baking stuff and it's delicious. Thank you so much for making it so entertaining. This shit beats out mayo potato salad by a mile.
Park0ur 4 dumb0s
Park0ur 4 dumb0s 3 meses atrás
Are you okay after the dad chased you?
жирный заяц
жирный заяц 4 meses atrás
Made it yesterday. Yes, you are correct. You really suck at cooking. It tasted like garbage.
Animus Nocendi
Animus Nocendi 4 meses atrás
"if you don't like dill pickles you know what you are..." A Fucking Tool.
B. Davis
B. Davis 4 meses atrás
B. Davis
B. Davis 4 meses atrás
B. Davis
B. Davis 4 meses atrás
Mks Khs
Mks Khs 4 meses atrás
The Patatao in the end „ WHY ARE U RUNNING ?? Why are you running ???“
Adia K.
Adia K. 4 meses atrás
I burst out into laughter when I saw the potato chasing him. It’s 1 am. I’m laughing at a potato at 1 in the morning.
Kadi Quiggins
Kadi Quiggins 4 meses atrás
I have an uncle Jim as well!! 😄
Amber Kyle
Amber Kyle 4 meses atrás
I love potato salad lmao
FluffyCake 4 meses atrás
Japanese styled potato salad is delicious
Fuglsang 4 meses atrás
You're like the casually explained of cooking
Vimpy 4 meses atrás
+You Suck At Cooking this video was released 1 year ago , how did u saw this comment 1 week old comment , what's wrong with you , it's like u actually care about ur audience
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 4 meses atrás
I think he's more the You Suck at Cooking of casually explaining.
Kittensniper -_-
Kittensniper -_- 4 meses atrás
Intruction unclear burned my moms house down with the fake fireplace....
123456 1367
123456 1367 4 meses atrás
Video starts at 0:00 please thank me
Domino 5 meses atrás
would probably be really good warm too.
Madison Benezra
Madison Benezra 5 meses atrás
why isnt everything on the internet this creative
Sophia Jackson
Sophia Jackson 5 meses atrás
why is everyone ignoring that extremely real looking human skull
Nita McDonough
Nita McDonough 5 meses atrás
My son introduced me to your channel. Love your recipes. I want to make the potato salad for labor day. Do you have a listing of ingredients and amounts?
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 5 meses atrás
Yes, in the description.
breifbucket 6 meses atrás
One of my best 3:477 seconds of my life Jk but that was funny right Jk not about the best moment about me having a life Have a mildly adequate next 23 hours 56 minutes and 7.1 seconds [smiling emoji]
NobleNumenorean 6 meses atrás
I made this recipe and it tasted like butts.
Eisaku2 6 meses atrás
I've always thought potato salad looked like a disgusting amorphous amalgamation of "stuff" and eggs. Yours looks amazing.
British and Proud
British and Proud 6 meses atrás
Because my dad is allergic to walnuts will he die if he eats This
Daniel Moon
Daniel Moon 6 meses atrás
Legend says that from this episode forward the original creator of you suck at cooking was replaced During filming, the original creator was attacked by the potato guarding the baby potatos. He did not make it out alive
Ty Summersett
Ty Summersett 6 meses atrás
that there is beefy taters
IDKWhatI'mDoing 6 meses atrás
as being from Idaho, i find that you think potatoes are boring as offensive
OH_KAY •••
OH_KAY ••• 6 meses atrás
Dragon - rocket league
Dragon - rocket league 6 meses atrás
Trust me add gutter beans and you will enter heaven
log out
log out 6 meses atrás
newtoU blue
newtoU blue 6 meses atrás
This brown kind of yours is healthier which is your deal I believe but the old standard is nicer looking Melvin.
newtoU blue
newtoU blue 6 meses atrás
You Suck At Cooking . U sent me a reply! Wow. I wish you'd tell me if I've guessed right about you. Yeah, I like walnuts but walnut oil is not something I keep in my cooking staples and shallots I rarely buy. I have a bushel of ancient walnuts I crack a bowl of once in awhile- they last for ever. I got balsamic vinegsr once but didn't know what to do with it then it separated.😉
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 6 meses atrás
It's all about the taste. This tastes so soooooooo gooooooood.
persnickety99 6 meses atrás
Those are definitely pecans
Satyn Beisel
Satyn Beisel 6 meses atrás
I want behind the scenes footage of him throwing food items in the woods
FalconAviator64 6 meses atrás
In the beginning “We’re not making this garbage” *Every Texan offended*
Maddison Newell
Maddison Newell 6 meses atrás
You have lovely hands
Kai Jessop
Kai Jessop 7 meses atrás
What happens when the baby potatoes like you
Insect King
Insect King 7 meses atrás
Is there a substitute for walnuts
Daniel Agami
Daniel Agami 7 meses atrás
Parchment Parchment Parchment
Darth Xader
Darth Xader 7 meses atrás
We’re not making this garbage we are making this garbage
Leave Us Alone
Leave Us Alone 7 meses atrás
*_WHOOP THERE'S THE DAD_* *Dad comes rolling over running faster than the speed of light*
Janis Wespers
Janis Wespers 7 meses atrás
Potatoes are boring *TRIGGERED*
A L 7 meses atrás
Mmmmmmmmmm more!!!
Natalie Junge
Natalie Junge 8 meses atrás
Watch out for the Dad potato 🥔😂
Otto is not My real Name
Literally just blew my mind
froGetMeNot Jones
froGetMeNot Jones 8 meses atrás
Nope...but love your videos
Handsome HugZ
Handsome HugZ 8 meses atrás
In America, you hunt for potatoes In Soviet Russia, Potatoes hunt for you
Margo Oka
Margo Oka 8 meses atrás
you’re ridiculously talented thanks for all the videos :)) ily
hahalol GL
hahalol GL 8 meses atrás
A tool.
Tom The Bean Child
Tom The Bean Child 9 meses atrás
TAT the word potato all upper case makes a face poTATo see
Andrew Archie
Andrew Archie 9 meses atrás
Those are 2 different people hands
Abelhawk 9 meses atrás
That high-speed, no-silence-in-between chopping sound is my ASMR
Fork Man
Fork Man 9 meses atrás
I hate it when potatoes parents are Chasing me in the woods
LilMemes _
LilMemes _ 9 meses atrás
Did the father potato ever catch you?
AJ K 9 meses atrás
hey bro. i just wanted to say your videos are the physical embodiment of if deadpool had a cooking channel and that is something the world should cherish. i am truly thankful.
K Z 9 meses atrás
If I don’t like dill pickles what am I? Legitimate question
Cheetylicious meow meow
I love playing hot potato...
i hate stuart little
i hate stuart little 9 meses atrás
I got an ad for Scientology before this video
Sam The BAM!!
Sam The BAM!! 9 meses atrás
My favorite line from all the videos that have the oven on 400 is “undos on forhundo” and now I’ll say this every time I cook in the oven
Stephen Price
Stephen Price 9 meses atrás
My eyes mysteriously began to water as he chopped up those shallots...
brodbrod 9 meses atrás
This is a darn potata salada, made it like 3 times already. On my second attempt I hit it with some parmesan flakes before serving and the third time I added some bacon bits.
Glitchy Glitch
Glitchy Glitch 10 meses atrás
Potato kebabsikle. Damn.
Glitchy Glitch
Glitchy Glitch 10 meses atrás
For this recipe you'll need: *data expunged*
Fayanora Ahnabahn
Fayanora Ahnabahn 10 meses atrás
Walnuts in potato salad? Well sure you can do that, if you don't love yourself and you want your taste buds tip suffer because walnuts are The Absolute Worst and taste like depression and sweaty testicles that haven't been washed in a month.
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 10 meses atrás
But do you like walnuts or no?
Yasmin Seah
Yasmin Seah 10 meses atrás
I don't like pickles... So what am I?
Vayona Narekuli
Vayona Narekuli 10 meses atrás
Ew too vegan. Imma put some bacon in there.
Tender Sheep
Tender Sheep 10 meses atrás
Please show us why we suck at cooking steak
TheMATROCKS 10 meses atrás
This is the type of potato salad i like not that mayonnaise and sugar shit.
JESSIE THORNTON 11 meses atrás
xoShiningKrystlexo 11 meses atrás
This editing is impeccable
WeiYinChan 11 meses atrás
Can’t believe you just ripped the baby’s potatoes out of their parent’s arms. You are a heartless monster!
Chandler Curtis
Chandler Curtis 11 meses atrás
I found this channel a few months ago and now I’ve probably watched every video atleast three times and sometimes I’ve watched them like 8. My ONLY qualm with what you’ve got going here is HOW YOU USE AVOCADOS OH MY GOD DID NO ONE TEACH YOU THAT
Aeralyn Milan
Aeralyn Milan 11 meses atrás
This tasted scrumptious!!
Catherine Sturm
Catherine Sturm 11 meses atrás
I am jealous of your powers. Teach me the way of the YSAC.
masterprinc 11 meses atrás
U are simply amazing at everything that you do!
Devansh D Sharma
Devansh D Sharma 11 meses atrás
if life of boris and you suck at cooking collaborated to make one cooking tutorial that would be like a dream come true
Christine Agnew
Christine Agnew 11 meses atrás
Beginning reminded me of a precious little gem of a movie named Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Catchy music too;)
Morgan Yoite
Morgan Yoite 11 meses atrás
Potatoes are the sexiest vegetable ever
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Anos atrás
Are you sure you're not the songwriter for Weezer?
Donnie Vu
Donnie Vu Anos atrás
This recipe is actually delicious.
bodychoke Anos atrás
I actually tried this recepi. And it was damn nice!
Gioishere HD
Gioishere HD Anos atrás
I agree potato salad sounds disgusting
UltraViolet Anos atrás
a person that has common sense and doesn't like shitty acid sticks
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