"To The Void" - A Minecraft Song ♪

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"To The Void" - A Minecraft Song ♪

Let's sing along an enderman space shanty as we follow the Orchid Fleet on their journey to collect ender crystals across the Ender Kingdom.

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Song: To the Void - Luel John

Previous video: Clear Skies

Ending music:
Our Final Mission - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

We All Need Adventures - Howard Harper-Barnes

MJ Guingon as Captain Arabella

Tigilord as Purple Reaper

Director/Lead Animator:

Assistant Animators:


Character designs/Assets:
Dexter Kronos
Old Man Roman

Rigs by Danobadi:

Misc assets by:

Model packs used:
Hypixel Warlord Weapon Pack
TheShift Model Pack
Skibbz Weapon Pack

👾 Rainimator Discord:

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20 Mai 2022



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Comentários 7 213
The Stereo Scope
The Stereo Scope Mês atrás
I have nothing but thanks to Rain for this opportunity! I've been working with you since Radapedaxa Days, and after long years, we finally made another music together! Always a privilege to voice act, edit, and this time, write a song for your series! Cheers to more years! Thanks to everyone who loves the song as well! ❤❤❤ - Luel John
BenMajid Salic
BenMajid Salic 4 dias atrás
Imagine beside the frostborne there is another nation of humans in the overworld like the empire or something in the grass lands
Dungeon Legend
Dungeon Legend 6 dias atrás
I guess it's up to rain then
Pickering Family
Pickering Family 8 dias atrás
It feels like this seris started days ago i mean like 2 years ago i came back to this channel and the first song that got me hooked was years old and it had kept going strong im proud to have seen the improvment of this channel from the begining
Nolie Gabilan
Nolie Gabilan 11 dias atrás
Hamani Abdelghani
Hamani Abdelghani 12 dias atrás
Joli song
Anacha♡ Mês atrás
Just to think about it, this series is almost 5 years old. Time flies, doesn’t it? I always notice significant improvement in every release - introducing even more lore into an already amazing storyline. Keep up the incredible work, Rain!
Sean Billingsley
Sean Billingsley 2 dias atrás
Thinking about how it has been 5 years makes me feel old because I have been watching this since around the beginning and I was hooked onto it ever since I found Rain
Iq_sog 5 dias atrás
I have no idea what it is about anymore sadly
RedPandaArcher 6 dias atrás
@secret I've been watching since I was 5
Luca N
Luca N 10 dias atrás
is it older than philza's hardcore series?
(Channel going through Development)
Ikr right
WindowPS3D 29 dias atrás
Its amazing to see where this series has gone. From the 1st, "The Struggle", to here. Not to mention the improvement on Rainimator's animation skills! You can really see the improvement looking closely through the series.
Echam Playz
Echam Playz 22 dias atrás
The Struggle give me nostalgia
Maria Alvarez
Maria Alvarez 17 dias atrás
I love how the beginning gives you sea shanty vibes but the rest feels like a whole movie.. Arabella is a whole mood and the Orchid Fleet is absolutely gorgeous. The graphics, the blinking, the movements THE FIGHT SCENESS, all in all this has to be one of my favourite animations. Not only is the singer's voice completely magical, the lyrics are insane. Can't wait to see more videos Rain
Jana Prskavcová Davidová
Hello mi name Is jana 🤗😁🙂.
Remor Mês atrás
Ah yes, dancing around and singing directly in front of the opposition. I always love it when characters are so sure of their victory, that they act with this absurd degree of confidence, not due to insanity, but because they are simply right.
Remor 11 dias atrás
@Jonathan Diaz I think swapping animation software on a whim wouldn't exactly help with the speed of the workflow behind these animations. Rain is used to Cinema 4D, while BPS are used to Blender. Getting used to a different UI, altered set of hotkeys and whatever other differences there may be between the two programs, would take quite a bit, let alone getting back to the same speed as before switching or going beyond it. Plus, you have to consider that BPS is a team of like a dozen people helping each other out, while Rain has 2 assisting animators and however much the people behind the assets can bring to the table. Also, you would most likely have a better chance at telling him anything than me, since I am functionally just a random guy on the internet. Though don't be surprised if you find your idea dismissed.
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz 11 dias atrás
Tell rainimator to use blender to make animated videos faster just like black plasma studios is doing right now
obvSamohsa 21 dia atrás
dude this is straight fax
Flyboombasher 25 dias atrás
@Michael Logan cinema 4D
Michael Logan
Michael Logan 25 dias atrás
How does he make these songs?
Mari 24 dias atrás
I remember watching "the struggle" so many years ago, I was still a kid. And to think that each release has gotten better & better while also telling an amazing story after almost 5 years is honestly breathtaking. Nothing but love to how far this has come and to everyone who's worked on it.
Animation Lobby
Animation Lobby Mês atrás
This is so cool. I love the animation skill quality on this!!
Lance Nasmyth
Lance Nasmyth Mês atrás
no reply yet wow?
Avabella Flores
Avabella Flores 17 dias atrás
I'd just like to say I've watched Rain's videos ever since the struggle came out, every episode I've watched more than eight times gets magical and amazing by the day. It seems just like yesterday he made his first video that fans loved so much. Rain, keep up the Awesome work you do so well fans like me will be here always! 🙂👍
Nugget 7 dias atrás
Jana Prskavcová Davidová
Hello mi name is jana 🤗😁🙂.
Alter Revolter the Spieler
I love this character. Her personality seems fun and her movements are quite elegant.
DragonforceGaming 14 dias atrás
fun fact: Arabella is canoncally a great singer and dancer.
SpotTheWolf1 Mês atrás
Yet another glorious song to add to my already large playlist. Love the song, keep up the great work!
Claire Mason
Claire Mason 5 dias atrás
PathOwOgen Mês atrás
3:00 such a good scene! That reaction from the masked purple one should happen more often throughout the series- or not and keep this one special. Gives me a shiver down my spine which doesn't happen often. Fantastic job!! Fantastic series!! Keep going!!
Just a guy?
Just a guy? 13 dias atrás
@Holy Macaroni Until someone posted their names on BRvid haha
Wyatt Metcalf
Wyatt Metcalf 25 dias atrás
@Flyboombasher you are correct
Flyboombasher 25 dias atrás
@Wyatt Metcalf only in Be Afraid
Holy Macaroni
Holy Macaroni 25 dias atrás
@kittycute mimikyu l'toloxa tbh i've been watching ever since the first video and yet i never knew ANY of their names and till this day i still don't know 😂
Wyatt Metcalf
Wyatt Metcalf 29 dias atrás
@kittycute mimikyu l'toloxayeah infact I don't think her name was used more than once in dialog
Terence Clay
Terence Clay 18 dias atrás
Wow, that was amazing! Never expected a shanty on end boats floating through the end! And the lore goes deeper yet again! Awesome
xXMichikoXx 6 dias atrás
I love everything about this. It feels like a whole movie and the song is beautiful, I've replayed it so many times. No words can express how amazing this is!
CS Gaming
CS Gaming 23 dias atrás
Wow. All I can say is... you are amazing. You have given us such amazing, creative, and intriguing content. From your very first animation video, it has come a long way and this series has brought so many new people to this channel who enjoy your work as much as I do. Keep up the great work!
Gankick 5 dias atrás
While i love all the old episodes in the series the significant change in animation style starting from nightmares is making me fall in love with the series all over again. Keep up the amazing work
RealSanity Mês atrás
Anyone who thinks Rainimator is such a talented Minecraft music artist, such talent that this man have is absolutely mind-blowing, keep up the great work!!!
unknonwpro(yuan) 6 dias atrás
@vivian sumalinog ay im a filipino too ive met 5 fellow filipinos in youtube so far
unknonwpro(yuan) 6 dias atrás
@Stressbanana ikr
unknonwpro(yuan) 6 dias atrás
@Petar petrov i thought that too
Stressbanana 6 dias atrás
@unknonwpro(yuan) I know why does no one get that
vivian sumalinog
vivian sumalinog 10 dias atrás
@Fell. he is a filipino i am a filipino
Zamanxoid 13 dias atrás
Been watching this glorious series unfold since the very beginning but around the end of the last ender watcher forgot about rain for awhile but then I come back recently to find plenty of gems but this is the very best song yet never have I found myself rewatching one of these videos over and over yet here I am Keep up the great work!
Imperial Japan 大日本帝国
Im glad to see this series is still going, i only came back cause nostalgia kicked in
Bassy x Grelle
Bassy x Grelle 3 dias atrás
Okay so I've already seen this video multiple times and it is absolutely gorgeous. However, the beginning where he's like " know none of us can sing-" and then she just starts is absolutely amazing and makes me laugh every time 😭✋
Aurorien Mês atrás
Theory : At the end of this series, Arabella had joined the fight against the nether horde, and during it's fight alongside the frost bourne and the last ender watcher, she uses some ability we are not aware of, perhaps granted by the three crystals which I'd doubt to be fair, to bring ceris back from the dead as herself, not a puppet as most of the Orchid Fleet seems to be, hoping that perhaps Arabella has some sort of respect for Ceris, as to defending the end from invading Nether forces, just a theory, but maybe Ceris being back in the end or back for the final fight, and is actually the one to finish off Naeus.
Kitten_Gacha_Girl _95
Kitten_Gacha_Girl _95 6 dias atrás
That's actually a quite interesting theory ya have there
Jana Prskavcová Davidová
J G Mês atrás
In all honesty, rainimator deserves more than a million subs, the series has been going on for 5 years and he spends a lot of time on these. Every animation gets better and I’ve been watching him for so long and am still impressed by his animations. I will be there to support you rain!
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz 24 dias atrás
Tell rainimator to make something called the rainimator club so he can invite everyone to help him make more animated videos faster with blender 3.0
Ritley101 Ritchie101
I couldn't agree more with this statement
Tigerplayzzz Gaming
Kerolyn Green
Kerolyn Green Mês atrás
Same here
hi hi
hi hi Mês atrás
@Dodge TV no
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Mês atrás
Increíble trabajo ! La canción como la historia de tras de ella son bellísimas Muchos hispanohablantes amamos este proyecto
SandGbros Chvany
SandGbros Chvany Mês atrás
Something interesting: She says "Fear not my men for I am here," rather than "Fear not, my men, for I am here." This may seem insignificant, but it means that instead of telling her men not to fear because she is there to save them, she is telling her foes that they should not fear her men, but rather her.
Shinyman 999
Shinyman 999 20 dias atrás
Ok, I did a little listening, and there is no comma. She is talking directly to her men, saying that they don't need to fear anything, not even death. Because she is there to make promise them immortality. And, like most stereotypical warlords with magic, she only ever becomes stronger with each raid
Gambit Games
Gambit Games 24 dias atrás
@Aurorien or some rogue did a nasty stealth mission and stole it from her, trapping her in the nether, overworld or even some other place that we have yet to learn about, like how lance was able to transport people into their mind and do physical damage to them. Who knows how many planes of existence there it just outside our normal reach.
Aurorien 24 dias atrás
@Zakkery Fregosi perhaps she was killed They mentioned they needed the crystals to travel to whole new frontiers, perhaps they went to the nether and failed. Also, Ceris somehow obtained all of the crystals by the time ender wish came, so I'd suppose Arabella may have been beaten
Zakkery Fregosi
Zakkery Fregosi Mês atrás
Something more worth question where da f was she when the nether attacked😬😬😬 that evil to not care about hee homeland
Papierkorb2292 Mês atrás
@Demonicdwarf The song was made for this video and Arabella 'revives' the undead in that moment, showing that "You" refers to the undead. She also refers to her enemies as "They".
TEC Valera2
TEC Valera2 27 dias atrás
Years later, Rain managed to grind his way back up again to the point where he'd even surpass his old channel sub count
DragonSong5 27 dias atrás
I love MJ’s voice, especially when she sings “even the toughest of all the armies” and how she goes “To the Void, to *da* Void, we sail.” :3 Great job, y’all. Awesome vid.
Blub Mês atrás
Almost 5 years, and yet its still not done. Time sure flies, i started watching this series when i was 11, now Im turning 16. To think that this was my childhood, the lore, storyline, music all of it are all masterpieces. You deserve every single sub you have! Keep up the amazing work!
Maaz Jahangir
Maaz Jahangir Mês atrás
Man i was 7 when this series began.
CaptainGolem Mês atrás
Yakobu Mês atrás
I remember being hype at the first 3 songs when its still herobrine era im 12 that time and now turning 17
YOYODADA Mês atrás
I forgot my age when I started watching but I'm also turning 16 soon so I assume 11 as well
Jairus Mês atrás
YEAH! i remember seeing this all the way back in highschool when there were only FOUR PARTS and no prequels. Just the videos mentioned in season one minus Goodbye. I remember when Goodbye was NEW.
LR D 4 dias atrás
I love this song so much, I say it could rival cold as ice for being my favorite song, even the remake! Not to mention the story that comes with it.
Corgi’s Cookie
Corgi’s Cookie Mês atrás
Rain is great I love his animation and music that goes along. Keep up the good work I can’t wait for the next one
DamoclesCent Mês atrás
I love it, but i kinda hoped that the crew would sing a bit with... hence, the sea shanty, which is meant to be sung by all crew edit:The more I watch i start to get goosebumps...... I listened to this 8 times now edit2:I listened 100 times in counting, along with the 1hr versions being watched 17 times
LostORGamer Mês atrás
I have been here since the struggle and I still think of it as a really good youtube video. Props to rainimator for his skills!
Løcus Zerø
Løcus Zerø Mês atrás
It’s hard to believe how old this series is, and every video it keeps growing and keeps getting better and better, it’s incredible how far it’s gotten.
Iq_sog 5 dias atrás
I honestly gave up understanding the story last year
wise person 0_0
wise person 0_0 Mês atrás
الكل ينظر الى وجهك و جيبك اما روحك فملك الموت وحده من يبحث عنها ...
M&M Gaming
M&M Gaming 16 dias atrás
Thank you so much for making something for everyone to watch and enjoy love your videos. Thanks for making them you got talent.
ThreepennyLlama 8 dias atrás
Damn I love the final lines and how they're delivered "Power we'll find through eternal life".
Ashley and Anime
Ashley and Anime Mês atrás
I feel like for the finale of this series based on what happens legends never die would be a very fitting song
xX Autumn_tay Xx
xX Autumn_tay Xx 27 dias atrás
Keep it up rain, you're doing awesome !
Matthew Yeung
Matthew Yeung Mês atrás
Incredible side story. It really adds to the plot and shows that even in the past, the Ender watchers were not invincible. It also helps explain the end's fall to the nether. I can't wait to see how this will affect Rain and the rest of the Frostbourne's journey down the road.
Claire Mason
Claire Mason 5 dias atrás
I will say that this was a good song 1 of my favourite
Chad Mekhane
Chad Mekhane Mês atrás
@Flyboombasher there are three things which support the Lance killed Arabella theory: 1. Zeganirn and the End Dancer in Arabella's faction were confirmed to be the last living End Dancers. The rest died in the War of the Ender Watchers 2. The dragon dude in Arabella's faction looks a lot similar to the dragon guy in Poison. 3. I think there was a vague mention of Lance owning a fleet like Arabella.
AmateraSu Mês atrás
@I'm not paid enough for this crap what I meant is when Ceris formed the ender watchers they later defeated Arabella and took the crystals. From here
AmateraSu Mês atrás
@Worldgod yes.
Carter Cravillion
Carter Cravillion Mês atrás
@Kaleb Thomas I feel like people get the words immortal and invincible confused. I say this because being immoral means you can’t die from old age. Invincible means nothing can kill you
Talaya Varney
Talaya Varney Mês atrás
This is definitely my favorite video yet! I LOVE THIS! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
Ho'opono Sablan
Ho'opono Sablan 26 dias atrás
I’ve been listening to this song for a while and super good probably one of the best ones made ❤️
james with friday the 13
This is such a masterpiece keep up the good work 👏👏👏
Panzer Lite
Panzer Lite 27 dias atrás
If this episode is connected to the rest, I am genuinely excited to see how the story will progress with them entering another dimension. I assume they will most likely be a massive threat given her power level and ability to just warp. edit: I was looking through some other episodes and this is definitely apart of the current lore. Apparently the Nether has a crystal and it seems that is where they are going. I wasn't entirely sure by the portal at first though despite it being a nether portal simply because looks doesn't really tell the full story.
Panzer Lite
Panzer Lite 27 dias atrás
@LemonH3ad ah
LemonH3ad 27 dias atrás
Wiki too
LemonH3ad 27 dias atrás
@Panzer Lite Twitter and Discord
Panzer Lite
Panzer Lite 27 dias atrás
@Blue Blood oh. How do you know that though. I didn't see anything about that.
Blue Blood
Blue Blood 27 dias atrás
This is a prequel episode from hundreds of years before the main series starts
Dodo_doggy Mês atrás
Never expected a Minecraft shanty, this is really good, loved the parts where she sang "You'll have a blessing of life neverending", just those words immediately give you an idea of what power she held and it made the rest so much cooler, also love how you made use of the end city ships and made your own lore for them, altogether a great video and song!
Syamil Animation
Syamil Animation Mês atrás
@Worldgod because a shanty, makes the journey shortened to 3 minutes
Bunnath Non
Bunnath Non Mês atrás
Yeaaaaa it was so cool
Worldgod Mês atrás
Ok u can't Rick roll me noob
Worldgod Mês atrás
Well...i do
Aryan N
Aryan N 9 dias atrás
"You have a blessing of life never-ending" and "To the void we sail" I love this soo soooo much that I keep coming back for these parts absolutely love it❤❤
Unfortunate Fortune
Animation is so good it makes the end crystal that is square not seem cursed when it rolls.
ACE Edwards
ACE Edwards Mês atrás
Amazing work rain I’ve watched your vids/songs since the start ur my favorite creator keep up the good work!!
Azuka Azuka
Azuka Azuka Mês atrás
I really liked the martial arts part, the movement, the dance and the effect. Many years ago, he made a beautiful song without giving up and showed it to us.
Azuka Azuka
Azuka Azuka Mês atrás
I've been wating a long time 😅
lord lem
lord lem Mês atrás
3:00 the way the endships arrive reminds me of ships leaving hyperspace from starwars, absolutely amazing! Can't believe this series is still going after almost 5 years, the animation gets better after each episode, the fights, story and creativity with this entire series is so incredible, keep up the good work!
PiereZ 804
PiereZ 804 Mês atrás
That's what I was thinking
terrariangamer 245
terrariangamer 245 Mês atrás
Its so strong that the ender watchers go from ready to deal with the solitary intruder to saying. "Oh crap thats a entire fleet"
Lurence Saragena
Lurence Saragena Mês atrás
The singer has a nice voice its like she's a pirate
Trigger the Tiger
Trigger the Tiger Mês atrás
Yea haha it’s pretty impressive!
ProOofer 16 dias atrás
I cant stop watching and listening it's just too good , I have yet to miss a single video and I will never miss one cause these are just magical
Panzer Lite
Panzer Lite Mês atrás
Can't stress enough how fricking cool the scene at 2:48 is.
MisterGML Mês atrás
I love how Raini is literally creating a whole lore and not gonna lie it's so cool
Glizto 26 dias atrás
The quality of this is astounding, its almost like a Disney Movie; its so good! Keep it up please!
gab.3k 12 dias atrás
It's just shocking how he only has 1,97 million subs, at this moment. My guy deserves more.
NoSkill JustGames
NoSkill JustGames 7 dias atrás
Amazing once again Rain. Keep it up!
×/M u k ø\×
×/M u k ø\× 11 dias atrás
ive replayed this song for over 2 hours and i have to say- the part with the ships apearing infront of ceris gives my goosebumps everytime!
Elf of Dusk
Elf of Dusk 3 dias atrás
you know you like the song to much when you have spent the last 6 hours listening to it and variations of it on repeat
Meemah_ SN
Meemah_ SN Mês atrás
This series just gets better and better! This song was absolutely beautiful and the visuals matched perfectly
GachaLordNoobie Mês atrás
Yeah right! I love the new character too! Captain Arabella. This part is best in my opinion 3:01
A Pixel Heart
A Pixel Heart Mês atrás
The opening gave me StarCraft archon vibes And beautiful way to introduce End Pirates
JFearn 96
JFearn 96 29 dias atrás
I have no idea where this falls in the timeline, nor do I fully understand the lore of the series, but I do enjoy these animations and songs.
Kamen Rider The Blue Knight
You know, this could easily be used for the upcoming Spelljammers dnd book...AWESOME!
Xandar C
Xandar C 20 dias atrás
You know, I've always wondered what would happen if those ender pirates ended up doing something that angered the nether. Seeing as how most of the nether soldiers are already undead just like her soldiers, I genuinely think that they (the end pirates) would be absolutely terrified of the nether seeing as how the nether (as stated in "Ender Wish") is thousands strong, and the end pirates only have at most a few hundred. Not to mention how much of a pain in the ass it would be to try and fly those ships around the nether, even if the battle took place in the end I really think that the end pirates have just as much reason to fear the horde as much as everybody else. And plus, is there anyone else who would honestly just like to see this happen just to see how it would play out, like to see the end pirates have so much courage that they get to the point that all 3 dimensions (Nether, Overworld, and End) team up to absolutely wreak them? Or even just one of them. I honestly just want to see these end pirates have absolute fear struck into their eyes as they begin to realize that they are not unbeatable just because they're nearly unkillable. (Notice how I said "Nearly") meaning that yes there is a way they can still be killed: the overworld army (the one with dragon tamer and all those other really cool people) just need to utilize the power of the command block to take away their immortality and then kill them. I honestly would love to see that happen just to see what those end pirates would do. Still a great song though.
Xandar C
Xandar C 20 dias atrás
@LemonH3ad that may be so but you can't lie it would be interesting to see especially once he's back at full power and if those 2 are equally matched then that would also mean that there's a chance there forces are equally matched as well meaning that the overworld army now has a second enemy to fear who maybe even worse than the horde witch would be and since they already had their hands full fighting the nether and now they have to contend with a massive pirate gang from the end too? But you're right. Like you said, this happend over 300 years ago. But if they did come back (because honestly I wanna know where that portal came from) and they did try to take over the nether as well and assuming that they nearly succeeded but were only barely able to be driven off, then that would mean that naues would ajve to swallow basically all of his pride and have a meeting with sir Patrick (leader of the overworld army) so that way they can form a temporary alliance to deal with her pirate gang. But this is all just food for though.
LemonH3ad 20 dias atrás
@Xandar C True True but rn naues is weak and can't do much also she may have almost the same number of Warrior as the nether rn
Xandar C
Xandar C 20 dias atrás
@LemonH3ad i agree with 2 3 and 4 just not number 1 as i believe that the nether has a tactical advantage over her depending on who's leading them: particularly the wizard general guy
LemonH3ad 20 dias atrás
1st the nether army will just become her army notice how the zombies and skeletons are revived but they're already undead 2. We don't even know how strong she is now since this took place 300 years 3. there are more dimension then just that 3 4. Command block was probably a one use thing since they haven't even used it in a long time
Swedish Dude
Swedish Dude Mês atrás
3:00 the way the endships arrive reminds me of ships leaving hyperspace from starwars, absolutely amazing! Can't believe this series is still going after almost 5 years, the animation gets better after each episode, the fights, story and creativity with this entire series is so incredible, keep up the good work!
PHNTM Loona 17 dias atrás
Daniil Savitskiy
Daniil Savitskiy Mês atrás
Мне очень понравился Эндер Пираты🏆❤️
Kaleb Thomas
Kaleb Thomas Mês atrás
@Swedish Dude They said the same thing to me, so I'm convinced it's a bot.
Swedish Dude
Swedish Dude Mês atrás
@Amelia Graham Wdym by that? Is there a comment thats completely identical to this one? Edit: Fixed a spelling mistake
Amelia Graham
Amelia Graham Mês atrás
You stole this comment-
Liam Andrew
Liam Andrew 25 dias atrás
This is the first time I've ever heard this song. It is so amazing
Virescent Morsmordre
Virescent Morsmordre 29 dias atrás
I really hope that Arabella and her fleet will become somewhat important to the main story too! Remember that there are still another four (?) end crystals hidden in the Overworld and that the Captain with her crew are basically immortal. Also I really wonder why Ceris was spared.
LemonH3ad 29 dias atrás
Same here but I can think of 2 reason they pity her for being a weak warlord so they decided to spare her so they can fight again someday and see who truly wins or they spared her because there going to a different dimension and they want no beef with the other ender lords
Ride withice
Ride withice 23 dias atrás
Cant wait for your next work of art keep up the good work rain!!
Landen Miles
Landen Miles Mês atrás
Sweet new video I love the animation and the music it mixes together so well I’m excited to see what’s next!
Kim Unsgaard
Kim Unsgaard Mês atrás
This is insane, this is such a good animated music video, i remember when i first started watching
David Mar
David Mar 24 dias atrás
Is it just me or do u just love everything he makes. Like I slam the play button when I see he uploads, some people say”he never uploads!” The reason why he doesn’t is because he has to make awesome content and that takes skill
Wyvern _100
Wyvern _100 Mês atrás
This all started with a single song called struggle ☺️ you make us proud and happy as always rain
Michael D'Antonio
Michael D'Antonio Mês atrás
“You’ll have a blessing of life never ending” more like a curse, I don’t think any of the crew but purple reaper, flame-eye, the end dancer, and Arabella have free will
Carlos Animations Studios
This song represents what The End really can be. He is not like the Nether, and more powerful than it. absolutely in every way...if you fall into the void, and death into the eternal abyss. great video, and great to see the history of the other worlds of this amazing universe you made! 5 years, and never loses quality! Surely, this group will appear in the future to cause...
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Mês atrás
@Chad Mekhane I disagree with you. I´m pretty sure Ceris is more powerful in To The Void then in Ender Wish
Chad Mekhane
Chad Mekhane Mês atrás
@The Chosen One the Ceris during the events of To The Void was only a warlord, she became more powerful later and went on to become the ruler of Dragonspire also Arabella doesn't seem the type to help Nether, she's more like a fun loving girl who like to go on adventures
Scott Sauter
Scott Sauter Mês atrás
@FreshDucc She was. this is 300+ years before Ender Wish
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Mês atrás
@FreshDucc I was talking about the ender watcher
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Mês atrás
@FreshDucc She was knocked out, Naeus didn´t kill her because he wanted a public execution
tan zheng
tan zheng 23 dias atrás
it would be cool if they are included in the war against the nether
Sadad Erlangga
Sadad Erlangga 29 dias atrás
So at least we know that The End despite being weaken by The Ender Watcher's demise, the Orchid Fleet would probably join the battle. With Deep Abyss coming, I hope Rain would introduce The Entity along with his Red Legion
Ryan's Favorite Power Ranger
Probably because the entity and hit red legion are in the Deep Abyss.
JC Mahrt
JC Mahrt Mês atrás
I will be honest, after having another look at this video, I just end up thinking of the Tattered Sails Shanty for Warhammer's Curse of the Vampire Coast.
raj pramana
raj pramana Mês atrás
5 years and it never stops. keep going!
Mortis~ Mês atrás
It's been 4 years. Since the whole series has been out. You deserve more than a million.
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Mês atrás
2 trillion
rexHK417 Mês atrás
@Jared Daniel Cunanan I used to like dream but i think him as okish guy but i am irl he is a nice person just want privacy.
Jared Daniel Cunanan
@rexHK417 Dream is Good his stans are more toxic then a nuclear bomb with a density enough to nuke the sun
Jared Daniel Cunanan
@rexHK417 Damn preston? Part of the old minecraft pack....
Joshua Cason
Joshua Cason Mês atrás
@Mortis~ facts
Tighber_Cotteillor 23 dias atrás
I'm amazed, as a Filipino. I can confirm no one can make a series this cool, not even my dad no Filipino can
SANDWITCH LORD 10 dias atrás
i remember the first vid I was just thinking about the series almost once an hour when it was just starting out. I stopped for a very very long time because the upload rate was pretty bad im not sure if i out grew it but its just not as good as before also the plot was all over the place hopefully you can entertain a younger audience now
Mr Tall
Mr Tall 29 dias atrás
I love it!!! keep getting better and keep going your amazing!
dragon playz
dragon playz 19 dias atrás
Love how u linked up the sword clanks with the music I love when u do that
Sadad Erlangga
Sadad Erlangga Mês atrás
Even if this is hundreds of years before the current timeline. The fact that there are more than just one dragon out there brings me with joy. I hope that there will be a return for the Dragon Tamer. But this also shows that there are another enemy out there with fleets strong enough to rule The End.
Wilma Perkins
Wilma Perkins Mês atrás
well the end is technially a endless realm so there could by hundreds of "ender dragon islands" out there even in minecraft canon it would make sense.
Lilibeth Garcia
Lilibeth Garcia Mês atrás
@Sadad Erlangga lmao lance thats my name but ye lance did had i relationship eith her
Sadad Erlangga
Sadad Erlangga Mês atrás
@Lilibeth Garcia If you're asking about why she didn't chase the pirates. She just got wrecked in this video. She didn't even think of visiting the Overworld until Rain took over their dragon and created the Alliance. And this was sets hundreds of years before the main timeline. Even if the Ceris(End Queen) wanted to chase the pirates, she couldn't, the Ender Watcher guards the end and would put down their life for it(shown by their war against the Nether forces). Tho I guess after hundreds of years, Ceris would either forget or just keeps her priorities straight. If there's someone who would bring the End Pirates topic, it would probably be Lance as he has probably live as long as Ceris
Hechzg Jcxj
Hechzg Jcxj Mês atrás
I have a feeling that dragon tamer will conquer the end
Lilibeth Garcia
Lilibeth Garcia Mês atrás
@Sadad Erlangga how bout the end queen lol
Fire Cruher
Fire Cruher 3 dias atrás
How tf did I miss all of this amazingness! First Netherbane and now this?!
Good Friends
Good Friends Mês atrás
Detail i've noticed: Herobrine, The Nether Princess (then Naeus, and before that the Pig Kings), and Captain Arabella seem to possess similar powers. It's characterized by their white eyes, electrical-looking laser blasts, and their ability to open giant portals. Naeus opens a portal when he invades the End, and Arabella does this at the end of this video. They are all extremely powerful, want to control the universe, and all three characters also command a horde of undead soldiers. These powers also all seem to be inherited (or stolen/competen for). The only difference seems to be that the three are from different dimensions. I think that at the creation of mankind, the gods (or some higher-up being/s) entrusted leaders from all three of their dimensions with special powers that could be passed on. Herobrine and Arabella seem to have seized these powers (or been in a bloodline that connects back to the ancient leaders), and up until the events of "Begin Again" and "Hard Pill To Swallow", the Nether kept it in tradition to pass on these powers in their trials for the throne. Maybe different Nether dynasties and royal lines were established as a result of this. Also, I think it would be cool to find out who possesses Arabella's powers in the current timeline. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing Rainimator! I've been here since "Cold as Ice" 4 years ago!
Good Friends
Good Friends Mês atrás
@LemonH3ad I didn't say she was created directly by a god, I said her powers may have originated as a gift from a god, possibly 10,000 years before her. And even if the portal thing was a coincidence, I offered a lot of other evidence as well. The other things I analyzed still stand.
LemonH3ad Mês atrás
Uhm Arabella Needed 3 ender crystals to open the portal and her being the creation of god is not possible
KraeZee- 27 dias atrás
i been a fan since the first music video. i like how though they are music videos it tells a story nicely that not to complex i hope you keep it up
Darkstalker 28 dias atrás
I feel like weapons from Minecraft Dungeons would really fit in this series
Cyber Armadius
Cyber Armadius Mês atrás
With an angelic voice like that. I wanna join their fleet too :D
Shin Sama
Shin Sama 28 dias atrás
I love how pirates sing! Great Idea for your animation Rain!
KaMi~desu 19 dias atrás
To think i've been following this story for almost 4 years now.... Wow.. this is literally a part of my childhood
Joris Milleret
Joris Milleret Mês atrás
Incredible. I can't wait to see this army into the REAL game
Brysen Kirk
Brysen Kirk Mês atrás
Every episode just leaves me in pure awe. This storyline is by far the greatest I have ever seen, it really is hard to believe it been five years already. I can’t imagine what more you add to this series in the future but I’m certain that it will remain nothing short of spectacular.
Claire Mason
Claire Mason 4 dias atrás
This is a great seson
Jana Prskavcová Davidová
Iu 🤮🤮🤮🤮
xwolf3002 29 dias atrás
Man since I was 7 I been watching this man now I am 13 he can’t get old
Seek Symphony
Seek Symphony Mês atrás
I've been watching him since the OG storyline where the dragon tamer and nether princess both die to end the war
Dream's son
Dream's son Mês atrás
have you ever had the feeling someone had the same feeling as you?
Bulilitz Corner
Bulilitz Corner 26 dias atrás
You never cease to amaze me
Tyshawn Stubbs
Tyshawn Stubbs Mês atrás
I may have just gotten a new favorite character in your series. She got a personality I would enjoy, she is extremely fun as hell that I would be down to join her squad.
Alter Revolter the Spieler
So true. Her personality is just nice. Her movements are elegant and the power she has is strong. I'd honestly love to see more of her in the future.
zach Mês atrás
I just loved this song so much and the animation is amazing
Why me
Why me Dia atrás
Wow how 5 years flys I still remember when this series was 7 weeks old
Mystical Mês atrás
I'm just wondering, you saw how different Ceris was back then, (new, still a warlord) and then you look at Arabella, who was already powerful in hand to hand combat without the end crystals. So just imagine how much more skilled she's gotten over the hundreds of years.
Scything Plays
Scything Plays 12 dias atrás
@Oah Kun Normal Arabella = Prime Ceris
Just a guy?
Just a guy? 13 dias atrás
@Scything Plays For real Ceris looked very weak.
A Marquez
A Marquez 14 dias atrás
I want to see Arabella and Rain fight each other. Also I miss Zeg.
Memes_Good :D
Memes_Good :D 22 dias atrás
@Flyboombasher yeah ik, I was joking lmao anyway, thanks for the explanation
Flyboombasher 22 dias atrás
@Memes_Good :D there are no necromancers in this timeline. And I doubt anyone has a totem. Also, Naeus absorbed Ceris's head.
malinda Wallace
malinda Wallace 26 dias atrás
Rainamater is so.freaking ralanted that he can turn someones thoughts into a song. Keep.up the great work.rain
Jonathan Pecany
Jonathan Pecany Mês atrás
I really love to know more about this story.
Momazos Castillo
Momazos Castillo Mês atrás
I'm surprised that Ceris has lost in close combat with her great defending army even having great experience in combat which makes her a fearsome enemy, despite the fact that she defeated herobrine or so I remember, Nice song I think even the sword blows they were going to the rhythm of the song, who would have thought it was the past I still fall for his painful and sad death :'(
Lucifer1211 7 dias atrás
this is hundreds of years in the past ceris was not anywhere close to where she was in ender wish
Orem Esteban
Orem Esteban Mês atrás
This is my Favorite song Ever Thank you kuya Rain, Love ko yung Talents na nagawa nyo. Parang Hindi Filipino yung accent, but I like it and the Song.Keep going kuya.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐚 Mês atrás
I love how the beginning gives you sea shanty vibes but the rest feels like a whole movie.. Arabella is a whole mood and the Orchid Fleet is absolutely gorgeous. The graphics, the blinking, the movements THE FIGHT SCENESS, all in all this has to be one of my favourite animations. Not only is the singer's voice completely magical, the lyrics are insane. Can't wait to see more videos Rain
Claire Mason
Claire Mason 11 dias atrás
@DragonSong5 um okay
DragonSong5 27 dias atrás
I concur. Arabella is 100% a mood.
Claire Mason
Claire Mason 27 dias atrás
@ErgoridgeInPyro why are you saying lol for
ErgoridgeInPyro Mês atrás
@Claire Mason lol
Claire Mason
Claire Mason Mês atrás
@ErgoridgeInPyro I kinda got Star Wars vibe’s a soon as I seen the enderwatchers
SwiftyPlayz 10 horas atrás
A suggestion: you should make another dimension that is way stronger then anyone, so all the other dimensions join together and fight the strongest dimension
Erkhes Peace
Erkhes Peace 17 dias atrás
this is just a masterpiece dude i rly love it❤❤❤
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