Tiny House W/ Downstairs Bedroom - The Perfect Home To Retire To

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The name of this tiny home is Hermitage, representing peace, rest, and retreat. Charles and Bob live in this 400 sq ft. cabin with stacked timbers for the walls, Cedar live edge countertops in the kitchen, and a beautiful electric fireplace to maximize the warm ambiance. There are space-saving pocket doors throughout the house and hidden closets providing as much storage as possible.

The upstairs loft is used as storage space, while the downstairs holds a master bedroom with high ceilings and double closets. The gorgeous bathroom has live edge countertops with a vessel sink, a walk-in shower, and a flushing toilet. For their two pups, they built a fenced-in dog run in the back so they can enjoy off the leash fresh air. Just outside the fence is a seating area with a bbq made perfectly for sunrise or beautiful sunset dinner.

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31 Jul 2021



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Comentários 2 174
J Rambo
J Rambo Anos atrás
I don't think they could've been any more adorable!!!! Cute little relationship with a cute little set-up!! This looks just like something out of a fairytale!!!❤❤ The dog set up is just genius and well executed!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
EmmausRoad Anos atrás
@JarateMan Been out of my body three times. Not NDE's just trance experiences. I might even doubt them except I traveled to a neighbors apartment that I had never been in physically and was able to describe it to him. Made a believer out of him! God exists and so do we after death. EVERYONE lives forever, you have a choice of WHERE you do that, Heaven or hell. Even if I had not had the experiences I did, I would still believe as I have had other things happen in my life that convince me there is a God and He cares for ME. If you are right, no worries, like you said, I won't know anything to be disappointed. But if I'm RIGHT, then you are in for a big surprise and possibly some very unpleasant experiences... eternal one's! Meanwhile I have the joy and the happiness that comes from KNOWING Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and all the blessings He offers!!!!
JarateMan Anos atrás
@EmmausRoad God isn't real however, do what you want while you can cause when you die there is nothing. I'd say you're in for a disappointment, but you're not really cause you will never know how wrong you were.
Sevi Regis
Sevi Regis Anos atrás
@HolyisHe ok come on now, those men have faith and they’re beautiful souls. Besides this is about tiny homes not your interpretation of Scripture which is cruel. God loves them and they love God. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” And “remove the plank from your own eye before pointing at the speck in your brother’s eye.” “If you have not love, you are only a clanging gong”, “for love is the greatest of the gifts”. “Therefore, speak the truth in love.”
Kayise Hadebe
Kayise Hadebe Anos atrás
The best part for me is that your next door neighbour is not on your doorstep.
benjamin Montgomery
My wife and I are watching this video together and not even 2 minutes into the video she announces that this is just perfect. I agree, it has everything that we would need and want. Thank you to the two gentlemen for sharing their beautiful home.
1313sp Anos atrás
This has got to be one of the best tiny house layouts. I really like the bedroom at the bottom, and that screened in porch. The property is beautiful, and these guys are adorable. They even match each other :)
dougjonna ebel
dougjonna ebel Anos atrás
The fact that this is a 'community' makes all the sense in the world. I hope more of this trend helps ease a lot of the housing issues we face right now.
Driver Dan
Driver Dan Anos atrás
Charles and Bob could totally have a full time channel as host of a show about anything they want! I love their tiny home. Superb! And by the way your, production value and presentation is so nice. I could watch your stuff all day. Like a good cup of coffee or smooth jazz….you really know what you’re doing! Thanks for bringing such quality ! 👌👍😉✌️
Robin Cross
Robin Cross 6 meses atrás
I totally agree!! They're great!!
Moth Girl
Moth Girl Anos atrás
Yes! I wish they had their own channel too.
Linda Walker
Linda Walker Anos atrás
So well said.
Sheila Spence
Sheila Spence Anos atrás
This. Right Here!!!!!
Melinda Alcorn
Melinda Alcorn Anos atrás
I absolutely love your cabin home it's beautiful. It seems so quiet and cozy and I like the decor and especially that screened in deck. Love everything about it! You both have such wonderful personalities and seem so nice. Thank you for allowing us to see you beautiful home.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Melinda how are you doing!!
Martin Knoerr
Martin Knoerr Anos atrás
Just beautiful. I'm really considering a tiny home myself. Being 55, and semi retired from the airline after 35 years I think it's time for a change. The rents in Dallas, and the average home prices are getting outrageous. Bless y'all, and I wish both of you many happy healthy years in your beautiful home.
Carla Mês atrás
Why are people acting like it’s ok for two men to live together as a couple, this is not acceptable! It’s shameful!
Eileen McNichol
Eileen McNichol Anos atrás
OMG this is my ideal tiny house. No composting toilet, real furniture (not wood benches with foam rubber cushions) a first floor bedroom. I love log cabins and the coziness of them myself. This place ticks all my boxes. Really love the screened in porch also.
Bess9779 Mês atrás
@Groom of the Stool I so agree!! They can be a bit pricey, but if one is looking to downsize, it's a perfect plan with so many styles to choose from.
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
@YeshuasGirl I'd build around a full size REAL W/D as I have a ton of laundry. 2+ dogs. Abd a real bathtub, plus my adjustable queen size bed on a waterbed frame for the drawers. Maybe utilize them, for me.
L. Baker
L. Baker 9 meses atrás
Groom of the Stool
Groom of the Stool Anos atrás
Park models are so much better than tiny houses.
Blaine Melford
Blaine Melford Anos atrás
Exquisite!!!! I’m an interior designer from New Orleans and just adore your home!! Great job and send the two of you joy and blessings. My partner is from Georgia and will love seeing this project. Well done!!!!
Christine Cole
Christine Cole Anos atrás
This place is beautiful and absolutely perfect. Especially love that screened-in deck!! The whole setup and surroundings are beautiful!!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Christine how are you doing!!
Ginger Rogers
Ginger Rogers Anos atrás
I really like this layout. Nice having a bedroom downstairs. Beautiful wood work. The community looks like a wonderful place to live. They did a great job.
Shirley Ashanti
Shirley Ashanti Anos atrás
I can't recall things I didn't like about other tiny homes after seeing this elegant, comfy, gorgeous model. I just love it. ❤ Thank you so much for the tour.
Mary McCombs
Mary McCombs Anos atrás
What a great set up! I've watched a lot of tiny home videos, and one of the things most have in common is a very uncomfortable living room. Hard thin couches, straight back chairs etc. This front room looked comfortable and inviting. The whole house was great - especially loved the screened in porch and the dog run. And downstairs bedroom. Perfect!
Annie Anos atrás
The location is wonderful, but the home is out of this world. I love it. The most beautiful tiny home I have ever seen.
Susan Banks
Susan Banks Anos atrás
I like the fact that your specifying everything you want!!! This was perfect size for me with the added porch!!!
etcetra etcetra
etcetra etcetra Anos atrás
I love the layout. I agree.
Helen Smith
Helen Smith Anos atrás
I have to agree!
Hello Annie how are you doing!!
Jason Paul Elder
Jason Paul Elder Anos atrás
With the incredible use of space and warmth of the wood theme, overall, I actually may not be alone in not exactly calling this a "tiny" house. It's more like a "compact home" to me. Great work!
Theresa Lero
Theresa Lero Anos atrás
This is the way to do a tiny house tour, just the owner talking. Obviously not everyone would be as easy going and informative as him, sometimes you need the interviewer to lead. Very well done video and my favorite tiny house so far, just a beautiful setup inside and out.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Theresa how are you doing!!
Heather Lowe
Heather Lowe Anos atrás
This is the second retiree tiny home I have seen and they seem so much more spacious than a lot of other tiny homes. They did a great job ☺️
Robert Lavigne
Robert Lavigne Anos atrás
This is a tiny house that I actually love. I've always have wanted a log cabin and it's perfect and cozy. The location is another amazing amenitie. I also love the screened in back porch. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home.
Donna Gerardi
Donna Gerardi Anos atrás
You guys are simply adorable!! My wife and I love you. And your tiny hime is perfection! Downstairs bedroom, real toilet, patio and dog run! The decor is beautiful and everything well thought out. Congrats to you both. ❤️
Helen G
Helen G Anos atrás
Omg! The bedroom, the deck, the living room to all the storage spaces. This is definitely my archetype for my tiny house. I’m saving up now.
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
@butterfly You go online and get an agent that knows land issues/pricing IN THAT AREA. Not necessarily a RE agent that does all houses.
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
@angelfirelite That's very subjective. You only know that once the check clears. Just saying.
Moth Girl
Moth Girl Anos atrás
The deck is fabulous!
Lorena sanbau
Lorena sanbau Anos atrás
I agree
butterfly Anos atrás
From where do u buy the land ? Does govt permit to build in isolated mount , what's the cost of land. Am curious to know please
Lien Titus
Lien Titus Anos atrás
I really like the log cabin design. The layout plan is desirable. The owner put a lot of thought into living in a tiny home like that. I admire that. Great couple and fantastic video! Thank you!
itgetter9 Anos atrás
Gorgeous home! And this is a good one because I've always wondered whether a tiny home can still sustain a relationship, or if two people will just get too claustrophobic together and start fighting. Thank you, gentlemen, and I wish you well!
Jasmine Crandall
Jasmine Crandall Anos atrás
Love the pottery door! Useable plus artful. The cabin look and wood work finishes are just amazing. Very impressive, my favorite little house yet. Just wow!
Jennifer Dyke
Jennifer Dyke 3 meses atrás
Absolutely gorgeous and very tastefully decorated, too! I could move right in and be at once comfortable as though I always lived there. Beautiful location, as well, surrounded by woods. 😊❤️
Vickie Meisinger
Vickie Meisinger 8 meses atrás
Truly well-built and designed! Love all of the wood details and the fact that it’s been personalized for you both. Love the amount of storage inconvenience in the right places and I love the outdoors landscaping because it’s as if it’s always been there❣️❣️ he truly found a winner! Thank you for sharing♥️❣️❣️♥️
HeartH'S-Tones Anos atrás
Oh the Saints be Praised...the bedroom rickety "ladder" to go up and down from bedroom to bathroom...and no crawling on badly damaged knees into the bedroom and into bed. This is the loveliest "tiny" house arrangement I ever seen...and especially love the screened in porch, practical and free of bugs and mosquitos...and great for indoor plants.
Cheryl Meadows
Cheryl Meadows 7 meses atrás
pattianne pascual
pattianne pascual Anos atrás
yes. I hate lofts! every time I have been in one,I get near head concussions from not being used to walking on my knees,repeatedly knocking my head on the ceiling.And knees will be killing you as well. I don't understand why they don't just make the first floors shorter and the lofts so you can stand up.i would never want a loft.Plus all your heat is stuck there.useless feature.
All Things Possible
However I would never ever use the loft because you have to crawl... Unless you could roll around on an office chair, I would rather have/need it a couple feet higher.
All Things Possible
HeartH'S-Tones Anos atrás
@Sylvia Carlson LOL, yes mam, still up and running, well no, no more running, but still up and about, and generally doing good !!!
A C B Anos atrás
Thank you Charles and Bob for sharing your incredible and peaceful home with us. This video was so well done, I watch it whenever I need to relax. 🙏
Sharon Doan
Sharon Doan Anos atrás
I really appreciate seeing what I would consider to be a small one story house. Very livable for a single person or couple. Bedroom easily accessible. Normally functioning bathroom, nice laundry facilities, and proper kitchen. Thanks for the tour!
Mary Richmond
Mary Richmond Anos atrás
A really lovely tiny home and the first one I could see myself living in. Love the sofa, recliner, deck and full downstairs bedroom. Loved the decor, too. Very nice!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello mary how are you doing!!
Bob Anos atrás
Such a beautiful tiny home. It most certainly is warm and cozy. I love the ambiance. I absolutely love this. It’s wonderful to see a couple not only enjoying each other’s companionship but their tiny unique beautiful home. Wonderful video gentlemen. I wish you the best.
ChronicPainFighter 8 meses atrás
I ADORE log cabins, your home IS "ART" It's absolutely stunning and I'm green with envy! Fantastic, brilliant design of space! Enjoy!! The woodworking is like no other I have ever seem, such beautiful quality!!
MeMe Cats
MeMe Cats Anos atrás
Now this to me is the first tiny home I’ve seen and I’ve have watch a lot of these videos and this is absolutely the most perfect home and needs no changes at all.
Connie Lahman
Connie Lahman Anos atrás
What a fabulous home. You guys really have a little piece of heaven with living in ur home and all the beautiful surroundings 💓
Cover to Cover
Cover to Cover Anos atrás
Great tour of a beautiful home. I loved visiting Lookout Mountian. And I appreciate the name ‘The Hermitage’ and how you came to name your home. Having spent seven years in a seminary, and remembering the preciousness of quiet time, I love living in the country and the peace and quiet it provides.
Shendara al Shedir
Shendara al Shedir Anos atrás
Love all the natural woods!👍 That upstairs loft is HUGE, shame not to use it as a big livingroom. Nice storage ideas. "The Hermitage" is a cute name too. The outdoor seating area is just gorgeous!!👌 Well done!👏Great idea to have a special space to keep the Dogs safe & secure. Stunning lot too. Overall, a super beautiful home. Wishing these gents many happy years ahead in this gorgeous place!🐾🌈🇨🇦
micmoh Anos atrás
adorable, the couple, the tiny home and the space for the dogs. I love it so much. Greatings to you both from Germany
shecalledmelisalou Anos atrás
Wow! Just wow! Nothing about that says tiny. It’s just so gorgeous! I would love to see the other tiny houses in this community. The commitment to the cabin theme really gives this tiny house character without being tacky. Love the outdoors just as much.
Living It Up
Living It Up Anos atrás
Ooh, this is a lovely, well-designed and nicely appointed tiny home. These guys have good taste in decor... and they're so organized. Wow -- I'm envious! It's so fun to see how people individually customize these small spaces, and make them beautiful as well. Thanks for the tour!
Frank Volz
Frank Volz 7 meses atrás
This is the most comfortable tiny home me ive ever seen. I could easily see myself living in this one.
Uli Chapa
Uli Chapa Anos atrás
What a lovely home! So cozy and well laid out. Love it!
LD Dixon
LD Dixon Anos atrás
This is glorious. So much practicality and comfort integrated into the design. I love the style, enormous charm and warmth of this home and the occupants.
L.T. Loa
L.T. Loa 3 meses atrás
I wouldn’t have thought all the wood paneling would work in a tiny house, but it’s beautiful and cozy.
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Anos atrás
Hello, Charles and Bob. What a lovely home you guys have. It's one of the nicest and well planned tiny homes I've seen. I was very curious as to the price to build and the current value. I'm seriously thinking about down sizing. I'm single and don't need a lot of space or possesions. This looks very livable. Thanks for any information. And Bless you both for opening up your home and house for all of us to see.
SAL Anos atrás
This is lovely. I love the layout, the setting, the ground floor bedroom, the functionality (pocket doors, yay!) LOVE love love the screened porch. Lovely gents. This is probably my favorite tiny house yet.
Kerry Petruzello
Kerry Petruzello Anos atrás
Awesome!!!! Best I've ever seen!! If not too much to ask ? $,? For full build?
Xahvia Braun
Xahvia Braun Anos atrás
This is a charming home with fabulous design features. The tall ceilings & downstairs bedroom are practical & inviting. The screened in deck provides a wonderful connection with nature, minus the hassle of bugs. The layout creates an expansive ambiance that appears much grander than a tiny home with a parallel deck. Overall it has all the benefits of a full size house without unnecessary excess space to maintain. It's more like a luxurious cabin than a tiny home & the nicest of any I've seen. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed the tour.
tatsf Anos atrás
What a great home!! Like others have said I love so many things about this tiny house - comfy living area and kitchen, the live edge counters and headboard, real bathroom, first floor bedroom that you can stand up in (I'm 6'2"), and the screened in porch and dog run are amazing! Great couple in a great house! Perfect retirement place. My partner and I are ready!
Sevi Regis
Sevi Regis Anos atrás
That’s such a beautiful tiny home. Love the downstairs main bedroom. They’re cute and very interesting fellows, did a lovely job there. God bless them, their pet children, and their home.
Alex Velasco
Alex Velasco 4 meses atrás
I have seen so many tiny log cabin homes and just wasn't sure what I wanted. I knew that I liked them, but nothing impressed me like your tiny home. What you gentlemen have done with your house is truly inspiring and now my imagine has gone wild with what can be done inside the home as well as outside. You took a basic little house and made it cozy and relaxing. My wife and I are going crazy with ideas and it's because you gentlemen are quite the muse for anyone trying to figure out what can be done with a tiny home. Many thanks.💙
Betsy Traughber
Betsy Traughber Anos atrás
What an enchanting couple! They are so suited for each other. You can tell that lots of contemplating as to the layout was pondered upon. Placing each component in it’s rightful place. Everything about this tiny home is perfect 😍 👍. Tell us again who the architect/Builder is, surely sending future business his way. Pray tell the cost of this amazing tiny home? You didn’t tell what your monthly lot rental rates were? 🌲🌳🌲 I’m very interested. Divorcing soon to be single after 41 years, needing a new investment property to reside in for my forever 🏡 home. This tiny home has EVERYTHING that I’m looking for. At age 61, I don’t need to be climbing a ladder, just to go to bed 🛏 and I can’t imagine what a bathroom 🚽 trip would be like in the middle of the night or 2:00 a.m. I already have property picked out. On to the next exciting moment, Iszabet is going to be her happy place name. Iszabet the tiny home, in the great state of Tennessee.
A A Mês atrás
Green River Cabins in South Carolina
Terri Johnson
Terri Johnson Anos atrás
Absolutely stunning! I do especially love the bedroom! (Perfection & cozy, too!)
femaletrouble Anos atrás
Man, I am lusting after this property. I really adore the coalescing of the outdoor space and the living room. The house itself is a really good example of it having what feels like distinct areas without any of it feeling claustrophobic.
Pink Volo
Pink Volo Anos atrás
I agree..the layout is so simple and the decor is so warm!
John D. Moore
John D. Moore 5 meses atrás
First, thank you for letting us into your home. You both have a lovely house and it is obvious there is a lot of love present. Probably one of the nicest tiny homes I've ever seen.
Judy MakingEndsMeet
This was by far the most beautiful tiny home I’ve seen yet and I’ve watched a lot of videos! So happy for y’all!!!
Constance Adcock
Constance Adcock Anos atrás
I simply LOVE this! If I ever had one, would want one just like it! I really like the “cabin in the woods” feel! Thanks for sharing!
QmnNvrDyz Anos atrás
This is one of the most beautiful and more practical tiny homes I've ever seen! There's plenty of room, and all those views are gorgeous! Gorgeous deck, too! I'm soo jealous!!
kathleen p
kathleen p Anos atrás
Wow! This home is stunning! I didn't think I would like all wood, but this home is magnificent! I love the set up. It couldn't be any more perfect.
Deborah Danhauer
Deborah Danhauer Anos atrás
Now, this is how it’s done! Stunning little home on a lovely wooded lot with everything you could want. I love that all the elements of a home are there and “adult human” sized….. a real bath with a flush toilet, a real bedroom you can stand in and full sized appliances including washer and dryer. If I were to buy a tiny home, this model would be the one🤗🐝❤️
Heather Scoggins
Heather Scoggins Anos atrás
Love everything about this tiny home. It is gorgeous!!
Sly G
Sly G Anos atrás
Incredible! Love the first floor bedroom, screened in porch that connects to a dog run, all the outdoor space. This is a well thought out home that seems truly livable
Madelin Negron
Madelin Negron Anos atrás
Thank you for let us into your tiny, beautiful, adorable home. I will definitely like to live in a place like this. I wish you so so so many years of happiness.
Terese Cox
Terese Cox Anos atrás
Beautiful! Love the layout, and the decor is just perfect! 🌷
Lisa D
Lisa D Anos atrás
My husband and I live near Atlanta,and this sounds like a good place for us when we retire. I love the layout and would spend most of my time on the screened in porch. I love everything about this. They seem like such nice guys and have a great place.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Lisa how are you doing!!
Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams Anos atrás
I want a tiny house just like this. We're retired and older. This would be perfect for us.
Deb Strout
Deb Strout Anos atrás
Me too! I hope to find a similar set up in our area. We are retired and have no desire to have a big home and all the headaches that go along with it. The design of this beautiful home is just perfect, a nice size bathroom, no climbing to the bedroom, a screened porch and oh my the scenery!
AZ Planner
AZ Planner Anos atrás
Absolutely beautiful. He has really maximized the use of his outdoor space as well.
Cornbread Oracle
Cornbread Oracle Anos atrás
We are from Huntsville and had a second home in the mountains for years. (Now we’re here full time in a small-but not-tiny cabin.) Our cabin wasn’t quite this small, but not much bigger either. One thing I learned was that storage is the key. This one has plenty of it for it’s size. That’s what makes it work. Good job.
Rupaji Anos atrás
This is by far the best tiny home design that i have seen, and the most sensible explanations and advice. Thank you. I'm inspired. Even though my milieu is so different i can see the way in which i can adapt just from the little tips you gave. Very helpful indeed!
Oweary1 Anos atrás
What a cute couple with an awesome home. Thoughtfully laid out and very functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. It’s uncanny how they resemble each other!
Angie Maggard
Angie Maggard 11 meses atrás
This is my favorite tiny home, this far. I love the deck and the ambience that this lovely home brings. I'd never want to leave.
AsTheCrowFlies Anos atrás
The BEST tiny home I've ever seen! That screened in porch makes a huge difference. Oh, and those two fellows are just lovely. I wish them many years of happiness in their rustic, fabulous home.
Rosanna Cellini
Rosanna Cellini Anos atrás
This home is just so amazing! I love the wood Its so nice and its very spacious and cozy. Love the deck and the doggie yard. Its good for you guys, that the bedroom is downstairs. Even the loft is so nicely organized. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy and stay well. God bless. ☺️👍👍😎😎🌅
Nanette Grant
Nanette Grant 5 meses atrás
SO beautiful! your home is probably the best tiny home i have come across, and I watch a lot of these videos. I love the bedroom being downstairs and the wood throughout the home is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your home and ideas.
Kemice Cormier
Kemice Cormier Anos atrás
So warm, cozy and intimate. I love the screened back porch, the fenced dog area, and the outside sitting area. I love my privacy too, so I would have picked a spot like yours.
Kelly Fazekas
Kelly Fazekas 7 meses atrás
Charles, your home is absolutely beautiful and is my dream home in a manageable size. You've created a lovely haven.
ochun57 Anos atrás
This is the best of all the tiny houses I have seen and I have seen a lot of them. Very comfortable, well spaced and no loft. Really love this one.
Wendy Eskelin
Wendy Eskelin Anos atrás
This is one of the best tiny houses I've ever seen. The wood is so pretty and the overall home is so warm and inviting. One thing I really like is that you have little areas carved out for homes leaving the nature and the trees intact. I wish all home builders would do this. I like the idea of tiny homes so much, but while having a small bedroom and bathroom would not be difficult at all, the clothes storage and especially the kitchen storage/pantry would be hard to do without. In this home that added upstairs room could definitely used for this, so there would be a way around it. I love the added screen porch too. Thank you for sharing your home!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Wendy how are you doing!(
Gaby Hagemann
Gaby Hagemann Anos atrás
I love everything about this tiny house. The downstairs bedroom, the cabin-style... It's so nice!
Tina P
Tina P Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing. This tiny home was great for a couple or single person. I really love the layout of the whole home. Thanks for letting us know who built this home. Stay safe everyone. :)
linda asleson
linda asleson 19 dias atrás
Loved your home!!! Beautiful, serene, organized and amazing. Best wishes to you both.
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake Anos atrás
Thanks guys, showing the cabin. Cabin is absolutely perfect for your needs. The place looks just so lovely & peaceful. You did a wonderful job 😀 showing how beautiful the cabin really is. 🥰👍🇺🇲
NYCH FAN Anos atrás
What a beautiful home. Everything is so well planned out. A perfect place and the two of you really made it homey! I love the artwork behind the sofa, too. ❤❤
lucy mallard
lucy mallard Anos atrás
Jane Linley
Jane Linley Anos atrás
Agreed..I love it
Karen Caplan
Karen Caplan Anos atrás
the nicest tiny house I’ve seen - beautifully decorated, no clutter , just awesome
Samantha Gomez
Samantha Gomez Anos atrás
Ik right it's So Beautiful Tiny House
S Mz
S Mz Anos atrás
Agreed! LOVE the A-frame ceilings, the bedroom on the first floor, the wood (WOW), the porch, dog run, and gorgeous landscape...on and on. The best I've seen.
Virginia Davis
Virginia Davis Anos atrás
I agree Lucy. I've been researching for a long time and truly, I totally love this tiny house.
Tracey Hill
Tracey Hill 5 meses atrás
Love the look and feel of this home - I am so sad we cannot have similar lifestyle properties in the's such an unknown concept here
Aingeal Blue
Aingeal Blue Anos atrás
I LOVE this home! The woodwork is absolutely gorgeous!😊
Kimberley Mancino
Kimberley Mancino Anos atrás
This is the nicest tiny home I’ve seen!!! I love the live edge countertops throughout the home!! It’s just gorgeous!!! The screened in porch is wonderful!!!! I just absolutely love love love this home!!! Not to mention the outdoor space with the doggies area that’s fenced and the barbecue/fit pit area!!! You have marvelous taste what a beautiful home!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Kimberley how are you doing!!
Dutchgram Anos atrás
Perfection! I could move right in and be SO comfortable. All the wood details add so much warmth. I like the area around there too. I hope you have many years of peace, enjoyment and good health there.
Maria Anos atrás
The best tiny house set up, materials used, ambiance, and location I've seen so far...thanks so much for sharing it. I enjoyed watching it and seeing every room as a surprise to uncover. 👌
Jacqueline Coleman
Jacqueline Coleman Anos atrás
Gorgeous home makes we want a tiny home. Plus, it's absolutely immaculately clean and inviting. I commend you two gentleman . Gotta Love it !!! 😊
Catherine Rosner
Catherine Rosner Anos atrás
The most beautiful, manly tiny home I've ever seen! Wow, a place for everything, a full bath and lower floor bedroom too! Congrats to both of you!
B Burton
B Burton Anos atrás
What a wonderful home you've made! Thank you for sharing this, it's given us great ideas as we look toward our future. Wishing you both good health, peace and many, many memorable moments there.
Snow Ball
Snow Ball 8 meses atrás
Finally, a tiny home that has style with function combined!! GREAT JOB! I really hate to see other tiny homes in which most of their living area looks like a cluttered mess...with all of their necessities..hanging everywhere and out in the open.
Cindy Steffens
Cindy Steffens Anos atrás
Beautifully designed and decorated tiny house. So cozy and comfortable!
Maranatha (Come Lord)
Maranatha (Come Lord) 8 meses atrás
I've watched hundreds of these videos. I've seen many different ways of living, including van conversions and schooolies. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. 😍🐿🐿🐻🦉🌲🌿🌾
Myo Bee
Myo Bee Anos atrás
I would call the style of this tiny home sophisticated rustic. It's beautiful! The use of the natural-looking wood elements as opposed to just traditional boards makes all the difference.
Lyn Welch
Lyn Welch 4 meses atrás
Love love love the idea of the river rock shower! Do it! I had a river rock floor in a prior home's shower - it was wonderfully therapeutic for the feet! There's just so much to love about this place - the dog patio (you might consider putting a covering on it to keep the dogs safe from hawks and other predators). The screened patio is wonderful. The guys are just such a cute couple and I LOVE Bob's accent (he'd of course say "what accent?") LOL I hope you both have many, many happy years ahead of you in your PERFECT mountain cabin!😘
Cortney& Kane
Cortney& Kane 10 meses atrás
This couple is adorable and Charles lived(s) an amazing life I would love to hear more
Rob Elder
Rob Elder Anos atrás
Love, love, love this cabin / tiny home. It's one of the nicest tiny homes I have seen yet. What's even more appealing are the amenities that the community looks after: pool, septic .... The decor is stunning. The greens & wine / burgundy are a beautiful blend with the lighter wood. Just wow. Very creative use of space: functional & aesthetically pleasing rolled into one. The main floor bedroom & screened in porch are just another layer of fabulous. "Decide what your passion is and bring it with you". Such good advice and something to keep on the sticky side of my brain". It's just perfect ~ well done guys
Tuba Man's Mom
Tuba Man's Mom Anos atrás
I love your place! I think this is the more insulated tiny home Ive seen. The wood throughout really makes it sooo cozy. Love the outdoor space too! Wow!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Beautiful how are you doing!!
Alisha Santiago
Alisha Santiago Anos atrás
The most beautiful tiny home I’ve ever seen!! These two guys are just fabulous. I absolutely loved this video. Such a gorgeous rustic log cabin. I would totally live there
Debbie Todd
Debbie Todd Anos atrás
Absolutely beautiful tiny home and a gorgeous location to boot! How lucky the two of you are. I live in Canada and we need to get on board with this kind of living much faster than we are. House prices are through the roof and climbing and way too many people aren't able to find somewhere to live that they can afford.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Debbie how are you doing!!
Hari Hara Kumar
Hari Hara Kumar Anos atrás
The house is beautiful. No doubt about it. But those two men make it a "home". That last line "Thank you for coming" had a natural, familiar warmth that makes this my favorite. Thank YOU for sharing your amazing story, and home. Sending warm regards your way and to that of these two wonderful men. Peace!
Jodi torkelson
Jodi torkelson 5 meses atrás
Omg!! Awesome tiny home. The outdoor space is something that I could only dream of. Definitely one of my favorite tiny homes.
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