Tinashe - X / I Can See the Future [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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X / I Can See the Future

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19 Jan 2022



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Dominique Drvco
Like. Tinashe is that girl. Every project she’s constantly evolving and showing how much of a true artist she is. She is Artistic Excellence.
This girl can dance, sing and so creative I'm sorry am I missing something?? How is she not topping all the charts?!
KO Doom
I feel like Tinashe and Doja are two of the most well-rounded/versatile artists out right now in their age demographic. They showcase different aspects of their talent rather effortlessly so it doesn't come across as forced or overwhelming. Been rockin with Tinashe since her "everything to know about tinashe" video over 10 years ago when she was dressed like a bee dancing to BEP's Imma Be LOL and she's been consistent
Ivana Figueroa
Tinashe is really slept on she has everything how is she not topping the charts right now!
Canal Tonny Mind
She is one of the most underrated singer and performer of this genetarion. She should be more recognized. ❤️
crxwe hunter
The dance routines always hypnotise me. Everything she does is 110% effort, no shortcuts and i really appreciate her work for that
To the people asking why hasn’t this hit 1 million views yet, well, there’s no machine backing. This is all authentic. As an independent artist, X is her second video to reach 400K in less than 5 days. Just keep watching and supporting, she’ll get there.
civicfree 14 dias atrás
She is so slept on. And she is literally one of the best artists in any genre.
Rudie A102
This is a summer/club anthem. It’s that R&B pop everyone loved. I don’t understand how music works these days cos this would have been a hit back in the day. She keeps uploading these bops and not much recognition, why is this not on the radio? It’s a hit 💃 🥰 makes me happy and dance. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ok Girl
I’m still so mad that T still isn’t being given her flowers in the industry when she’s ALWAYS been that girl. Her catalogue is HUGE & experimental, she serves choreo, beauty, visuals, vocals & originality every time. She’s bringing her absolute A-game and you can truly see it throughout this album release.
His Majesty
Come on y'all run these numbers up!!!!! Tinashe deserves more. She needs the views to justify spending the money on these amazing videos.The fact that she's an independent artist and still continues to deliver quality music videos with the budget she has. This shows the true depth of her artistry. There's so much more to come. I'm so excited as a fan.
Olga Vasileva
This is my favorite video of Tinashe so far!! It's just gorgeous!! the look when she's dancing is incredible. the dance is hypnotizing. ahhh I loveeeee it
Israel Contreras
She is the MOMENT and the public is ASLEEP!! She deserves everything and more
Shinichi K.
I listened to this song on the radio and immediately liked it.
Dimitris Fyssas
I would love to see Tinashe collab with Doja Cat - both are fine artists!! Amazing song and this is definitely a great job - well done!!
Chief Leaf Tarot
Tinashe can even act omg 😭 I’d love to see her on Netflix one day
she definitely deserves wayyyy MOREEE views / visibility
Love this song so muchh. Her vocals, choreography and beats, everything is on fleek 🥵🥵
Jzon Azari
I can see the future and Tinashe is leading the pack. Keeping shining queen!! You check all the boxes and the talent is undeniable.
Mistress Bayonetta
The amount of hard work and dedication Tinashe puts into everything she does is insane
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