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TikTok not only has bad advice about medical cures and treatments, but advertisements for some useless and misleading devices. Today I look at some dangerous and murky claims made about health and medicine on TikTok, including chiropractors, kneecaps, brain exercises, gym form on weight machines, fingernails, stem cells, neck stretchers, the spins from drinking, male birth control, sperm cells, prescription drugs for mental health, plastic surgery, bears, chest compressions, ear lobes, Rob McElhenney's body transformation, kegels, prosthetic legs, running on all fours, spicy food, raw vegan diet, eye tattoos, ab exercises, FDA approvals, foot fungus, freckle tattoos, and OnlyJayus spoon claims.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Footless Jo
Hi Dr. Mike! Your reacted to my calorie needs as an amputee video here - thanks for taking a watch! However, walking energy expenditure as a below-knee amputee using a prosthetic are about 30% higher. Not just after surgery, but as you go throughout life using it. 👍🏻 You can check out research on this that the Canadian Association of Prosthetics and Orthotics did or in Physical Therapy Management of Lower Extremity Amputations by Gertrude Mensch. 🙂
Faye is Here
The way he said "they suck" with the most genuine face after she says "how do you like my photoshop skills" is hilarious
Uncle Creepy
When the raw food guy started talking about “you’re looking at the face of someone...” I was waiting for him to tell us he has a horribly rare disease. Then he said he hasn’t eat cooked food in over 5 years and I was like, oh, that explain why he looks so sickly and gross. But then he followed it up like he wasn’t sickly and gross.
I worked as an EMT for a short period of time, and you're 100% right about the automatic chest compression device. However, when you do have one in your rig, it opens up another set of hands, and the machine never gets tired.
*ELA* 7 horas atrás
I have to see my doctor a few times a week because I did something to my back- I think it’s called Compression fracture 8% of the T4 Spin vertebrae or something like that
Amanda H
Amanda H 7 horas atrás
The plastic surgeon who did my breast reduction agreed that the reduction was warranted to reduce my back pain but she also wanted my psychologist to evaluate me for body dysmorphia and to ensure my anxiety wouldn't be a danger around an elective procedure. Sure it was annoying to wait a bit longer before getting the surgery but I was glad she took it all seriously. I was pretty excited for the surgery so I can see why it might worry a doctor...but I lost 2.6 kg of breast tissue in total and I'm still a D cup it was well worth the risk of anxiety attacks lol.
K Bonkus
Thanks Doctor Mike for calling out that guy who was touting raw vegan eating as a health option without acknowledging the extreme privlege he has to do so. Not everyone can eat healthy on their income, not everyone has access to clean water and food that is safe before cooking. ❤
Hi Mike! I'm not a doctor, but I recently got my first aid for animals and humans. And learned that the chest compression machine (Lucas) is in nearly all ambulances here in the Netherlands, to allow the ambulance personnel to be able to do other things, while this machine does the compressions. Also, this machine doesn't break ribs! It's really great to have in ambulances.
Emma Bunch-Benson
Mike screaming at the vegan dude has my dying laughing 😂cause that’s exactly how I feel when people start saying that kinda nonsense
Maddy B
Maddy B 2 horas atrás
I could never walk on all fours like that lmao. My legs take up more than half my body length
Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Hamilton 16 horas atrás
Also, to the guy talking about raw food: I have several chronic disorders (eoe, ibs, oral allergy syndrome) that prevent me from eating many raw vegetables and fruits. Cooking them breaks down certain fibres and proteins which then makes it safer for me to consume and get the nutrients I need 😊
Alexandra Tocarchick
Alexandra Tocarchick 7 horas atrás
Nico Lotzkat
the chest compression machine (Lucas) is actually standard in at least several eu countries and is used often (BY AMBULANCES ETC.). Netherlands for example uses them nearly during all cprs and Germany uses them to transport patients to the hospital during cpr. Especially the new model is a really good machine
Mary M
Mary M 2 horas atrás
Your reaction with the second one is completely priceless!
lumi ukko
lumi ukko 4 horas atrás
This is just random something the video reminded me of: My biology teacher once said that if you want to lose weight, start eating your vegetables raw because then you get less calories. And I was just thinking "You don't get fat by eating vegetables." XD
Riko Lime
Im so glad you did a clip from Footless Jo. I love watching her because, as someone who is not an amputee, I naturally have questions. She answers a lot of wonders freely and openly. I know for me, I get insanely hungry when Im sick (flu or cold), or, I found out, after I had a series of dental surgery visits. I was incredibly hungry all the time for about two weeks. I think its not only us trying to heal, but also she had to adapt and use more calories learning to walk again. Just figured Id share, because when I saw that clip on her channel, I thought the two situations were oddly similar.
Zachary Purdum
Zachary Purdum 2 horas atrás
Neil Macartney
For those who don't know the plastic surgeon who was talking about how they would "fix" Natalia dyer if u want to look into it she made Natalia look exactly like her and if u look at the surgeons past she also had the same facial features as Natalia, so the surgeon was getting rid of her own insecurities on someone else
Ellen Crouch
Rob McElhenney is an actor/comedian. The point was he starts really normally saying to excercise and eat less and then it devolved into explaining how basically all you need is a ton of money and personal trainers and it's super easy to get ripped.
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