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18 Mai 2022



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For the peanut butter jar: I'm pretty sure it's because he might've stored the jar upside-down. When the jar is stored upside-down without getting the oil out first, the oil travels to the top, causing it to move up and down when opened again. Hope this helps!
Mallory Gibbons
The peanut butter was freaking creepy. I've seen the oil separate (normal), I've seen it get holes/tracks through it-but I've never seen it move up n down.
The brownie pan likely had been chipped or cracked. Moisture from the brownie mix seeped in the small gaps in the bottom of the glass pan and started to expand as the brownies baked. Eventually, the pan shattered due to the heat and moisture. Happened to me once baking fish in a glass pan. Ended up with glass shrapnel and ruined fish in the bottom of said oven. My kitchen reeked of fish for hours. =/
Touch. Me. I Will Turn You
Loved the mini-twister. I've seen similar things created by fans, but never from a window.
I think the peanut butter "breathing" has something to do with air getting inside the jar. Like sometimes you can squeeze a jar of peanut butter and that happens lol
I have had a lot of experience raising chickens. Although I've never seen a chicken fly long distances, they can indeed fly. We always cut the tips off of the feathers on one wing to make them lopsided. They can't fly then.
Sarah Campos
Fun fact: some breeds of chicken are capable of lifting themselves off the ground for a few seconds (fly) before gliding approximately 100 meters before landing 😀
I found out how the bar went in between the guy’s legs.
misolou fout
Loving the videos recently,such positive energy
toijg avnnr
She's making everyone's day <3
Christine Johnson
After the Stewart Parnell case, I wouldn't trust "breathing" peanut butter. While it is possible to be "just" air - it could be something more (E coli/Salmonella). Better to err on the side of safety. Also - this jar should be tested to rule out pathogens - is they are present there might be cause for a recall.
Michael Desourdy
hey lia i just wanna say though tough times you always kept me smiling and happy :) <3
Darth Bane
Sometimes when there's air bubbles, because of the pressure difference between the air inside the jar and the air outside, to reach a state of equilibrium it tries to escape resulting in the "breathing" of the peanut butter.
She never fails to make me laugh 😂 I don’t know what people are talking about “her content is getting boring”.
Ty-Shawn Felton
This is by far the funny vid yet I’m laughing a bit too hard 😂😅
Ember Flake
Fun fact! Those stairs originated centuries ago where the thought was that any person involved in witchcraft/a witch- couldnt go up them because they walk left foot first! Many times there used in attics leading down, so they assumed the witches couldnt come down! Theyre also called "alternating tread stairs" and are used sometimes when there isnt a lot of space in the home and are mostly seen in old New England homes :)
Hi Lia! I just wanna say tysm for always putting a smile on our faces and just being u. I literally love everything about u! Keep up the AMAZING work 🫶
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