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What would you wish for? From director George Miller, watch the official trailer for now. Only in theaters this Summer.

DIRECTED BY: George Miller
WRITTEN BY: George Miller and Augusta Gore
BASED UPON: The short story “The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye” by A.S. Byatt
CAST: Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton

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19 Mai 2022



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Comentários 2 779
I'm going to see this in a theater and if it is bad I'll just close my eyes because people who make original movies these days are taking a big risk and that has to be rewarded!
Tony Poprilo
Idris and Tilda, an acting combination that I didn’t know I wanted until just this very moment. I love it when an original idea is brought to the cinema. I’m all in!!
This looks wholly original and absolutely insane, I'm SO here for it!
Tuffue 2
I like this new genre we’re seeing with movies like Everything Everywhere All At Once and this. Whimsical artistry
Unholy Ronin
This is a great example of a perfect trailer. Gets your attention with stunning visuals and an intriguing plot, showing so much but understanding so little as to not spoil anything.
ANDINI🪲🦋 28 dias atrás
I watched the premiere at Cannes, this is an excellent film. I highly recommend it. Truly fantastical.
That looks better than everything I've seen lately. Eager for this release. Looks like something unique is finally coming. 🙏
tony s
tony s Dia atrás
I feel blessed to be in this film, even though as a background extra and to be actually directed by the great George Miller in a few scenes, this story looks amazing with a brilliant cast and crew. I am honoured to be involved in the making of this. Can't wait to see it up close on the big screen.
Piano Impact
This is one of the best trailers of a movie I’ve seen in a while. Most trailers have such blatantly obvious rhetorical devices and not only that they make it incredibly clear sometimes that certain characters are for certain demographics as if we are monkey’s who get excited when we see a creature similar to us on a shiny surface. Unlike those movies where the marketing seems to overpower to art this trailer gives me hope for the movie
God this looks like a fun movie. Definitely more original and interesting than anything I've seen lately. Tilda and Idris are combination I never knew I needed to see until now. I just know they are going to be brilliant
R S2002
Miller is a cinematic genius. This will be glorious to experience in the cinema 🍿🙂
Gypsy Danger04
Gypsy Danger04 12 horas atrás
You know a movie is great when you don't even know what genre the trailer sets it out to be
Sayak Choudhury
I am really happy that this type of blockbuster movies are being made, that is not tied to a franchise. I hope people do see it in big screen.
Krisp 28 dias atrás
I'm loving this era of movies that just go balls deep into fantastical visuals.
Emily An
Emily An 21 dia atrás
This is going to be so dope! Two actors I really enjoy, a director who creates incredible worlds, and an original, fantastical story.
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz Dia atrás
Com esse elenco e com George Miller,
Georgina Toland
I have been waiting for someone to adapt that short story into an imaginative film for over twenty years. This looks magnificent! ❤️
biuor su
biuor su 14 dias atrás
I am an absolute fan of Tilda Swinton ever since I saw her in Orlando. Anything she decides to do she does wonderfully. I expect this will be wonderful.
This looks very trippy, definitely interested since I absolutely loved Mad Max: Fury Road
Angus Orvid
George Miller is one of the few directors who understand the power of the visual medium of film. Like Luc Besson and Denis Villeneuve, he knows how to take you away into another world. Nobody goes to the movies to stay home.
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