Thor Love and Thunder Trailer: Thor vs The Celestials and Marvel Easter Eggs Breakdown

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Thor Love and Thunder Trailer. Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Trailer, Thor vs Celestials Explained. Marvel Easter Eggs, Gorr & Avengers 5 Secret Wars Teaser ►
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Thor Love and Thunder Death and Cosmic Entities
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Covering new Thor Love and Thunder Trailer. Thor vs The Celestials. And Celestials Explained vs Cosmic Entities. And most powerful marvel characters. Gorr vs All The Gods. Gorr vs Thanos Power Level. How Thor Becomes God of Gods Explained. Marvel Cosmic Entity Scene. Death, Infinity, Living Tribunal, The Watcher, Entropy and Eternity. And how they're different from Cosmic Beings like The Celestials and other Marvel Gods.

Christian Bale Gorr Scene Explained and Gorr Breakdown. Marvel Gods vs Gorr The God Butcher. First Look at Bast Black Panther Goddess. Marvel Godhead meeting of the Gods Explained. Bast Panther Goddess Explained. How she created the first black panther and became god of wakanda.

Moon Knight Crossover with MCU Gods and Gorr the God Butcher. New Rune King Thor First Look and Thor Scene Breakdown. Marvel Rune King Thor Explained and why he's the most powerful version of Thor. Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Teaser Crossover. Thor Love and Thudner will begin with Chris Hemsworth Thor still traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the Avengers Endgame Ending scene. He still has his Stormbreaker Weapon. And All of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be in the movie.

New Thor 4 Love and Thunder Story Breakdown. Chris Hemsworth Thor other new costumes. Eric Masterson Thunderstrike. Thor will still be a huge character in the MCU after Thor Love and Thunder. Through Avengers 5, Doctor Strange 2, The Incursions and Secret Wars Movie Arc.

There will be more Marvel Trailers like Black Panther 2 Trailer, Thor Love and Thudner Trailer. She Hulk Trailer, Secret Invasion Trailer, and lots more like Deadpool 3, Fantastic Four and Secret Wars Teaser videos that I'll cover too.

My Full Ms Marvel Episode 4 video will post next wed morning. My Full Thor Love and Thunder Post Credit Scene, Easter Eggs for the entire movie and bonus videos will start posting after it comes out in theaters!

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22 Jun 2022



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Comentários 912
Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome Mês atrás
Here's my new Thor Love and Thunder Trailer and Marvel Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! Here's my FULL Ms Marvel Episode 3 video too!
mctaguer Mês atrás
Yes, the Shadow Lord fought the original Defenders (reunion). He also unwittingly helped The Wild One enter our dimension.
mctaguer Mês atrás
Aren't they clearly parodying Brad Pitt's Achilles in the opening sequence from Troy? Seems very similar
jesseca wismer
jesseca wismer Mês atrás
@George Harris I believe it’s taste the rainbow lol but I could be wrong 😂 Mandela effect lol jk
The truth will out!
This looks the worst film Marvel has released. Thor is now a joke.
Tony Snell
Tony Snell Mês atrás
I really enjoyed the awkward Stormbreaker Scene the most.
woodrobin Mês atrás
Stormbreaker is giving off serious "jealous girlfriend who caught you staring at your ex" vibes in the town hall scene. Just that slow float past, turn, and essentially a stare-down. Stormbreaker is not having it. Just not having it at all.
Eddie Mês atrás
Facts LOL
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Mês atrás
MoriJin Mês atrás
@woodrobin just wait and watch it goddam
Forbidden Chocolate
stormbreaker to ballbreaker..
woodrobin Mês atrás
@Kiflin I think they shorted out that story line by having PTSD Thor call for Mjolnir in Endgame and when it came to him, tears came to his eyes and he said "I'm still worthy." If MCU/MCM Thor isn't unworthy at arguably his lowest point, I'm not sure how he'd become unworthy in Love & Thunder. I don't see this version of Thor buying into the idea that the Gods are unworthy because they've abandoned their followers. Firstly, that never made sense in the comics: the Celestials forced the Gods to stop most of their interactions with humans because they thought it was altering their human/Deviant/Celestial experiments too much. They didn't choose to stop walking the Earth, mating with humans, performing miracles, etc. They had to, or the Celestials would have cut them off from Earth entirely. Hercules and Thor get a pass because their mothers were of Earth (Hercules had a human mother, and Thor's mother Jord is an aspect of Gaea, the Elder Goddess also known as Mother Earth). Secondly, MCU Thor doesn't seem as invested in the idea of being a God born out of human belief and ancient magic. He sees himself more as an Asgardian, an alien, maybe more advanced than the Kree or the Xandarians, but not Thunder Made Flesh or anything. Gorr doesn't have the same hook to make Thor doubt himself that he had with comics Thor.
NoisyPR Mês atrás
Lol love the Stormbreaker slowly enters the room
Dreskull Mês atrás
Like his current gf catching him missing the good old days with his old gf 😂
Carlos Escobedo
Carlos Escobedo Mês atrás
It gave me doctor strange cape vibes
Sheldon Mês atrás
I think Natalie was trying to call it because she sensed Thor trying to call mjolnier
charles neely
charles neely Mês atrás
All right Chris versus Chris not plus one Chris Evans
Klingon Phelps
Klingon Phelps Mês atrás
"Come to daddy" 🤣
Matthew smith
Matthew smith Mês atrás
That ex-hamer scene was comedy gold. The way that stormbreaker snuck into frame. Almost like catching its partner checking out his ex. Hilarious. Apart from the God Butcher aspect I wasn't really sold on the movie just yet. But the more I see. The more I get hyped for this.
Austin Shea
Austin Shea Mês atrás
Yea, I will never doubt Taika again honestly
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
Haha same
Asanda Mbhele
Asanda Mbhele Mês atrás
My favorite Easter egg was definitely seeing the Celestials. I got hyped. I was just thinking how crazy it would be seeing Ikaris in the movie. Seeing the Celestials isn't too far off from that.
Asanda Mbhele
Asanda Mbhele Mês atrás
@Lenatunji we saw him fly too close to the sun. We didn't see him die.
Lenatunji Mês atrás
@James Hunter Them shrinking within the planet wouldn’t do it any good. Plus they need the nutrients from the planet. A dead planet wouldn’t be hospitable for living creatures anyway.
Lenatunji Mês atrás
@jay420 They can change their size buddy. You think they would just stay planet size forever?
Lenatunji Mês atrás
Isn’t Ikaris dead. Also eternals aren’t that strong based of the movie which was total ass cheeks. Also the guy at the end of the movie is Thanos’s little brother.
Cam MTE Mês atrás
@James Hunter Celestials being the size of a planet at birth has no relevance to their actual powers/abilities. Their base size is planet sized, but they can be whatever size they so choose to be after birth using their abilities
Curtis Havengar
Curtis Havengar Mês atrás
I love the part where Thor does the splits like Vandam! I also love the part were Thor is trying to make a extremely long but cool handshake!
Yoje Mês atrás
Real fan right here
Curtis Havengar
Curtis Havengar Mês atrás
Pop culture and hilarious man! Right on 😄
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong Mês atrás
That was hilarious 🤣
Darkness Mês atrás
so much pop culture
bruce lau
bruce lau Mês atrás
so so funny to see Stormbreaker just slowly enters the room, like hey " what about me thor"
DecAGram Mês atrás
More like: WTH YOU DOING
Trenhen43 Mês atrás
@truth seeker yea but now I’m wondering ab the enchantment and if he’s even worthy anymore. End game showed us there can be multiple wielders and the hammer will go to both of them. So maybe he’s no longer worthy for a reason we don’t yet know.
mmmbetter55 Mês atrás
Yeah I totally cracked up at that moment lol
Sheldon Mês atrás
I think Natalie was trying to take it because thor was trying to pull the mjolnier
truth seeker
truth seeker Mês atrás
@BJie 10 “Im use to the common time travel” lol exactly
Damian Mês atrás
I just got a question,when are we going to see the celestials on full roles? They just seem to keep getting small time scenes.Those guys are unbelievably powerful.
James Cheddar
James Cheddar Mês atrás
@Richard Page the whole franklin richards vs dark celestial thing is going to be the one after secret wars
Mannie Fresh
Mannie Fresh Mês atrás
​@𝕯𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
What Hi
What Hi Mês atrás
@𝕯𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒 no wtf bro, a fed Galactus barely took on 2 nameless celestials. The celestials with actual names is will stomp. Even the nameless ones will.
Damian Mês atrás
All this comments got a point 👍🏻 I learned about the celestials back in 2012 and I’m crossing my fingers still hoping to see the celestials kick ass 😂
Tyrell Turner
Tyrell Turner Mês atrás
watch eternals
DEFresh333 Mês atrás
I like how Starlord just looks so ragged and miserable without Gamora. He looks like he's lost his swagger, using all his energy to find Gamora (outside of battles)
Dave Btd
Dave Btd Mês atrás
I loved the part where the two celestials were at the gateway. I saw the trailer earlier but did not notice them till now.
Lucas Ramirez
Lucas Ramirez Mês atrás
i think that thor got the goats after helping the blue people because he looked at them and emphasized how loud and good they were like if he just saw them and got them from the tribe as a thank you
Lucas Ramirez
Lucas Ramirez Mês atrás
@Rahul Khoob Chandani yeah i know about mythology, but they come back every day so he would have said "My goats again" and not calling them beautiful like if he'd seen them for the first time
LAVAHORN Mês atrás
I agree bc i had the same thought
Rahul Khoob Chandani
According to mythology thor has 2 goats that he can kill and eat and they come back after some time. And the cycle continues
George Harris
George Harris Mês atrás
So they're the GOAT goats, pulling the goat boat.
Griffgames Mês atrás
Thor is the GOAT and has the goats.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Mês atrás
According to some marvel writers(like nail gaimen and the writers of the current eternals book )jack Kirby intended for the celestials to be actual gods but some writers write them like advanced aliens just like the new gods at DC comics (who are also a jack Kirby creation) they are high level gods that use technology instead of magic . Knowing this It makes sense they would be at omnipotent city which is a nexus of all gods.
William Bell
William Bell Mês atrás
In one of the major Celestials arcs in the comics it is revealed that the various pantheons and the Celestials are historically antagonistic. Be interesting to see if that is some kind of a meeting between the two, maybe seeing Gor as a shared threat.
cryzz0n Mês atrás
I love the part where Thor does the splits like Vandam! I also love the part were Thor is trying to make a extremely long but cool handshake!
Captin Brandon Johnson
My biggest surprise revealed was seeing the actually full size celetials on a larger scale in the cosmic universe and can't wait to explore more knowledge about the gods of the MCU
Edward Scott
Edward Scott Mês atrás
I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Beta Ray Bill to make an appearance. At least in one of the end credit scenes.
Rob Stone
Rob Stone Mês atrás
He would fit because in the comics it's 3 thors, current,old & young that eventually fight Gorr, Here it looks like it could be Jane,Thor & Bill
AlexanderThe Great
AlexanderThe Great Mês atrás
@Young Dab and he was set to appear he was 1 of the previous champions as his face was made into a statue along with Hulk and other champs.... he was cut and I THOUGHT I heard a while back he'd be in here but he could've been cut again because honestly it doesn't make sense in THIS story. Jane is kinda taking most of his story which these scenes confirm, him being Worthy and becoming Mighty Thor? That's Jane here, them having a rivalry over the hanmer? That's literally what this town hall scene was it's just his lover instead. He's granted stormbreaker as the alternate prize and they become allies.... Thor already has stormbreaker. Most of his backstory which people love has already been told just not for him lol, to have another "long lost friend" so to speak pop up with Thor powers in the same film as Jane's mighty Thor debuting? Kinda not needed imo however if he showed up elsewhere like I believe Thor will be in Guardians 3 just like they will be in this a short time, and they introduce him there he and they start their little rivalry which leads Thor into leaving the Guardians/film then the next time we see them in Secret Wars or whatever we see all 3 Thors I.E. a version of the "Thor Corps" which is almost kinda what we had with Endgame he and Cap effectively being Thor's.
Corey Mays
Corey Mays Mês atrás
If not now.....when??? I think its time
Young Dab
Young Dab Mês atrás
@Gratesaga G He would've fitted perfectly in Ragnarok
Rome The Champion
Rome The Champion Mês atrás
Stormbreaker floated in like “ Hey Thor you need something “ 🤣🤣
TWiiX Mês atrás
I love how stormbreaker slowly pulls up while he's trying to call mjollnir an plays it off like he's not cheating or something 🤣😂😂
Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket Mês atrás
We see two versions of Gorr so maybe we see a flashback of him talking to Thor and when hee says 'You're not like other God's I've killed' he's talking to Jane not Thor.
Wamboko David
Wamboko David Mês atrás
He moves in shadows...n they are going to the shadows could you miss that
Jay W
Jay W Mês atrás
It’s Jane.
Neil Deep
Neil Deep Mês atrás
how do you know he was talking to jane? LOL how can you say that without proof?
Jeremiah Bell
Jeremiah Bell Mês atrás
Total, I think we've seen 3 variations of him in all the trailers so far. There is a reasonable possibility that as he kills gods and gets consumed by the Necrosword, that he visually changes.
JoshuaSandwich Mês atrás
love the part where Thor does the splits like Vandam! I also love the part were Thor is trying to make a extremely long but cool handshake! I also would like Imax tickets please
SuperMind Therorizer42
I’m getting so so much more hyped for this movie from all these scenes!! This movie looks so ridiculous and funny in the best way!! I’m so incredibly hyped and stoked for this movie!!
Chris B
Chris B Mês atrás
Swear Charlie doesn't sleep! He puts out these videos so quick I love it!
Redeye Lugnut
Redeye Lugnut Mês atrás
God love just a off color humor. I would never assume
Incredible Mês atrás
no way the Stormbreaker just got jealous, oh man, that was cute
SMOOTHL33 Mês atrás
He can only use stormbreaker as it was mjolnir, he wouldnt be able to access stormbreakers full power or the byfrost.
Griffgames Mês atrás
Thor To Steve in Endgame: "No, you take the little one" /they swap weapons. (Thor actually saved Steve's life there, because Stormbreaker would have eventually torn Steve apart if he started summoning its energy effects).
Raul Meza
Raul Meza Mês atrás
I really like Valkyrie getting more dialog, good dialog.
Tarissa Wangsness
Tarissa Wangsness Mês atrás
My favorite Easter eggs in this trailer is definitely seeing the celestials just casually moving out of the way!
I’m getting so so much more hyped for this movie from all these scenes!! This movie looks so ridiculous and funny in the best way!! I’m so incredibly hyped and stoked for this movie!!
Gary from Brooklyn
Gary from Brooklyn Mês atrás
1:38 Stormbreaker at dinner “so…who’s Mjolnir?” That Asgardian handshake 🤝 will be featured at future ComicCons
ulle brammerloo
ulle brammerloo Mês atrás
🤣🤣🤣 Thor:"Well... Before you I was attached to Mjolnir... Good old days... But you Stormbreaker have nothing to worry about... I think."
Evan Brosniak
Evan Brosniak Mês atrás
Love the Ex- Hammer scene. I debating if this movie is going to be good or really good. Just saw Dr. Strange, Multiverse, yes a late bloomer, but I still get excited to see them.
Edward Austin
Edward Austin Mês atrás
The thing with the timeline is, when everyone's first entry into the timeline they are alive when going forward @ entry into the future they can be surrounded by enemies [maybe needs to be loki by Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes]. Reason is if going backwards you can introduce individuals to time-traveling so they get life going forward; only thing is some goes forward and sit on individuals [wait on individuals to destroy so you are going to need thee negative-zone to separate and pull away]. Keep lock hold focus on where the negative-zone will be when you pull life away from the negative-zone will you travel forward to a peaceful life.
Revolving Productions
Love the cosmic entities! Really hope we get a reference/cameo of some kind the living tribunal or the watcher or any of them really
trex advent
trex advent Mês atrás
Are we going to find out how was Jane Foster able to fix Mjolnir and get it to work for her instead of Thor? Also is Thor Love and Thunder going to tie in with the events of Guardians of the Galaxy movie vol.3?
Griffgames Mês atrás
Gunn said it's a "leaping off point" but ultimately pretty disconnected to GotG v3.
TheSilentSociety Mês atrás
She found a piece of Mjolnir, and it deemed her worthy & reformed itself
hasnat malik
hasnat malik Mês atrás
I love the Handshake part because the mans calling Loki a snake! 😂🐍
Durameter Mês atrás
I dig Thor more with every movie he’s in!!
The celestials are deities by definition. They don't use magic they use cosmic power which literally accomplishes the same things. Think of gods like Magnets and think of the Celestials like Electromagnets. An Electromagnet behaves like a magnet when an electric current passes through it making it indistinguishable from a natural magnet. Celestials are virtually gods because the cosmic power that flows through them allows them to do the exact same thing that a natural (mystical/magical) god does.
Richard Page
Richard Page Mês atrás
I gotta admit Storm Breaker creeping up like that was funny as hell.😂
bruce lau
bruce lau Mês atrás
honestly tho me seeing those Celestials just chilling up there , i mean who else didn't get hyped, it was just so insane just to see them in that footage, just crazy honestly
Lowkey Lokii
Lowkey Lokii Mês atrás
Literally all anyone came for
John Moriarity
John Moriarity Mês atrás
personally love the splits easter egg. I remember so many other companies trying to replicate or parody that specific commercial and to have that referenced here was just a wonderful peice of memory
PersiusKane ( Phoenix Studio )
I love that cosmic entity reference. After watching your videos I am now interested about the MCU more and understanding what's going on more and more. So Thank You for that.
victorcd Mês atrás
Seems Gor might have "a happy ending" vibe. I hope not but the hype of his character now seems more mild. It's either there are more key characters in this movie or a completely different storyline that needs to be concealed.
Evan Cappello
Evan Cappello Mês atrás
Come on, the Jean-Claude Van Damme reference has to be one of the best of all time in the MCU! Let’s get those IMAX tickets flowing!!
Jon Olson
Jon Olson Mês atrás
I loved the Van Damme reference! Can't wait to see this one!
Patrick Musson
Patrick Musson Mês atrás
This is the deepest dive I've seen anyone go for this movie, thanks for going there. I'm looking forward to July 08, opening night.
We see two versions of Gorr so maybe we see a flashback of him talking to Thor and when hee says 'You're not like other God's I've killed' he's talking to Jane not Thor.
We see two versions of Gorr so maybe we see a flashback of him talking to Thor and when hee says 'You're not like other God's I've killed' he's talking to Jane not Thor.
P. P
P. P Mês atrás
in the original trailer you can see what it looks like a Mayan or Aztec god at sec 15-16 just seated behind Korg. and you can see just part of him at 3:03-3:04 in this video, at least the feathers of his helmet and then they cut, but to fully appreciate him run the video at .25 at the same scene.
Kurt Hafeken
Kurt Hafeken Mês atrás
The Celestials being involved seems to be pretty big to me!
Wild Relic Productions
Those celestials in that quick footage just looked really funny those 2 celestials looked like they had no idea what was going on and just tilted there heads in confusion lol also if Jane isn't a god she just has the same powers as Thor if gor kills her would it even give him any more power as she's technically not a actual God. Also what if gor kills Jane in the movie and something inside Thor power wise awakens and Thor just goes ape shit on gor and kills him and then at the end of the movie we see Thor kinda hang up the hammer and axe like when he gave up on life after everyone he loved died in endgame? But this time he just promised himself that he would use his hands for healing not destroying?
Mostafa Farweez
Mostafa Farweez Mês atrás
There is also a scene that was released yesterday too, that is not included in your video. It's Jane uses Moijnier powers in front of Thor for the 1st time as he was trying to call it when she 1st appeares.
Jeff Sorensen
Jeff Sorensen Mês atrás
Oh yeah, that scene at the beginning is exactly what I'm expecting from this film.
Uche Anya
Uche Anya Mês atrás
My favorite Easter egg has to be the celestial and also Thor calling this former hammer and here comes storm breaker 😂
James M. Leggat, Jr.
The appearance of the Celestials is awesome and definitely unexpected.
I love how during his speech, the guardians are like “aaaw shit here we go again”
Big Bopper
Big Bopper Mês atrás
I hope they don't kill Valkyrie. The way they are marketing this, I'm getting an odd feeling
Girlonfire 2.0
Girlonfire 2.0 Mês atrás
I swear I thought I saw Thor an Valkyrie holding hands I don't think she will die
Son of the Chosen One
@Neil Deep Really? He does this in L&T?
Peter Hernandez
Peter Hernandez Mês atrás
I have a feeling Valk does die. Something tells me Gorr gets her.
Neil Deep
Neil Deep Mês atrás
@streetside naw. He goes cosmic aka Rune King Thor.
user Mês atrás
@streetside doubt it
Austin Mês atrás
Thor getting flicked still top tier
honestly tho me seeing those Celestials just chilling up there , i mean who else didn't get hyped, it was just so insane just to see them in that footage, just crazy honestly
honestly tho me seeing those Celestials just chilling up there , i mean who else didn't get hyped, it was just so insane just to see them in that footage, just crazy honestly
streetside Mês atrás
"She's only been a thor for a minute" There's only one Thor. She needs a rebranding
C Dubz
C Dubz Mês atrás
THIS MAN DOES NOT MISS!!..EVEN IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE HE DONT MISS!! Dude you're always on it..I look forward to you vids man
Tribe Red Eye TV
Tribe Red Eye TV Mês atrás
This film is gonna be freakin EPIC
Normal Thor fought a celestial once, he was touched and went across the planet...thor was squashed easily like a fly. So for Thor to challenge them `Better be Ascended Odinforce Thor ! Cause this one could put up a challenge vs the celestials
@Too_official just wanted to be clear in what I meant, since there are many storylines, keep on rockin !
Too_official Mês atrás
@WithScienceAsMySheperdiSleepACarefreeSheep-Yashuah didn’t I just say base Thor 🤡🤡 that was then king Thor that’s not his base form
@Too_official i mean the marvel comics 2005 or so THOR who cut the time weaver's strings and met the overseers of the ragnarok, thor ascended then. He was all powerful. He turned Loki into a talking head he wore on his belt
Too_official Mês atrás
Base Thor is nowhere near celestial level current Thor would body them tho celestials are no joke literally prime Odin with the leader god agamoto yes the one strange gets his powers from star brand and full power phoenix couldn’t even kill 1 Odin said he was nigh unstoppable n that says something cause Odin has fought the likes of mangos Zues galactus ect all these beings outerversal in power
moh amine
moh amine Mês atrás
It makes sense showing the celestials in this movie because I heard a rumor that druig ,makkari and thena might appear in the post credit scene
Mike Wein
Mike Wein Mês atrás
I wonder if the cosmic entities is an easter egg to Infinity Gauntlet. Dr. Strange IIRC sought to have a parley, with all the cosmic entities to stop Thanos. This included 2 of the Celestials like in the clip. Ultimately, they weren't able to convince the Living Tribunal to intervene, and lost the Thanos.
Damon Gonzalez
Damon Gonzalez Mês atrás
My favorite Easter egg is seeing the celestials looking in the window on Olympia
Jvac 11
Jvac 11 Mês atrás
I really have big hopes with this movie. Haven't watched a really good marvel movie in a long time. Action and good comedy.
SpockBorg5 Mês atrás
So we're going to see proper celestials in this movie. Does this mean that eternals is being decanonized?
Emmanuel Njoku
Emmanuel Njoku Mês atrás
My favorite has to be the hammer scene where stormbreaker just shows up
Max Flashheart
Max Flashheart Mês atrás
The Giant Goats are amazing. We had 2 young goats over at a neighbours house and they sound like kids screaming. One day I looked out the side door and saw one of the Goats with its head poking through a Picture Frame trying to look innocent whilst standing on a Swing
Liam Reese
Liam Reese Mês atrás
My favorite Easter Egg is the statue of the living tribunal. It was mentioned before but is still my favorite.
Tony Fant
Tony Fant Mês atrás
Favorite Scene has to be Thors Heroic monologue about how he’s there to save the day
Entertainment for you
WoW the Thor split was crazy! I didn't see that coming!
Scyon Mês atrás
Favorite Easter Egg: Gotta be the celestials... beautifully integrated
Jarrod McMaugh
Jarrod McMaugh Mês atrás
Its great that star lord finds thor insufferable since that is sort of star lord's schtick with the rest of the guardians
Gamehawk_Memes Mês atrás
The Goat boat is a reference to the real Thor, in the legends Thor rides around in a wagon pulled by magic goats.
I’m getting so so much more hyped for this movie from all these scenes!! This movie looks so ridiculous and funny in the best way!! I’m so incredibly hyped and stoked for this movie!!
Strange MARVEL Theories
So the Easter Egg of the Statues might mean Gorr wanted to gain more power and go after eternity and death etc.
Robert Koza
Robert Koza Mês atrás
Love what you do, my friend! Keep up the good work...
Ron Coleman
Ron Coleman Mês atrás
Jane say's, "Let's bring the rainbow" I'm sure Korg thought, "Ooo someone bringing skittles?"
Brett Heppes
Brett Heppes Mês atrás
I love the line .... "You just flicked too hard!" and all the women who faint from the sight.
Reese Royal
Reese Royal Mês atrás
I'm really looking forward to this movie!!
SweetMeat Mês atrás
Love that the celestial‘s are gonna be in the movie. Wonder if there’s gonna be some talks that Gore actually killed a celestial
Frank In The Box
Frank In The Box Mês atrás
No way Gorr should be able to kill a celestial…..They are too powerful, internals had to combine just to put one to sleep….
Xxstephenx1x Mês atrás
omg the scene where gorr cuts off the head of a celestial and then the remaining celestial uses his power to almost overpower gorr untill the necrosword starts to pull power from the shadow realm. just omg that was so amazing top 10 best mcu scene so far. the 2 celestials that are killed are actually scene earlier in omnipotence city or whatever its called
withershin Mês atrás
"High 1" alone gets my money. The rest looks pretty good too!
BeastMaster 69
BeastMaster 69 Mês atrás
Imagine there is just a love triangle between the two Thor's and their Hammers. Gonna be a lot of drama in between lol😂
Kevflair Mês atrás
Loved how he tried to get mjolnir back
Cogitator Cat
Cogitator Cat Mês atrás
The TVA Variant is likeliest the closest to original MCU Loki, they had exactly the same lives right up to Avengers, 1,500 years.
IcefisherTenacity Mês atrás
I’m super excited Celestials are being included but they look smaller compared to Arishem maybe some size manipulation or lesser celestials
Nick Samuel
Nick Samuel Mês atrás
That storm breaker scene is awesome
Minecraft SWAG
Minecraft SWAG Mês atrás
This is my vow... I'm gonna see this movie
BeeZy_PoP Mês atrás
So hyped to see Gorr killing gods
so so funny to see Stormbreaker just slowly enters the room, like hey " what about me thor"
so so funny to see Stormbreaker just slowly enters the room, like hey " what about me thor"
trex advent
trex advent Mês atrás
After the two Thors, Korg and Valkyrie somehow managed to kill off the God Butcher, Do you think they would find a God to help his home world?
killah sid
killah sid Mês atrás
i can't wait to watch this movie!!!! i loved all the Thor movies i'm not a big fan of Thor the dark world but i would still watch it
Tayyab Awais
Tayyab Awais Mês atrás
Also, how was the book of vishanti destroyed so easily if it could do anything? And how did the Illuminati team die in 5 minutes if they know about dream walking about Wanda’s capabilities?
Loveth Adu
Loveth Adu Mês atrás
I would also love to see a Loki reference in the movie
Krod Krod
Krod Krod Mês atrás
I've seen this 4 times its really good. Can't wait till it hits the theaters.
Cosmic Productions
Cosmic Productions Mês atrás
Definitely... the Van Damme Split... A Great Clip plus a literal, Shocker from the God of Thunder
J. Gregory D'Aguiar
The real question is what has happened from the time of End Game to now, that has cause dThor to be unworthy of using mjolnir
Genesis Williams
Genesis Williams Mês atrás
did you see the trailer Marvel dropped with a one frame shot of Loki? I’m interested to know what’s going on in that scene
Eaglesphan Mês atrás
Galactus will be seen for the first time in the post credit scene for Secret Invasion in the final episode. The Annihilators are the next cosmic team of the MCU led by Adam Warlock.
Dushawn Roberts
Dushawn Roberts Mês atrás
I'm hype for like the 25 costume changes Thor is about to have in this movie
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