Thor: Love and Thunder - Movie Review

Jeremy Jahns
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Taika Waititi returns to the MCU to give us the comedy/drama/space action adventure THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER! Do the elements mix together in a satisfying way? Here's my review!


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4 Jul 2022



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Jeremy Jahns
Jeremy Jahns Mês atrás
Get the exclusive NordVPN deal here: It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
Damien S
Damien S Mês atrás
This movie sucked. It was a poorly made parody of a bad parody. Napoleon Dynamite was better & had more purpose than Love & Thunder.
awdrifter3 Mês atrás
I'll torrent this with NordVPN.
JoJo Soni
JoJo Soni Mês atrás
Can you make a video on RRR, please 🙏
this Thor 4 problem is TYPICAL. EX: on Three's Company (USSA TV show), Dumb Blonde Chrissy became a stand-out character after SEASON they all thought more is more and made her a SELF-PARODY soon after that. This is the cliche path most take. Success does that to humans. When they're HUNGRY, they do great work. Once they got the cash and coke, the work ALWAYS takes a worse path.
eric dravis
eric dravis Mês atrás
Thank you for an honest review on this movie. Anyone who gives this movie a thumbs up should be questioned why they are lying. Thank you Jeremy
JoJo Soni
JoJo Soni Mês atrás
Thor was at his best in infinity war. Funny, but not at the cost of his character and serious when needed.
•Pēēl-sōcks• 9 dias atrás
Taiki waititi made Thor a Joke in this movie. It’s shameful. But i still like the direktoratet tho.
JoJo Soni
JoJo Soni 23 dias atrás
@slowdive yeah, i know. Funny thing is, one guy commented how i stole the comment lol
slowdive 23 dias atrás
Yo someone stole your comment
Tokiya Kills In Sight
Tokiya Kills In Sight 24 dias atrás
He was serious when he needed to be in Love and Thunder too
Jordan Mapfumo
Jordan Mapfumo 26 dias atrás
He wasnt an Idiot in Infinity War. Maybe the Russo Bros need to handle these films
MrMisterBatman Mês atrás
I honestly miss the Russo brothers at this point. They really knew how to balance comedy and seriousness in their movies. Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame, it's no surprise these tend to be considered the best movies in the MCU.
Sarcasm 21 dia atrás
@MrMisterBatman "This movie had all the ingredients needed for a touching story about life, love and loss." So damn true. This movie could've been truely incredible with those ingredients.. and while it still had it's great moments, it was veery much hampered by the overly goofy humor that honestly made Thor seem like a complete oaf most of the time.. and a huge amount of kids going missing; let's crack a joke every 30 seconds ... that was just very jarring and really robbed any tension from the situation. I get Marvel doesn't want to make things TOO dark and I'm fine with subtle humor, but they really overdid it especially in the first half.
carlos rivas
carlos rivas 25 dias atrás
@MrMisterBatman What we do in the shadows and any comic marvel made is jjuvenile but it has a good message, love and thunder and continuing on through great hardship. the comedy covers this fact that Asgard suffered such hardships. Thor was a bit unable to get anyone through this as he learned his way far from perfect. Toy stark arc is done Steve Rodgers is done Hawkeye has a replacement Black Widow too Hulk will hopefully too. Three marvels will come out and frankly Wanda in the main timeline does not deserve a happy ending. Strange does and Wong too and of course Shang Chi, two sisters and a wife and i wich Chadwick was around.
carlos rivas
carlos rivas 25 dias atrás
@deeman010gdj Jeremy i understand and i so love the beard, always an honest review even if i disagree. 😀
carlos rivas
carlos rivas 25 dias atrás
@MrMisterBatman ODIN is much older than THOR so 1500 years is nothing to an Asgardian. very soon new Asgard will look like old Asgardian.
carlos rivas
carlos rivas 25 dias atrás
@deeman010gdj no i disagree, korg didnt die and Zues was possibly dying post credit and the god were scared little beaches when the necro sword is in play and it took getting to the edge of the shadow realm for GORR to bring his child back and he had to die to do it. the joke were supposed to be cringe, Jane is a dork and it shows, she is perfect for the THOR who loved her so much he asked the MOLIJOR to look after her.
WYJAFAK2 Mês atrás
Thor Ragnarok is like the one friend who tells a fantastic joke Thor Love and Thunder is like that same friend seeing you laugh and then overextending the joke until it’s not actually funny
Valkyrie 3 dias atrás
Op, you've just perfectly described Waititi.
BP 8 dias atrás
So love and thunder is a meme spanner?
carlos rivas
carlos rivas 9 dias atrás
@In 74 that is like your opinion only!!
In 74
In 74 9 dias atrás
Ragnarok wasn't funny either.
bigbabysld 21 dia atrás
well said friend
Betoni Mês atrás
"Disney wants us to sympathize with Wanda for losing her imaginary kids even after enslaving an entire town, Thor lost his actual family, and home world. He's the most tragic hero in the Avengers and they want us to laugh at him". Best comment i've heard yet regarding how they treat Thor.
Ardent 16 dias atrás
@Jlinus if a movie is too dark or broody just for the sake of it then I don't enjoy them but if it helps in telling the story effectively, makes the stakes feel frighteningly real, makes the emotional scenes hit even harder and helps create a dark and ominous atmosphere then I'm all up for it. Sometimes we need a reflection to our own world which is not all sunshine and rainbows but hey if you want movies to feel like an escapism then you do you.
Jlinus 16 dias atrás
@Ardent I probably haven't watched that movie if its depressing. Must be a coincidence. I was referring to the Shakespearean tragedy/comedy genre, which is where that movie probably got that quote from.
Ardent 16 dias atrás
@Jlinus lmao! oh the irony, you say you don't enjoy dark and depressing movies but you quote a line from one of the most dark and depressing movies out there. You my friend are either a troll or you genuinely have no idea what you are talking about which is worse.
Jlinus 16 dias atrás
@Ardent discount joker? You know that original comedies were actually tragedies. Also I find that movies with a lighter tone, when they get serious hits harder. Which is why I personally don't quite enjoy movies where everything is dark and depressing all the time. Because when something bad happens you kind of just expect it. Maybe it's just taste and I prefer more comedy than serious movies but that's also a valid take. Everyone has their preferences.
Ardent 16 dias atrás
@Jlinus Then the sad part gets ruined again because of comedy for example when Korg makes a joke after the destruction of Asgard. Also pretend to be a discount Joker somewhere else bud.
FITZ Mês atrás
I'll admit some of the comedic scenes had me laughing, but I totally agree with the fact that they have to make these movies more serious and much more impactful. There needs to be more loss, to raise the stakes, so we feel we can lose a hero at any minute. Gorr should have been much more of a threat, didn't even get to see him actually "butcher" any gods. Unfortunately we're never going to get a villain anywhere near as dangerous and scary as Thanos was though. Seems like we're not leading up to any Thanos like characters again we're all the Avengers are needed to stop him. I just don't feel that sense of excitement with these new marvel flicks there's too much unnecessary comedy scenes and the plot was also rushed like Dr Strange 2. I feel like fans could have wrote a much better script for these last two movies !
ColderCoronet 11 dias atrás
I’m pretty sure at one point during Secret Wars, Doctor Doom becomes comparable in power to Thanos.
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Mês atrás
There was not one funny joke in the whole two hour COMEDY movie. The script is poorly made but most mcu movies would have beneffited from actual fans writing them instead of random people.
Ella Mês atrás
I mean we did lose Jane at the end of the movie so there were stakes? She chose to pick up the hammer to help Thor. I do agree on the villain though, the actor was brilliant but he didn’t get to do enough. So it kinda felt like a waste. Also don’t forget, we didn’t know of thanos for a fair few films in the first phase, I know there were stones but if I’m correct there’s no connection to thanos until GotG? It has been a very bang average phase of films though unfortunately. Shang chi was brilliant. I think that did have the perfect amount of both comedy and seriousness. Eternals was dreadful. I don’t think they did black widow as well as they could have, I enjoyed Spider-Man, doctor strange was ok… I’m just trying to remember that early phase 1 films didn’t blow me away either but yes you’re right they definitely weren’t as cheesy or try hard. But that did also result in them feeling really safe and sometimes boring so I’m not sure what to make of them
Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris
Doctor Doom is most likely going to be the next Thanos, but Phase 6 and Secret Wars is very far away
MonkeyDshankxX Mês atrás
Christian Collins
Christian Collins Mês atrás
I rewatched the first Avengers recently. Thor is a completely different character. It doesn’t even feel like he’s changed over time, he just feels like a Thor from another universe. The way he talked was almost mythical and the way he interacted with the world made him feel like a god. I couldn’t help but notice that he doesn’t have that now.
PermanentHigh 20 dias atrás
@Sarcasm If you change after just a year dude you're just fake 🤷🏽‍♂️ Thor is 1500 years old. 10 years is NOTHING to him. That's barely a month in his time. And no the movie didn't "play into his masculinity more" because it made him an incompetent clown. Odinson, God of Thunder, Wielder of Mjolnir who says dumb shit, makes dumb decisions, can't get anything done by himself and needs two "stronk independent wahmenz" to carry him. He's not King of Asgard, he has no diplomacy skills even after all these years, and he's a piss pour leader. That's not masculine at all. They made him into a joke. He was a mix of an incompetent dude/bro and a dumb jock, which is not Thor at all. Compare him to Valkyrie who's always very sure of herself, leads and protects Asgard and it's a STARK difference. Hollywood can't write "good" and woke female characters without butchering the male characters first to level the playing field for the women to come and dominate
Sarcasm 21 dia atrás
@PermanentHigh "He barely spent 10 years on Earth and you think that's gonna change him?" Weeell.. I lived in a city for 2 years that has a completely different accent/infliction to their speech and after 1 year I already spoke like that quite a bit. Not that I'm saying that's a justification for all of it and I'm certainly not a fan of the direction Thor is going as a character, but overall manners do change pretty fast. "because Hollywood is allergic to strong masculine heroes" I'd say they played into his masculinity MORE than ever before. The ego, the looks, the behavior... and reaally dumbed it down too.
Young Dab
Young Dab 24 dias atrás
@PermanentHigh So emotional... Funny how you say it makes no sense despite me proving my points. Well here's another Fun Fact for you: You are correct Thor is around 1500 years old but you're wrong about Thor spending 10 years on Earth. He's been to the Earth far longer than that in the first Thor movie he's considered a to be a myth, folklore, therefore he's been to Earth along time ago. And drumroll... 🥁 🥁 In the Eternals movie during the dinner scene Kango states that Thor used to follow him around when he was a kid meaning that Thor has been on Earth possibly before the viking era he probably inspired men to be vikings 😉 Drops mic 🎤
PermanentHigh 24 dias atrás
@carlos rivas Thor wasn't boring. He was Thor. He's 1500 years old
PermanentHigh 24 dias atrás
@Young Dab Dude that makes absolutely no fucking sense. Thor is like 1500 years old. He's the oldest Avengers. He has knowledge and wisdom beyond that of Earthlings. He barely spent 10 years on Earth and you think that's gonna change him? That's like you going hanging out with your 6 year nephew and his friends for a summer, and by October you acting completely out of character and like a 6 year old. Get real dude. They ruined Thor as a character because Hollywood is allergic to strong masculine heroes
Thoma s
Thoma s Mês atrás
Spoilers: You’re right about everything. Every time the movie got a little deep, something ridiculous happened. For instance, when Thor talked to the kidnapped kids through Heimdall’s son, Valkyrie randomly started tickling his face. I was also disappointed that Guardians of the Galaxy had basically no screen time, and they didn’t follow up on any of the banter between Starlord and Thor. Heck, Rocket and Drax didn’t even say anything for crying out loud! I left the cinema with a mixed feeling of not knowing what’s next, and where’s Nick Fury? Where are they taking the MCU? I might the Avengers. I wonder if we will ever have a new Avengers movie?
Thoma s
Thoma s Mês atrás
@Et Cogito Ergo Sum Very true! The first 5 minutes were extremely rushed, and then all of a sudden Jane came along and the story was all over the place. Gorr was also hastily introduced to the movie, and we didn't really get under his skin at any time. I'm also wondering what happened to the multiverse in the Thor movie? Why wasn't it mentioned at any point?
Thoma s
Thoma s Mês atrás
@Harshvardhan Kanthode Ragnarok was my favorite Thor movie, because it had serious and funny moments. Love&Thunder was just a pile of bad jokes and dumbing down Thor, which I didn't like at all. The reason why I liked Ragnarok, was because they only had one enemy and Thor was still building up to unleash his full potential.
Thoma s
Thoma s Mês atrás
@psychoticmortacarn I like the team-ups, but only when done right. Captain America: Civil War was a great example of proper team-ups, I think. But yea, I would also like to see more Thor stuff in a Thor movie. I agree with you, it's really weird how they dumbed down Thor in this movie. I don't like it at all. He has always been funny, but in this movie he was just kinda stupid all the time.
Thoma s
Thoma s Mês atrás
@Batman9577 Yea but I wish he had more lines. I like Guardians of the Galaxy, and it would feel natural if they had more screen time since Thor chose to fly with them after Endgame. It could've been an epic adventure IMO, but it felt really rushed at the beginning of Thor 4.
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Mês atrás
Is not just the awful humor, the story is a mess, the script is poorly made
Shane H
Shane H Mês atrás
This movie really blew chunks. I miss when thor was funny, but also had seriousness to him. Infinity war nailed him perfectly
Shane H
Shane H 13 dias atrás
@my tits disagree strongly. Every scene in infinity war had a purpose for him. In some scenes we saw his greif and loss, while in others it was him trying to get revenge on Thanos. I wouldn't call him a bumbling idiot due to him not only having a purpose, but being straight forward in that goal. He carrys a deep darkness with him from the moment he loses his people, up until he slams the axe into Thanos and rarely throws a quip or joke the entire movie. The scene with rocket raccoon alone shows his pain while debunking that. The mood isn't thrown away with a cheep gag or line. It's taken seriously, something love and thunder fails to do.
8bitArtist 26 dias atrás
Every marvel movie in phase bore blew chunks
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Mês atrás
They made him too human since Ragnarok, but at least it worked in IW, they made him a clown
Freddie Riboni ghj
Freddie Riboni ghj Mês atrás
Dude it was lame
Saqib Sheikh
Saqib Sheikh Mês atrás
The issue with Thor is at that the director doesn't really get the character arc. He started as an arrogant man-child back in his first movie before loosening up, become a part of a team and eventually hits rock bottom at the end of Infinity War. The completion of his arc should have been him gaining confidence again, learning responsibility and becoming a leader for his people, rather than just abdicating his kingship to Valkyrie, becoming a goofball and jetting around the galaxy with the GoG or by himself. He has become a rudderless joke of a character.
HBF 21 dia atrás
@Matthew Flores Don't be so serious. It is just like Harry Potter or John Snow is Christ in their stories.
Matthew Flores
Matthew Flores 22 dias atrás
@HBF Thor ain't Jesus.
HBF Mês atrás
@Et Cogito Ergo Sum After watching Thor Rangrok, I wished Disney go bankrupt. After Watching Loki series and spoiler review of this movie, I cursed all those people (who are account for what happened) will die screaming and burn in hell forever and ever.
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Mês atrás
Waititi does not care about understanding the character. Disney and feige do not either
Justin Martin
Justin Martin Mês atrás
This was the one where I REALLY felt like this movie was made in a rushed manner. Something about the execution just felt like they HAD to reach a deadline regardless of how rushed it feels! Effects and plot-wise
Justin Martin
Justin Martin 23 dias atrás
@Tokiya Kills In Sight how can you not? 😂😂
Tokiya Kills In Sight
Tokiya Kills In Sight 23 dias atrás
Of course it’s rushed. Do you see how many MCU movies Disney is forcing them to make now
Sam Harnish
Sam Harnish Mês atrás
Waititi was shooting a tv series (Our Flag Means Death, which is fantastic btw) WHILE he was editing Thor so that might have something to do with it. I love Taika but I'm worried he's got too many pots on the boil and the work will suffer because of it
Mohammad Does It
Mohammad Does It Mês atrás
Yes it did feel rushed
Kj Hall
Kj Hall Mês atrás
Apparently a lot of scenes were cut out as well and a lot of reshoots were done during the pandemic I don’t know who is writing these new films but the Russos need to come back
Batman Mês atrás
What I feared would happen.. Did happen. I really hoped this movie to be good and be serious more than anything, there was a great story to be made, things like dealing with cancer and losing loved ones, and after watching reviews I guess they basically jumped over that to make it "quirky". Gorr could have definitely been one of the best MCU villains like thanos but again they made jokes about it. Such a great story could have been made, with Jane having cancer and all that yet they made jokes out of it. Plus I think Thor should be the LAST person to be cracking up jokes after everything that had happened to him, his father dying, his brother dying, his home getting destroyed. Really is a shame was excited as hell for the movie.
msftvsn Mês atrás
@IZIK Hell no. It didn’t save the movie at all tbh.
Batman Mês atrás
@Od Garig nah he pretty good he just stumpled it with this one
Od Garig
Od Garig Mês atrás
I REALLY hope people now realise how mediocre of a director Waititi really is.
Abdul kader Hridoy
Abdul kader Hridoy Mês atrás
That's Disney for you
King Bee
King Bee Mês atrás
The trailer made it seem so good. It felt like it was watching an early 2000s superhero romcom
point break
point break 25 dias atrás
The Last Jedi trailer looked good but was a terrible movie
King Bee
King Bee Mês atrás
@Kveikur I did see it. It was stupid
Kveikur Mês atrás
If you haven’t seen it, then I definitely recommend the movie. It is a lot of fun!
A D Mês atrás
For me personally, I was not a fan of the movie. I completely agree that the humor was overkill & it took away from the serious darker tones of the story. Aside from NWH, phase 4 has been underwhelming. But again, that’s just me. Others may feel differently.
xxx s
xxx s 17 dias atrás
Horrible movie
Michael Tipler
Michael Tipler Mês atrás
From the eternals to where we are now not what I expected
John Daniels
John Daniels Mês atrás
I'm right there with you.
Ben Townson
Ben Townson Mês atrás
Taika Waititi did describe this movie as “it’s like we asked a bunch of six year olds what they wanted in a movie and just said yes to everything.”, so I saw this coming
Sarcasm 21 dia atrás
@Frogga Oh didn't know of the other ones. Thanks.
Frogga 21 dia atrás
@Sarcasm yeah I know. His sons play young Thor as well. Portman, Bale and Taika all have kids in the movie too.
Sarcasm 21 dia atrás
@Frogga Fun fact: The girl Thor "adopts" in the end is actually Chris Hemsworth's own daughter, India Rose Hemsworth
PermanentHigh 24 dias atrás
@Thomas La Motta “TomL96” Movie adds absolutely NOTHING to Phase 4 and it's dogshit garbage. It's so fucking wack dude. It's corny and so fucking wack. It felt more like a bad fan film.
PermanentHigh 24 dias atrás
@Maha Lingam Movie was so trash! That scene of him giving powers to a bunch of kids to fight shadow demons is so cringy
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown Mês atrás
Pretty spot on. I didn't feel like I wasted my money, and the kids were cracking up and obviously enjoying it, but everyone had the same dumb jokes. Jane is in the chemo chair and saying things like, "Well out of how many stages?" First off...we know she is supposed to be wicked smart, so that wasn't in character, and next off it was supposed to be the heavy moment to drive her to seek out Mjolnir. Overall, I liked it, but they need to do a course corrections...
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 22 dias atrás
@dazza2151 I also should say Taika is still 2 for 2 with me. I had fun. Ragnarok was so good, but Love and Thunder was enjoyable.
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 22 dias atrás
@dazza2151 I've actually been in a chemo chair and you are right, people do generally try to be in a good mood (including me, the staff has a tough enough job). But you're also heavily monitored. I guess what might have also bothered me is that she also was tapping the chemo bag to try to get the drip to run faster and I was like, "What the heck? Nurse would be over there slapping your hand away even as you reached for it..." So my suspension of disbelief was already strained and then this joke that seems very out of character came out. So it could just be me.
dazza2151 24 dias atrás
Agree with the overall sentiment in that the jokes were just too much and Taika didn't show enough restraint and it just felt like a fkn snl parody skit at times. But Jane cracking jokes while getting chemo isn't unrealistic at all. People use humour to get through really morbid times.
RAVEN Mês atrás
Tbf the “that we know about” is pretty on brand for super genius sass
Ellis D Trails
Ellis D Trails Mês atrás
What hurt this movie more than anything was the fact that for the first half aside from Gor's intro, none of the scenes had any real impact because everything felt rushed and they didn't spend enough time on anything. The Guardians were pretty much blink and you'll miss them. We needed more of Thor doing things with them to develop that relationship... Gor did 99% of his 'god butchering' off screen, so he felt very under cooked as a villain, and the scenes establishing Jane's cancer and her picking up Mjonir needed to be fleshed out more too. I heard that it was some studio exec that demanded the shorter runtime so that they could have more showings of the movie, and IMHO that decision was the one that made LnT not hit quite as hard as it could've. IDK when these execs are going to get that they have to get out of the way of the creative types and just let them do their thing or the quality of the product will suffer. Sure, that may make them money in the short term, but then you're going to lose all the good will that's allowing you to rake in the $$$ in the first place if you sacrifice quality for greed. Then again I'm not a studio head so WTF do I know, right? Fiscally it probably makes more sense for them to hand down edicts like this and that's going to trump anything else I'm sure. Though TBH Kevin Feige should really fight against shit like that harder.
Ivan Mendes
Ivan Mendes Mês atrás
Why an executive should do what you’re saying if you will run and see the next movie in no time? I will skip this, because it’s the type of movie that should bomb and be skipped, but marjority will not. So i don’t understand how some people want things to change while they’re watching in the first week and still giving their money.
Ellis D Trails
Ellis D Trails Mês atrás
@Last IDK if I would call it garbage, but expectations were super high after Ragnarok and I think Taika made the mistake of leaning too hard into the zany shit instead of developing the story. The movie is a lot better in the second half when they actually focus on the plot instead of trying to breeze threw shit like the first hour or so does.
Ellis D Trails
Ellis D Trails Mês atrás
@Mark Payne Yeah honestly another 20 mins or so more could've done this movie a big favor. It got way better in the second half and towards the end when they stopped rushing through everything.
Last Mês atrás
It's like a pile of garbage as an mcu movie. But they're obviously aiming this movie at children. And for that reason I have no doubt it will make a billion.
Pranav Kanukollu
Pranav Kanukollu Mês atrás
Agree 100%
Steveaux40 Mês atrás
Highly accurate review and hits exactly how I feel about the film
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Mês atrás
Taika Waititi did describe this movie as “it’s like we asked a bunch of six year olds what they wanted in a movie and just said yes to everything.”, so I saw this coming
KiritoPrime Mês atrás
Damn, saw this movie last night and I have to say every Marvel movie since Endgame has majorly disappointed me, yes including Spiderman. I really enjoyed the first 2 acts of Shang Chi. Never could imagine skipping out on a Marvel movie but it's really come down to that.
CataYO 7700
CataYO 7700 Mês atrás
@DeQuarius Beverly exactly. Why people hated them?
DeQuarius Beverly
DeQuarius Beverly Mês atrás
Spider-Man and Shang chi was actually good
CataYO 7700
CataYO 7700 Mês atrás
spider man and Shang-Chi. hummm what. ?????
Jay Sway
Jay Sway Mês atrás
Same. And it’s because the way they crafted Thanos and the Avengers meeting was so fulfilling.
Cesar Gomez
Cesar Gomez Mês atrás
@Skittlez why was it a disappointment?
Jlinus 16 dias atrás
I actually genuinely loved this movie. Feels like I'm the only one. Maybe I just like movies that are more comedy but this was really fun. And I don't get the criticism that it didn't have serious moments. Like no jokes were made when Jane was dying in Thor's arms. And I think there were moments the characters had to be serious.
Muzzammil Patel
Muzzammil Patel Mês atrás
Anyone else notice this inconsistency in Korg's backstory? In Ragnarok, Korg says "The only ones who showed up to the revolution were my MUM and her boyfriend who I hate". But in Love and Thunder he has 2 dads.
Sexy Yeyo
Sexy Yeyo Mês atrás
I assume they have no actual gender but simply apply labels to each other.
wonder_city_bot Mês atrás
Wow anyone else just not give a fuck since the MCU continuity has never been that great to begin with.
ww666 Mês atrás
@RisingUnderdog hehe
RisingUnderdog Mês atrás
@ww666 see? Now you're getting somewhere 😉
REEDA Mês atrás
I had high expectations for this movie.. I did love Ragnarok because even though it was a filler movie with having fun as a priority I still think they gave Thor a lot more personality and some leadership that I always thought he was lacking. In a way, I thought it was great even if it wasn't being totally serious.. for what you say I feel like it's another case like WW84, where the director had so much liberty that it backfired.. I don't think it can get worse than WW84 though, that would be an acomplishment (I am exagerating of course, it is not the worst superhero film by any mean, although it is pretty bad).
Miketrapper04 Mês atrás
@REEDA cool, just telling you don’t watch morbius, ever
REEDA Mês atrás
@Miketrapper04 haven't even watched it, tbh. Just came back from watching Thor Love and Thunder.. and I actually enjoyed it a lot! Yeah comedy is not the best, and there are parts where it is overdone, but honestly, I never got annoyed by it, and truth be told, the most important and emotional scenes that are supposed to be serious are serious almost all around. I get that there are parts that should've been serious but I don't think they are enough to say that this is a perfect example of humor killing drama in Marvel. And honestly.. that ending was awesome! Yeah, there's not really a build up to it, but I mean I understand if it is not really fullfilling for some people.. personally I liked it.
Miketrapper04 Mês atrás
Worst one is morbius
Player 10
Player 10 Mês atrás
The main problem was that the director tried to tell 2 long different stories in 1 short movie. Thor vs Gorr should have been it's own movie and the same applies to Jane Foster. Gorr barely appeared on the screen, wasn't developed enough to feel like a real threat. You can replace Gorr with that Elf villain from Thor 2 and the story would have been the same. It wasn't Christian Bale's fault, but that of the script writer. In this movie Gorr is a forgetable villain. Jane Foster deserved a movie of her own. There should have been more focus on her struggle to fight cancer while also trying to protect the world from villains. I think these 2 stories don't mix well together, because you can't fully develope one without taking the center stage from the other. What we got was a half-baked compromise which fails to deliver a memorable villain and it's serious moments are compromised by childish humor. I am not against comedy, I even enjoyed some of the jokes, but they remove any sense of danger from the villain's part and they take from the time which could have been used to improve the plot. I'm tired of this depressed Thor who is constantly dealt bad hands. This guy went through so many emotional crisis by this point (all his family dead, his home destroyed, his friends either died or left him and his ex girlfriend had cancer). Why does Marvel hate Thor so much? Will we ever see a movie where he tackles his issues head on without everything being turned into a joke? Will we see Thor take responsibility and lead his people like the hero his father wanted him to be? Not in the MCU, that's for sure!
danidsds Mês atrás
Just saw the movie. The script was excellent, the acting was excellent, the theme of family was heart warming, but because there was so much unnecessary comedy, it felt like a Disney movie. It was almost like the hammer was princess Thor's animal pal. Also, they didn't stay with the sad scenes at all (except for the first scene with Gorr which was really good). But, for all the other sad scenes, they moved on really quickly almost as if they were afraid it wouldn't be family friendly anymore. Jane got a few sad scenes here and there, but still not to the extent it could've been. Overall, it was a good film, but it felt aimed at a family audience (like mom, dad, and their 6 year old kid watching together). And, this is kind of sad since there's a lot of really well written drama in the story which could've elevated the movie to an instant classic.
nartecurb Mês atrás
I always watch your reviews before a movie, but watched this one after. This proves that you are on point, because I felt the same way.
Pix letwin
Pix letwin Mês atrás
Agreed. It felt like an SNL sketch making fun of Thor. And like many SNL sketches it overstayed it’s welcome.
WYJAFAK2 Mês atrás
That’s exactly what I thought! I was thinking why doesn’t this feel like Thor but a skit about it?
ZachtheKingsfan Mês atrás
It’s heartbreaking because I feel like Thor had one of the best arcs in the MCU. From Thor 1 to Infinity War/Endgame, you see the character change so much.
AleXand4life Mês atrás
@B Irons See last comment
B Irons
B Irons Mês atrás
@AleXand4life Keep crying
AleXand4life Mês atrás
@B Irons I do what I please, thanks for your input though.
B Irons
B Irons Mês atrás
@AleXand4life Keep hating on the Snydercut. Go back to watching MCU
AleXand4life Mês atrás
@B Irons Snydercut was bad too, it just looked good compared to the original. Too many Snyderisms like Lois walking in the rain with melancholy music playing for what felt like 5 minutes. Just scenes of slow motion music pieces with nothing important happening, ramping up the runtime. God I'm still salty about watching it...
Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards Mês atrás
Been watching a few reviews on this movie tonight and there is a consistent theme about the comedy being overdone and some of the actors being underutilized which really bums me out. I thought the comedy in Ragnarok was decent, at the beginning anyway, but even in that movie it started to get a bit old. I might be on my own here, but I don't watch an MCU movie for comedy. So it's not likely I will be wasting any money to see this one in the theater. Too bad the MCU has been slowly destroyed by Disney.
THX1178 Mês atrás
It may be getting worse for you and that’s cool. But the same people are still in charge, Feige et al. Marvel Studios output might be less entertaining for you now but the Disney acquisition has nothing to do with the output I would imagine.
IGNightor Mês atrás
No man, I agree with you. I don't mind jokes here and there but if the characters/setting/plot became a clown,or circus it makes me upset or mad.
Chup Bey
Chup Bey 23 dias atrás
This tells me how amazing Russo Bros were. They understood each and every character perfectly and did justice to all of them. Even fat thor was one to look upto.
ToxicChatMan Mês atrás
This is so funny to me because Jeremy scores every Thor movie a grade lower than the last Thor 1: Awesometacular Thor 2: Worth buying on Blu-Ray Thor 3: Good time no alcohol required Thor: A good time if you’re drunk
Draco Safarius
Draco Safarius Mês atrás
Watched it earlier today and loved it, however the runtime being massively trimmed down to hit that 2 hour mark Marvel wanted is felt in force. The jokes largely get left in, making it feel overly bloated on the comedic side but also making the first half of the movie feel too fast. Know Waititi said he doesn't like director's cuts, but it really does need a release with like at least 20+ more minutes to pad it out and dial back the comedy
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Mês atrás
Taika Waititi did describe this movie as “it’s like we asked a bunch of six year olds what they wanted in a movie and just said yes to everything.”, so I saw this coming
Elijah Creel
Elijah Creel Mês atrás
@Kenneth Ly Videography dude the movie sucked waititi should not direct Thor anymore
Brandon K
Brandon K Mês atrás
Who copy pastes a comment for likes my god
Steven Hawkins
Steven Hawkins Mês atrás
@Kenneth Ly Videography I'm 64 years old I opened my first thor comic in the 1960s. It transported me to a place of action and adventure but not comedy! I hated this movie! I've seen Spiderman at least 3 times. That movie knew when to tell a joke and when not to. This movie sucked!
Steven Hawkins
Steven Hawkins Mês atrás
@Babidi jo no rabbit is not funny to the Jewish people!
b_cat64 Mês atrás
I’m surprised how differently I feel about this movie than Jeremy and most of the commenters. I feel like most of the phase 4 movies have taken themselves too seriously and have not been very enjoyable as a result, so this is easily my favorite phase 4 movie. I don’t think the Jane storyline would have worked at all in a more serious movie- it would’ve been way too melodramatic (a problem with the first 2 thors). But I guess I must just like Taika’s silly comedy more than most. I feel like he’s able to weave together a really heartfelt story despite all the silliness.
Liv Mês atrás
i completely agree. The story was so heartfelt and i got emotional throughout a lot of it, especially with the scenes dealing with jane's cancer. i thought the comedy was interwoven very well and didn't distract from the main theme of the movie which was love. The scene towards the end where thor says that love is what everyone is looking for really hit me because its so true, and with the lack of love that there is in the world right now i think this is a really impactful message.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Mês atrás
Just came back from the cinema. It was exactly like you described. Man, feels like there was so much potential but the overdosis of humor just killed it.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Mês atrás
Just came back from the cinema. It was exactly like you described. Man, feels like there was so much potential but the overdosis of humor just killed it.
King-ish 4eva
King-ish 4eva Mês atrás
I love your reviews. Nothing more to say. Great reviewer!
Jonathan Appleseed
Jonathan Appleseed Mês atrás
i’m glad that people are noticing the patterns of mediocrity in the mcu. there were hints of it all the way back in phase 2, but it was justified to people since it was building up to something. but now that there is no main focus, people are getting a little tired of what the mcu is putting out. hopefully the overall negative responses to what they’re making allows for them to change
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel 14 dias atrás
@Charles 🤣🤣🤣 lol you are so funny
Stefan M
Stefan M Mês atrás
There's no overarching threat like there was with Thanos. Now it's just a bunch of self-contained stories with no real stakes
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack Mês atrás
@Dontizzle Manizzle if you already know, then why you commenting acting ignorant 😂😭🤡
Eddie Talley
Eddie Talley Mês atrás
The ending should’ve had a big battle with Gorr taking out a lot of the gods in the god planet Zeus was in. I just feel like they didn’t make Gorr seem like a huge threat I never felt worried for Thor at all.
everything is awesome
It just sucks that the ending is bunch of kids charging at him.
brad wood
brad wood Mês atrás
I honestly loved the stormbreaker plot.... I think this is where subjectivity and comedy taste comes in.
Ann- Gо T0 my chаnnеl livе -NOW-💜
What I feared would happen.. Did happen. I really hoped this movie to be good and be serious more than anything, there was a great story to be made, things like dealing with cancer and losing loved ones, and after watching reviews I guess they basically jumped over that to make it "quirky". Gorr could have definitely been one of the best MCU villains like thanos but again they made jokes about it. Such a great story could have been made, with Jane having cancer and all that yet they made jokes out of it. Plus I think Thor should be the LAST person to be cracking up jokes after everything that had happened to him, his father dying, his brother dying, his home getting destroyed.
Clay P
Clay P Mês atrás
Tutorial on how to be a boss at a review without giving nearly anything away. Cheers!
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Mês atrás
MCU humor doesn’t ever do it for me when the stakes are supposed to be high, I miss the older films that took themselves seriously and didn’t have characters cracking jokes while their friends’ lives were at stake. I’m going into this expecting it to be a full on comedy so maybe it’ll work with the genre, but as a whole I’ve been seeing that more and more through the whole franchise and it’s unfortunate
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Mês atrás
Disney does not respect the source material, that is why the tone is a mess. And i dont know why you say a "full on comedy will work with the genre" when tbe basis of the genre is tragedy, the opposite of comedy.
That's Disney for you and is why I dislike them besides Spiderman because they always feel the need to have a joke every 5mins
• Ayezz •
• Ayezz • Mês atrás
@Galan AKA Galactus the only reason tony won that fight was because hulk snapped out of his trance and got distracted by the damagw
greenman394 Mês atrás
@Trips and actually used the supporting characters right. You actually feel like the warriors 3 and Sif are his actual friends and not just acquaintances.
POP DATA Mês atrás
The scresming goats were the only funny part of the film
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Mês atrás
The trailer made it seem so good. It felt like it was watching an early 2000s superhero romcom
Kael Invictus
Kael Invictus Mês atrás
Its even funnier when Taika justifies his creative "choices" in an interview. So stunning and brave OmegaLul
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Mês atrás
This movie is trash
Dontae Mês atrás
Completely accurate review. Glad you keeping it REAL. The movie isn't good, just irritating
harry lewin
harry lewin Mês atrás
I liked the film. Its what I needed it's been a hard few years and this film just made me laugh. That's all I really want.
Nick Nazarchyk
Nick Nazarchyk Mês atrás
There was no expectation for the tone to be serious. I went into the movie expecting to laugh and I loved the movie.
Watching TrainsGoBy
xxx s
xxx s 17 dias atrás
Horrible movie indeed, made for 6 years old kids
HunterCool22 10 dias atrás
The fact that Chris Hemsworth said that the movie feels like it was made by a seven year old really just speaks volumes to me.
Sebastian Valle
Sebastian Valle 29 dias atrás
as someone who actually watched this movie pretty drunk unintentionally (I had gotten drinks with friends and thought there would be enough time between then and the movie), I was worried it was making the movie make less sense than if I had seen it sober. come to find out it wasn’t just the alcohol. this movie was so jumpy and things generally didn’t make sense. all the jokes fell pretty flat and it just seemed overall kinda rushed
Dean Y
Dean Y Mês atrás
THANK YOU for being totally honest with your review and not letting them off the hook with too much comedy in this movie! Getting real stupid in some Marvel movies having so much comedy
God OTX Mês atrás
It was t&e best movie I ever saw I was laughing so hard I passed out halfway through
Pratyussh Kumaarr
Pratyussh Kumaarr Mês atrás
Even MoM had a bit too many jokes for a horror movie . Considering all the reshoots they didnt even let Sam raimi express his talent
flask Mês atrás
Watch dune then. Or morbius
Galan AKA Galactus
Galan AKA Galactus Mês atrás
@Thomas B Na that entire ending act was just a trainwreck. Scarlet Witch would one shot America Chavez with less than 0.1% of her power. That's like Kingpin vs Immortal Hulk lol.
Galan AKA Galactus
Galan AKA Galactus Mês atrás
@SHAWKLAN 27 Not as bad as how they ruined the Planet Hulk comic, one of the best Hulk comics of all time. And that's a pretty high bar considering Hulk has better solo comics than any Avenger aside from Thor, Iron Man and Spiderman.
Krillin The Villain
I love the part where the shadow beasts are attacking Asgard and presumably killing folks and Thor walks around calling his old hammer like a dog. And then after children are kidnapped he is joking yet again with Jane
Ryan Dunbrack
Ryan Dunbrack Mês atrás
I just saw it an hour ago, and i felt very mixed. I really loved a lot of it, even the mjolnir/stormbreaker stuff, but I thought the story was kind of meandering and pointless. We have to assemble a team of characters from previous movies, and then one by one create a reason why they can’t show up in the final battle. The Zeus stuff went on way too long imo, by the time we’re laughing at a man in a skirt I was like, how long have we been here? Why are we even here? Do they really need the lightning bolt? Gorr doesn’t even show up or follow them or anything, it’s basically just to take Korg out for the final fight. Big spoilers, i did enjoy that this movie seemed to be written more to serve this movie more than set up future things, I was sad to see Jane go after they really hit a stride with the character, but I also liked that they weren’t just setting up for her to spin-off. I think the story could have been stronger, and they could have added maybe 10 minutes to the runtime, just to add a few seconds between certain moments. The transition from goats screaming to them seeing all the gods die, and Thor suddenly becoming incredibly serious gave me whiplash. This is probably the most mixed mcu flick (for me) in a long time. Not as bad as Eternals, but Eternals didn’t have anything as good as this movie did to make it worth wanting to defend. Will definitely rewatch once its on Disney plus next week or whenever
Gadeon Mês atrás
I complained when Thor 2 came out and it had a lot of comedy so I was expecting the same for this 3rd edition so I actually enjoyed it because I wasn't expecting seriousness at all.
Kevin Hawkins
Kevin Hawkins 19 dias atrás
I just watched Thor: Love and Thunder and the Comedy just hurt my head for slapping my forehead because of how stupid the jokes were. How dumb Thor was and Korg narrations was just too much for me. I tried to tell myself “It’s just a movie. Just enjoy it.” I will have to say I did enjoy the last half of the movie. I feel like they were able to salvage the movie to make it an okay. Like you said fun if your drunk.
the life of joeseph
the life of joeseph 22 dias atrás
It was incredible very emotional ending I loved how they brought Jane back
littleMAC 78
littleMAC 78 25 dias atrás
Too much Korg and too many scenes that seemed like workshopped scripting ideas were just left in the movie. Visually it was great but the GotG elements were pointless but understandable given the major changes brought about by re-ordering the movies and the pandemic during filming. It was quite jarring how the final edit of the film seemed to carry the dis-jointed filming process to the big screen. Taika seems to be fun to be around but I think he needs to reign his habit of allowing the cast too much freedom in the way the characters conduct themselves. It might work well with characters playing normal humans in very terrestrial circumstances (Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a great film!) but some source material needs more structure and that definitely applies to space-gods and sci-fi/comic characters.
A1-$inceDayOne Mês atrás
Okay, judging by some of the comments I've just seen the film and to be honest I do see where some of the complaints are coming from. Thor himself over the course of the past 10-12+ years has had enough development to point he can take up the mantle & stop coming off as a goof, everything from his own standalone films at the beginning to his teamwork with the Avengers and the people he's lost should be just enough motivation so we shouldn't be going around & around with this whole build up with him trying to _"find himself"_ because clearly by now it's already been overdue. Not to mention with some of the jokes in tone coming in the wrong times even in serious situations. *However,* with all that being said I think it was still a pretty good decent movie that still has that Marvel Cinematic taste to it regardless of a few things you might can point out but it doesn't mean it's the worst one ever. IMO
Abso-Investor Mês atrás
I actually really enjoyed the movie. I do agree that should’ve been a bit more serious at times and maybe have a bit more run time for those serious scenes without cutting the comedy.
Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius
"I would make the argument they made Thor a dumbass" I've always felt they've done Thor dirty. He's devolved into a comedy character with superpowers rather than this powerful Norse God.
The Destroyer2alltrolls
@Rahil Rameez Yeah, unfortunately.
Rahil Rameez
Rahil Rameez 18 dias atrás
@The Destroyer2alltrolls they don't care as long as it keeps making them money .
The Destroyer2alltrolls
@Rahil Rameez OK, but the movies should still *follow* the comics (not everything, just the basic and essential things). These filmmakers, writers, and studios keep spitting in the faces of us comic book fans.
Rahil Rameez
Rahil Rameez 18 dias atrás
@The Destroyer2alltrolls I'm well aware of the comics but this is not the comics , is it lol .
The Destroyer2alltrolls
@Rahil Rameez No, if you read Iron Man comic books, then you’d know his arch enemy is actually the Mandarin.
Azael Thereon
Azael Thereon Mês atrás
Thank you for a non spoiler video. I really want to see this one this weekend.
Doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter Mês atrás
I loved Thor LAT the jokes had me laughing the whole movie. Gore was cool. Solid 8/10
Kick up Flix
Kick up Flix Mês atrás
I was left on a ledge when it came to Thors character. I got the humor and it was funny for a time. It was a very enjoyable movie, but It makes me wonder how the character will change if they continue to make thor movies.
Bryceisbeast21 Mês atrás
Some people use humor as their way of grieving. Thor is still troubled by all he has been through and Taika does an excellent job of showing this and resolving it through the movie and especially the end. Change is good imo, but if this movie isn’t your thing, I understand.
Rich Castle
Rich Castle Mês atrás
I haven't seen the movie yet, but it looks like you've confirmed my worst fears, Jeremy. Thank you.
Spencer Pommier
Spencer Pommier Mês atrás
He went too hard on it. The movie rules
Willy with The spicy dilly
@AceW0rld hahahahaha bro you crazy you doubt if I have seen a movie that cost 10€ too see it????
AceW0rld Mês atrás
@Willy with The spicy dilly doubt you have even seen the movie.
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Mês atrás
@Rich Castle wtf are u on about? Since age of ultron? You wanted some kind of dceu type of universe where everything is super serious? It's good that thor is not like the original and the dark world. Maybe they could dial back the comedy a bit but it does not ruin the movie
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Mês atrás
@Dev Yadav have you even seen the damn movie?
CarlAlan Pierson
CarlAlan Pierson Mês atrás
Totally agree about the tone being all over the place. I'm one of those who was meh on Ragnarok for the same reason. Did like what happened in the post credit scenes if not the execution.
jdzencelowcz Mês atrás
I thought it balanced silly & serious, & one character's storyline hit REALLY close to home, I enjoyed it overall.
Tony Stanton
Tony Stanton Mês atrás
Thank you for telling the truth about this movie. Other BRvid's got some free tickets to see the film early and started capping so hard. I’m an MCU STAN, but it’s like people are afraid, to tell the truth about this film. Smh
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
honest BRUTAL review I’ve ever seen ! Thank you Jeremy !
John P
John P Mês atrás
It was…..definitely worth saving your money to watch it on Disney plus when it comes out 😂 but I will say this, “he’s here, he’s there….” 😉
Chup Bey
Chup Bey 23 dias atrás
Except for the excessive comedy this movie was great. There were some scenes that needed to be taken seriously but were not. Other than that everything worked. The story was simplistic and fun. Loved to see Jane, Valkyrie, Korg and everyone back and everyone did justice to their roles. Christian Bale as Gorr was fantastic. Every scene with him was eye catching and iconic. Taika should have put some of that seriousness in Thor's interactions with Jane and Val. Must say that I missed Odin, Friga, Loki and Asgard. They had an amazing appeal to Thor's audience.
Ah! I was soo exciting to see this movie since it released, but movie completely failed to fullfilled my expection. I remember best version of Thor was in infinity war, after that thor has turned into comedian, now full time comedy. I see falls of marvel in future.
James Kelly
James Kelly Mês atrás
This movie and the latest strange had the capacity to go dark and edgy and give the gravity that DC had done but are too wrapped up in making comedies that i just want more dc now.
deagleninja Mês atrás
I was afraid of this, and thank you Jeremy for having the guts to give MCU movies honest reviews (most critics don't). I thought the Russo's did a wonderful Thor in Infinity War (but then kinda ruined him in Endgame). Taika Waititi films all have a very similar feel, which isn't bad, I just don't think it works for Thor
Ben M
Ben M Mês atrás
Why does everyone keep insisting that the only reason MCU movies get good reviews and are successful is because the MCU has assimilated everybody and turned them into mindless puppets or something?
Syndrome Mês atrás
@flask He is a damn grownup and a literal god so there's no reason for him to have the personality of an immature college fratboy unless he's related to Dionyus who is an embodiment of that personality and behavior.
flask Mês atrás
@Lethy Guaimare people can be positive without lying ffs
flask Mês atrás
Thor without comedy has nothing. He's just a big boring guy with an Australian accent
xavier ramirez
xavier ramirez Mês atrás
i watched it yesterday and thought it was ok coming out of the theater. but after letting it process in my head for a day, i realize this movie kinda sucked. for a villain named “gorr the god butcher” he didn’t do much god butchering. may as well have called him “gorr the kidnapper”. the gods themselves are treated as jokes and there’s practically no stakes in this movie as nobody major died at the hands of gorr. it felt like waititi got too comfortable with the success of ragnarok and it hurt this movie. i would even go as far as to say thor 2 was a better film.
TIGER 2354
TIGER 2354 Mês atrás
No you don't need to get drunk while watching this movie, you can go into it with the right expectations and find it entertaining from beginning to end. You all are just too uptight
Keith Mês atrás
Havent watched it yet but the trailers pretty much confirmed that fear for me as well, just get the feeling there isnt any imminent potent danger just quiping
Superman Mês atrás
I just rewatched the first trailer again after watching the movie, and they really tricked us by showing like the only three serious scenes Thor had.
Jonathan Song
Jonathan Song Mês atrás
The way Jeremy describes Thor in this movie sound similar to how in most long running comedic TV series ie Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob and others. The characters may start the series with nuance to their character (as much as you can expect from a comedy) but as the show progresses, they become a caricature of who they used to be. I feel like its almost inevitable that with a long running franchise the characters are bound to become a more and more concentrated version and only a shell of how they started.
TraditionalArtist Mês atrás
@Neel Patel nah definitely not your right he was a much more serious character
Onouphrios Mês atrás
anyone that’s ever watched Silicon know exactly how this relates to Bighead. this shit is sad to hear man 🤦🏿‍♂️
This happened with Chrissy of Three's Company. The character was a hit, so they all said "let's just crank it up two-fold!", sigh. Quickly became SELF-PARODY. I'd say most who get success turn into self-parody. From Metallica to Robin Williams.
Neel Patel
Neel Patel Mês atrás
Thor did not start as a comedic character ,, definitley not the way marvel is pushing him to be in this movie
Irish Bro
Irish Bro Mês atrás
This happened with Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear and unfortunately Harry and Lloyd. RIP.
dolphite gamemaster
dolphite gamemaster 29 dias atrás
My man you said exactly what I thought but with better sense of emotion and articulation.. I appreciate your review.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis Mês atrás
Just saw Love And Thunder about an hour ago. You're review is right-on. Two things come to mind: 1. "Silly." and 2. Chris is one of the best looking men on Earth.
Alex Bakhshov
Alex Bakhshov Mês atrás
I want to see taika waititi direct guardians of the galaxy. It’s the perfect marvel movie for him.
gil.D.Shoresh Mês atrás
We are on the same mind my dude! This is exactly what I thought after watching the movie
Amar Azlan
Amar Azlan Mês atrás
So basically Thor got flanderized further. I get that Hemsworth was burned out of Thor after Age of Ultron and Ragnarok revitalized his interest, but they really shouldn't flanderized him. Infinity War Thor feels like a proper mix of the serious and comedic Thor.
Nick Housman
Nick Housman Mês atrás
@Dev Yadav lol
Fangsabre Mês atrás
I just got back from the theater and I think they found a much better balance than in Ragnarok. Thor himself specifically feels like a lot more of a balance, his humor feels more like his older humor less Star lord. I would be ok with this being the direction going forwards
Sid Jones
Sid Jones Mês atrás
@TheOriginal Unaleska evidently you didn't actually read what I posted. The post I replied to used box office as an indication that the changes made caused the increase in revenue. THEY made a correlation between $ and quality. I brought up the fact sequels tend to increase in box office regardless of whether the film in question is actually good. THEY said the previous films sucked. There is NO WAY a film with no brand recognition, an relative unknown in the lead makes half a billion dollars and sucks. There was no MARVEL influence as it was the 3rd film they'd ever done and the Hulk movie underperformed. Do bad films that are the 1st in a franchise usually make that much? Having flaws (which I believe I also mentioned ) is not equal to sucking. Everyone says Thor 2 was a disappointment. It made more money because it was a sequel (something films that "suck" don't get) and it followed Avengers 1.
TheOriginal Unaleska
@Sid Jones Box Office doesn't mean the movie was successful with the audience after the fact. A lot of people who saw Thor 1 had mixed opinions. A lot of people who saw Thor 2 disliked it. Cyberpunk 2077 still got a lot of money, but doesn't mean it was successful. Don't use money as a means of thinking something is successful. A lot of people get excited and hyped and so buy/watch a product only to hate it afterwards. Reviews determine a products success.
DJ Kleb
DJ Kleb Mês atrás
@The Bloob Thor is a character created from a Norse god, practically a stoic Viking man that enjoys fighting, and celebrating when a victory is achieved in the battlefield, Thor is basically a character that shows you how some big problems or fighting 50 men are to him a mere chore, but some trivial activities that humans do at they every day are a difficult task for him. This is Thor, Thor is not a dumb character with a bro attitude that acts all dumb. For Thor as a character, Thor and Thor Dark World are good, Thor Ragnarok is bad, but when Thor is portrait in The Avengers, Age of Ultron and Infinity War is perfect. Thor shares with Superman the similarities that both of them are characters that people do not fully understand, because they do not understand the mindset of the characters.
Juan Manuel Sande
Juan Manuel Sande Mês atrás
I was expecting an awesometacular tbh. I really enjoyed it, it was turn off brain and read a comic book kind of humor. Like it super felt like a comic to me, like everything goes and its wacky and fun. But conflicting tones for sure
chitownRB33 Mês atrás
It’s annoying how hard they want to keep it “kid friendly” but don’t want to let go of that P3-13 rating so adults will still kinda enjoy it. They’re riding that fence way too hard and it shows. Either make it super comedic and childish for kids or cut all that forced comedy bs and let it be somewhat mature. So many moments in MCU movies get ruined by some forced crappy joke.
Daymon Winder
Daymon Winder Mês atrás
I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can't speak on it. Just going off of what Jeremy has said about it and my own viewing of Thor as he's been portrayed in the MCU up until Endgame. Before Ragnarok. Thor had never been an idiot. He's been arrogant and brash at times, but has been competent and shown to have cunning. Besides distracting Surtur to escape in the beginning, that's about as competent and cunning as Thor gets in the movie. I don't mind the comedic moments so much now, but it still irritates me that Thor has effectively been reduced to a bumbling fool with a heart of gold. Most of the jokes are centered around the idea of Thor being ignorant, weak, foolish, or obnoxious. Thor is the joke now.
Meteorologist Elliot Wilson
Perfectly said! They’ve turned Thor into a moron. Once Taika took over it went to hell
KP Music
KP Music Mês atrás
MCU humor doesn’t ever do it for me when the stakes are supposed to be high, I miss the older films that took themselves seriously and didn’t have characters cracking jokes while their friends’ lives were at stake. I’m going into this expecting it to be a full on comedy so maybe it’ll work with the genre, but as a whole I’ve been seeing that more and more through the whole franchise and it’s unfortunate
KP Music
KP Music Mês atrás
@Sean Chaney first off who's dropping $50 in theaters? But are you actually suggesting that having one gripe about a movie means that you shouldn't watch it? Do you think movies that aren't perfect are unwatchable or that people can't be fans unless they praise everything unconditionally?
Sean Chaney
Sean Chaney Mês atrás
So why drop $50 in theaters?
Dennis Mwenda
Dennis Mwenda Mês atrás
The originals were serious when they needed to be
KP Music
KP Music Mês atrás
@Bryce Birkinbine facts
noobatl Mês atrás
I understood that in Thor Ragnarok planet Sakaar was a strange and silly place. Trash and scum ended up there from all parts of the universe. It was open to strange occurrences and silly circumstances. Then Asgard was destroyed and things got serious. Infinity war and Endgame were well thought out movies with a laugh here and there, but a serious plot and characters to overcome the evil that had taken control of the universe. Thor, being one of the most powerful MCU characters, stepped up and did his thing in both of the Thanos driven movies. Now what for Thor? Back to being silly is by far the most senseless, whimsical trait the writers could have done to this character. Not only was Sakaar silly, everything about Thor is now silly. Friends are silly. Fighting is silly. Gods are silly. Cultures are silly. Tradition is silly. Kids are silly. Even death is silly. The whole point of this movie is silly. Thor (the protagonist and hero of the film, dare I say the MCU) is now the most silly SOB there ever was. The only serious character in this god forsaken movie is the antagonist, Gorr. I don't even want to start on how they waisted Gorr as a character and Christian Bale as an actor, just completely and utterly wasted! What is the message here? That life and the unavoidable troubles that life brings are just silly things getting in the way of laughs and love. Even if this was strictly a kids movie, what message is that for a kid? I went in this movie hoping for another great one, at the very least an entertaining film. What I got was lame jokes, bad acting (not from Bale he is the best), horrible storyline, and one of the worst (if not the worst) MCU movie I've ever seen. Taika Waititi has completely lost it, maybe it's the money and fame, but he is not a good writer. Serious question - Is there anyway the producers can make this movie just a bad dream where Thor wakes up, realizes life is hard, drops the silly-all-the-time attitude, and goes back to being the Mighty Thor?
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis Mês atrás
"I would chuckle and then think 'that's stupid' " Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Decent film overall but yeahhhh
Connor Williams
Connor Williams Mês atrás
This film is one of my favorite in the MCU after watching it today made me cry so many times un ironically
Phunk Mês atrás
Ok here’s my perspective. Thor lighter tone is a good target for the younger crowd when most movies trying to be Dark Knight. Kids would watch and enjoy this and remember when we had out fav like Goonies or Ghost Busters… we grew up thinking its great when we can watch it with the family and group of friends. That’s to me is job well done.
NP Z Mês atrás
Rewatching all of the old MCU movies with my girlfriend, I have been struck by how different it was back then, how serious many of the characters and situations were. It has made me enjoy them so much more than I even originally did. Thor is one of the starkest examples of this. You go from the original Thor movies , to Ragnorak and beyond, and it's almost two different characters. And I personally don't like the second character; I prefer the original Thor, not the comedic and dumb one.
armondtanz Mês atrás
@Dontizzle Manizzle "Whoooooooosh"
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield Mês atrás
EmblemBlade9 Mês atrás
Danny Palin Yeah, I adore Guardians because it feels like it’s designed to be a comedy with serious moments and it commits to the role perfectly. It doesn’t overuse the comedy (mostly, subjectively) because it is comedic and fun at the core, and it makes the serious moments that much more impactful. I swear some MCU movies use comedy in serious moments to the point of being like a guy cracking jokes at a funeral. It egotistically tries to draw the attention to the thing people are supposed to be giving respect to for the sake of being the biggest person in the room.
Dontizzle Manizzle
Dontizzle Manizzle Mês atrás
@armondtanz bro what? We are talking about movies not politics
Best Planet Ever
Best Planet Ever Mês atrás
Just saw it, glad I waited to watch this, completely agree. There wasn't one moment when Thor grew any wisdom, he stayed as dumb as his intro.
D-.-RAiL Gaming
D-.-RAiL Gaming Mês atrás
This movie made Iron Man III look like a masterpiece.
Taco1011 Mês atrás
At this point, I'm just watching these reviews to support my boy Jeremy. Even if I wholeheartedly disagree with how he felt about the films he's reviewing.
HuwisClark Mês atrás
you nailed it 100% with this review
Noah Tillis
Noah Tillis Mês atrás
I just saw it and I really enjoyed it. I watched this review before going to see it and I was expecting a lot worse. I thought it was intense when it needed to be and I thought it was pretty funny. i thought christian bale was great and I was glad that they stopped making Thor the butt end of a lot of jokes
Noah Tillis
Noah Tillis Mês atrás
I did think it was rushed, and some of the action scenes were kind of lackluster, but overall it was a fun time and far better than the first two Thor movies
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