This Minecraft Farm is Illegal... Here's Why

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On the LifeSteal SMP, a Minecraft Server where you can steal other players hearts... I built an illegal Minecraft farm in Survival Minecraft. Here's Why This Minecraft Farm is Illegal...

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Like ParrotX2 and his School's Minecraft Server / School SMP Series where he Started a War or Ended a War. Not Technoblade / TommyInnit / or any other Dream SMP member. This is a new and original Minecraft idea like HermitCraft or LastLife with Grian and MumboJumbo. Survival is harder than Hardcore Minecraft because PVP is on.

Other LifeSteal SMP Videos: @Parrot @PrinceZam @TheTerrain @Mapicc @Poafa @Playboi Carti


A Minecraft video made by Spoke or SpokeIsHere on other platforms! Enjoy!


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22 Out 2021



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Comentários 1 874
Spoke Mês atrás
COMMENT "SPOG" CHAIN! BTW want to join my exclusive Minecraft SMP? Join my Discord:
Suprox 17 horas atrás
Mamtaz Begum
Mamtaz Begum 10 dias atrás
Noice 13 dias atrás
Enderous 13 dias atrás
MrMagma 5 horas atrás
Probably took very long scripting this video :)
Ricardo Simanjuntak
Imagine parrot see this video
Mitchell Thompson
Mitchell Thompson 2 dias atrás
Sad hahahahahahahahahw spikeeeee
TuxidoBoy 2 dias atrás
Wow, why was there a only 1 daimond block under beacon you land on? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Fallen Time builds
Fallen Time builds 4 dias atrás
Can you tell me what music you used for the intro
RevTg_playz 2 dias atrás
The new disc of minecraft 1.18
Emil Pelaa
Emil Pelaa 5 dias atrás
Robbery Bob
6G 07 Anshuman Chowdhury
Parrar is very evil man
6G 07 Anshuman Chowdhury
lmblade 6 dias atrás
u know u cant enderpeal chamber when the person is in the nether
Maroryx 6 dias atrás
People keep stealing this and upload it in parts on TikTok
Mythic spirit12
Mythic spirit12 7 dias atrás
BGaming XS
BGaming XS 8 dias atrás
I'm so impressed with how much work you put into scripting this
Xborg Medium
Xborg Medium 6 dias atrás
Yep so... True... I was looking for a comment talking about script lol
Mahdi _Crafter
Mahdi _Crafter 9 dias atrás
Bruh its not illegal why every thing you do is "illegal" the bank was not and this farm is not too its just super fast and that doesnt counts as illegal im usubing because of the bad content
Tbeag 5 dias atrás
Its illegal at the server hes building it on
HIHI_Beast 10 dias atrás
A_Cool_Name_5677 11 dias atrás
Clown after learning how bamboozled he got 😐
Shreevardhan Ganeriwala
Which song did you use in the beginning of the video?
Euclodies 12 dias atrás
8:28 sauce music
dislike counter guy
dislike counter guy 12 dias atrás
35k likes 😃 1.3 dislikes 😔
Talion 13 dias atrás
Server owner starts a search party instead of just teleporting to the person in question. mhm
Talion 5 dias atrás
@Tbeag since when has it been admin abuse to do their job (edit) let me elaborate, is it not the entire point of staff to enforce the rules of a server? So when someone breaks a rule should they not be using their power to correct the rule break. From my perspective it's just staged drama as no owner would actually declare a search party if this really happened
Tbeag 5 dias atrás
Cuz thats admin abuse
未都帝妹 13 dias atrás
stop spoke plz :
Nick Briones
Nick Briones 13 dias atrás
So clearly fake lol
Ukrainian sturgeon
Ukrainian sturgeon 13 dias atrás
Everyone gangsta until parrot sees this video
faithful boy13
faithful boy13 14 dias atrás
Man's voice brought my overall Iq down by ten
GLX CLOUD 14 dias atrás
legends know his hearts are not normal
shibusya 14 dias atrás
bruh its fake dont u know they can see it to?
RYD-ER-DIE 14 dias atrás
New drinking game...take a shot every time this guy says let's go or bro...get smashed before the halway mark
Bessyjr 14 dias atrás
Bessyjr 14 dias atrás
Please be not be ban PLEASE
The Hooded Figure
The Hooded Figure 15 dias atrás
_thats actually a great farm_
Xd Absent
Xd Absent 15 dias atrás
Clown pierce left and rejoined which gets rid of the pearl, why did he do it?
BurningGlory 15 dias atrás
Parrot doesnt know what /tp does
MK SAVAGE 15 dias atrás
why people talking about ileagle farms i have a gunpwder farm that is making a whole 2 stacks of gunpoder per minute stay ther for an hour and you got over 6k gunpoder
Jeff Kelly
Jeff Kelly 15 dias atrás
Parrot shouldnt be allowed to do this its abusing his power to teleporttt. And everything else so yeah maybe remoove his power
Father Russia
Father Russia 16 dias atrás
Blackmail and the minecraft background song work so well
elad matsri
elad matsri 16 dias atrás
Kind of seems like everything is illegal here
Rahul Sanjeev
Rahul Sanjeev 16 dias atrás
Super Idol的笑容 都没你的甜 八月正午的阳光 都没你耀眼 热爱 105 °C的你 滴滴清纯的蒸馏水
Prince Nickson Domingo
Prince Nickson Domingo 16 dias atrás
Hey I'm parrot and I'm gona ban you
Prince Nickson Domingo
Prince Nickson Domingo 16 dias atrás
Pitched 17 dias atrás
The moment when the owner bans a simple raid farm...
panda power pro
panda power pro 17 dias atrás
Spoke this video is staged well one reason conveniently Mappic took the cake when you wanted it and when you when to the beacons conveniently There was a diamond block under the glass pane
Thiccbat 17 dias atrás
Someone stole this video on tiktok and got 300k likes
Adolfo Leal Garza
Adolfo Leal Garza 18 dias atrás
SPOG yay
Nikolai The Minecraft Guy
yee the other side mozzik
Benjamin Zerhouni
Benjamin Zerhouni 18 dias atrás
Wilson Ghoul
Wilson Ghoul 18 dias atrás
this is soooo staged
Mudd 18 dias atrás
What was the point of the diamond block
Pojlis 18 dias atrás
In Poland we named Poafa "Szeździesiona" or "Kapuś"
BRuHWars007 18 dias atrás
Imagine having such a good machine the owners deemed it illegal couldn’t be me🥲
Shio 19 dias atrás
Thats what you get for being overly curious
JJd3athray 19 dias atrás
I love how spoke has netherite armor, but cant craft a cake
bodoke 82
bodoke 82 19 dias atrás
i love how everything he makes is "illegal"
Demoman 19 dias atrás
It’s a fun video, but the script could be better
Alex Baque
Alex Baque 19 dias atrás
10:00 dude there's literally lava besides you and you even not get 1 lava there ahhaha
Crxby 19 dias atrás
lmfao parrot could have just /ban spoke on the spot
That Spooky Spider
That Spooky Spider 19 dias atrás
This is fake cause they couldve just banned you without seeing you Plus everything else is very scummy
Sean Blake Malones
Sean Blake Malones 19 dias atrás
eatmaCHEESE 19 dias atrás
Why u spend 5 mins of invis on a CAKE???????
Fishywifi 19 dias atrás
Anyone else come from the video proving this was all staged..?
Germ. is cracked
Germ. is cracked 20 dias atrás
spoke i play on your sever
Qwer official
Qwer official 20 dias atrás
i like you confidence or what ever is it
uhMilk 20 dias atrás
4:03 so you telling me… out of a 6 block wide beacon made from entirely iron… that you drop through the one hole where there wasnt glass, instead of breaking the beacon, you go one block to the side of it and out of a beacon entirly made of iron… theres just one diamond block… and also, so you have a cake in an item frame, on your enchanting setup… then they take the cake out of the item frame? if that cake has any significance please tell me because i just cant understand why they took the cake so you go in the nether to get lava, seems pretty reasonable, splices the video so that one of ur enemies is just magicly there, just to make a daring escape for content, when you could have just gotten lava and went back to the portal?
pogrammer 21 dia atrás
Don't pearls despawn on DC? he couldve just... left
Family Rocks !!!
Family Rocks !!! 21 dia atrás
Luceaus /ツ\
Luceaus /ツ\ 21 dia atrás
DerEisman 56
DerEisman 56 21 dia atrás
pls get bannd you scamer
ScarecrowHobo 21 dia atrás
Laughs in 200,000+ emeralds per hour raid stacking farm
Dragon Squad
Dragon Squad 21 dia atrás
R.I.p all that work
Logan2600 21 dia atrás
i like how he took the clickbait trend on youtube and went too far. like its obvious no one gives a crap on the server
Kurama Panda
Kurama Panda 22 dias atrás
Auto raid farms are op af.. you can build them at the start of pretty much any play through too.. they break the game haha
Kurama Panda
Kurama Panda 22 dias atrás
There is a much simpler version of this farm just so you know
mekyo 22 dias atrás
The Mover Cell
The Mover Cell 23 dias atrás
How to join Lifesteal SMp
The sklamoj Kid
The sklamoj Kid 23 dias atrás
Lol amazing BRvid
Joe Moma
Joe Moma 23 dias atrás
Clown relogged instantly lol (gets rid of pearl stasis)
Gabriel 23 dias atrás
10:46 fakest shit I've ever seen
SmilingWhiteOut_ 24 dias atrás
Ok so I don't watch this guy but did he ever mention this is fake or are all of the people on that smp including him brain dead.
blogen 24 dias atrás
why did i randomly see "i love killing cats" in that servers chat
Abrahm Olivares
Abrahm Olivares 24 dias atrás
Spog chain
Abrahm Olivares
Abrahm Olivares 24 dias atrás
Spot chain
cutie panda
cutie panda 24 dias atrás
Shulker craft
VHINZ GELO OCAMPO 24 dias atrás
my heart and body hurts seeing all that hard work just getting destroyed
Our Garden
Our Garden 24 dias atrás
Fork him
Brent 25 dias atrás
Hey spoke can you invite me in the lifesteal smp I use my phone
Good Guys Gaming
Good Guys Gaming 25 dias atrás
soooo.................... r we just not gonna talk about the fact that in the beginning of the video he has 10 hearts and then later he has 8?
Lacktosefrei 25 dias atrás
This is just fake
# Brickie
# Brickie 26 dias atrás
well if this simple raid farm is illegal and you think it's op, then you shouldn't type search bar "stacking raid farm". I rocommend you the chronos one. edit: i watched more of the video and I think it's rigged lol, why would people randomly chase you around nether?
Yasen Todorov
Yasen Todorov 26 dias atrás
Lol he saw it
Family Account
Family Account 27 dias atrás
NoQualityProductions 27 dias atrás
parrot is annyoing
Ron the gamer
Ron the gamer 27 dias atrás
Now I don't feel sad that I don't know how ti play with friends on a minecraft world
Step Ver
Step Ver 27 dias atrás
imagine wasting so much time, being hunted, and risking so much, just for a farm
DarkGaming648 28 dias atrás
enchantment tables are op for detecting Invisible players
Ben L
Ben L 28 dias atrás
Whose parroit?
Kathan Patel
Kathan Patel 27 dias atrás
@Ben L 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ben L
Ben L 27 dias atrás
@Kathan Patel why does he allow these illegal things on his own server to contuine?
Kathan Patel
Kathan Patel 27 dias atrás
Owner of the server
Ryan Pale
Ryan Pale 28 dias atrás
4:06 little sus if u ask me
Euge Choo
Euge Choo 28 dias atrás
DOMINIK dub 28 dias atrás
spoke dont like this comment. Reply on it
Saprio 28 dias atrás
just HOWWW
K Thomy
K Thomy 28 dias atrás
He kinda became the villain in this smp ngl 😁😁
Dhruv Suri
Dhruv Suri 28 dias atrás
um spoke? at 11:55 - 12:01 u show the cords where u were building u may wanna protect the thing now
Tada Play Roblox
Tada Play Roblox 28 dias atrás
He got banned after He uploaded this video!
ThatSMers 28 dias atrás
Why don't you just make the farm and if his gonna ban you just leave before he did it
JuanPiece69 28 dias atrás
Parrot: Dont do these thingns pls. Spoke: You Know The Rules And So Do I
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