This is Why I don’t Trust Sea Gulls!

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26 Mar 2021



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Comentários 3 629
C Hsiao
C Hsiao 6 meses atrás
Seagulls: Exist Hood Nature: I don’t trust like that
B u m b l e I d i o t
B u m b l e I d i o t 10 dias atrás
Steven: * aggressively sweating *
A random swede plays
Worst part here is that these flying fucks are protected by law so you arent allowed to kill them either
People's Republic of Devonshire
@Seagull I live on the coast in the Westcountry of the UK. Seagulls are fucking evil and if I could get away with animal cruelty I would shoot every single one I find with a shotgun. And they are made worse by tourists because they think they are cute and feed them so when they go back to London or Birmingham or wherever the Seagulls become aggressive divebombing people for food. One of my friends has several deep facial scars because he got divebombed and got badly clawed in the process. And they are the single most annoying things in the world because they will sit outside your window at 4am and cry and that shit's loud
Sir Junyah
Sir Junyah Mês atrás
Here before 10k likes
DR B Mês atrás
@Cat Abolia A bit pedantic yes but if we'll all accepted inaccurate use of language the whole system of communication eventually breaks down. The bug comparison isn't really the same as it this situation. it is more comparable to someone calling all spiders landspiders. It's just not a real type of spider. Same principle here.
DIMPOPCORNYO :3 6 horas atrás
I had always despise seagulls now I have better reasons now
Casndi So
Casndi So 20 horas atrás
The only thing that made me hate rats less was that they didn’t cause the plague.
-m -b
-m -b 21 hora atrás
I been hitting seagulls at the beach with footballs since before you all got any Pussy
-m -b
-m -b 21 hora atrás
Yo I’m with the rats, they cool as shit and I’d bet my right toe they wouldn’t snitch on you
FortnoX5E1H Dia atrás
there is no way a frog called the "Titicaca" exists 🤣🤣🤣 that is the most unfortunate name I've ever heard bro
• UnpureMelon •
when he said he didn’t know sea anemones could move, I was like “oh yeah the tentacles move, right?” and then the ENTIRE FUCKING THING MOVED
underscoreliam Dia atrás
omg my little brother had a stuffed manitee named manny and unfortunatly its eyes fell out after my mom accidentally ran over with our car making it legally blind. he still has it.
José Carrillo
José Carrillo Dia atrás
They currently write jokes for family guy 😂😂😂
Nyneva Kyte
Nyneva Kyte Dia atrás
Goddamn Australia settle down. You don't have to be the most horrible at EVERYTHING
useraccount333 2 dias atrás
"If this little guy can sneeze electricity, I would not be shocked. Well, actually, I WOULD, but I would not be surprised."
En Esefan
En Esefan 3 dias atrás
It's Shazam in the future billy hit puberty or he just got adopted again but in his Shazam form.
Luke Juarez
Luke Juarez 3 dias atrás
Someone just watched hauls moving castle lmao
Bradley Diale
Bradley Diale 3 dias atrás
Im suprised by the rats facts
YellowBearAnimations 4 dias atrás
I’d really like you to explain what the velella velella is, cause not enough people know about these cute little sailors
Alternate History Productions
Alexis V.
Alexis V. 4 dias atrás
My first rats were named Janis and Perla. I miss all of them.
Blessed To Meet You
Blessed To Meet You 4 dias atrás
i have no idea how old you are but your intelligence and sense of humor is sooo hot
Yonique La Rose
Yonique La Rose 4 dias atrás
The 'gympie' plant he described looks like a plant found in my country 🇬🇾 we call it 'Stinging nettles'
Umbr Ella
Umbr Ella 4 dias atrás
Titicaca frog. I'm 4.
mr. nul
mr. nul 5 dias atrás
But for how long does the pain of the gympie plant last? Like is there a way to "treat" its victims?
c u r s e.
c u r s e. 5 dias atrás
Once again the things he mentions here about Australia are 100% true, had a spider in me jacket the other day...
TrippOnPS5 6 dias atrás
I guess Donald Trump had a little bit too much carrots....
H O N E Y[] S E N P A I
Now i want a rat pet😊
Been Dat
Been Dat 7 dias atrás
Great Commentary
zigrastical 7 dias atrás
5:39 hehe
Cthulhu 7 dias atrás
I don't trust seagulls because I saw how big of bastards they were when I was trying to feed pigeons at a rare visit to the beach one day and these flying mini raptors would scare off the pigeons and steal their food.
Migs 7 dias atrás
Rhinos losing their horns is basically a death sentence. Yet some people seem to believe that cutting them off “saves” them from poachers. They simply allowed the rhinos to die slowly and not by gunshot. It takes 3 years to regrow the horn too so whether or not they survive, that’s 3 years of suffering.
mightynas1 7 dias atrás
Saying rats are clean me like helllll nahhh
osheridan 8 dias atrás
CG: *Makes us love rats* Also CG: Anyway, yeah, seagulls eat rats---
krusty gold
krusty gold 8 dias atrás
They call gympy the bushmans doom in straya
Mix 8 dias atrás
At the start I thought it was a anime girl
Gardo 8 dias atrás
I can’t sleep, I keep binge watching these.
Minx 4321
Minx 4321 8 dias atrás
I also had a stuffed manatee named Manny and I still have it
W33d Senpai
W33d Senpai 8 dias atrás
Hello from Florida!
Jason Simpson
Jason Simpson 9 dias atrás
This man is so good at his job that even National Geographic wouldn't be able to afford him
Maggots for breakfast
Maggots for breakfast 9 dias atrás
On our vacation to Britain a policeman came to tell our group about the positive sides to public surveillance and to STAY AWAY FROM THE SEAGULLS, THEY ARE CRAZY xD I think nobody got away without at least being popped on once
Kittydemon Overkill
Kittydemon Overkill 10 dias atrás
7:41 guess I know Trump's diet.
amber immel
amber immel 10 dias atrás
I don't know how I feel about making people love animals because I already wanted a pet rat but now I'm dead ass set👍👍
Kagayakuシ 10 dias atrás
I don’t have a dog but if I had a chuwawa I’d gladly let the bird take it
Kagayakuシ 10 dias atrás
These dogs are a satan spawn
Gage Keeling
Gage Keeling 10 dias atrás
This dude funny 🤣
THE HOT BOX 10 dias atrás
I clicked on this simply cause I wanted to pop it.
Chris Cosby
Chris Cosby 10 dias atrás
Darwin award goes to..
⭐️lefty⭐️ 10 dias atrás
7:49 is that what Donald trump did?
SCORPIO 11 dias atrás
0:51 at this moment I tough you where reading my mind
Three Stans
Three Stans 11 dias atrás
colorado river toads is the one for 5-meo-dmt i believe
dix0n 11 dias atrás
The froggo definitely needs a diet, I know cuz I had infections once a month when I was a fat*ss.
RezaQin 11 dias atrás
I do appreciate the Ghibli music.
Invisible 11 dias atrás
A titicaca frog? Are you actually serious rn
[̲ ̲I̲n̲F̲e̲c̲T̲e̲D̲ ̲]̲ [̲ ̲I̲n̲F̲e̲c̲T̲e̲D̲ ̲]̲
You Knew I Would Say That I Would Pop It With A Pin Which Is A Joke
Alexis Awen Fern
Alexis Awen Fern 12 dias atrás
3:47 Firs of all, I already like rats to my fullest capacity sir. Second, I really like the song Marry go round of life, but that makes it harder for me to focus on what you say. Third, Im currently sleep deprived and that makes me talkative, that's why I write a stupid comment like this.
dave no
dave no 12 dias atrás
THE TIME WIZARD 12 dias atrás
I tought gympie gympie injects you with millions of silica hairs which hurt when you move and are very hard for your body to get rid of
Angel Gilreath
Angel Gilreath 12 dias atrás
He said the tiger snake's skin is more toxic than Shade Room comments 🤣🤣🤣
Amanda Wolf
Amanda Wolf 12 dias atrás
I moved to Denver from the east coast and was mildly horrified when seagulls showed up all over the place. I'm 1000 miles from the sea. Go home. Is there nowhere that a cup of french fries is safe?
Jacobi Styles
Jacobi Styles 12 dias atrás
I find it funny that Manny is my nickname…
Emily Jordan
Emily Jordan 12 dias atrás
Why do you keep calling them rhino they’re obviously fat unicorns dumb idiot JK but please I would like to call them that and you cannot just dissuade me otherwise
-That_Guy- 12 dias atrás
“Just a little pinprick There'll be no more, ah But you may feel a little sick” -Pink Floyd
Summer  wolf
Summer wolf 13 dias atrás
Ok I gets got shit on
CosplayCore 13 dias atrás
Bruh, I want another pet mouse. I had a mouse that lived outside in my windowsill that I fed treats like grape halves and strawberry pieces a while back that I had named Mickey. He would come out and watch whatever I was doing in the kitchen all night and seeing him every night always made me smile.
CosplayCore 13 dias atrás
Sea anemone moves, starts music from Howl’s Moving Castle. 🤣
Reaver719 13 dias atrás
Manatees are also very curious and friendly. Before I knew it was illegal to touch them one came up to my Kayak and I found out he was a hoe for belly rubs. Followed me around for over an hour and if I stopped he'd put his hand/flipper w/e on my kayak in protest. I named him Bob. Its been many years and I hope Bob is well.
TinmenShakezo 13 dias atrás
100% wrong about rhino horns. Rhinos are fine w/o their horns. They are NOT primaerily used foe defense.
Nicole Lavigne
Nicole Lavigne 13 dias atrás
I feel so vindicated! I’ve hated seagulls since I as a kid cause they would steal the bread I was trying to feed to the ducks. Now I know that’s as nice as they get.
Héctor Berber
Héctor Berber 13 dias atrás
1:20 anyone else here howls moving castle theme
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 13 dias atrás
Damit I was eating a sandwich while watching this
Delme N
Delme N 14 dias atrás
I knew anemones could move but had to share that I fear the ocean solely cause most things in it can move. That and I'm not okay with large crevices into any form of an abyss.
Khalid Francis
Khalid Francis 14 dias atrás
I once saw one seagull walking with 4 pigeons in unison like the 5 in the game, dominoes. Does this mean anything?
mandalor-83 1
mandalor-83 1 14 dias atrás
A 6 foot wing span!? Did I hear that right ??
Michael Wineberger
Michael Wineberger 14 dias atrás
Turns out it was only a bird but I think it might’ve also been a frog in the Shrek video game depending on what animal you do it with
Michael Wineberger
Michael Wineberger 14 dias atrás
I wasn’t thinking of popping it with a pen but I was thinking about that frog from Shrek that was being Sung to and it started inflating And then exploded
Loldiers 14 dias atrás
My new quest: finding a video of him discussing bin chickens
Deluxray 14 dias atrás
I feel validated for my instinctive fear of seagulls as a child (altho I did still chase them so I probably deserved whatever I was afraid they would do)
Jethro Martin
Jethro Martin 14 dias atrás
We need to punish sea gulls
Kane Kuy
Kane Kuy 15 dias atrás
Well I like rats now
noodledoodles 15 dias atrás
Sharon Johnson
Sharon Johnson 15 dias atrás
The gympie plant kinda reminds me of giant ragweed
Gaming with Ziper
Gaming with Ziper 15 dias atrás
4:23 wait-brb- *`MOM CAN I GET A RAT`*
THICCOSAURUS 15 dias atrás
that plant scares me thinking of what others might evolve into
MrDeathBunny 16 dias atrás
I miss having pet rats
liam bandeira
liam bandeira 16 dias atrás
the anemane is a plant though
swift xrt
swift xrt 16 dias atrás
the thing about the guy wiping his ass with the stinging leaf is a hoax (and a pretty obvious one)... like, did he wear gloves to handle the plant, but then applied it directly to his bare ass? it makes literally no sense and I'm surprised anyone believed it.
Chris B
Chris B 16 dias atrás
Learning alot and funny as hell
lizabethfossa the utahraptor
plauge caused by ticks and fleas
lizabethfossa the utahraptor
education is power be open-minded to new ideas
Judith Gockel
Judith Gockel 16 dias atrás
Rats make good pets for people who lack time or space for a more active pet. They are very clean, affectionate, and have opposable thumbs.
♡ßaby ẞlue♡
♡ßaby ẞlue♡ 17 dias atrás
Bro I live in Australia and now I am WARNED
ninthRing 17 dias atrás
The *Gympie-Gympie* _(the name means something like _*_Pain-PAIN_*_ in the language of the _*_Queensland Gubbie-Gubbie)_* plant is so particularly nasty, because of a *_Neurotoxin_* which seems to permanently fuck-up *Nociceptic* _(pain)_ *Sensory Neurons.* The toxin _(or group of toxins, really)_ is injected with tiny glass *_(Silica)_* hypodermic needles *_(Trichomes)_* which embed themselves into the skin (squirting out toxins for months & months), and will last for up to *_A Century_* on dried leaves - as a group of students at the *University of Queensland* painfully discovered when going through old specimens. In short, there are damn good reasons why the vast majority of Australians live in the coastal regions...
F. Cálamo
F. Cálamo 17 dias atrás
0:23 imagine H. P. Lovecraft after seeing this.
one eye
one eye 17 dias atrás
About British seagulls, here in britian they are protected by the migratory bird act which means we arent allowed to harm them or move their nests, even if they nest on our own roof and attack our children we can't do a thing about it...
zachariah liles
zachariah liles 17 dias atrás
When I was younger my dad and I would go to Pensacola beach and he would throw fistfuls of McDonald's fries at tourists on the beach so they could learn a valuable lesson about seagulls.
Jonathan Burrows
Jonathan Burrows 18 dias atrás
thicc froog.
Nathaniel Hatcher
Nathaniel Hatcher 18 dias atrás
Anna K47
Anna K47 18 dias atrás
I didn't think I could love you more...then you defended rats. ❤️
Jeff Clark of Clarkle Sparkle
Omfg. Im so happy i found your channel. Im dead.. just everything, the whole delivery. Im an avid true facts viewer, and this is like, very similar, with a different flare.. i die at your humor bro, and actually learned about rats. Pretty cute beings 😁
Josiah Gibbs
Josiah Gibbs 18 dias atrás
Yoda wasn't wrong
zigrastical 19 dias atrás
yeah idk why everyone hates em they cute af 3:33
S. Blaze
S. Blaze 19 dias atrás
SeaHub 🥴
Rodger Broadway
Rodger Broadway 19 dias atrás
"Australia is Lucifer's sandbox"...LOL
Rodger Broadway
Rodger Broadway 19 dias atrás
I had a pet rat when I was a teen. Very intelligent animals.
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