I Re-Hired Minecraft's Deadliest Assassin...

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I'm building the deadliest base in minecraft in 24 game hours to trap my friends and teach them a lesson about trespassing in my base. Besides, everyone seems so busy building cool bases, or safe bases, but why has no one made a base that's actually meant to destroy itself and its host? Probably because it's a terrible idea... hope you enjoy the video :)

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27 Set 2022



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I have to be honest with you... there was actually 24 deadly elements to the base, I just didn't have time to show them all. BUT maybe I'll show off the rest in another vid if you guys like this one. If you don't... then we'll forget this even happened. 💜
I can confirm, this truly is Minecraft's Deadliest Base
I love that branzy can just call up his pet assassin whenever he wants something lmao
The friendship between Clownpeirce and Branzy is adorable
It's about time i treat myself to watching a bunch of friends having a bunch of fun on a minecraft server
if you gave branzy unlimited tools in real life, you know he would be wanted all over the state
The definition of Branzy:
Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the effort branzy puts into his videos
Branzy has achieved full insanity by compiling everything together into a video
“A typical base takes a second to get into, but I made that a year!”
Always love it when brandy posts another epic video of his. Keep up the good work :)
Interviewer: Why do you think we will hire you? Branzy: I am exceptionally good at killing my friends Interviewer: You my man, are hired
jeez he's just combining his videos
Since he trapped a server with their own prison, I have had no doubt that Branzy could do anything!
What's good about Branzy is because he doesn't post videos every day, we're so excited when he does! Keep up the good work.
@rosskrt 14 dias atrás
I know this was a huge hassle to build, but I would love to see Rek trying for real to survive inside that base for a few days. Let's see if he can escape this too!
Bro took all the past traps that caused so much pain and combined them all for ULTIMATE pain 😂
Branzy's jokes never get old
Branzy: Creates a whole challenge with many different traps
Hi Branzy! I LOVE this video. Keep up the amazing work!:D
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