Kara and Nate
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29 Set 2020



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Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate 2 anos atrás
Hey y'all! Thank you so much for all the support on this "Vlogumentary" series ❤️ We hope you love the finale! Don't forget to check out SimpliSafe:
Nelly Tabor
Nelly Tabor 10 meses atrás
Do rick and beck have their own channel??
Owen Powers
Owen Powers Anos atrás
kara and nate, i still remember the nostalgia of watching this awsome bike trip, snacking and watching your adventures imbetween my school zoom calls. a amazing time!
David Kurtzbach
David Kurtzbach Anos atrás
This is the last one?! WHY? 😪😢😭
Sally L
Sally L Anos atrás
Bravo! Awesome series to watch.I am sick, a year late to this party & this took my pain away.Thank you. Congrats to the "Dads" props to Dusty powering through without a chain, Nate, the best narrator, who stays cool calm and collected ,the adorable girls Bec and Kara the funny & great editor..I think this is one of my favorite series.. i love these long ones. 💥💫👏🚴‍♀️🍾🏆💜
Jack Clancy
Jack Clancy Anos atrás
What bike do you have
SuperDave9871 2 anos atrás
The editing is hilarious. I love seeing Nate saying how hard it is and then we get a 3 seconds of Kara eating a banana and living the life.
Colorado Boy101
Colorado Boy101 Anos atrás
I see that right as you say that. That is so ironic.
The Awkward Tourists
The Awkward Tourists 2 anos atrás
too true lol
Klara Grant
Klara Grant 2 anos atrás
SuperDave9871 ikr! 😂
K Sc
K Sc 2 anos atrás
Shout out to Beck, just being quietly competent throughout! Navigating crazy roads without GPS, showing Kara which hoses and cords to use, planning, executing... and raising two happy and confident daughters.
Possibly Me
Possibly Me 6 meses atrás
I’m literally in love with her, she’s all I want to be
Kristen Linton
Kristen Linton 8 meses atrás
Maddy Moore
Maddy Moore Anos atrás
Yes 👏
Alyssa Barnett
Alyssa Barnett Anos atrás
The contrast between Kara and Nate’s version of the trip makes me laugh so much😂
Danni Anos atrás
that was my favorite part 😂 the way she edited is so funny
Jo Chips
Jo Chips Anos atrás
That push so Dusty could ride in and not walk was the sweetest!!!
her.atlas 2 anos atrás
Svetlana Ng
Svetlana Ng 2 anos atrás
Can we spend a moment to appreciate how we have just seen 3 whole - Netflix quality - movies, for free! ❤️ Sending Kara some virtual coffees, she definitely deserves them ☕☕☕
VL123 2 anos atrás
Don't give them any
The Awkward Tourists
The Awkward Tourists 2 anos atrás
right? they're straight up making movies over here!
Elijah 2 anos atrás
Can’t want for the new season
Allyson Porter
Allyson Porter 2 anos atrás
RV why not??
Lucydrops 2 anos atrás
@Allyson Porter they asked if we can spend a moment to NO, we can't
Angela Dias
Angela Dias 2 anos atrás
I never thought I would sit thru 3 hour long vlogumentaries to watch 3 dudes on a bike. But this series was so interesting (thanks to some wonderful editing by Kara) that I didnt skip even a minute of it. The last segments had some amazing scenery .. and the one time that Nate bumped into a bush I also screamed out loud. WWhat a ride!! I cant wait what you guys will come up with for your next adventure. Thank you.
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel 2 anos atrás
Kara really cares for Nate and she’s the woman behind Nate’s success, such a nice 👍 caring couple fun and entertaining to watch.. !
Shine Bright
Shine Bright Anos atrás
@Helen Bucher exactly!!
Helen Bucher
Helen Bucher 2 anos atrás
shes not the woman behind his success, theyre succesfull together as a unit
The Awkward Tourists
The Awkward Tourists 2 anos atrás
they are the sweetest couple!
Allyson Porter
Allyson Porter 2 anos atrás
They are the true definition of “couple goals”!
Krishna Hari Kumar
Krishna Hari Kumar 2 anos atrás
They literally made a vlog as long as a movie, it needs to be appreciated more. Very good job editing must have been hard and Nate great job coming over those trails!!!
unicornsrock 7 meses atrás
I love this series so much! I wish we could see like kara,sara,and Beth do something like this, and then the husbands are the support team!
sam millspaugh
sam millspaugh 2 anos atrás
Great job with this. There’s no reason I should have been entertained watching someone ride a bike for 3 hours but I couldn’t look away.
The Awkward Tourists
The Awkward Tourists 2 anos atrás
I relate to this so hard lol
sabina 2 anos atrás
what are they gonna do now?
BAC22BAC Cull 2 anos atrás
So true. Although, I have adored them & admired them for their past travels.
Josh Payne
Josh Payne 2 anos atrás
Awesome mini docuseries!! Couldn’t wait for the next episode. This was not an amateur BRvid vid, u guys rival the big networks. Great work, keep it up & safe travels!! Can’t wait for next series...wink wink!!
Zari Ballard
Zari Ballard 2 anos atrás
sam's milspaugh lolol You are so right! I couldn't wait for part two and it's nothing that I would normally be interested in. But here I am, excited to settle in for another 90 min of bike riding and van driving.
Ashley & Christian
Ashley & Christian 2 anos atrás
FINALLY was able to watch this series all the way through! I can't believe how engaging this turned out to be, it felt so personal, like we were really there with you guys. I love the going back and forth between perspectives. We just left CO and have spent a lot of time in these areas, especially Frisco. Awesome to see it all from the trail! Probably my favorite series yet!
Apurva Wani
Apurva Wani 2 anos atrás
Dear Kara and Nate, Watching this video gave me chills. It was a feeling of accomplishment accompanied by flawless editing creating 3 hours of absolutely wonderful video watching. It's inspiring what Nate has accomplished with such little prior experience and it acts like a brilliant pick me up for my self and I'm sure for a lot of people around the world. You guys are amazing. Keep doing the great things that you do. Love from India.
Reina Pelky
Reina Pelky 2 anos atrás
My anxiety watching Nate’s journey: 📈📈📈 vs my anxiety watching Kara’s journey: 📉📉📉
Freaky Deaky
Freaky Deaky 5 meses atrás
]Lmao they really took us on the roller coaster too!
John Stover
John Stover 11 meses atrás
Hopefully you made a video where Kara is pushed to the limits and Nate gets a nice cushy life.
Ariana Datoo
Ariana Datoo 2 anos atrás
ikr, same
The Simple Environmentalist
I felt that haha
The Awkward Tourists
The Awkward Tourists 2 anos atrás
my anxiety watching her drive the van on the bumpy roads was pretty high haha
Thapa 2 anos atrás
I don’t know if you felt this, but this series had similarities to the trek to Everest base camp videos, but this was more entertaining, this coming from a guy from Nepal. It has more to do with your growth as Vloger rather than the two landscapes. Keep doing what you are doing (being yourself) and entertaining us, and celebrate with snickers!!
Rachel Schuble
Rachel Schuble 2 anos atrás
Rick’s optimism makes me feel like I could ride the Colorado Trail. I mean I can’t!! But his optimism makes me FEEL like I could!
Freaky Deaky
Freaky Deaky 5 meses atrás
@Nynke K the cliffs scare me the most
Lisa Durden
Lisa Durden 2 anos atrás
Love Rick's attitude.
Kathleen Scherrman
Kathleen Scherrman 2 anos atrás
Agreed! Rick could motivate anyone to complete a challenge.
Nynke K
Nynke K 2 anos atrás
I could hike it though. And it looks amazing, especially when you don't have to rush along cliffs!
Amanda 2 anos atrás
Rachel Schuble yes!!! True haha
Ed Swann
Ed Swann 2 anos atrás
Loved everything about this - the camaraderie, the limit-pushing, the relationship dynamics, the despair at times, and elation at the end. Congrats on the accomplishment!
Shaorong Qin
Shaorong Qin Anos atrás
Kara is lucky to have Nate, and Nate is lucky to have Kara. We are all lucky to have them both.❤️❤️
Jeniece Roman
Jeniece Roman 2 anos atrás
I don't know why but I thought the transition at 31:03 was hilarious! Something about the fact that Kara is calmly driving and eating popcorn as relaxing music plays. Cut to Nate struggling to push his bike up the mountain. 😂
Thomas Spravka
Thomas Spravka 2 anos atrás
Congratulations guys, an admirable personal accomplishment! And three cheers to the wonderful support team!
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen 2 anos atrás
Beautifully edited, an award winning drama. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this journey. This little mini Colorado series has given me so much joy to watch, so much cringing every time Nate got on his bike and rode, exhilarating when they finished each night! Beautiful job Kara. Great job Nate! So very very proud of you! YOU DID IT!
Reese Whitt
Reese Whitt Anos atrás
I loved, loved, loved this series, and will rewatch it. The scenery, photography, editing, all were great. The music selection was so on point. Ok. I’m hooked now. This was the best of your videos I’ve watched. Living vicariously through this adventure.
Julia Anos atrás
Nate, you and Dusty and Rick are my HEROS!!! What heart! What spirit! Incredible. In part 1, Nate said he wasn't a mountain biker--well, he is now! And here's the kicker: no E-mountain bikes. This Colorado triumph is as pure as it gets. So satisfying to watch these three men do this magnificent trail. Thank-you for filming it, thank-you for the humour. Beautiful.
Furqan ahmad
Furqan ahmad Anos atrás
Watched this in 2021, but man one of the best experiences I’ve ever seen ever! I’ve been watching this series along with my daily meals and I could feel my emotions going up and down with the happenings of the trip, like I legit felt sad, happy and even teary when it ended - keep it coming guys, y’all are the best!
Volpe Where Are You
Volpe Where Are You 2 anos atrás
Great job making and editing this series. The amount of work and files to go thru must have been huge.
Lava Anos atrás
@Michael Cervantes at least some
Michael Cervantes
Michael Cervantes Anos atrás
@Ben Curlee The BRvidr Pompsie has edited many of their vlogs. They do not do them all.
Ben Curlee
Ben Curlee Anos atrás
@Michael Cervantes no they dont have you seen the videos of Kara working on editing
reza karami
reza karami Anos atrás
yea great job
Lawrence Chee 59
Lawrence Chee 59 Anos atrás
@Michael Cervantes whats your problem,Son?
Alyson Sturley
Alyson Sturley 2 anos atrás
This series was amazing - I cried at the finish line, I was so happy for the Dads! Incredible work all of you, and thank you for sharing more adventures!
Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta 2 anos atrás
Now Kara and Nate should publish a book on their life experiences so far. I have been following this channel for a couple of years now. In my opinion, this is the best travel vlog channel on youtube. It's so warming to see Kara's support during the whole of Nate's CT journey. Really happy for you.
PurpleBox89 5 meses atrás
57:19 Alright, that little push has got to be the best thing about this entire trail, views and tests of endurance aside. That total act of brotherliness, giving Dusty that last tiny bit to finish like a champ. Seriously, someone else said it on Part 2, but shoutout to Dusty for coming in, slightly disadvantaged by the different altitude, and just powering through all it without his wife there at the end of the day.
Laurie Vogt
Laurie Vogt 2 anos atrás
A truly magnificent adventure ... for both of you. All I can add is WOW!
Val Erie
Val Erie 2 anos atrás
Tears came to my eyes when Dusty asked for a push at the finish line so that he could finish riding on the bike instead of pushing it. Great job, everyone! Rick reminds me of the characters that would be played in war movies like Russell Crowe or Tommy Lee Jones. Always even keeled and steady in every situation.
Geraldine Gonzales
Geraldine Gonzales 2 anos atrás
Rick's voice is like Russell Crowe's.
Stacy Reed
Stacy Reed 2 anos atrás
Tears came to my eyes as well!
ThePyroKnight Anos atrás
The last day take off had me smiling ear to ear. I can't explain why, just happy to see people set goals and just go for it. Very inspirational
Kira Nguyen
Kira Nguyen Anos atrás
I need a skincare routine from Kara. Bc after all that traveling and having to adapt in situations. Her skin is IMMACULATE. She has to have some tips and tricks!
Desarée Rutledge
Desarée Rutledge 2 anos atrás
I legit cried when they came across the finish line lol! I've been praying the whole time that they ended safely and the relief I felt was insane. I can't even imagine how Kara felt. Great series! PS. Dusty deserves some kind of award. That man literally went through it all.
Heathahlee 2 anos atrás
This whole series was amazing. Well, amazing is kind of an understatement, but anyway. 😂 Side note, I’ve been to Ouray and it’s one of my favorite places in the country! ❤️ GREAT JOB, NATE! And Kara, you did such an amazing job as his support. You pushed yourself out of your comfort zone almost as much as Nate did. Without, you know, all the cuts and scrapes and bandaids and stuff. 😂
kirsten_ducky 2 anos atrás
I've loved every second of this! A special shout-out to Kara, who has delivered us a 1 hour movie every week for a month, all while on the road. At a time when we're trying to find adventure in the world again, you guys brought it back in style.
kirsten_ducky 2 anos atrás
@Adrienne :)
Leanne Adams
Leanne Adams 2 anos atrás
They sure did !!! Awesome !! We all needed to watch this !!
Living54 andmore
Living54 andmore 2 anos atrás
Pretty amazing!
Adrienne 2 anos atrás
Hell yeah! Well said.
Ashley Darling
Ashley Darling 2 anos atrás
Wow I didn’t expect to cry but I’m so proud and just overwhelmed with how inspiring everyone was with their determination . Just incredible. Congratulations!! I know this is months later but seriously, congratulations. My favourite series to have watched in a while. Again, incredibly inspiring
Amal K
Amal K 2 anos atrás
This was very very very much appreciated Nate expressing his deep feeling and to you Kara expressing concern and support . This is a documentary that should be spread worldwide. Both did an amazing job with editing and producing ❤️❤️❤️❤️😄👏👏👏
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown 2 anos atrás
Just absolutely in awe!! This has been such an amazing series!!! I’m so thankful for the entertainment and time y’all have put into this and Nate for committing to the ride and Kara for being so supportive!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 congratulations 🎉🍾🙌🏻
Alexandra Baeza
Alexandra Baeza 2 anos atrás
Being a native, this video makes me love my state even more! #coloradobound
Isabella Wong
Isabella Wong 2 anos atrás
still can't wrap my head around how nate managed to bike while flying his drone to take these amazing shots
Gina Robinson
Gina Robinson Anos atrás
Is this the series where someone complained about the drone & they were told by authorities they would be fined if they didn't buy licences? They were both very upset especially Kara she had to deal with it all when Nate was off biking. Some disgruntled jealous person.
Michael Longoria
Michael Longoria 2 anos atrás
Also they have drones with various amounts of autopilot features installed, including one that follows you around, tracked by GPS in your wrist watch. It could be possible that he uses one of the sort🤷‍♂️
Michael Longoria
Michael Longoria 2 anos atrás
Or how he manages to have the energy to bike/walk up ahead and set the camera up just to turn around and do it all again for the shot
Lynx 2 anos atrás
@Lee Mcnamara If you check their equipment page, they use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which has a great activetrack feature!
Liza Me
Liza Me 2 anos atrás
I wondered the same thing
tanya agarwal
tanya agarwal 2 anos atrás
You guys are absolutely brilliant, this is amazing and I'm so happy for y'all, Kara and Nate, you guys should be so proud of yourselves.
Stephanie Barnes
Stephanie Barnes Anos atrás
A very very big well done to everyone! To Nate and 'The Dads' for completing your amazing journey and challenging yourselves like that. And also to Kara for going through hours and hours of recordings and putting it together into these mini vlogumentaries. Well done. :) Really enjoyed following your journey.
James Bentley
James Bentley Anos atrás
You all are really fun to watch. I love how you and your wife are such adventurers and great partners to each other. Really inspirational! Thank you for the great videos! I especially loved you rafting challenge with Eamon and Bec. Had to follow them too. Keep it up! Great challenges make you stronger!
Percy K
Percy K 2 anos atrás
Dads and the girls. You did a great job. Respect to you all. Thanks for sharing. Be safe ;-)
Fatima Alamir
Fatima Alamir 2 anos atrás
I didn’t realise how emotionally invested I was until I felt really sad today after finishing this series 😭 good job guys!! 🙌🏻🤩
Geographologist 2 anos atrás
Me too! I had to stop and wonder "Why am I in tears listening to 'We Are The Champions'? I've spent the entire trail ride comfortably on my couch!" 😄
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate 2 anos atrás
Fatima Alamir glad you enjoyed it 🥰❤️
Christine Manning
Christine Manning Anos atrás
OMG. I was totally freaking out when you guys were on the edge scared the shit out of me. Congratulations and thank you, I know I would never get there so to see the ride was Amazing!!!! 👩🏻 👍🏻 🍾🎉🎉🎈
Khuyen Nguyen
Khuyen Nguyen 2 anos atrás
Didn’t realize how invested I was in this trip until Nate was nearing the finish line. I teared up. Great job! What an accomplishment
Belinda Papuni
Belinda Papuni Anos atrás
I've just watched this Colorado bike trip series after watching your canoe trip with Dusty & then the Ragbri bike trip. You guys might not be travelling the globe but you have definitely had some amazing adventures.
Tammy DeVries
Tammy DeVries 2 anos atrás
I'm so proud of you for taking part in this ride. My heart went out to you on the tough trails. Watching the struggle I just wanted to come pick you up myself.
Mia Nadarajan
Mia Nadarajan 2 anos atrás
Wait, Kara made Nate coffee in the morning?! This trip really has changed them!
Rosie Hoerner
Rosie Hoerner 2 anos atrás
Kara and Nate are joking
Vir Sanghavi
Vir Sanghavi 2 anos atrás
@kara and Nate what do you mean
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate 2 anos atrás
Mimster2000 who am I?!?🙆🏻‍♀️
Sam Mor
Sam Mor 2 anos atrás
One great change that's happened in 2020
Mark Goodman
Mark Goodman 2 anos atrás
Mimster2000 So true!
Aashish Eapen
Aashish Eapen Anos atrás
So happy for you guys!! You really showed so much grit going this. Not just the dad's but the support vans really pulled through!! Good job guys!!
Dawn Fisher
Dawn Fisher 5 meses atrás
I've seen this before, but this is the first time I watched it in order. I truly appreciate your sharing this adventure with us. Rick, Dusty and Nate I thank you for sharing the highs and lows on the trail. Bec, Kara and girl's you were the best team ever for keeping the Dad's fed, focused and cheerful at every step of the way. Thank you again. Now what's the next adventure for all of you to be together again?
Molly Chamberlain
Molly Chamberlain 2 anos atrás
What a cool adventure to watch and be part of an incredible journey! I love getting to follow along on the adventures of Kara and Nate!
Russ H
Russ H Anos atrás
Just watched this again and still got an amazing high watching the guys complete this incredible achievement. I love your channel!
Anurag Bhattacharya
Anurag Bhattacharya 2 anos atrás
So many things came to mind watching this: 1. Hats of to "the Dads" on this amazing achievement. They made me both inspired & terrified at the same time coz now i want to do something like this but I'm a 100% sure that I'll wreck a million times if i go on a similar terrain knowing my track record😅. Also, love how the term dads was in the vocabulary of the adults over the course of the journey.😛 2. Loved the choice of editing where in you cut back & forth between Nate & Urself, it's a very nice contrast of how different things are a different challenge based on what we are doing. Also i feel neither is easier than the other coz at the end of the you each had to overcome them to ensure the success of the journey. Pretty inspiring stuff. 3. The vlog 3 was definitely the most beautiful section of the entire trail. Also, major kudos to you Kara for editing through so much of footage to give a kind of limited series worth of content. The solo editing job is no small feat, pretty much like the colorado trail. 4. Finally, once again the whole 3 part vlogumentary was amazing & can't wait for the time for when I meet my friends & sit them down to watch this again on a giant TV, coz they will love it too & I need to watch it again on something other than my tiny phone screen. Thanks for this amazing content & Congrats once again to Guys on such an amazing achievement.
SummerJune25 2 anos atrás
Very well said
TineyDIYs 2 anos atrás
I actually felt like crying when y’all got to the end. 😅 Congratulations, guys! 🍾
N9nnas creative and random stuff
I've loved watching the Colorado trail videos! I'm happy all the dads made it home in good health! Now y'all need to take the time to recover. Happy thoughts from Denmark 🇩🇰
Allison Carriger
Allison Carriger 2 anos atrás
Congrats on finishing the trail and finishing editing all this! We absolutely loved tagging along on the Colorado bike trail. We’re kinda loving y’all being back in the US! Can’t wait for your next adventure!
Carol Rosales
Carol Rosales 2 anos atrás
Finally watched all of it! AWESOME! Everything was amazing: the views, the editing, the spam, Rick's voice, broken chains, youth, and brotherly love. Congratulations all of you!
Traveler Trome
Traveler Trome 2 anos atrás
This series is so well done, so incredibly edited, that I forgot that I was watching BRvid and thought I was watching a major motion picture. Big applause to all of you for some of the best footage you have ever delivered. And thanks most of all for letting us all tag along on the adventure. Standing ovation here!! 👏
Mark Butterworth
Mark Butterworth 2 anos atrás
Could not agree more - this has been an amazing achievement, not only for the physical challenge but logistically, Kara especially, you've produced an amazing near real time cinematic experience for us all - documenting an amazing physical and emotional challenge. Kudos to you all for such a fantastic (and often literal) rollercoaster of a ride - and we've loved every minute! We lurve y'all!!
The Simple Environmentalist
Kara you did such a beautiful job editing this whole series! I love the display of emotion and storytelling and showing both sides of the story at the same or near real time. Loved this adventure and I can't wait to explore the US and hike :)
J FO Anos atrás
Just found your channel a two weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Living in Colorado my whole life it's awesome seeing the state from a different perspective (I've been to all those places and I love it). Well done! That was such a great adventure for each of you Nate and Kara. Wish that I had subscribed earlier to see it while it what happening!
toto 陶陶
toto 陶陶 2 anos atrás
i have absolutely loved watching this vlogumentary series :) big congratulations to "the dads" on completing the colorado trail!!! and we can't forget the wonderful work of the support crew, you guys really are so amazing and encouraging 🥰
saral nautiyal
saral nautiyal 2 anos atrás
Just when you think you guys can't get any better....YOU JUST NAIL IT AND LEVEL UP EVERYTIME!!! congrats boysss!!!
Sean Passant
Sean Passant 2 anos atrás
This has been my favourite series of vlogs that you've done. I came across you just over a year ago when I was planning a trip to India but I've watched countless hours of your footage now from all corners of the globe. The CT looks stunning, the 'Dads' have been epic, the segue from heroic & herculean physical effort to Kara munching on various foods or those wonderful girls playing is hilarious. I have absolutely loved this trip, thank you so, so much!
Jadebrooklyn 2 anos atrás
Dusty and Beck and fam don’t lose touch! We are #travelfam now. Instagram.. BRvid... something! XoXo stay safe!
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate 2 anos atrás
Barbara Webster
Barbara Webster 2 anos atrás
Watched every minute of this trip and loved it. Well done and congrats to you all from Yorkshire, England. XX
Joshua Shimizu
Joshua Shimizu Anos atrás
Loved this series. Thanks so much for making the sacrifice/effort to bring this series to all of us!
Amanda 2 anos atrás
This was really lovely to watch from day one up until the end 🙌🏽 well done dads 🙂
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 2 anos atrás
That was an incredible journey for sure. I truly enjoyed it and congratulations to all those guys and to you ladies for providing so much support!
vhs lofi
vhs lofi 2 anos atrás
This was SOOO amazing to watch, congratulations to you all!
Marie-Pier Leduc
Marie-Pier Leduc 2 anos atrás
I can't even explain how much I've enjoyed this series. WOW! It felt like I was in Colorado living the whole trip with you. Absolutely loved it and got tears in my eyes when the dads finished the trail. So inspiring!!
Kraken Towa
Kraken Towa 2 anos atrás
Congratulations Nate for finishing the trail! Having cycled up most of the highest mountains in France (for fun- not a pro cyclist at all!) I can tell you that the torture you’ve put yourself through will serve you well in your life. You know that your body and mind can tolerate much more than you thought it could before you did this. Well done!
Alejandro Yanes
Alejandro Yanes 2 anos atrás
You guys continue to be my favorite couple in youtube, you guys are perfect for each other, what an amazing life.
Hannah Tan
Hannah Tan 2 anos atrás
Can we just appreciate Nate’s effort on the drone footage while on the trail?!!?! SO BEAUTIFUL
John and Cara Retired Travellers
RIGHT? How the heck did he do it?? Wow!!
b1krboy Anos atrás
After just recently discovering (and really diggin'!) K&N, I binged this whole series, a year after it was posted lol! I've been interested in tackling the CT someday so I couldn't stop watching! What a great adventure, among many for that matter. I'm a bit jealous to tell you the truth, living a bucket list. I really enjoyed the production value, the drone shots kicked a$$, absolutely beautiful. Keep up the great work guys and appreciate every moment, most people can't do what guys are doing! 🤘
Pranjal Chittora
Pranjal Chittora 2 anos atrás
So much fun to watch! Absolutely loved every second of your journey! Much love❤✌☮
Leave_My_ Game
Leave_My_ Game Anos atrás
Loved this I can't be the only one thinking about living in a van now😂
Mother Medicine Music
Mother Medicine Music 2 anos atrás
Fantastic views, what a life time memory you’ve created, new to your channel, great humor and nice magic between you two! I am a life-time mountain hiker and love me some Colorado! Blessings from Florida on this Blue Moon of 2020 - peace and love everywhere you go! Kelli
TheEfratM 2 anos atrás
This is so cool! Never in a million years did I imagine I would get so emotionally invested in a series of bike trail movies, but it’s so well made and so interesting! Good job you guys!
Caitlin Bentley
Caitlin Bentley 2 anos atrás
100% agree! I've loved every minute of these vlogs. Congrats "dads", fantastic effort!
Ferris Wheil
Ferris Wheil 2 anos atrás
Well said .......!
Rama Hm
Rama Hm 2 anos atrás
The best series ive ever watched on youtube thanks for the effort you’ve done you guys are the best vlogers on yt
Savanna Booten
Savanna Booten 2 anos atrás
Wow!! you all did such a great job with the "vlogumentary" series!!! I loved watching this while studying :)
Designbureau Nolex
Designbureau Nolex 2 anos atrás
Hey Kara & Nate! We have been following your adventures for several months now and have grown crazy about you :) - Kara: You are such a very sweet woman to Nate. A real example for me, your relationship is great together and how calm and sweet you always react in every situation makes it great to watch you. - Nate: especially your last two films about the bike tour have made a huge impression. Your enormous perseverance is an eye-opener. Please don't ever stop filming your life. Every movie is a pleasure to watch just because of how you both are, very inspiring. Love from the Netherlands
Amanda Conigliaro
Amanda Conigliaro 2 anos atrás
These vlogs were absolutely amazing! Congrats on the journey! ☀️
Lisa Chafin
Lisa Chafin 2 anos atrás
Wow, loved watching this journey! So inspiring and fun...thanks for sharing it with us! Can’t wait to see what is next!
Jennifer Austel
Jennifer Austel Anos atrás
Kara and Nate, this series was awesome to watch!! Living vicariously through the two of you, hoping to someday experience some of what you have. Watching these, I have been wondering about your fleece cowl neck hoodies. I'd love to buy one, if you see this, could you please tell me where you bought them?
Tessa Porter
Tessa Porter 2 anos atrás
This was an insane series. Well done Kara for accomplishing SO MANY first in the van and doing all the editing, cooking, cleaning and driving because that’s so tiring! Nate I’m amazed you did that. (I hope that’s not rude) You could see how much you improved from day one to the end. I was leaning with and tensing up at the scary bits! So glad you made it with no major injuries. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Chelsey Baxter
Chelsey Baxter 2 anos atrás
A huge congratulations! These is such an awesome achievement! I have enjoyed watching this vlogumentary... I have been watching it in segments while on the treadmill and it has been great! Well done again, hopefully one day myself and my partner can attempt something like this!
Kiwi Orlando
Kiwi Orlando 2 anos atrás
Who else has been watching Kara and Nate since their journey to visit 100 countries?
Dylan Cooperman
Dylan Cooperman Anos atrás
AYO me, summer 2017
Willow Anos atrás
two months ago I watched their very first tokoy vlog and two months later, I have watched every single one. sure, made lockdown fun and interesting.
Audrey D
Audrey D 2 anos atrás
I'm going to start now! 😆
lexi plays roblox
lexi plays roblox 2 anos atrás
Nope I stated watch8 g them in quartine
34 12
34 12 2 anos atrás
@Tribals food culture and tradition wow
Voldenfelden 2 anos atrás
Incredible! Well done to the Dads for finishing the journey and to Kara for putting together this beautiful docu-series! Great job! xx
Rona Upton
Rona Upton Anos atrás
That was so amazing to watch. You must be so proud of yourself for doing it. Some parts were scary. Well done for all the editing and footage. Great scenery to x
Francisco Vargas
Francisco Vargas Anos atrás
I have re watched this series over and over and I love it! So proud of all of them!
Neal McCoy
Neal McCoy Anos atrás
When my mind and body feel too lazy to get on the eliptical, I am going to watch one of the videos from this series!
Shivam S. Ajmera
Shivam S. Ajmera 2 anos atrás
Respect towards Nate's dedication and persistent efforts to finally touch the finish line, Kara's wonderful support and editing skills. Dusty's Brotherhood , Rick and his family's love and support. Loved watching the entire "Vlogumentary". Kudos! Namaste and love from India!
Peggy Chu
Peggy Chu 2 anos atrás
I’ll admit I’m impressed, congratulations to “the dads” for accomplishing this awesome trip! Kara did an amazing job in taking care of everything with the van; I’m sure that was nerve wracking at first and you did an amazing job.
Jourdan Dolan
Jourdan Dolan 2 anos atrás
Big kudos & much love to the wives and kids for allowing the men to fulfill their bucket list. 💪🏻
Karen Wallace Adventures
Wowww! Tears came to my eyes as they finished! The intensity of this trail biking adventure is off the charts!!! I was rooting for you guys all along the way!! I'm so happy you all accomplished such an inspiring feat! Well done 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥
Effie Jackson-Seagondollar
I have spent four hours of my day watching this series. I would personally probably never do this again (van/camper & tiny house living) but watching y’all do it is so entertaining and cool.
Caroline Pham
Caroline Pham 2 anos atrás
This has defo been my favourite series you guys have made, the editing is so good!!
Caroline Pham
Caroline Pham 2 anos atrás
Madi D Luca haha like 10 mins after they uploaded 😌
madi d-luca
madi d-luca 2 anos atrás
bro caro how early were u
madi d-luca
madi d-luca 2 anos atrás
no other series could ever top this one
Mely 2 anos atrás
Me too I don’t want it to end 😢
Kye Tilley
Kye Tilley 4 meses atrás
I know this was a while ago I’m watching this on September 12th 2022 finishing at 3am this was a journey worth watching from start to finish! Well done lads!
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