This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

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In a moving talk, journalist Johann Hari shares fresh insights on the causes of depression and anxiety from experts around the world -- as well as some exciting emerging solutions. "If you're depressed or anxious, you're not weak and you're not crazy -- you're a human being with unmet needs," Hari says.

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11 Out 2019



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Comentários 11 673
Marie Thompson
Marie Thompson 50 minutos atrás
Wow I need to sleep. I made a lot of mistakes. Hope it makes a bit of sense. There are words missing . 🙈✌
D.W. Stratton
D.W. Stratton 53 minutos atrás
You don't hate your life, you hate Capitalism. Resist. Communize. Unionize. Fight back.
Marie Thompson
Marie Thompson Hora atrás
What an amazing story . I have been on anti depressants for 31 years . I have saw psychiatrists Psychologists .C.P.N,s , Occupational therapists , counsellors , ,social workers and G.P,s . I have got on well with some and not hit it off as well and had a strictly professional relationship with others . The people I got on well with and spoke about their life and family . Books and other subjects . I felt secure and safe with . The different workers who spent time filling in work sheets and trying to tell me I could suddenly go out and go for coffee ? After having years of not doing these things with my family or friends stopping due to panic attacks . I was given whale CDs . Asked to rate my feelings from 1 to ten . Half the time I was numb and had no feelings . Just emptiness Other days pain ,sadness even anger and you had no more idea why than they did . You definitely feel scared and very alone . You also feel a sense of letting them down with the worksheets if you have not done your homework . More guilt . I know they are trying to do their job . However workers who spoke to me about other things . The one,s who opened up to you put you at ease with them . Maybe a few sessions in they would extend an offer to go somewhere. . The difference though . A no Iam not ready even thought. That was it ! ! No more offers for another few sessions . They listened to me when I said I wasn't ready . I considered them more as friends and definitely more helpful . I liked them as people because they treated me more as a person than a patient who they had to tick boxes about for their superior . Which I understand . Th
Marie Thompson
Marie Thompson 58 minutos atrás
I was rambling a bit . I just wanted to say what a brilliant talk and amazing story . I will definitely be listening to it again . Thank you . After years it is refreshing to look at it from a different viewpoint . I always felt I failed . I had no hope but to keep going down and hoping . Like all the other times in the many years . I could retain my sanity and come back . It is something out of necessity , you learn to live with . Tou take your anti depressants yet still fall into black holes. Thanks for your talk /presentation / recognition and a small bit of hope. I will know better when I watch it again . It is 2.07 a.m. and I am knackered. Goodnight and Thank you for seeing us .....👍🌍✌
Alex Frost
Alex Frost 4 horas atrás
What do I do if I hate my family? I can explain why in further detail but I'd just like to ask the comments just because.
Ronnie Ogilvie
Ronnie Ogilvie 5 horas atrás
Create a good environment
Mike 6 horas atrás
So I need to move to Cambodia
LBS 6 horas atrás
Buy cows
dr parag saraswat
dr parag saraswat 8 horas atrás
No depression can beat you loneliness can beat you... nothing can beat you.. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Don't give up
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 8 horas atrás
Having eye floaters did it for me and there is no hope in climbing out of it , having debris flinging around in your eyeball all day every day is a fucked up existence .
Windom Earle
Windom Earle 10 horas atrás
Succesful Person
Succesful Person 12 horas atrás
Depression is a reaction not an ilness
Karen Panton
Karen Panton 12 horas atrás
Robiul Hossain
Robiul Hossain 14 horas atrás
Thank you for such a beautiful speech.
Lazarus Blackwell
Lazarus Blackwell 14 horas atrás
Think about my following words. There are many "brilliant" people around the world that are creating new and unique things every single day. These people may be creative but their brain STILL has a major flaw and that is ADDICTION Geniuses create things that were created for THEM and NOT the AVERAGE people Because they are ADDICTED to their creations,they fail to see the DAMAGE they are doing to society.
Lazarus Blackwell
Lazarus Blackwell 14 horas atrás
Human brain has a pretty big flaw The flaw is that its prone to ADDICTION When we get "hooked" onto a stimulation and we cant get out Greed is an addiction Addiction to money and things and pleasure Its because of this major biological flaw,that our society has turned away from a natural way of living to a unnatural one in just a few hundred years
Lazarus Blackwell
Lazarus Blackwell 14 horas atrás
Follow your dreams people And that means breaking the rules of this sick greed based society
andrew svejda
andrew svejda 15 horas atrás
Bar groups don’t count!
Alexander Vue
Alexander Vue 18 horas atrás
Great ted talk
Andej Dia atrás
i love this man lol
James Richard Wiley
I get depressed when I run low on money to pay my bills.
Rashid Albayaty
Rashid Albayaty Dia atrás
well done Hary , indeed
Annabelle Martinez
Well sometimes I just wanted to die. I dont want to think of anything anymore. Im tired.
dacub100 Dia atrás
Most valuable ted talk ever, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons Dia atrás
Thought he was gonna say because 'the world is full of cxxts. '
Beyond Words
Beyond Words Dia atrás
This is literally the best presentation on this subject that I have ever heard !!!!!! Doctors have tried to prescribe SSRIs to me most of my life. I have always realized that not belonging in my family of origin resulted in not being able to reach out and find other sources of belonging. It is crippling to be rejected buy your own tribe. There is no pill that can replace this sense of not belonging of being ridiculed, rejected, outcast, or treated as a scape goat. When your own family of origin can't accept you, it causes life long, deep rooted problems. My brother committed suicide as he too was never welcome in tribe, until he died , and everyone started feeling their part in his death. Black sheep of the family never fit in. This may be why you will need a cow
Gym Hamilton
Gym Hamilton Dia atrás
Oppression causes depression
ra100099 Dia atrás
Apart from God, all is meaningless. There is only one person who can save people from their biggest problem, (Their separation from God) Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” -John 14:6 (watch “this was your life” on youtube)
personality disorder Devon vs Sirbrian
Is my personalty disorder rare or am I the only person with my? comment my video.
Mel MMA Dia atrás
I lived my whole life with depression. I was depressed more than I ever was "happy". When things did go right, when I was happy... I would be on the look out, because I knew it was a matter of time until I was back down in this unclimbable hole. 🕳 Today I can say I am looking up and living. Regardless of my past traumas, regardless of my needs and yerns. I cried out to Jesus Christ and he reached out to me. With love and Mercy. Compassion and forgiveness. Understanding beyond what any human ever could. For the word of God says, ' Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3 ALTHOUGH everyone has left you Jesus Christ has always been there he is waiting for you to talk to him, tell him your needs.
janet Blanc
janet Blanc Dia atrás
Be a good listener, it's often the only medecine needed. And definitely having a pet helps....
현민 이
현민 이 Dia atrás
"we live in a machine that is designed to get us forget about what is important in our life"
RAVEN Dia atrás
the root of all Evil is NOT the money/capitalism/DSM5 but the root of all EVIL = the Fed, the CentralBank and the WealthAggregation
Hans Kraut
Hans Kraut Dia atrás
Summary: So many things are not biological but magical depressed people = people that just need to go to partys and eat less junkfood easy peacy. Dont fund serious medical research but fund cumbaja you need to change dumm dumm you causing yourself to be depressed dumm dumm stop killing yourself dumm dumm Great, now lets party and forget mental health this presentation of a guy to who talked to some random doctors in africa that prescribe cows 🐮 and the WHO that lags behind all serious kind of research and where many poor and oposed to mental health countrys are part of and get to vote is better! Great party time 🎉
rinny Dia atrás
we're lonely because it's not about living life to its fullest, it's about getting good grades, being "happy", having a lot of money, going to a good college, having a good job, having a good social status.
Peachrocks5 Dia atrás
Heh, I know what my cow is, it’s just totally unrealistic. It shouldn’t be, but it is. My entire life I just want to belong somewhere. Anywhere. Just want to use my skill set which the real world and internet has constantly rejected.
ashoftomorrow 2 dias atrás
So basically not only is out of control capitalism and consumerism bad for the planet and for the prosperity of MOST of humanity but it’s also literally bad for the soul.
Becca Shindorf
Becca Shindorf 2 dias atrás
🔥Warning Too All The People🔥 If you're depressed Get Help Now Before It Gets Way Worse Before You Even Think About Suicide In The First place Think About Your You're love ones, your life is just As important as you If you End You're life it really a selfish thing Your could ever do to you loved Ones that care about you way to Much and i love you even though You I don't know you at all please Seek help immediately have a Nice day people and god bless
Eternally happy
Eternally happy 2 dias atrás
My cat Nam Nam thank you so much
Shana Joyce Paar
Shana Joyce Paar 2 dias atrás
love this so much thank you!!
Salomy Lijo
Salomy Lijo 2 dias atrás
Just remove all things that make you toxic and do things that make you happy 😊 life will be much better....
Raechelyn Dawn
Raechelyn Dawn 2 dias atrás
I have been going through a deep, deep depression for the past several years along with anxiety. I cannot share my long tragic story of loss and loss but … I have tried reaching out to counselors, pastors and doctors and nobody gets it. I had been on an antidepressant for 15-years and like you it ended up not working in the end so I had to taper off. I’m on nothing now and I’m so isolated, physically ill and terribly unhappy. Covid made it worse and I loss my career. I don’t know what to do anymore. You nailed everything I’m going through on the head but now I don’t know where to begin or go to get better. I’m so far down… I feel like I’m never going to get out of this hole. Anyone reading this have suggestions, please let me know. I wish you all well. 🙏🏻
Lexus Lawson
Lexus Lawson Dia atrás
Understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are very powerful because the Source/God lives within you. Energy is every real. Sit and meditate to release and heal any every broken parts, childhood traumas, pain. Please be patient with yourself on this spiritual journey. Crying means you needed a beautiful release to feel free. Positive affirmations, self love, literally do activities that bring you joy. You are never alone ✨
Anđela Radojičić
You are not alone
RainForestSoul Dia atrás
First of all, big warm hugs of genuine caring and understanding to you. I don’t know your entire story but we share a similar history of one loss after another. Like you I suffer from anxiety and I am going to call it sadness rather than depression. Those losses really take a toll when they happen over and over again. I also have a history of childhood trauma which set up a pattern of repeated trauma in adulthood. At one of the many useless sessions I have had with therapists, I was told to stop living in the past. Trauma gets trapped in our bodies and doesn’t give us the choice to move forward with our lives. So, in my opinion, these “professionals” I too have reached out to are only as good as what they have been taught and what they have been taught is wrong. I’m a chronic pain patient living in poverty and no longer having my pain being adequately treated has pushed me to the edge. Until the people we rely on to “get it” and truly care about what we are feeling understand the simple yet powerful concepts in this Ted talk, human suffering will continue. I wish there were something I could tell you to make everything better but I haven’t figured out how to fix my own suffering. Just know that you are not alone in feeling what you feel and your reactions are perfectly normal in spite of what “professionals” might tell you. So many of us are truly suffering and too many people don’t seem to care but I do. Joy and purpose are what makes us feel alive. Try to find something that brings you joy and do it unapologetically. I’m going to take my own advice today and do one of the things that bring me joy which is really bad guitar playing. Sending thoughts of comfort and peace to you.
Peat 2 dias atrás
Very well said and delivered. It gave me a new perspective of my struggles, thank you for sharing.
Abe Ayoubi
Abe Ayoubi 2 dias atrás
Thanks heaps Johann :) you made my day!!!
Pauline G Villalon
Pauline G Villalon 2 dias atrás
so finding your purpose is the key.. Owww
Pauline G Villalon
Pauline G Villalon 2 dias atrás
I'm scared and I don't want to come into this state..
Julieann Hawley
Julieann Hawley 2 dias atrás
Oh also - “If you are depressed, if you are anxious, you're not weak, you're not crazy... you're a human being with unmet needs." That’s partly true but do you big business cares if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to take a day off?! Gone are the days when if you were unhappy with your job working at your local hardware you could quit and get a job at another down the road. These days they are all owned by the same big corporation! You need to meet others to form a support group - how? Everyone is caught up in their little bubble lives. There are no easy answers because big companies are not interested in helping you. They are here to make money… not deal with Joe Bloggs having a meltdown. Your mates would rather spend free time creating ousts for their Insta accounts… it’s 2021 and the world is a screwed up place. Sink or swim!
Julieann Hawley
Julieann Hawley 2 dias atrás
Look, this is a lovely speech but nothing more than fluff and bubbles. In Australia everyone is “under the pump” working a job that 2 ppl used to do. Shorter lunch breaks, longer days, rising rents and house mortgages, rise in petrol, gas and electricity. Businesses that have been swallowed up by big Corporations who squeeze every working second out of their staff with little care or compassion. This talk, about gardening and joining groups is sweet… but not one single support group I have been involved with were interested in anything more than their business model which was visit for an hour, remain anonymous and talk about your worries. None we’re open to other ideas. Many people with anxiety/depression/ panic attacks also suffer from cataplexy, brain zaps, abnormal sensory disturbances, nightmares, problems with concentration, nausea, diarrhoea, dizziness, narcolepsy, acrophobia and unwelcome thoughts or even psychosis need more than a group they need answers. I think it’s a chemical imbalance that no gardening, no groups and no fluffy speeches are going to fix anytime soon.
Justin Griffin
Justin Griffin 2 dias atrás
Lovely to hear the audience enthusiasm.
me 3 dias atrás
I thought that quarantine would help people understand the loneliness and isolation I was feeling. I was wrong.
Bob Sauce
Bob Sauce 3 dias atrás
This was not the reason
they say hiraeth
they say hiraeth 3 dias atrás
I can't believe how many people in the comments are reacting to this with anger. Does it just seem like a threatening idea for some reason? Just the basic concept that people are social and need groups to survive? Seems like y'all need to do some self reflection to see why this makes you so angry.
kyokushinfighter78 3 dias atrás
This hits me. Finding the purpose in my life.... thanks for reminding me... Some practical share: when I am depressed, I take a walk outside. Talk to myself. Talk about who I am, what is my value to the worlds..... to my family. This helps me.
ابتسام 3 dias atrás
i'm 20and i lost my mum and dad will get married after two weeks i have married sisters and one young bro and idk how to ride my life ....i can't study more i used to be one of the best students and a cheerful girl but i can't fix it now ......and i know the reason ....i lost ma selfconfidance on studies i feel like i lost the reason to study i can't start again like i feel as i have lost my self i can't find something bless me i'm always tired can anyone suggest something to try or idk any advice
ابتسام 2 dias atrás
@Rita Miller thank u very much sis i will search more about it
Rita Miller
Rita Miller 2 dias atrás
I’ve been looking into something called “radical acceptance”. There is a lot online about it as well as several books. It’s basically a thought process that helps you accept the things in life that we really have no control over (which is a lot) and clears up your mind so that you can become more calm and logical about things. Life can be tough, hang in there!
Ziba mbense
Ziba mbense 3 dias atrás
Great stuff. Not all medical problems require medication
Andre Giante
Andre Giante 3 dias atrás
I'll be dead before I'm 40.
k 3 dias atrás
6:30 first time i've laughed today
Percy Malawau
Percy Malawau 3 dias atrás
Badr's brother from another mother.
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff 3 dias atrás
People act like they care about others until the bill comes...
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff 3 dias atrás
Nice what if you have no community?
Valentia Huguley
Valentia Huguley 3 dias atrás
The tangible forehead immunologically twist because blood surely delight mid a uneven rat. invincible, spiteful seal
wh hw
wh hw 3 dias atrás
I want to be in a tribe or group
Not Sure
Not Sure 4 dias atrás
I’ve adapted to it, if I die I die. Most people I meet are stupid and I am too stupid for the smart ones I meet. I hope I never come back.
MsSylvana63 4 dias atrás
That’s exactly how I crawled out of my deep rooted depression and anxiety wich equals tremendous (FEAR ) was to pay attention to those Signals and then to take inspired action, building one step at a time until I was Free and still am❣️✨🙏🏾✨
MsSylvana63 4 dias atrás
Wow spot on❣️ Brilliant 🤩🙏🏾✨
tien ngo thuy
tien ngo thuy 4 dias atrás
Listen to other people and you will always be their prisoners A quote from Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu The key to the endless suffering humans are inflicting on ourselves and others. A reflection before sleep.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 4 dias atrás
I’m depressed because this world’s, or at least my country’s, leaders and/or “elected” officials have adopted an agenda of hate, anger, and fear in order to keep from being exposed of their questionable behavior, and to fatten their bank accounts, not to mention the threats to theirs and their loved ones lives. The majority of my fellow citizens, however, have fallen for it and think it’s normal and passively acquiesce to an “elected”government that gives themselves pay raises, creates laws they don’t have to follow, and get re-elected time and again getting richer each time and never doing a single days honest work for it. Those of us that see it can’t bring us out of it because it requires a vibrational adjustment that goes against the entire world and cannot be moved by that world. It takes a strong spirit not an arrogant ego. Wanting to fit in in some capacity is a true desire that creates depression when you don’t. It’s a very difficult task to reach and maintain that higher vibration knowing the tribe you seek for aid in this endeavor, is sparse and probably just as disconnected from society as you are and most likely having some issue with this as well. We’re trying, but quite honestly speaking for myself, I really need more of you to wake up and face the hard truth. The truth is that you were programmed and trained like Pavlov’s pooch. But the hardest truth is that you need to forgive them for doing it and then forgive yourself for falling for it. The ego is your enemy and the rope we all hang ourselves with. I’m not depressed because this is the way it is, I’m depressed because of the way I’m absolutely certain it would be, if we lived through our hearts instead of our minds. But our egos won’t let us do it. The irony is that that which has given rise to my depression has also shown me the purpose of my existence. To help everyone overcome and disintegrate their egos. Tough job knowing I have to slay my own first. Amor vincit omnia.
TwisT 4 dias atrás
20:31 welcome comrades this is the revolution ⚒⬛🟥
mehul trivedi
mehul trivedi 4 dias atrás
What An Amazing Way To Treat Depression. And What An Amazing Ted Talk..! Thanks A Lot For This.💥👏🙌
Nikita Shutkov
Nikita Shutkov 4 dias atrás
Thank you ❤️
Jeff White
Jeff White 4 dias atrás
And as any American can tell you, there is absolutely no down side to extreme tribalistic behavior. The racism problem is totally made up, cops don't murder black people for nothing, and white people aren't attacking people because they look Asian. Unfortunately, this guys idea of "friendly, cooperative tribes" doesn't and will never exist in the world. And that is especially true of the tribe of those that have and those that don't. Tribes kill each other simply for being members of a different tribe.
Source Hauntings
Source Hauntings 4 dias atrás
Hmm- used to be depressed and anxious- but not anymore. I got to being my own friend- easy to say- harder to apply- but I learned to really like myself and see earth as a place to just experience- not “succeed” in something. Real success is truly doing something you are present in and not always jumping to the past or future trying to be something more then just an experiencer of things that fascinate you. people will pick up on that fast and become interested in you. Be interested in them. I could live a thousand years and still be wanting to experience things on Earth.
matthew ramirez
matthew ramirez 5 dias atrás
The aspiring colony approximately steer because pelican thessaly precede vice a eatable hexagon. spotty, shaggy game
ivan eckhardt
ivan eckhardt 5 dias atrás
Standing ovation, impressive
Living Better Therapy
Living Better Therapy 5 dias atrás
Could be because we train for all kinds of things but we don't really train our minds to feel better and think better.
Oktay Playz
Oktay Playz 5 dias atrás
Oh no
RC3 5 dias atrás
this is great
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 5 dias atrás
We are anxious because we pay for animals to be abused needlessly. Leave them alone!
Silence Screams
Silence Screams 5 dias atrás
Ok but how do i start a tribe now? I dont even have a single friend in my life.
Bhisham Chandiramani
Bhisham Chandiramani 5 dias atrás
I am in this confused anxious state right now, I just happened to see this video by chance , I hope life can be straight again
Darren Walshe
Darren Walshe 5 dias atrás
When u feel u need need need thats were the problem arises, just be xx
red button
red button 5 dias atrás
Depression is a market. That is the current reality
Romaine Knepp
Romaine Knepp 5 dias atrás
Thank you.
manna 5 dias atrás
Just like bees evolved to live in a hive, humans evolved to live in a tribe.
Paula C
Paula C 6 dias atrás
While I can see some truth in the unmet needs, I can have all my needs met, but have an anxiety attack or bipolar depression. Why? Because it is also a chemical imbalance or makeup of my brain.
gellethecat 6 dias atrás
What an incredible talk. I took my time off from work today. Told them i was sick, but it's really because i'm giving myself a break from everything. All this for my mental health. I felt guilty sending an e-mail to my boss this morning. However, i am glad i'm acknowledging my anxiety & (mild symptoms of) depression as "signals." Knowing what needs aren't met and understanding that this is not just me being weak are the first steps to helping myself get back up again.
Katarina Ogilvie
Katarina Ogilvie 6 dias atrás
Cannot recommend his book more highly, not only to help you understand your own mental health journey better but a must read for your loved ones too if they want to support and understand you better too xx 🌈
Joe Swartz
Joe Swartz 6 dias atrás
So if your doctor prescribes a cow, THAT would be cheaper than medication. This sounds like a very good idea. Seriously though, as I am very susceptible to depression I know that I do not prefer to listen to people’s ideas and suggestions on how to not be depressed. I certainly do not want a cow nor most of what people suggest, bless their hearts.
hew195050 7 dias atrás
He's right....that said, I can't stand the constant swallowing.
A S 7 dias atrás
An excellent Ted talk! Thank you so much!
sooooooooo....... what your really saying is: SOCIALISM. :/
Daan van Honschoten
Daan van Honschoten 7 dias atrás
I dont agree with the dont be you part. Yes it is true to be better someone else in a group than yourself alone. But you reallllyyy should aim for being yourself in a group and be comfortable. This is based fully on anecdotal evidence so its maybe different for other people but what i found was that when i acted like the others i found a group but was never part of it. When i started to be myself my true self and said the things i was thinking the others found me and invited me into their group because they wanted me to be part of it. I see now how this is pretty narcissistic but its not about me being awesome but about me being myself with my values being found by the "tribe" i never saw
The Driper
The Driper 7 dias atrás
Depression means you are not interacting enough
Teyron Jayne Evans
Teyron Jayne Evans 7 dias atrás
I have instinctively believed working in community gardens is the answer. You have just confirmed this is the way forward. Thankyou. 🌠
Thomas Evolve
Thomas Evolve 7 dias atrás
Warm and humane talk, but very little practical advice, or maybe I missed it. Join a support group and that's the fix? Doesn't sound like a long-term solution. We are in the process of very big changes in the world, kind of a transition era. This creates a lot of confusion and isolation for us these times, we sense internally that something big is happening. It will get much in the future. We are definitely not as advanced (as a whole) as we might think, a long way to go, but we are getting there.
tkrozner 7 dias atrás
I don't have any friends.
John Paul
John Paul 7 dias atrás
The comment section is amazing:) thank u all for these positive and inspiring comments ☺️
Jake Mullins
Jake Mullins 7 dias atrás
Psilocybin will cure most mental health issues. Just Google Micro Dosing with LSD or Psilocybin and you won’t regret it.
Jeet sukhman
Jeet sukhman 7 dias atrás
Anybody suffering from Depression they need to know JESUS CHRist MATTHEW 11:28 verse Come to me,(A) all you who are WEARY and BURDENED and I will give you rest.(B)
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao 7 dias atrás
lol so basically the underlying theme of Fight Club
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