This Bluetooth Speaker Will Melt Your Face

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Comentários 2 838
ian philpott
ian philpott 5 horas atrás
Hey, you should do a review of soundboks 3 generation.......
Jonah Santos
Jonah Santos 17 horas atrás
What is the names of the songs
GoVidsGo Dia atrás
review the soundboks 3!
Christian Henriquez
Christian Henriquez 2 dias atrás
Is this better than the jbl boombox ?
Harsh Khare
Harsh Khare 2 dias atrás
Devialet gold phantom vs diamond box which is better Please man I would love that video
Mathieu Diep
Mathieu Diep 3 dias atrás
Soundbok unboxing please
Noble Price
Noble Price 6 dias atrás
It just melts...........hit Dr.Dre !!!
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz 11 dias atrás
Do a video in the JBL boom box and JBL party box 200,300,1000 series
Andrew 11 dias atrás
Man, the clipped signal is ruining the actual experience or ‘what could be’ show casing the speaker. Should’ve just turned the mic gain down and edited the video. But that was a whole lotta speaker lmao
Andrew 11 dias atrás
This is loud enough for a party, let me max is out while I’m right next to it lmao. Watch your ears bro! I’ll bet that mic signal was hot too hahaah
Andrew 11 dias atrás
Oh yeah, we clipping lmao
ASAP BAD ASS 12 dias atrás
John Miller
John Miller 13 dias atrás
Guys your speaks weren't cracking. The sound was making his microphone clip causing the recording to hit in the red. Your speakers had no choice to relay that sound. lol
Yandel Rosado
Yandel Rosado 13 dias atrás
Do Bump box
John Grist
John Grist 15 dias atrás
Melt your face or your wallet?
The Gadget Guy
The Gadget Guy 15 dias atrás
It seems when both were connected and on the highest volume the sound did distort, they must be really FREAKIN' LOUD!!!,
Aamey Playz
Aamey Playz 16 dias atrás
I still think the xl2 is better :)
Steve Burlinson
Steve Burlinson 17 dias atrás
One of the songs is called Mimi by DNA Beatz
Isaac Yoon
Isaac Yoon 17 dias atrás
Me: Read comments Also me: RIP headphone users
Ladislav Ladislav
Ladislav Ladislav 18 dias atrás
ASAP Meme 18 dias atrás
5:23 who else computer speakers started crackling
Sherwin Scott
Sherwin Scott 18 dias atrás
Yo what beats are you listening to those R 🔥 🔥
Mihai Manolache
Mihai Manolache 19 dias atrás
Can you please do the Marshall Tufton?
Warren Tini
Warren Tini 19 dias atrás
The best mark audio speaker , JBL Bose and other don't make thé weight ,🤔maybe teufel will make this
Audio Buff
Audio Buff 19 dias atrás
Was the clipping your microphone or was that cone distortion ?
Dangersammy 20 dias atrás
You used the old version in the maker makeup video
PURGE 20 dias atrás
you guys need an audio engineer
zSluGGY x
zSluGGY x 20 dias atrás
I know the devialet phantom is a lot more expensive but how does it compare with sound? Can you do a little video explaining please?
abursaw 21 dia atrás
WHAT IT DOESNT FOLD INTO A PHONE??? I cant make this video then!
Roshan Fernandez
Roshan Fernandez 21 dia atrás
This guy has got weird taste of songs 😎
Yücel Kayabaşı
Yücel Kayabaşı 21 dia atrás
Classic american way of making mad bucks. Rent a warehouse. Buy couple of speakers and bluetooth boards. Make a simple stupid enclosure and charge alot of dollars to create a sense of quality. And idiots will buy it.
Kane Lono
Kane Lono 21 dia atrás
kinda fugly.
Faisal Hossain
Faisal Hossain 22 dias atrás
what watch is he wearing?
Luka Pavlesic
Luka Pavlesic 22 dias atrás
Anyone know where to buy it in Europe?
Lil Bleezy
Lil Bleezy 22 dias atrás
You should do an unboxing of the jbl boombox
Romain Mpoko
Romain Mpoko 23 dias atrás
This will be my offering to the Aliens at Area 51 hopefully they will bless me with great powers
Glock Cozart
Glock Cozart 23 dias atrás
Turn the bass all the way up only way I can see if I want it
Glock Cozart
Glock Cozart 20 dias atrás
zach hatfield
zach hatfield 23 dias atrás
Where does he get his beats?
ananta rizki
ananta rizki 23 dias atrás
Am i the only one who think "now i can carry a stereo on my shoulder and anoyed the whole neighborhood, again!"
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman 23 dias atrás
This vs the jbl boombox
jacob mecaral
jacob mecaral 23 dias atrás
Rip the mic. Crazy sound. the mic can’t Stand it
Solar Robot Mustache Robot
What happens if my face is already melted
rhuezo504 23 dias atrás
What's the songs I need a playlist
Veer Rajput
Veer Rajput 23 dias atrás
My headphones broke afterl listening to this 🤣🤣🤣
Bro 24 dias atrás
Is it better than the JBL BoomBox ?
joselito megino
joselito megino 24 dias atrás
try also marshall speakers
Brandon Ford
Brandon Ford 25 dias atrás
So got any links where it can be bought?
XBX4LFE 25 dias atrás
I got the ION Outback 2. It bumps for the price
Yeah baby
Yeah baby 25 dias atrás
« Diamond box » 😂 great product name! 😏
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott 25 dias atrás
It’s pretty cool, but will absolutely NEVER replace my home stereo.
Groodies Hunt
Groodies Hunt 25 dias atrás
Idk but i hate his favr dnt know why and his speaking accent
Game Nation
Game Nation 25 dias atrás
The start sounds lika a rap
Zohar Modifier
Zohar Modifier 25 dias atrás
built in USA china parts:) wakaka
Gel 25 dias atrás
is this better than the JBL BOOMBOX?
Tushar Sadhye
Tushar Sadhye 25 dias atrás
Why don't you play bass heavy songs.. it's always treble heavy
thacher longstreth
thacher longstreth 25 dias atrás
Review the vifa speakers. You’re not a true speaker head until you do
Avid Kay
Avid Kay 25 dias atrás
Please may I have a link to download the 2nd beat/ instrumental
Corey Stuber
Corey Stuber 25 dias atrás
omg hahaha almost blew out the mics when you hooked them both up xD
lillnemo1 25 dias atrás
Has anyone in real life ever daisychaned more than 2 speakers??? Not ralking bout surround, not bout sonos etc, but daisychaining normal or bluetoothspeakers? Highly doubt it. Just a gimmick nobody uses like 3d tv
Dimondminer11 25 dias atrás
My dad has a 12 subwoofer and some tweeter setup. Your face IS melted off.
Deetsitmeister 25 dias atrás
I know he is into that kind of music, but for audio stuff could you sample different genres. As a metalhead, this is probably going to sound wildly different than this chill drum and bass stuff.
Mario Karyakaki
Mario Karyakaki 26 dias atrás
This speaker is not sealed properly, you will feel the air passing through volume tweeter and bass knobs!!!
Laerich 26 dias atrás
I wanna buy this speaker soooo bad!
محمد السعدي
محمد السعدي 26 dias atrás
The most cheap expensive soundbar
lil brooker
lil brooker 26 dias atrás
how does it charge? he didn’t tell
Louis L.
Louis L. 26 dias atrás
The "diamond boxx" logo on the front look bad/out of place
Bashisfaction 26 dias atrás
the richnes doesent effect u .. it makes u stronger...keep it up it
Bashisfaction 26 dias atrás
seems flat and hard..not like a devialet silver....
Emin Azak
Emin Azak 26 dias atrás
My AKG N200 BT earphones were crackling when he connected them however much I put the volume
Marco Molina
Marco Molina 26 dias atrás
2ct cz diamond worth about nothing
N.A. S.T.
N.A. S.T. 8 dias atrás
duncan maclachlan
duncan maclachlan 26 dias atrás
Not the most amazing quality sound, the base has muffled thud to it. For £600 you could by a soundsystem of far higher calibre that may not be portable but hey, you wouldnt need it to be as the party would be coming to you!
Rabin Timilsina
Rabin Timilsina 26 dias atrás
Meh..Average...Not that loud Oh volume is set to 30%
Janman92 26 dias atrás
Kinda looks like a guitar amp head unit.
Blue Matrix
Blue Matrix 26 dias atrás
sound quality..which is the best sounding Boom Box....not Loud...just sound quality ..this? the LG?? the aiwa?
Belse Bob
Belse Bob 26 dias atrás
John Doe
John Doe 26 dias atrás
How is the bass?
Luis Canduri
Luis Canduri 26 dias atrás
Where the heck he gets that music? It's so damn good!
MAVERICK _ GAMING 26 dias atrás
Nice speaker until those idiots over at what's inside rip it apart with an axe and a sledgehammer! 😖🥴
Christopher Watkins
Christopher Watkins 26 dias atrás
Test this shit with some metal, enough with the r&b dance crap.
Jon Turegun
Jon Turegun 26 dias atrás
Review the JBL BOOMBOX
mandla hlambelo
mandla hlambelo 27 dias atrás
can we have a playlist of the music you played🔊
ROBERT ARCHILLA 27 dias atrás
Fucking Great And Yes You Do Gotta Get 2 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
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