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14 Nov 2021



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D K0
D K0 Anos atrás
Imagine if they kept expanding the secret room in the firing range until every agent had their own room down there!
Queeny 4 meses atrás
They probably will do this
Pluto_ Anos atrás
you can see the valorant agents headquarters and rooms in the new cinematic
joe man
joe man Anos atrás
@ikullk where could I find it?
Yanu Anos atrás
@joe man a 5 star hotel room for Chamber
WhiteWolf Anos atrás
Lol imagine going into cyphers room, first thing I'd see by the door is a camera. Next thing i see in the room is another camera. Third thing I see is 213 more cameras
masakitos Anos atrás
Another fun fact: the aero skin looks purple when ur playing at high quality and blue at low quality :)
El Chara
El Chara 11 meses atrás
Noice I found my potato pc friends
Arthur Ferreira
Arthur Ferreira Anos atrás
I thought that I was bugged out lol
iiminders Anos atrás
Woah! I used to play low quality because I was a noob, but now I play high for easier playing. As a cousin of a cousin that’s diamond and plat, they always coach me. They are the best, my plat cousin is my valorant duo partner. She’s the best and I love her.
Saikyue Anos atrás
its red no matter the settings for me xD
Lumberjaxx Anos atrás
That makes sense i was so confused today when i swear i put the purple one on
Paper Guy
Paper Guy Anos atrás
Dont forget omen blind also goes slower when you're moving backwards
BleEthan Anos atrás
Same with Kayo Frag
Saptarshi Dutta
Saptarshi Dutta Anos atrás
I found this secret place in range while trying chamber where a laptop was kept and there was a message left by cypher which says about chamber's history , how he started working for militry and ended as a weapons designer. Also there is a recording of brimstone and chamber conversating.
LucasPlayz 846
LucasPlayz 846 Anos atrás
Maybe thats the same brimstone room
Celanon Anos atrás
I'm pretty sure that "Sova Cat" was supposed to be a spoof of "Doja Cat"
Elías Fretes
Elías Fretes Anos atrás
also they might be radiants is a reference to they might be giants, a rock band
Høurus Anos atrás
@qwycknd nice catch
qwycknd Anos atrás
@Høurus I believe it may be Schoolboy Q
Brian Ignesh
Brian Ignesh Anos atrás
P4tch not35 is dead mau5 I think
Daniel Cotte
Daniel Cotte Anos atrás
@Høurus nice, i didn't catch that one
HyperAqua Anos atrás
It's so wholesome when MrLowlander says Cypher's "khaamera"♥️
Matt Gabriel Banua
Matt Gabriel Banua Anos atrás
You can use the teleport ability of Yoru and the ult to make an animation that will skip the teleport animation or will skip the unmasking animation of Yoru but you can only use this if your doing some recon
harkfunkel Anos atrás
Thanks for this series, really learned a lot as a noob and a KAY/O main. Wanted to learn how to use Omen, hope you can do him 🙂
Paul Oberbeck
Paul Oberbeck Anos atrás
Its always a good day when lowlander uploads
13eeBez Anos atrás
Btw omen's blind also becomes more slower if u move backwards instead Its good for when ur running from someone or when u blind at entries of attacker spot thingy that are smoked or not smoked? And many more.. but somehow not many people use it
El Señor
El Señor Anos atrás
You should go into a custom game with cheats on and select sage. You turn on auto respawn and infinite abilities. When you are killed, you can resurect you own bodies. and when you do your soul switches to the sage you just ressed. The sage's body you came from just stands there like a maniquen. Its funny top ress yourself multiple times to create a crowd of souless sages.
The squirtle
The squirtle Anos atrás
Ponto1029 Anos atrás
Fun fact: The rock on fracture you can throw guns at actually does not work on with breach flashes, they just go right through
Faraway Anos atrás
I think the “reflection” in the the sky is a hole/rift in between the reality of the real world and the mirror world, also known as where the attacker team came from, that was created by the first light.
38_Chi Thien
38_Chi Thien Anos atrás
Here's a useless fact: You can place KillJoy turrets on skyboxes but NOT alarm bots or the ult Edit: if you use the killjoy turret and die , then place another turret ( you can do more than 2 ) then they will all shoot .I tried it with my friend in custom and I placed like 10 turrets on the skybox , and they all shoot him from spawn lol
Axel Schiess
Axel Schiess Anos atrás
On the poster, im 99% sure that “They might be radiants” is “They might be giants”
Aditya KAVTHEKAR Anos atrás
@zach lloyd I think it’s Polo G
zach lloyd
zach lloyd Anos atrás
@MrLowlander sova cat is also supposed to be doja cat i think, and solo q is supposed to be schoolboy q
MrLowlander Anos atrás
SteFunOfficial Anos atrás
Yes, and Andre 1337 is Andre 3000
👀Syazfiq Anos atrás
I hope they made The Range like a social gamemode so like if we join it we could meet other people so like find teams or chilling
Mobile_Plays Anos atrás
With the omen blind if u move backwards while casting the blind it goes slower also I think sova cat is meant to be doja cat not thunder cat idk
Sheenu310 Anos atrás
addition to the first thing: if you throw it while going backwards, it goes even slower
01- Zapped
01- Zapped Anos atrás
Its always a good day when mr lowlander uploads :D
Pancit Assassin
Pancit Assassin Anos atrás
7:43 might be the other Earth, the lore which explains why we get 2 of each Radiants. The Phoenix who plants the spike and the one who defuses it.
The squirtle
The squirtle 10 meses atrás
@UnknownXD hahahaha
UnknownXD Anos atrás
replication mode *confused screaming*
Steve Crall
Steve Crall Anos atrás
U can break the camera in defender spawn when going to A just in case u need to break another thing :)
Clyde Anos atrás
I love ur content man! Keep it up
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Happy to hear that!
Seth Welch
Seth Welch Anos atrás
It's a good day when MrLowLander posts a video ❤️
ThePrston Anos atrás
I've been waiting for this Thanks for posting us such as this video, Keep it up Mrlowlander. im a big fan of yours!
FrooBroo Anos atrás
MrLowlander, you should do a valorant lore reaction video. there are many theories about valorant out there, and they're really interesting
Bronze RL
Bronze RL Anos atrás
The door in the range is a door i found before this update and funny enough i made a single video about it. Before this update the voiceline was killjoy not chamber well at least the voiceline for the phone in the room. I cant wait for riot to add another part of the door to make it more mysterious and explain more of the story behind "The Kingdom".
Stephen Napitupulu
Stephen Napitupulu Anos atrás
also for the first one, omen blind if u walk backwards while shooting it, it'll go slower
CoconutLover Anos atrás
Things you didn't know about Valorant Content Creators: Mr.LowLander is the best guide for tips and tricks. AND: He knows where all the breakable items are so he cul
Hmm Xst
Hmm Xst Anos atrás
Thank you for acknowledging the hidden toilet, but I went to check behind the toilet door, and there was in fact, no toilet. The closest to it was a restaurant but the door wasn't even aligned to the height of where the restaurant was. So, I guess there are really no toilets?
yiyi huang
yiyi huang 10 meses atrás
fun fact about chamber : chamber's revolver actually has the same recoil as the sheriff
Yerimiah Evans
Yerimiah Evans Anos atrás
There’s an Easter egg on the practice map. Go down the stairwell, it’s a treasure trove
Agent 4
Agent 4 Anos atrás
0:34 the blind moves even slower if you walk backwards I just tried it and pressed 's' by accident
Anakin Chen
Anakin Chen Anos atrás
there is a little orb in the secret room in the range that talks about the agent that is "coming back"
llxcoll Anos atrás
it feels like the radiant crisis bat would change into different types of weapons it would be a bat but when you equip it again it can become a different thing like a knife lol
your regular water bottles
The practice range with yoru was true because i ulted and accidently fell off the map
mysticminds Anos atrás
"Its good to hide all the evidence" Damn that was helpful
Lelouch vi Britannia
I wish I could see your videos all the time! You and Dani are my favourite youtubers!
Fishy 8 meses atrás
The milk man coder
Kazuha Anos atrás
Who is dani?
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Dani is a beast 🔥
Davenzoid Anos atrás
Maybe the "dark" practice range is a parallel world where the mirrored agents you fight in-game, and also the second Chamber in his trailer, comes from? Also, ngl, i like Sage's original look better. Kind of like the darker, edgier cyberpunk asthetics the original agent designs had, instead of the squeaky clean one we have.
hank Anos atrás
4:00, I'm gonna try this to tp into attacker's spawn on fracture as a defender. might be similar to omen's tp + sage's wall at the start of round
aliveh Anos atrás
@Axel Schiess he probs got banned
Axel Schiess
Axel Schiess Anos atrás
How’d it go
Brandon Dotulong
Brandon Dotulong 9 meses atrás
Fun fact, infantry guardian will do "kaching!" reload sound like m1 Garrand when it reach 0 bullets.
9-2 Chinzorig
9-2 Chinzorig Anos atrás
7:42 i think that is the other dimension where the enemies came from( enemy team) u could actually see pheonix from other dimension on one of the VALORANT cinematics
Æsir Anos atrás
Fun fact: I've been knowing that yoru glitch in training camp when yoru got released first!
Waffie Anos atrás
Ive just noticed, if you look REALLY closely you can barely seen an ult orb behind the door at 5:26 edit: you might need to go frame by frame, but about as he says ‘future’.
ChiefPedro Anos atrás
Btw that room in The Range is said to be KJ's lab. Other evidences like the cellphone on the couch says otherwise
WildCard_Zz Anos atrás
@Aarnav Jadhav valorant? It's in the range
Aarnav Jadhav
Aarnav Jadhav Anos atrás
how do you get there what is the website
ChiefPedro Anos atrás
@WildCard_Zz very pog :o
WildCard_Zz Anos atrás
@ChiefPedro lore is pog
ChiefPedro Anos atrás
These are nice views ngl, yall more observant than me :p
DrahteselDennis Anos atrás
Hey MrLowlander, you can collateral tag with sovas drone, like reveal atleast 2 ppl with one bolt
Redfox Anos atrás
You are AWESOME mrlowlander!! I love your videos.
AeroCrania 5 meses atrás
9:40 It is the evil dimension where the enemy teams come from amd if it was a reflection you could see yourself (Not sure tho xD)
Mr Gibus
Mr Gibus Anos atrás
Fun fact: in the range, when you shoot through a bush, it makes a wooden wallbang sound.
Foof Anos atrás
0:40 if u walk backwards it is even slower than standing still
bonko Anos atrás
Greta video as always man hope you reach 1 mil soon!
flikc Anos atrás
Im sure noone noticed this but the spawn barrier starts pulsating faster as the buy phase is ending (VFX AND AUDIO)
izitris69 11 meses atrás
Divyang Parmar
Divyang Parmar Anos atrás
1:09 are converted to a code language if u decode it gives co ordinates for a locatio which looks like a concept art for a new map saw it on tik tok
Parzival Anos atrás
if you ult woth phoenix and equip a ability and wait untill the olt runns out, you still have the ability equipped.
¤hlinns Anos atrás
Mr.Lowlander you should host a tournament in Asia servers with the maximum rank of Silver 1. Trust me they will play like their life depends on it or they play like they are in a big major tournament.
XxFortniteGod3xX Anos atrás
hey Mr.Lowlander appreciate your videos some things really help me :)
Advay B M
Advay B M Anos atrás
(7:41)I think that is the Earth two firing range.
Arnel Pido
Arnel Pido Anos atrás
Did you know the sherrift its different inspection than chamber's sherrift
A Cat Who Purrs
A Cat Who Purrs Anos atrás
Not sure if already mentioned in the previous videos The Ancient Mysteries buddy - the octopus - changes color from pink(?)/orange(?) to black with blue streaks when it is equipped on the Soul Silencer Ghost (max contract Omen) Edit: It's the Ancient Mysteries Revealed buddy, and the color it changes to is purple with blue streaks on the Soul Silencer Ghost.
The very very first time I played valo was on my brothers account and when I played it I saw practice and the first I saw was the beds and ever since then I got a creepy feeling I like watching scary lore in many games like herobrine and others so I got scared whenever I play practice I feel like the boys follow me cause when I run I hear my own footstep and gets scared.
xEnKore Anos atrás
Regarding the Omen Paranoia; if you walk backwards when you do it it’s way slower
SpotFlounder241 Anos atrás
Fun Fact: the thing on the top of the practice range is a rift to earth 2
Charles Ivan Manalo
Fun fact skye deals damage when you got hit by her flash in your body
Turtle Sparkles
Turtle Sparkles Anos atrás
7:45 maybe its the dimension yoru goes into when he uses his ultimate?
Fabbe Anos atrás
The omen flash thing if you walk backwards it goes even slower
i not groot /samurai gaming
here's a good one on split in the buy faze after you go on the zipline on the sand side you will see a white ball if you interact it will pop up puals the scientist key card
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Anos atrás
Also if you walk backwards whilst omen blinds it goes much slower
RazeDraconis Anos atrás
Mrlowlander's videos help me be a better val player
J1nxeD Anos atrás
If you use the phoenix ult in a custom and jump of then use it you can fall to the bottom.
konoham Anos atrás
I love how he pronounces "valorant" like "falorant"
GamerKiba15 Anos atrás
7:30 i have this,i put in my 2nd favorite gun,the bulldog the first is Guardian
Roy XU
Roy XU Anos atrás
Fun fact: When you want everything to be perfect, it is not called OCD, but instead perfectionism
KindaBlueStained Anos atrás
@MrLowlander ily and ur content no homo
Farkler Anos atrás
@Felix Flaus OCD is a mental disorder, you can be annoyed at that wall without having OCD
Krishna V
Krishna V Anos atrás
@Hamun002 geez
Hamun002 Anos atrás
@Felix Flaus OCD is a mental disorder where, as a result of either a singular or multiple traumatic events in the past, usually during a person's developmental period, they obsessively must do something in order to stop a bad thing from happening. Sometimes it can be related to cleaning. For example, someone might be compelled to wash their dishes for a certain number of repetitions in order to be "sure" the dishes are clean. This is usually the result of someone with a food allergy going through multiple attacks at a young age due to improper food handling. However, the obsessive compulsive behavior is often times very removed from the expected negative outcome. One classic example is locking and unlocking all of the doors in a house multiple times before going to sleep. At least that "makes sense" because locking a door will at least stop someone else from opening the door up while you're asleep. That is a very general way of discussing it, but its about safety. For example, some people with serious OCD must walk up a staircase "perfectly" in order to ascend a set of stairs, and it can take them hours to do so. If they don't do it perfectly, they will be overwhelmed with emotions panicking about the repercussions of not completing the ritual. A friend of mine with this disorder recently developed a fixation regarding cockroaches. Her landlord is a lazy shit and hasn't fumigated their apartment, so they get cockroaches occasionally. Her OCD has created a scenario in her head where as long as she performs certain rituals, the bugs will leave her and her fiancée alone during the week, and on Sunday her brain has decided is the "cockroach day" where she won't be overly emotionally disturbed by the roaches. Any other time she sees them its extremely emotionally disturbing. She has some other mental disorders that kind of complicate the interaction of behaviors, but now I hope you understand this better.
Tim Laporre
Tim Laporre Anos atrás
I agree! omg, thank you! OCD is a psychological disorder and SHOULD NOT be used to describe people's perfectionism easily!
Spider-Man Anos atrás
Now... How will I go back to sleep after watching the early version of sage who's actually supposed to be a life giver... Damn I have seen the early version of my main Killjoy, it was cool cuz she was supposed to take Kay/o's place but Sage... I... I'm just gonna have nightmares even if I went to sleep.
Raphael Dexter
Raphael Dexter Anos atrás
the breeze one you can also walk on bind 5:45
KingXilar Anos atrás
Omen fact: If you blind while moving backwards the blind gets even slower. W - fastest blind / standing normal blind / S - slowest blind.
Gringu Anos atrás
Lowlander is the God of valorant tips and tricks
X&R Animation
X&R Animation Anos atrás
Mr lowrander: surpassing cat ninja Mr lowrander 1 year later: a little more and we will surpass pewdiepie 🤣
Mankalesh RJ
Mankalesh RJ Anos atrás
For the next video-if ur hardstuck in low elo there's actually no way of getting out
Downkey Anos atrás
I did
Hamad Villareal
Hamad Villareal Anos atrás
fun fact : KJ ult is KAY/O well now you know
Bubu Anos atrás
No way, i've been getting alot of eerie vibes from when i was in the range, no wonder why
Dweinosynthesis Anos atrás
yet again you've done it! keep it up!
strzng Anos atrás
omen flash is slower when u walk backward and cast too.
Kieieie E
Kieieie E Anos atrás
hey mr. lowlander can the tournament be for 3 different regions and not just eu so that people from other places can also participate?
Xander Raine
Xander Raine Anos atrás
@MrLowlander nice
Antonio P. H.
Antonio P. H. Anos atrás
Up this comment. Let's see how far wide Mr.Lowlander community can reach. Greetings from Singapore 1 ❤️
Kieieie E
Kieieie E Anos atrás
@MrLowlander oh yes , that would be great then 🙂
ChiefPedro Anos atrás
@MrLowlander Cool to know :b Since Im lvl 29 and I still need to lvl up a bit to be in ✌
MrLowlander Anos atrás
We start with just europe but might do other regions in the future! :)
Deniz Özyay
Deniz Özyay Anos atrás
If u walk back the omen flash is even slower
KurtSu Anos atrás
It's not only breeze that you can walk in the skye its also fracture and bind i think there's more i just heven't discovered them yet.
Gian Anos atrás
U can actually play glitch flash on haven on like the flower pot
Eleazar Lau
Eleazar Lau Anos atrás
FreedomFlyer Anos atrás
i remember 'finding' the jarate in haven and being so exited that I got the refrence
Trinabh Bhatnagar
Trinabh Bhatnagar Anos atrás
I don't know whether anybody knows about this but on split defender side, on the left of the start of stairs for haven b site, there is a pipe that makes a funny sound. It is the same as the pipes on attacker side in breeze
Lil Mommy
Lil Mommy Anos atrás
what if a attacker does the 4:03 trick? do they get stuck on the barrier or do they go to the rope
1Sebi Anos atrás
I found an easter egg in split on the defender spawn. Look to the left side on the monitors :)
ve4r Anos atrás
1:50 i think its doja cat not thunder cat, i wish it was thunder cat tho, man's a living bass legend. also, solo q is polo g and andre 1337 is andre 3000
Daniel Anos atrás
I think solo q is meant to be schoolboy q
Klerens 225
Klerens 225 Anos atrás
I’m finally getting a PC and i have been watching your videos for a long time so i’m really happy that I get to play Valerint soon
Solo KingsKnight
Solo KingsKnight Anos atrás
I've been thinking this for a while now and I'll just say this, Killjoy and Raze is similar to Heimerdinger and Ziggs from League of Legends, Killjoy has a turret like Heimerdinger while Raze likes explosion like Ziggs.
Solo KingsKnight
Solo KingsKnight Anos atrás
I'll add this as a separate note, KJ is a Heimerdinger main.
MTD_Rolink Anos atrás
You can fake tp with chamber by looking at your tp thing and press f and e together, btw i love your videos keep it like that :)
L1ght Anos atrás
4:05 what if you were attacking? Will you come through the barrier please try this
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Tournament applications will be open later today, sorry for the delay
Da monke
Da monke Anos atrás
can you play in NA?
The_Swiss_potato Anos atrás
Ik where the little animals thingy are in fracture but don't know how to post it :(
AkashXD Anos atrás
Arcanexvalo link??
Krishna V
Krishna V Anos atrás
Wait can any server players join and do i have to have friends to play like do i need a team to play cuuz i dont hv friends :(
Cl9ut Anos atrás
Wait are the tournaments gonna be in apac servers I playing in apac servers
SomeRandomHuman Anos atrás
Fun fact: the room at the training area belongs to brimstone and we can see his best fren at the photo
Brxndon Anos atrás
The bat looks good with the finisher, I just wish they gave the bat the finisher
Arjay Emmanuel Lar
Arjay Emmanuel Lar Anos atrás
I may be not sure if every one already know this but when you are at PRACTICE RANGE and you launch RAZE's ult at the portal and go to the portal, you can see RAZE's ult coming and its explosion closely. u need to look quick at the back of the portal after using it and you will see RAZE's ult.
Rqya Anos atrás
so the reason i had to wait for the update for 30 mins is because riot added poros in maps.
CoconutLover Anos atrás
apparently so lmao
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