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glad i didnt drown!
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3 Jun 2023



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Evelin Aa
Evelin Aa 2 anos atrás
Her mom writing Jaidens mom when someone asked her to sign a shirt is the most precious thing
JoseR 2 anos atrás
Rayan Jamali
Rayan Jamali 2 anos atrás
Rostpeper 2 anos atrás
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 2 anos atrás
@Rostpeper Wdym wow
🔥Phoenix Wings Animations Studio🔥
Very wholesome
Quetzal00358 Anos atrás
Jaiden's Mom: “Pathta with no sauth” Jaiden: **”and I took that personally”**
CH4RL13 Anos atrás
It’s thauth!!
Charles entertainment cheese
Rei-Toriyasu [ThePurpleDevil]
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Anos atrás
"we have asian blood in us so we can't bring dishonner to our famery" - asian jaiden
Wambo Anos atrás
Me: So how much dishonor can i bring?
Totally not Dave Miller, the communist
@Wambo a billion
FoxBat Anos atrás
I agree
Richard Popson
Richard Popson Anos atrás
Edible And Sentient Automobile
She also may have German heritage, thanks to her last name
The Senate
The Senate 9 meses atrás
I love to come back and look how Jaidens animation and art style have grown through the years, it really improved and looks so good
Dasan Games
Dasan Games 7 meses atrás
0:33 famary
2hot4you 7 meses atrás
I know right! Like she has changed so much
G A 4 meses atrás
Its fun to watch her grow
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray Anos atrás
Tears began as soon as she talked about her mom signing the shirt. It's so wonderful that they not only support you but are also so happy for your success. Respect.
Jaxon family and friends
Can you run fast?
Leonardo 200
Leonardo 200 2 meses atrás
@Jaxon family and friends yes but why ask that?
@Jaxon family and friends can you hide quickly from your current location how quickly would it take for you to lock your door how long would it take for a person to get from the front door to you
3 minute noodles
3 minute noodles 4 meses atrás
My speech therapist tried to explain the “SSS” and “TH” thing and I was like “nah that’s not how that works” as if she wasn’t a trained professional. She also suggested I read Warrior cats, and I told her that I will not because I thought it would be bad. I’m now a dedicated fan because I started reading it on my own, she never knew I love wc because I started reading after I stopped going. She now has twins. Good for her
EndiecatzYT Mês atrás
I want to read that series but I haven’t been spoiled by playing the Roblox game cus I only read just a lil on the first book at a Barnes and noble Also I sometimes pronounce my SSS as ZZS
mata schmata
mata schmata 2 anos atrás
it's so sweet that your mom wrote "jaiden's mom" as her autograph, like she's just so happy to be your mother that that's enough of an identity for her and she doesn't want to take the attention away from you
Wolfehtreez 2 anos atrás
*Everyone liked that.*
pixelkitten 2 anos atrás
Wolfehtreez y e s
choehana 2 anos atrás
this is normal in some asian cultures. the parents are identified by their child's names and their relationship instead.
Chihuahua 2 anos atrás
3:18 Can tell Jaiden plays or watch danganronpa Look at the clock it’s that bear from danganronpa
Coppa Cone
Coppa Cone Anos atrás
Jaiden : “That video is not worth 10 million views” People: “Ok the. we will give you 28 million views”
Tomodochi2 Anos atrás
I’m watching this at 33 million views (this has 69 likes
UtopiaYA Anos atrás
‘That video’ has 30 now
küpüthane Anos atrás
20_XE_Zaara Thakur
20_XE_Zaara Thakur Anos atrás
@UtopiaYA ya
S7mm3r-! Anos atrás
@küpüthane that meme is horrible. It's irrelevant lol
100k Anos atrás
let’s just appreciate how much time jaiden puts in to her videos
Jennie Mozader
Jennie Mozader Anos atrás
Love ur pfp
cool man
cool man 11 meses atrás
Like bot
SakuMyBae😘 7 meses atrás
@cool man tf u mean by like bot?
SakuMyBae😘 6 meses atrás
@cool man oh ik i get it but why not let her get the support 🙃
arc 5 meses atrás
"all right loser I've got a quiz to take" IM DECEASED 💀
K-pop Addict.
K-pop Addict. 11 meses atrás
The "Brown, Hazel..." was really hilarious 😂 And the way she says "I almost died" makes it look like she has been through smt WAYYY more difficult 😅
Georgia Peach
Georgia Peach 4 meses atrás
She always makes me laugh! Anyone reading this comment have a great day/night!!!!
Eddie Narrea
Eddie Narrea 4 meses atrás
Thanks and to you to :)
DatsMia 2 anos atrás
Lets admit it, *we all almost have drowned when we were younger*
Korny_Kat Anos atrás
yep, no one came to save me when I was 4 yet I still survived because of how good my grip is. P.S I do not know how to swim to this day
I heard you read this
Yea, lol I have this funny story When drown one time, me and my friends decided to go to the beach when I was seven and while we were playing in the waves I had a smart idea to put my flowties on my legs and swim, ofcouse this backfired and I almost drowned while I had my head ducked underwater.
I haven't been to a pool-
Younggunner Anos atrás
I nearly drowned in a lazy river
nah I havn't gotten there yet
AJETT Anos atrás
We have evidence of her mom’s hypocrisy in Ari’s first video. “Hey mom you’re gonna be a grandmother now” *“W h a t ! ?”*
pentbot Anos atrás
Srdjan Arsic
Srdjan Arsic 4 meses atrás
H U U U U U U U U U H?!
Mihailo Aleksic
Mihailo Aleksic 2 meses atrás
human being
human being 2 meses atrás
Moki Anos atrás
That "almost drowned story" reminds me of my younger brother. They were playing in swim class and throw each other into the pool, my brother hit his head and didn't realised anymore he had to come up, instead he thought he will just "respawn".
Aiden Mulder
Aiden Mulder Anos atrás
♡ AuroraPheonixHrt ♡
He's not in minecraft;-;
Rended_ Anos atrás
audrey Permana
audrey Permana Anos atrás
your brother plays too much video games •-•
Cheesy Noodle
Cheesy Noodle Anos atrás
Wow XD sorry not a video game
Arturo Aguilar
Arturo Aguilar 6 meses atrás
I think it's a mark of a great artist to look at their past successes from a few years ago an say: "Wow! I can't believe how bad my artwork used to be!" PS: How many people started to meet Jaiden with their eyes closed or wearing sunglasses after this video was uploaded?
Anthony Paoli
Anthony Paoli Anos atrás
I know this video is a few years old, but can we appreciate how great Jaiden's interpretation of her mom's Italian friend is? I don't want to use the word "design" because it's a real person, but yes, top tier character art.
Dread Productions
Dread Productions 3 meses atrás
2:48 That little “Ya Hoo” gives me life. It’s honestly perfect.
Valrhys 3 anos atrás
My whole family : "babies are so adorable" Jaiden : " *pathetic* "
roadkill 3 anos atrás
if only my name was jaiden
Rokzila 3 anos atrás
@roadkill, yeah!
Y B 3 anos atrás
Earth Gaming YAA
Ailis Bonner
Ailis Bonner 3 anos atrás
Who else saw Papyrus?
G0ld3n__Ed1ts Anos atrás
7:02 Of course we do, you work so hard!! You deserve this Jaiden :)
Khloe Krossing
Khloe Krossing Anos atrás
TerribleTTT Anos atrás
HowlOwl 嗥鸺
HowlOwl 嗥鸺 Anos atrás
Quinnimation TV
Quinnimation TV 11 meses atrás
Owen Starr
Owen Starr Anos atrás
3:07 Jaiden’s Mom: (in whisper) “Pathta with no thauth.” Jaiden: *So you have chosen... death.*
KamoGaming [ かも]
holy hell I've never heard the line being said. I thought it was silent as a joke
Owen Starr
Owen Starr Anos atrás
@KamoGaming [ かも] You can hear it if you listen very closely or if you turn your volume up.
Feritye (x12)
Feritye (x12) 6 meses atrás
I haven't almost drowned before, but I have a similar story, one time I was going through this race thing with all these thick foam walls that you could walk through, but you can't breathe unless you're tall enough to stick your head over it, so everyone was holding their kids over the bubbles, but my mom was over here just pushing me through the walls and telling me not to breathe, I ended up breathing and my nose really hurt and I cried
Edward Mashiro
Edward Mashiro Anos atrás
I’m Italian. So I can actually confirm “we talk like dis” (in English at least) and have our houses full of spaghetti. Well they are delicious cooked in an Italian way. Also if Jaiden ever reads this: I love your voice. I think it is pleasant and charming and very genuine . I know you don’t really like it so I thought it could be handy to know a perfect Italian stranger thinks your voice is among the most nices in BRvid.
Wambo Anos atrás
1. Cocked? (of a male dog) lift (a back leg) in order to urinate. 2. 1 Q for Jaiden (If you see this): Which major Californian city do you live close to? (SF, LA, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Oakland, etc)
Lauro Vazzano
Lauro Vazzano Anos atrás
Fr we eat pasta everyday, it’s so good (I’m Italian too btw)
Wambo Anos atrás
@Lauro Vazzano My mom makes noodles (I'm chinese) and I hate it. Pasta is better lmao
The~spicey~grape Anos atrás
I am Italian
rare love channel
rare love channel Anos atrás
Oh my I'm italian too :D
Noah :⁠-⁠)
Noah :⁠-⁠) 7 meses atrás
Jaiden is the only person who can motivate me to draw.
SuperMarioHayden 2 anos atrás
I like how Jaiden colourizes her swimsuit as a kid but not her shirt in every other scene
Billykick230 Anos atrás
Nae naed true
JustLion Anos atrás
Shola Akinrinde
Shola Akinrinde Anos atrás
Wate she did I did not know that ok No more little word's
Shola Akinrinde
Shola Akinrinde Anos atrás
Carey Yang what minecraft
Spooky Anos atrás
Kids are more colorful and happy
jinxchiaki Anos atrás
Whenever im sad I like to think about how someone, somewhere, has a tshirt that says 'Jaidens mum'
NeonGaster Anos atrás
close the opening in the letter u in the Jaiden's mum then it would turn into Jaiden's mom aka the correct way to say it
jinxchiaki Anos atrás
@NeonGaster I'm Scottish.... (To me 'mom' is the wrong way) ik Jaidens mum wrote mom cause they're American, I just wrote it the British way :)
@NeonGaster Mum, mom… Why does it matter?
Clarence Marco Parungao
pwasta with no swuce
Romain Laroche
Romain Laroche Anos atrás
@xXPo̸tatoTo̸matoXx cause American changed a word that was centuries old cause they were too lazy to learn how to write it🤷 and now they think they have the correct spelling
Azure Balmung
Azure Balmung Anos atrás
I like that Jaiden's suggestion for a speech impediment is essentially a more wholesome version of 'git good'
M0cHatEa<3 Mês atrás
when she said "fremery" instead of family it brought tears to my eyes. thank you Jaiden for such a inspiring word
Lucas Anderson
Lucas Anderson Anos atrás
When my mom was around 4, her aunt jumped in a pool fully clothed to save her from drowning. My grandma has jumped in fully clothed to save both me and my sister from drowning. I was 3 or 4 when I jumped in the deep end of my grandma’s pool and realized it was too deep. Grandma jumped in and saved me. Another time we were staying at a campground on Chincotegue island when my sister jumped in their community pool and grandma, once again, had to do a fully clothed jump in the pool to save her grandchild.
Ax Death
Ax Death Anos atrás
my grammy was very insistent about pool rules, so no one had to jump in and save any of the 9 grandchildren. G-pa had to save the tortoise once though. 30 years in that backyard and one day desert tortoise decides to go swimmin
Timon Braun
Timon Braun Anos atrás
@Ax Death shoulda taught the tortoise the pool rules
Michali Piperakis
Michali Piperakis Anos atrás
At this point it seems more like tradition than coincidence. public announcement: "All citizens must evacuate the premises immediately due to an incoming tsunami!" The Anderson geneline: "Pffffff my family has been training for this moment for generations!!!" *proceeds to run towards the tsunami* All jokes aside, hats off to your family constantly saving each other.
Greywolf757 2 meses atrás
She's eventually going to be vaulting over her walker to go into the water to rescue her grandkids.
Kid Pixel
Kid Pixel 4 meses atrás
I had a similar near drowning experience when I was a kid, except I was the one on top of the floating thing rather than the bottom. Me and a few of my friends were at a water park and we’re playing this ‘game’ where one or two of us would lay on the float and the rest would pretend we were gonna push them into the water. It was fun for a bit until I was sitting there for a while and .... I don’t know if someone actually decided to follow through with it or they pushed the tube a little harder than intended but one minute I was chilling on top of the water then the next I was in it. Then I kinda panicked since I’m not a confident swimmer. Luckily a lifeguard pulled me out and I didn’t drown.
MITSIDOG 2 anos atrás
The fact that there’s a shirt out there with the words jaidens mom written on it makes me happy
fans sans
fans sans 2 anos atrás
Hey is it me or did I see papyrus's head at 2:42 next to a spaghetti box
Shushhhhhh 2 anos atrás
@fans sans omg pfftt...i saw it to(undertale reference i tell you :)
fans sans
fans sans 2 anos atrás
@Shushhhhhh lol
Ele !
Ele ! 2 anos atrás
@fans sans omg i did to
An4mations Anos atrás
Man, Jaiden scared the crap out of poor Maaz by staring 😂 She deserves her staring master degree, that's for sure.
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake Anos atrás
I can’t still. I’ve watched this video so many times, and I still die laughing. My heart literally crumples as Jaiden says “passtha wif no sawss“
Shy Frog
Shy Frog 7 meses atrás
I was scared of the pool filters too, but it was because one time I had a nightmare that a crocodile swam out of one of them and circled me until I woke up.
Bouncing Bunny
Bouncing Bunny Anos atrás
Your videos have such an entertaining positivity that watching them often makes me feel better and calmer! Especially those about retro games or your childhood!
Kitsune The Fox
Kitsune The Fox 5 meses atrás
Once I got stuck underwater, and a long floaty was on top of me. It was drowning and strangling me at the same time. That was the worst life moment ever.
Shmaz Pootaz
Shmaz Pootaz Anos atrás
Mom: *whispers* “Pata with no swauce” Jaiden: *Hits table!* That got me so good!
🌽SoKailyn🥑 Anos atrás
That sounds like me
Lebron Jesus
Lebron Jesus Anos atrás
Brian Wanke
Brian Wanke Anos atrás
I didn’t know what she said but I turned my volume up and heard it- thanks!
Vrinda Abrol
Vrinda Abrol Anos atrás
My parents still do that to me too and i'll just say, This hit me in the soul🤣🤣💀😭
ARandomPerson Anos atrás
When you comment that I burst out laughter because you said: pata with no swause
Jessica Toussaint
Jessica Toussaint Anos atrás
I think one of the beautiful aspects of your story is learning what healthy families should be like. My childhood was abusive and toxic and I did not have such loving support. It reminds me of not only how to treat others, but to give myself the love and support I never got. Thank you Jaiden :)
Pandaplay 202
Pandaplay 202 Anos atrás
2:41 the references in this scene are absolutely amazing
TheoulisesLIV Anos atrás
i saw it in r/undertale ;-;
@TheoulisesLIV Same!
Itz Izzy plays
Itz Izzy plays Anos atrás
Oml ive been scrolling in the comments to see if any one else saw papyrus 😭✋
Isaiah's plush channel
And I saw Mario
Linhardt von Hevring
@Itz Izzy plays I didn’t know why there was a skull in the background until now…
Levi Da Great
Levi Da Great 6 dias atrás
Awesome vid jaiden! As a teen myself, I really do appreciate my parents! (Even though they are somewhat of an annoyance sometimes XD) hoping to be an animator someday like you!
KodamaMilkz Anos atrás
Im Italian and i comfirm that she did the accent EXTREMELY good.
Shin Tensei
Shin Tensei 6 meses atrás
I want jaiden's moms autograph!! She seems nice 🥺
Bøn Bøn
Bøn Bøn 3 anos atrás
Jaiden: “ I’m so happy they are so supportive!” Jaiden’s mom: *”HUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH!?!?!?”*
Hectic 3 anos atrás
Hectic 3 anos atrás
You can't do that
Taxi Chess
Taxi Chess 3 anos atrás
DAWNEEIE 3 anos atrás
DAWNEEIE 3 anos atrás
kim =)
kim =) Anos atrás
Jaiden's parents r so supportive and nice they r like the parents I wish to have :')
Gentletal Anos atrás
You did well with your life. Glad to see you aspirations have come to fruition. May your career last, I hope to be as talented as you.
Arashi Yuruko
Arashi Yuruko 2 meses atrás
OH MY GOD YOU MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!! So I want to be an animater and make videos like you. I’ve wanted to since I was 8 (it’s been 8 years since then) and you brought up the lisp. I only had a mild lisp when I first got braces but I mumbled and sometimes stuttered as a kid and when I talk too fast or if I get excited or anxious it pops back through. Id always get insecure because I’d have to repeat myself and I’m the only people I know that has an old speech impediment pop through at times so it makes me feel better to know someone I look up to can understand that pain. Thank you so much for one, showing me what I’m passionate about at an early age, and two, letting me and so many others know we aren’t alone :) it means a lot to so many of us.
Kakarot Black
Kakarot Black Anos atrás
I love your relationship with your parents. That's awesome they are so supportive! Reminds me alot of my parents ❤️
McNugget 4 meses atrás
This is the first video I saw from you back in 2018 and I’ve loved your videos ever since, I can’t thank you enough for sending me down such a cool BRvid rabbit hole.
KiraAsakura14 3 anos atrás
Getting stared at by Jaiden is probably the sweetest thing that'll ever happen to me. lol
Campana Manuel
Campana Manuel 3 anos atrás
The first girl that looks at me without thinking i am ugly
Rizzbear 3 anos atrás
Yeah me too
MikeFiddleDoodle 3 anos atrás
@Campana Manuel I'm pretty sure you were never ugly :) you were always beautiful inside
Minor 3 anos atrás
She looked at you IRL? SO LUCKYYY! Lol
KiraAsakura14 3 anos atrás
@Minor that "will" not that "had" XD
voiiddd Anos atrás
oh the description is amazing ‘glad I didn’t drown!’ **all the links** ‘and this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I say, thank you! hope you don’t drown anytime soon (or ever)’ thanks Jaiden
✨Strange Hufflepuff✨
The same drowning in water thing happened to me when I was at summer camp in June. I was stuck under for like 1 minute. And when I tried to tell my sister, she just laughed. She’s younger than me, and I knew that she didn’t care so I told my friends. And they didn’t say anything and just started talking about other stuff. Now when I tell the story, everyone thinks I’m overreacting. But seriously, I felt like I was going to die since it was a floaty at least 7 feet long.
WillyplayzVR 9 meses atrás
The fact that it took me 3 year's to figure out what jaidens mom said at the pasta scene is very funny to me.
OniWatch Anos atrás
About the drowning section i except for her to describe a moment of pure calm. Because near death, you body has so little oxygen you lose all feeling and are just there slowly sinking to your death. Due to not being able to do anything you accept death and enjoy your last moment. In fact most people that survived drowning say they long for that feeling. If you want a taste of this calm a deprivation tank is the closest you can get safely
JRENZO10 Gaming
JRENZO10 Gaming 6 meses atrás
4:35 something very similar happened to me at a water park. I was in the lazy river and fell out of my tube (like an idiot) but when I tried to come back up, my head hit the tube. Fortunately, my sister is a former lifeguard.
aw11as 2 anos atrás
Jaiden: "I did not deserve 10 million views" Everyone: ok here's 28 million
TheYeeter 786
TheYeeter 786 2 anos atrás
: Lily The Angel:.
: Lily The Angel:. 2 anos atrás
w3ird0 2 anos atrás
i shall break the lol chain
Landon Kelly
Landon Kelly 2 anos atrás
Lol I know
marsxbub Anos atrás
i love that when there's a whole dump truck full of Spaghetti, and if you look closely you can literally see Papyrus in the background
Sou ឵឵
Sou ឵឵ Anos atrás
I love papyrus from undertale :D
elf_x Anos atrás
WHERE Oop nevermind I found it
Steph Widdowson
Steph Widdowson Anos atrás
@elf_x where
๑Sleepy hoodie๑
@Steph Widdowson 2:42
Nicepainter1012 Anos atrás
It's a really cool little easter egg
LollifulSammy Anos atrás
"Thanks Mum/Mom and Dad" *points at their eyes whilst saying:* "Brown. Hazel." this made me laugh
ShaysCatCoven 6 meses atrás
A similar thing happened to me with the pool mat, I was underwater and I couldn't use my 3 braincells and swim to the side, so I used my 8 year old arms and lifted the mat with a kid on it up enough to breathe lol :D
M12 Productions
M12 Productions Anos atrás
Ha ha! We in England have these problems too. We have a strict code of manners if you have any hope of being treated well by others. Sometimes though you don't even get that. I laughed really hard at the "not what, pardon" bit because it's exactly what my mum would say to me and my sister if we said "what?". The other really annoying thing (in England at least) is when someone asks if you like something. It's hard sometimes to know if they are asking because they intend to offer you it or whether they are just asking your opinion about it. Like being round a friend's house and their mum asking, "Do you like cheesecake?". Really, they should ask "would you like cheesecake" but a lot of times they don't. This situation used to piss me off because it was really then a coin toss whether you embarrassed yourself or not without it really being your fault. So, if you said just "yes, I like cheesecake" it would be mega rude not to have said please if they intended to offer it to you. But I've been in equally mortifying situations where I relied "yes please" because the context suggested they were offering it to me. They would reply "no, I wasn't offering you it. I was just asking what you thought". NO WIN! We also say sorry a lot even when we have nothing to feel sorry for. There's a great monologue in a British film called 'A Fish Called Wanda' (highly recommended, something tells me I'd think you'd love it) where an upper class Brit tells his American lover "do you have any idea what it's like being English? Being so correct all the time, being so stifled by this dread of, of doing the wrong thing, of saying to someone "Are you married?" and hearing "My wife left me this morning," or saying, uh, "Do you have children?" and being told they all burned to death on Wednesday. You see, Wanda, we'll all terrified of embarrassment. That's why we're so... dead. Most of my friends are dead, you know, we have these piles of corpses to dinner. Love your videos btw.
Courtney 💗💍
Courtney 💗💍 Anos atrás
Jesus dude… this is BRvid not an essay
BNatalieTV 9 meses atrás
OMG I'm a huge fan *and my parents as well*. I just got to say my mom felt the same way when she first became an adult honestly. She loves how your mom bothered you about saying pardon but when you asked her a question she goes, HUHHHHHHHHHH!? 😂 Ive been watching you and James for a few years and love your guy's content.
Carp With Milk
Carp With Milk 4 anos atrás
Its truly a miracle Jaiden is still alive to tell all of these stories
wondering around
wondering around 4 anos atrás
It's a miracle any of us are still alive tbh
Glinda_M Anos atrás
Her videos always make me happy😊
Coca cola
Coca cola Anos atrás
I love how supportive your parents are and the shirt with jaidens mom iT makes me happy
Ootfan788 6 meses atrás
Looking intently into people's eyes and not breaking eye contact with people as a form of social overcompensation is literally something I can see myself doing. XD
Varvara Mironov
Varvara Mironov Anos atrás
The same pool thing happened to me when I was 12. Here's my rant: I was goofing around on one of those mats, but like the really bug ones. Me and my friends were trying to flip the thing over (while sitting on it) and see who would climb back up the fastest. So we did it a couple of times but I got stuck dead in the middle, underneath it. I was actually a decent swimmer, though I sucked underwater. And the panic that got hold of me still returns in my nightmares. I swam best I could, and I was just running out of air, giving up, when I burst to the surface. I've never told anyone
Katerina Alexandra
Katerina Alexandra Mês atrás
I also had a bit of a lisp as a kid, and I would get pulled out of class for speech therapy - but I didn't even know it was speech therapy. I thought I was the luckiest kid in the world because I got to miss class to play games with a nice lady who happened to be correcting my lisp. It got fixed :) Still sometimes lisp a tiny bit if I'm lazy with pronunciation as well but it hardly happens anymore.
Wat? Anos atrás
I almost drowned in the exact same way when I was a kid, I just accepted my fate and prepared for death though.
REX PLAYS Anos atrás
@Nurse_CryBaby I- wh- uh- I-
Ava Anos atrás
@Nurse_CryBaby bro I- I- doNt even know what to say
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone Anos atrás
@Nurse_CryBaby Yes, their mother commented this. *no.*
GayJayy Anos atrás
@Nurse_CryBaby Sadly yes, but they lived! /ref
Mystic Panda
Mystic Panda Anos atrás
I love your voice! ^^ I have misophonia (or sth), and it basiclly means that I don't have a sound filter or sth, I can not ignore sounds and it really SUCKS. I've searched a looooong time finding something that helped and danmmmmmmmmmm, your videos and your voice are AMAZING. the background music and animation and your voice make such a good combination for me and it really helps. Thank you for that ^^
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Anos atrás
It's said that, even these days, if you go to that pool and dive, you can still see little Jaiden starring at you to memorize the color of your eyes.
R James
R James 4 meses atrás
so fricken wholesome. appreciate you, Jaiden.
guccilatae Anos atrás
Today my grandpa passed away... But your videos make me so happy thanks for the videos keep on making amazing mood-changing videos❤️
Prod. 7aco
Prod. 7aco 3 meses atrás
This video is the reason I fixed my lisp with that behind the teeth tip. Thanks Jaiden!
FlyTitan 4 anos atrás
Things that happened to me when I grew up. -I got taller -My voice got deeper -My hair got darker Things that happened to Jaiden when she grew up. -Had an heelies accident -Almost drowned -Felt bad about eating chips
Lisa Tarpley
Lisa Tarpley 4 anos atrás
FlyTitan yzaaa
Lisa Tarpley
Lisa Tarpley 4 anos atrás
Kian 4 anos atrás
FlyTitan lol
Itz Dolphin
Itz Dolphin 4 anos atrás
Itz Dolphin
Itz Dolphin 4 anos atrás
@DragonCake same
Just a Cat
Just a Cat Anos atrás
Oh god, when I was young, I was so hella scared of those filter-things! You're not alone, Jaiden, you're not alone.
DeMattMorency Anos atrás
Most speech impediments can be solved by knowing which parts of your mouth make noises, but I find most of them endearing and don't bother trying to change them unless they inhibit understanding.
Doubting Tom
Doubting Tom 4 meses atrás
I also have intense eye contact. I have pretty big eyes, especially after getting lasik, people just open up to me for some reason. I sometimes wear sunglasses to hide my eyes and it somehow makes me feel like I'm staring at anyone. It also helps prevent you from zoning out. Great video cool cat ✌🏽
Duck person
Duck person Anos atrás
I am literally drinking milk and the “HUHHHHHH” made me literally laugh so hard milk came out of my nose
Mr. Mega
Mr. Mega 7 meses atrás
I almost drowned as a kid because i literally *tripped on the water* and got my sense of direction scrambled when i fell down so I had no idea which way was up how to stand. I had already started to gasp for breath underwater by the time I managed to finally find my footing and stand up. The hilarious part? Neither the teacher nor the lifeguard gave a damn that I just had a near death experience.
maipe tallis
maipe tallis 4 anos atrás
I could imagine Jaiden focusing so much on people’s eye color that she forgets their name and refers to them by eye color. “Hey, Green, how are you! Hows your wife Hazel? And the twins, Blue and Brown, are they doing alright?”
bleh 4 anos atrás
XD yes
Blueguygaming 4 anos atrás
maipe tallis like Pokemon protagonist names
Endergirl Animations
Endergirl Animations 4 anos atrás
Yeah, but what about: “Hey brown, did you hear brown is dating brown. Yeah I know it’s crazy, and brown is super jealous.”
Hellenar_TS 4 anos atrás
DedJohnny 4 anos atrás
maipe tallis imagine what it be like if she met whose eyes changed after she met them, like they could have blue, then brown, then later change to hazel.
Ducks._rainbows Anos atrás
It keeps surprising me how may people have nearly drowned from a pool mat either accidentally or deliberately floating over them in their my case someone tried to purposely drown me
Eleanor B
Eleanor B 2 meses atrás
Can we all does appreciate how smooth this is like mamma Mia, that is smooth 2:38 I’m Australian by the way not Italian edit: whoever like my comment, thank you so much
Charlie Sthill
Charlie Sthill 10 meses atrás
I think in one of your older videos you said you were introvert; I think through this video and all of your other videos I've seen you tell stories like an extrovert. Thank you for all of them ; they're great.
XANXUS451 Anos atrás
the one thing i got from this entire video is i want to see adult jaiden interact with baby/young jaiden just to see how fun it would be actually i can say the same for myself
Bluewing 4 dias atrás
My brother almost drowned once. We were at a pool party while visiting my dads friend in Utah, and there were a bunch of people in the pool. So my brother falls off a floaty and tries to grab the wall. Luckily, my friend jumps into action and saves him. She was twelve at the time and my brother was five.
illymation 4 anos atrás
makes me think of that danny gonzales video. "stop that!"
Lazy Weekends
Lazy Weekends 4 anos atrás
illymation yes that’s exactly was I was thinking lol btw love you so much!!!!
Lazy Weekends
Lazy Weekends 4 anos atrás
Hey don’t touch me there this is my no no square sorry I love you!!
skyler 4 anos atrás
illymation loved your latest video excited for the series
Fan Gameplay
Fan Gameplay 4 anos atrás
illu your animations are so cute!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Tara 4 anos atrás
Are you a fellow Greg?
Sarah Potter
Sarah Potter Anos atrás
Jaiden and the Odd1sOut are perfect to watch while crocheting/sewing
トリBirdie Anos atrás
I remember a time I also almost drowned .So my family went to Cancun and I was like 5 years old playing in the wave pool with a floaty tube,and I don’t know what happened,but some how I let go of the tube and went at the far back of the pool,I wasn’t able to swim back then so I wasn’t able to hold my breath.Then my mom noticed,so she went into to the pool and saved me,and the literal life guard didn’t notice me about to drown.
jplayer073 4 meses atrás
Can't believe I only just discovered Jaiden. This is brilliant.
Ianoliano 9 meses atrás
A similar incident to the floating mat happened to me. I drifted under a giant inflatable unicorn which was drifting forward. I couldn't get up for air, so I tried out-pacing it forward to come up in front of it, instead of...swimming backward. It took like a good 15 seconds for my brain to be like...yeah this aint working
Robert Deffenbaugh
Robert Deffenbaugh Mês atrás
The only Asian thing my Dad was strict about was no shoes on in the house but yeah growing up in a Military Family meant I was very Independent and didn’t have Mom and Dad in my life much. Except morning and dinner time because Mom and Dad had different shifts my Mom being active duty while my Dad was Reserves meant Mom left the house before Dad. Dad’s way of teaching us to Swim is to throw us in the Pool.
Grape The Demon
Grape The Demon 4 anos atrás
Omg this is #1 on trending!!!! Good job Jadien, love your videos!!!
Esmeralda Del Rio
Esmeralda Del Rio 4 anos atrás
IKKKRRR, i thought this was on my subscribed page omg
mintstoleurgirl 4 anos atrás
Damn why you hating on the poor person?
Matthew Best
Matthew Best Anos atrás
About the drowning story, I also nearly drowned as a kid because another who couldn’t swim was holding onto me and pulling me down. Before it was too late another supervising parent in the water took the child off of me
Brodie Larson
Brodie Larson Anos atrás
the whole pool mat thing happened to me, too! (for me it was an inner tube and I ended up just swimming out from below it. I ended up capsizing it by jumping up out of the water and using some karate tricks. It was fun.)
Stella Hormann
Stella Hormann 5 meses atrás
I’m absolutely terrified of pool filters because when I was younger I stuck my hand in one to save a small toy whale being sucked up. Instead of being rescued it got sucked in and my hand nearly went along with it.
Yassen Buckla
Yassen Buckla Anos atrás
Jaiden: we have some Asian blood in us so we can’t bring dishonor to our famiry “the family shows up” it made me laugh so hard
TheDaylightBox 2 meses atrás
XD The same almost drowning pool thing happened to me as well- We were at this 4th of July party thing, and my little brother was on one of those mats. I had gone underwater, and as I was coming up for air, the mat had gone above me. I did the same thing and tried to shove him off ( my puny child arms couldnt even lift a 4 year old ) but it was pretty useless. Eventually, I realized if I swim AROUND the mat, then I could save myself. So I started swimming a little ahead of the mat and as I come up for air, MY GOD DANG BROTHER had to MOVE the mat above me so I couldnt get up. At that point, I started freaking out and screaming underwater. Luckily, my dad was a few feet away and noticed what was going on, so he pulled me out of the water. I may or may not have barfed everywhere and kinda ruined the party...
chris 4 anos atrás
why do i suddenly want my shirt to say "signed by jaiden's mom"
Badhorse16 4 anos atrás
So do i
Josethejelly Anos atrás
I also do the staring at people thing. Once I kept my eye contact with my teacher to the point that she had to keep darting her eyes. I also did this accidentally with my friend and my friend told me I looked like I was trying to stare into her soul 😂
apii Anos atrás
I felt the same thing about the pool filters as a kid. Terrifying.
Ur Mum
Ur Mum 3 meses atrás
I can kinda relate to the ‘pardon’ Thing. I grew up with hearing loss and tinnitus. The dynamic duo. Anyway- I used to yell down the stairs at my mom ‘WHAT DID YA SAY!’. My mom ofc got annoyed at this. I still say pardon to this day.
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