Things My Students Do That I Just Don’t Get pt. 8

Mrs. Woolley in 5th
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13 Nov 2021



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Comentários 645
The fact that I actually say “I am confusioned”
it's just easier to learn from the original teacher 🤷🏻‍♀️
Lillian Elaine Allen
Reason: I’m personally to scared to tell the teacher but the reason is that students don’t understand other peoples way. The teachers teach a way that is best for us. But the sub doesn’t know.
murasaki rin
I mean its definitely a good thing that they're asking questions on things that confuse them. It shows they really do want to learn the material. I had a teacher that would answer individual questions, but if enough students had the same or similar questions, then she would go over it the next day in class in more detail (even if that meant putting that days lesson on the back burner). It shows an engaged class that wants to learn in some form or another, its good as a teacher to have questions being asked.
On the sub end of this, all you hear is: "I don't get it" "You're not explaining it" "You can't help me" "I'm emailing the teacher" "Where is she?" "Why don't you know where she is?" 🤣🤣🤣
Darkside 12
Reason: we're uses to teachers doing it one way but others do a different way confusing us and it makes us emotional
Ayla A
When any of my friends say something like “I am confusion” I would just say “hi confusion!” And yea
Oregon Monster Trucks and Aviation
Somebody in my class didn’t understand something so they said “I am confusion” and then the teacher said “no your Daniel”…. 😂
Hannah BananaBug
“I am confusioned” is tooooooo freaking relatable.
Nagisa Shingetsu
My problem in school (I'm getting better at it) is that I WOULDN'T ask questions because I thought I was annoying the teacher, taking up their valuable time, ect. I couldn't even email them because I didn't wanna take up their space or time. I'm slowly improving as I learn to see I'm not doing any of those things, but it's hard
Roachymochi 28 dias atrás
When it said “you got mail” I thought it said “you got mayo”….
I either say:
I thought ths design on her shirt was a strip of bacon
Aminah Bibi
“I am confusion”had nee laughing sooo hard 🤣😂
Internet Escapee
Internet Escapee 21 dia atrás
Ok but when I ask the sub, they always say “I don’t know, ask the teacher tomorrow.” Ugh.
“i am confusion” got me 😭
My favorite is "you've got mail" and then continually gets louder and louder
Azure Mane
Not wrong though sub's aren't always amazing
Shadae Talebi
I just keep rewatching it to hear her say " I am confusion"
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