Things My Students Do That I Just Don’t Get pt. 18

Mrs. Woolley in 5th
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23 Nov 2021



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jelly pig
Me who likes art but doesn't enjoy coloring bc it feels like a chore sometimes: 👁️👄👁️
Fun Gracie
I would love to color instead of do essays they're just complaining about coloring
as a middle school teacher, any time I suggest a “fun” activity and they complain, I always hit them with the “okay, then 5 paragraph essay”-works every time
nobody you know
Hahaha I remember my teacher used to do the last one. Some kids actually said yes to the essays though.
Ris W.
As a highschooler in my world geo class we get graded on coloring. I despise it. So much... I didn't chose art as an elective for a reason!
Samantha Matuszak
Works every time, even with high school students. 🤣
I actually love writing, I would choose it over coloring any day 😂😂😂
Darkside 12
Notebook: we don't know the kind of pain so we experiment with different kinds
Your videos make me want to be a teacher so bad!!! I love them
I can relate with the paragraph stuff im fine with coloring the funny part is when we don't listen or the bad kids who disrespect subs had to write a 18 paragraph essay
I love how they instantly started color really fast! 😂
Ziggyzaggy 300
Coloring requires getting out colors, finding the right ones, drawing, putting them back, etc. Too much of a hassle when that's not the part we're being graded on.
Does anybody have advice for someone who wants to get into education ? I’m graduating high school this year and i wanna work with 3rd - 7th graders haha for the most part
Ummmmm….    :3
I would literally love it if you were one of my teachers!!❤️
Maya Lyle
“That’s what I thought.“ had me dying
I want her to be my teacher! ❤️
I love art! It's the only way I can focus in class! How would you react to a kid drawing everyday in your class?
Handy Crafts,Tips, & comedy
It made me feel like I was apart of the classroom and that I had to write the 3ssay
Goofie Sweets
As a middle schooler, i can confirm this is ✨Legit✨
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