Things My Students do That I just don’t get - Part Four

Rhom Tok
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13 Nov 2021



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Cell Phone
I never had or saw such engaging, fun, colorful, and necessary learning tools in a classroom. This setting is excellent for learning.
Jelly axolotl
I would love to be in her class she looks so fun!
Toni Y
I have taught 5th grade b4, super fun age, AWESOME amount of fun and engaging activities. I love the furniture and great library!! But....we earned a trip to Disneyland, good grades, good behavior, 100% attendance!! We had a blast and so do the parents!! Plug for the Hashams Greyhound!!
The part where her students don’t hear her is the exact reason why my teacher says something and has us repeat it to make sure we know what to do
I'm going back to 5th grade just to get taught by her
This just inspires me to be a teacher :D
Rosiee world
The I’m so done/dumb really got to me 🥺😂
🌹yukio sama🦋TwT
If i was in her class i would be one of her students that she doesnt get
jamila khan
I would love to be in her class even though I am a year older than this year I still think it would be fun
jensen keith
Me watching this and I’m in fifth grade: I want her to be my teacher 🥺
Gacha  Galaxy
Omg her class looks so fun!
LaurLaur Playz
Do they still get to change seats every week with COVID?
MD Dod
MD Dod 16 horas atrás
I would want to be in that class she seems so nice and that classroom is so nice
I always lean my chair back, I accually never fell
When her students see this:Wow she really did that huh 🤔
Bevin kids cringe
My teacher would never let us have like flexible seating or work on the floor but we also don’t heave to bring in chrome books
Creativity studio
Plot twist:
Bailey Wilhite
What grade level do you teach?
Kyndra C Alcantara
Did you realize that she said part 44 2 times? doesn't make sense! i also don't like it. I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work!
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