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The new anniversary update for The Sims 4 has SO MUCH free content!
Daily Twitch streams!
Read more about the update!
HeyHarrie (dining set)
storylegacysims (toddler clothes)
peachyfaerie (highlight and eyebrows)
peacemaker_ic (dresser)
Luumia (skin details)
icemunmun (recipes)
grimcookies (lipstick)
FeralPoodles (cat hat)
AHarris00Britney (top and jeans)
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25 Fev 2021



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Comentários 100
lilsimsie Mês atrás
Alyssa Hopson
Alyssa Hopson 5 dias atrás
I'm so confused? I thought we already had bunkbeds?
Nxorya 24 dias atrás
Yup they did
iicxmryn Mês atrás
Allison Tiegs
Allison Tiegs Mês atrás
Ahhhhh I love bunk beds!! Ekkkkkkk
Rebecca Mês atrás
this is so much better that the hot tub we got the last time!!
Helgacabbage 4 dias atrás
Kind of disagree that "modders make the game"... I've played Sims for years without any mods at all and love it. However it is very hard to have much fun without spending a lot on expansion packs. The base game is pretty limited. I do love the items they've included and designed, so happy to have more content, especially the smile lines. :)
Abby Cruz
Abby Cruz 5 dias atrás
I didnt know about this update but the other day I was seeing the jeans and was like WHAT I NEVER SEEN THIS and same with the shirt, mirror, ect. And now I know why. BTW I am a console player so I play on xbox and that was the first ever cc kind of things I've got to experience
It'sInna 7 dias atrás
it came out the day before my birthday and i really thought bc of the little icon on it that it was just for me as a birthday gift lmaoo
Carolina Parente
Carolina Parente 7 dias atrás
I started playing the sims 4 this week and I just realized that I picked almost all the CC creators items for my house and sims, because they’re simply the best...
Guppie Arter
Guppie Arter 7 dias atrás
Ah, yes, the "sorry for the hot tub" pack. I get why people are angry, but like, let EA do good things for once, even if it's out of fear of losing customers.
Casey 8 dias atrás
This is literally a consoles players dream-
jimena juarez
jimena juarez 9 dias atrás
I have being playing the game the last month and i didnt notice the new items, so... yeah... that much excited i am about it. They should do this every year. This game is absolutely overrated (is to expensive!)
cindy Burdett
cindy Burdett 10 dias atrás
It’s the same type of thing as you guys building houses. It’s people who actually play the game and enjoy the game making stuff for the game I think the same should continue to do this in both aspects. It would be awesome if they did an entire custom content pack. Where they got somebody who can create a storyline or gameplay mod and then have other people build the houses and then other people make clothes and furniture all working together to make one game pack that would be amazing.
Thomas Farrell
Thomas Farrell 11 dias atrás
When I was a toddler I *always* wore jeans. I don't know if I even had any other pants. My mother made me put my belt under the label so everyone could see she bought me the *expensive* jeans.
Fuddyduddie1 17 dias atrás
Your voice is so cute 🥰
Rebecca Lycke
Rebecca Lycke 18 dias atrás
Can we please just have an updated sims 3 with new better graphics? No store, just the god damn game!!! I'm tired of sims 4, I don't want an online sims 5 game. I just want... SIMS.
big maui
big maui 21 dia atrás
I love that it's to for console
Josh Easy
Josh Easy 22 dias atrás
Careful Kayla your "EA Game Changer" is showing...
Jo Escobar
Jo Escobar 22 dias atrás
the sims is older than i am haha by a year but still older
GeminieCricket 23 dias atrás
Much ado about nothing
S MM 25 dias atrás
wow a free pack with a handful of items after every pack together being over 700$... yay....
케이팝 아이돌 help & info w/ 모모레셸
the 20th anniversary gift we deserved.
SkyLight Gameuse
SkyLight Gameuse 27 dias atrás
just like in real life we need new stuff once in a while!
Racheal Roettger
Racheal Roettger 27 dias atrás
When you already have peacemakers furniture 😅 because hes already made the cc🤣
Marciela Ramirez
Marciela Ramirez 28 dias atrás
Becca 28 dias atrás
SHEIN sells a similar top to the yellow one! I have one! It’s my favorite
Becca 28 dias atrás
I’m wearing it in my picture 😂
MissKaylaRose 29 dias atrás
i love that you make these videos!! i love hearing the stories behind the creations.. cant wait to use them! :)
Artworld !
Artworld ! Mês atrás
Yes i know
Lonkinella Mês atrás
how do i download this??? D:
Shortandsalty _
Shortandsalty _ Mês atrás
Good lord I haven’t seen the OG sims 4 Nancy in so long cause I made her over in my save and she looks like an alien in this video. Wow lol
Carington Grace
Carington Grace Mês atrás
Hello! Can someone help me out real quick :) I have the sims 4 and Origin says I'm not behind on any of the update but I still can't see ANY of the custom content! I've been trying to look everywhere but I don't know what I am doing wrong! Someone please help me! Thank you!
Error_Glitch Mês atrás
Is it still there!?!? This looks so cool!
ꨄStrxberry Sh0rtcakeꨄ
Me secretly hoping the new pack makes all the characters realistic but then I see the trailer: *Disappointment* Welp, Imma find some CC
E Mês atrás
Title: Me: No they didn't 😒
LordJoeJoe Mês atrás
Wtf how much does ea pay you to be this excited for a free update? Sims 4 is so broken, that a free pack isn‘t nearly enough to make up for it, srsly.. 😖
alex Mês atrás
toddlers wear jeans a lot. my nieces and nephews wore jeans as toddlers. they just tend to have elastic bands
Nina Vinterová
Nina Vinterová Mês atrás
Wait WHAT?!! EA is giving us content for FREE? They don't make us spend money for once? Whaaaaat
Jimin’s Lost Jams
FINALLY EA is making good decisions!! I hope they do similar things in the future!
Jimin’s Lost Jams
@Ali Afnan Maybe the next good decision will be to scrap the whole kit idea 😓
Ali Afnan
Ali Afnan Mês atrás
hello KITS good decision
BlueElectric56 Mês atrás
as a toddler teacher i can assure you, way too many toddlers wear jeans.... its cute but theyre a pain to get off during potty time
Märta Borgegård
Märta Borgegård Mês atrás
8.20 peanuts the Hachetfeild pocket-squirrel!
Pony wereld
Pony wereld Mês atrás
am i the only one who could not download these things?
Ali Afnan
Ali Afnan Mês atrás
yess (?)
Lyra74 Mês atrás
This is sad.
LatiNoble Mês atrás
The “sentient squirrel” is a Rick and Morty reference.
Furry Faggot
Furry Faggot Mês atrás
I live in a country with average salary 350$ per month. The Sims 4 and each of its packs cost about 27$ here. You can buy the whole game and live like a hobo for the remaining month :D Good for me our government is not very restrictive in copyright things. Piracy is quite rampant.
K D Mês atrás
“You’re doing the Lord’s work.” 💜🙏🏼
Milly_ xx0
Milly_ xx0 Mês atrás
1:27 look at what's happening
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
The coolest thing about this update to me personally is the fact that console players can now enjoy some mod creations that were previously unavailable to us.
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
The gift is to the console players that cant get cc.
Nicole Borneman
Nicole Borneman Mês atrás
malc clarke
malc clarke Mês atrás
When I found this in my game I thought it was some cc I download and when I was in cas I was like was that always there
Lara Kleefeld
Lara Kleefeld Mês atrás
„The chocolate mousse is the good stuff“ I totally agree!!
_Ryanne Francis_
_Ryanne Francis_ Mês atrás
Faith Corral
Faith Corral Mês atrás
Why am I not subscribed I been watching all the videos 🤣
Roastedlemons Mês atrás
I was wondering why some familiar stuff showed up in my game when I didn’t have it downloaded
amy-lou x
amy-lou x Mês atrás
it’s a step up from the hot tub last year.
Im Royal
Im Royal Mês atrás
Please calm down
Patricia Gigileva
Patricia Gigileva Mês atrás
Little did we know 😂😂😂
aola wili
aola wili Mês atrás
"thanks to those who accidently leave the house wearing bunny slippers." accidently. *accidently.* dil howlter noises intensify
aola wili
aola wili Mês atrás
These mfs really took stuff the community made and disguised it as a "free stuff pack". Release Sims 5 already and do everything different.
Kayla Leiann
Kayla Leiann Mês atrás
This content update is living proof EA needs to fire their own content creators and just hire a bunch of CC creators. I about died when I saw the barstool, the dining chair, and the short dresser 😍 And the clothes are great too!!
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO Mês atrás
Wow that’s too kind for them... Make all the expansions free next.
Aisu Garu
Aisu Garu Mês atrás
Eeeeee your local console player 👁👄👁👍
Aisu Garu
Aisu Garu Mês atrás
@Ali Afnan 👁👄👁
Ali Afnan
Ali Afnan Mês atrás
this was base game update
Tabitha Faye
Tabitha Faye Mês atrás
I wish they would have added more tbh like hair and more outfits for the males
Iris A
Iris A Mês atrás
i didn’t get the free stuff? how do i update?
Spooky Cookies2
Spooky Cookies2 Mês atrás
Wait so does this update automatically into the game??? I’m confused I don’t think I have them let me double check
Ali Afnan
Ali Afnan Mês atrás
you would need to UPDATE your game
Cutiecase 55
Cutiecase 55 Mês atrás
The gift is to the console players that cant get cc.
Autumn Peirson
Autumn Peirson Mês atrás
They don't automatically install these to our game do they? I don't like "Custom Content" in my game...
Meggy Sue
Meggy Sue Mês atrás
Ashley Ash
Ashley Ash Mês atrás
shmallon Mês atrás
Melanin pack should have been part of this
ChicEquine Mês atrás
I’m confused on why anyone is excited about this. It’s just the same tables we already have. If it were something that actually made the game better I’d be more excited.
ForgottenCradle Mês atrás
pro: they didn't do another hot tub situation con: they didn't even bother to create something themselves...
Anita Hendricks
Anita Hendricks Mês atrás
doliio volay
doliio volay Mês atrás
modders: * exists* Kayla: I love everything u do
Katie A
Katie A Mês atrás
Me, a console player: No Simsie, I do not recognize any of those CC creators’ names 😅
N7 Valkyrie
N7 Valkyrie Mês atrás
Wait so is this out now ??
doliio volay
doliio volay Mês atrás
I’d play again but I have SO MANY mods on sims that my game is pretty much broken 😩
CT-1814 Mês atrás
These mfs really took stuff the community made and disguised it as a "free stuff pack". Release Sims 5 already and do everything different.
Lyn Mês atrás
I wonder if we could mod that mirror to have an angry face and a lightning bolt.
Lyn Mês atrás
*Nancy stomps up the stairs because she's dieting* Lol. On par, Nancy. On par.
Paul Clark
Paul Clark Mês atrás
Pov: you play on console and not pc and can't use cc and mods😭😭😭😭
deartotheheart Mês atrás
For free? I'm sorry, they've been abusing the modding community for years and relying on them to make up for all the content they don't make and we're supposed to act like the Sims creators are blessing us when they're yet again taking advantage of modder creations? No thanks and they don't deserve praise for not doing work on their own to improve their own game we're all paying for
Varvara Smirnova
Varvara Smirnova Mês atrás
Так мило, она реагирует как сим
Aunty Kay
Aunty Kay Mês atrás
EA finally caught up with the cc people
Kaelyn Hansen
Kaelyn Hansen Mês atrás
lilsimsie saying "what a wonderful item" for 14 minutes and 22 seconds
Emma Games41
Emma Games41 Mês atrás
Honestlyy this stuff shouldve already been in the game when it was released! Im so bummeddd and their latest release with the vacuum should be the free one. :/
faelunir Mês atrás
I'm gonna need a few more than some random free items to make the $700+ price tag more justifiable on this game and all of its lackluster packs. -Horses -Farm animals like pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, goats -Babies that aren't objects -Cars that take you traveling if you want -Farming lots -Farm vehicles and crops -Barns, Paddocks, Stables -Horse sports like showjumping, dressage, and cross country races -Maybe also competitive racing and equestrian events that you can go to, or public arenas that you can train your horse at and bond with it at, meeting other riders. -Dog sports competitions to earn money or medals -A vet career that you don't have to OWN a vet clinic to work at. And it would be nice if you could have a rabbit hole *option* -Firefighter career -Grim reaper career!! I want a vampire sim that becomes the reaper. It would be such a cool storyline! -Ghost hunter or exorcism career where you can either catch ghosts and keep them imprisioned like danny phantom, become half ghost, or you could be a priest and exorcise them from homes. This could be a rabbit hole or a career where you go to random lots to clear out ghosts.
Dewberry150 Mês atrás
Wow I just learned that the Sims and I have the same birthday I’m a bit older though xD
JU134H Mês atrás
I really hope they put a MICROWAVE that can go above the stove or on tables!!!😄✋🏼
Ruby Mac
Ruby Mac Mês atrás
Ok, I used to play the sims a lot a while ago. Then I stopped playing it for a bit. Then I found Kayla's yt and I need to start playing the sims again rather than just binge watching her. Anybody else?
Evan L
Evan L Mês atrás
Ppl might yell at me, but i just use the packs and the normal game :|
jxlia _rlm
jxlia _rlm Mês atrás
I'm so happy for all of the people who love these creations ❤ I only use Alpha CC that's why this is not really sth for me but I love the idea behind this!! 🥰
M1lk.t3a Mês atrás
I’d play again but I have SO MANY mods on sims that my game is pretty much broken 😩
Irena Vidović
Irena Vidović Mês atrás
Hi, I hope someone can help me. So, recently I've bought The Sims 4 + Seasons bundle over the Steam and I've been looking for this new update and I'm not sure how to update my game. Is there something I'm supposed to do or is it automatic?
Bedsheet Walking
Bedsheet Walking Mês atrás
hipsterpotamus Mês atrás
your editor is doing the lords work
Jackie Jackie
Jackie Jackie Mês atrás
cries in console.
Kole Mês atrás
So cool when developers embrace the modding community and make an official release. Oh wait, what happens if you already had it in your game as CC? My mods folder is way too big to take the time to find them 😁
groundmistery Mês atrás
OMG can't wait for bunk beds too!! Good they gave credit to the creators! :D
Shia brooks
Shia brooks Mês atrás
Do you have to download these things or are they automatically in the game?
Jalina Nageeullah
Jalina Nageeullah Mês atrás
Is this content downloaded or just added during the update? I updated mine and see no new content.
Ирина Котик
Вау! Дух захватывает! Хочется научится строить в симс 4 Каждый найдёт что то интересное для себя у меня в истории симс4 У меня на канале довольно интересно! Добро пожаловать в мир симс со мной ! Симс 4 это интересная игра и постоянно открываю что то новое для себя!
Angelica Jauculan
Angelica Jauculan Mês atrás
Still no cars
Author Cassie Beebe
I'm confused. How do you get this stuff? I signed into Sims and there wasn't anything new on the free section, and nothing new in game either. :/
Iris A
Iris A Mês atrás
same i’m really confused i’d love all this free stuff lol
Ziah Azja
Ziah Azja Mês atrás
the update fucked my game up :(
Dimmie Candy
Dimmie Candy Mês atrás
They should after all does extra expensive packs
Sushi’s stuff
Sushi’s stuff Mês atrás
The sims have finally listened!!!
Cherissa Thurman
Cherissa Thurman Mês atrás
I got all of these things with mods. I guess its cool for people playing on ps4
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