They’re Making A HUGE MISTAKE Disrespecting The Golden State Warriors

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20 Nov 2022



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Hoop Reports
Are the Phoenix Suns gonna get ANOTHER "Luka Special" this postseason?
Yann Courtel
Steph is on track to average 30+ points / 6.5 rebounds / 7 assists on 50 / 45 / 90 efficiency. That's basically his unanimous MVP season numbers WITH much better defense AND lower turnovers (from 3.3 to 2.6!). This is just insane! And it's not just his numbers, you can see he is so much stronger than his MVP seasons... Not afraid to go for a lose rebound, finishing at the rim with force, etc. He will soon be in the top 2 of the MVP race. Very soon.
Stardust DNA
Can’t wait to see your video on Klay’s return to splash bro. It’s exactly what you predicted 😁
Titus Laird
I believe in the warriors, they have all the talent. As the season goes on the warriors will become a powerhouse.
Joe Frem
I don't think there's more better quality content than the one hoop reports provides every 2 days on his channel. Encourage this channel to keep uploading videos, hard work will pay off!
You are one of the best you tubers at doing this stuff! This helps me feel so much better about the warriors and you get the point across so well, I wish haters would watch these videos the whole way through but they probably get too mad to get past the 30 second mark.
We just need to trust that Curry and Kerr can sort this out over the season :)
Fz Wakeil
This is a huge upside for the suns, I mean after they face the warriors on the playoffs they we'll finally be able to forget what luca did to them because they will be living a new nightmare 🔥
Mark Fogleman
The fact they can play so well with little defense... I agree once they get more 7 footers doing work grinding in the background, who cares if they aren't getting the spotlight. In the end when you win a ring, who cares if you aren't talked about hitting game winning 3's. The real truth about the NBA is the players who make space for those 3's. Look at Steven Adams, a guy who people are so scared of to even run a screen on them they just let the guy shoot. Last time I checked if someone wins a NBA finals, they all get the ring rather they were in g league at the start or not.
Thakali Monarch
They forget that they won it all even when Klay was not himself but seems like slowly but surely this season he is coming back this season and fully ready for the playoffs so it's bad for every other team
Corey Green
I love that it’s called the “Luka special”😭😭😭
Joshua Wainaina
Steph is GOATED and the Warriors need to step up
the crazy thing about his 3pt% is it includes those crazy shots before half-court to beat the buzzer at half-time
Belle Boni
The more concerning part is not their offense but the defense. It doesn't matter whether we have Steph playing like a MVP, dropping 30-40 points a game if the opponents scoring more than them.
The warriors will bounce back! Love the content, keep it up
Aiweriosa Maxwell
Klay is back bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥41 pts 10 3 pointers
So, I was able to see Wiseman in Santa Cruz on the 19th against the South Bay Lakers. The Sea Dubbs were up 30 to 10 at the end of the first. They ended up losing the game by 11. They looked awful the second half of the game and my impression of Wiseman was, he's frustrated. The man did not look like he wanted to play basketball when things were not going well. I think his attitude is what put him in the G league. I have nothing but my eyeballs and observations of to back this up but, watching him interact with the team between plays, seeing how he moved without the ball both on defense and offense and just reading the expression on his face, It didn't look good. I'm sad to say I'm questioning his heart right now. I hope he's just in a funk. I hope he really wants to play and gets' it together because when he does he's amazing. He looked good when the team was up by 20. He just did not seem to have the energy and focus he needs when the team was down. That's my $0.02 from being there. Interestingly enough, Warriors owner Joe Lacob was also at the game. For those of you who don't know, not too many billionaires show up in little old Santa Cruz. He was there to keep an eye on his investment. I think I know why.
李信行X1nX1#ng L1
This dude is predicting. He made this vid before Klay Thompson had that 41 points at Houston, and he was darn right.
Klay already gave them an answer last night.
Zachary Burdick
Klay just went 10-13 from 3 so I think he’s back 😅
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