These Clothes are Made Completely out of Candy • This Could Be Awesome #4

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Our challenge this week was to create an outfit of clothes made entirely out of edible gummy.
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Vat19 is dedicated to "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you'll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.
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19 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
Mackenzie Teh Dog
Mackenzie Teh Dog 9 horas atrás
Props to Joey after all of that
kit kat
kit kat 9 horas atrás
Jamie: best hair I've ever tasted! Me: W-what other hair have you tasted?
Jimmy and warrior
Jimmy and warrior 2 dias atrás
*this is awesome*
Philippa Poblete
Philippa Poblete 3 dias atrás
No offense to Jamie, but.. What does he even do???🤔🤔
Shmuel Wind
Shmuel Wind 20 horas atrás
He is the boss of vat19 but on this could be awesome he challenges his employees
Gaming With Caleigh
Gaming With Caleigh 3 dias atrás
Just bite the lollipop
Jupiters World
Jupiters World 4 dias atrás
(danny points at air) (jon talks) Danny:oh your over here Me:HAHAHA
Harry England
Harry England 4 dias atrás
What about gummy gummy
skii gaming :D
skii gaming :D 4 dias atrás
Nobody: Me watching this:YUHHHHHHH GET INTO IT!
Peanut_Cub 5 dias atrás
IReallyWannaEatHisClothesButICant :(
Cheese_Boss 5 dias atrás
Sick ninja cosplay
Directed Fir
Directed Fir 5 dias atrás
When that happens and if they sleep with that candy clothing. I bet ants will sleep with the person who dared to sleep with candy clothes. XD
ELUniLady !
ELUniLady ! 5 dias atrás
If you guys ate his clothes... You would be a moth. Hands down. A moth.
sprite.cranberry 6 dias atrás
Joey : *does all the hard work* Jamie : Great job guys for the hard work Joey : am I a joke to you
Patrice McCall
Patrice McCall 6 dias atrás
does anyone else think that Jamie in the thumbnail looked kinda like David Dobrik anyone? no? OK
Nitsua YT
Nitsua YT 7 dias atrás
He look in cartoon Scooby-Doo
Livia Leandro
Livia Leandro 8 dias atrás
What I learned is that apparently Joey is a good at sticking
Toridabat games UwU
Toridabat games UwU 8 dias atrás
All hail the gummy lord.
*_OwlGirl101_* 9 dias atrás
I wish my clothes could be made out of candy 🍭🍬👕👖
The Snake
The Snake 9 dias atrás
My birthday Edit: on the day that this was posted
Wolfy ANIMATIONS 9 dias atrás
Sub to me I make animations and like this comment if anyone subbed to me ok?
PurpleChip 10 dias atrás
I ate the bitter lollipop .. *_i finished it_*
PurpleChip 10 dias atrás
im 10
The Random channel
The Random channel 10 dias atrás
Me: saves up for a Apple wach and never gets one* Danny: glues a wach to the table without caring*
Connie UwU
Connie UwU 10 dias atrás
11:52 He looks like squidward from the spongebob musical..
Kyzer None
Kyzer None 11 dias atrás
Braylee Christopher
Braylee Christopher 11 dias atrás
What you do when your parents tell you to eat fruit instead of candy:make a fruit gummy
Mrfumfluff Roblox
Mrfumfluff Roblox 11 dias atrás
me confused why people disliked the vid of making shirts of gummy: haters: i hate shirts
Midway booch
Midway booch 11 dias atrás
Like who love joey
Gaming with Sheeks
Gaming with Sheeks 12 dias atrás
I got the Pickle but will you guys be done with able to finish it it did not hurt at all
•Sra Estrela •
•Sra Estrela • 12 dias atrás
I already ate all of that lollipop it was not that bad bc I love sour stuff and it’s not that bad it was like sour for me ;-;
Hammy C
Hammy C 13 dias atrás
Courtney Frisbee
Courtney Frisbee 14 dias atrás
JAMIE owner / Guy who wants stuff done in a week
Aisley Dyer
Aisley Dyer 14 dias atrás
Kayra PACARO 14 dias atrás
Joey did all the work
sakxrra 14 dias atrás
I honestly don't know what's happening, but Jamie and Joey always mess my head up. I always think Joey is Jamie and... Yeah you know. It's just--I don't know if it's only me, but they look kinda familiar to each other.
Philippe Hucq
Philippe Hucq 16 dias atrás
Dariel Argueta Gutierrez
Dariel Argueta Gutierrez
I want to join
Alex Mair
Alex Mair 17 dias atrás
For the hair u could have just used the gummy brain and put some detail on it
Shooter 05🔫
Shooter 05🔫 18 dias atrás
Were is the gummy underwear
Tabatha Alarcon
Tabatha Alarcon 18 dias atrás
Gummy bear Oh your a gummy bear
Candy Unicorn
Candy Unicorn 18 dias atrás
Think about how sticky it will be to wear oof
Paris Pruitt
Paris Pruitt 18 dias atrás
Click on the timestamp and tell me that does not sound like Mr Krabs 7:38
Konstantin Todorov
Konstantin Todorov 19 dias atrás
im bout to end this mans whole career look at your hair line sourpatch looking ass fruit by the foot hair looking ass cousin off the ginger cookie from shrek looking ass btw im not hating im joking
Amanda Fortner
Amanda Fortner 20 dias atrás
Imagine how sticky if that was warm
Boop Element
Boop Element 20 dias atrás
Omg ikr
This is N U T Z
This is N U T Z 20 dias atrás
Gummy Gucci Clothes
Reflective 21 dia atrás
Ok when i comment do i have fish or manic skin as pic for profile
Reflective 21 dia atrás
nino aranjuez
nino aranjuez 21 dia atrás
Mercheetah Princesse
Mercheetah Princesse 21 dia atrás
Jamey you’re bossing everybody around do even do you work.........
Lee Presser
Lee Presser 21 dia atrás
this video is taking " eat my shorts" to a whole new univers
Blue Jay Guy
Blue Jay Guy 22 dias atrás
2:35 I have those same exact scissors at my house.
tramonik 23 dias atrás
VAT19-where dreams come true!
Ashley Herring
Ashley Herring 23 dias atrás
Do you notice that Joey always says that this is the hardest project vat19 has ever done
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan 23 dias atrás
silicone is toxic and making candy in it will literally kill you, its construction silicone
John The Pisano
John The Pisano 23 dias atrás
The candy shirt looks like something you wore after getting out of a pool.
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan 23 dias atrás
sour pickle lolly
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan 23 dias atrás
why do u melt tiny gummies instead of melting one big gummy?
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan 23 dias atrás
so hes using pam cause its food grade? but the other guy is using 100%silcone?
hoola boi
hoola boi 23 dias atrás
1:37 Those are Pewdiepie shoes
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia 24 dias atrás
Am I the only one who would *LOVE* to work at vat19, but I'm too young
THG-_- Killer
THG-_- Killer 24 dias atrás
He looks like a minecraft character for the the hair and the shirt
Mifferndri Joechen
Mifferndri Joechen 24 dias atrás
Jon: this feels blue to my hands scientists: wizards dont exist
Simon Gregurke
Simon Gregurke 25 dias atrás
The shirt looks like cheese 🧀
Slater Red
Slater Red 25 dias atrás
11:56 he looks like a character on Ed Edd and Eddy
Timmyfromphilly 25 dias atrás
He looks like skeeter from Doug.
Timmyfromphilly 25 dias atrás
The shirt looks like a giant kraft single cheese😂
Mariah Tavary
Mariah Tavary 25 dias atrás
you can't eat that gummy because silicone 1 is not food grade
JUNK ROD 25 dias atrás
what i was thinking was manequin and rub melted gummy all over and instead of sewing just use melted gummy like glue. now wheres my job.
Louie Bonneau
Louie Bonneau 25 dias atrás
Louie Bonneau
Louie Bonneau 25 dias atrás
I finished the lollipop
Liezl joy flores
Liezl joy flores 25 dias atrás
0:37 Welp I guess this should be the next thing on TLC
Tarryn Munz
Tarryn Munz 25 dias atrás
GUMMY bears 🐻
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 26 dias atrás
Dude the boss is useless. Just saying.
Ryan Huang
Ryan Huang 27 dias atrás
For a second I thought it was ninja on the video image
Talha WALEED 27 dias atrás
Jamie: Lets see if we can pull it off Joey: We
Steven Kral
Steven Kral 27 dias atrás
After quarantine can you guys make the worlds largest bag of gummy bears that would be amazing
Layne Swan
Layne Swan 27 dias atrás
They forgot to put the AirPods on him
evie mincraft
evie mincraft 27 dias atrás
You awesome
Slasher Basher52
Slasher Basher52 28 dias atrás
Jamie: I don’t know what I look like but I feel awesome
flupsdarups 29 dias atrás
meanwhile there are little kids starving
flupsdarups 14 dias atrás
@Chloe Nicole yeah thats fair
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 14 dias atrás
flupsdarups well they can do what they want with it since it’s literally for their job to make ridiculous things out of food like this
flupsdarups 14 dias atrás
@Chloe Nicole they litterely making clothes out of food
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 17 dias atrás
what does this have to do with starving children
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