Therian Tiktoks #3 

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none of these are mine #therian #therianthropy #tiktok

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5 Mar 2023



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I'm not a therian or furry but my parents said if I was a furry or therian they would not love me anymore. Straight to my face
my therian friend had a barking urge, and someone called her a furry. i said "no, ehes a therian. theres a difference." he asked what it was instead of hating and she responded!
" Everyone has a soul, and if Mother Nature decides you departed from her world too early, she will gift you with a second chance, " - my lovely mum <3
Let me clear things up.
Let's appreciate that they went through tiktok just to find these! I love this comp! <33
@crazykindlebean 14 dias atrás
whenever i see other therians my heart speeds up and i get slightly more animalistic. im guessing im not the only one?
I have seen that for some therians (myself included) that it's difficult to do quads. While i do understand why quads have a big impact on therian nature, being that some can feel free and right with their kin while doing this, I feel like there are otherways to feel free or even shift. Simply for me (as a North American cougar) scenting things or simply invisioning myself out climbing rocks in search for a den really helps. All in all either for shifting or for getting close to your kin doesn't have to be physical it could simply be a mental projection.
For people who hate on furries and therians, I just want y’all to know, there’s not point in hating. We are literally just expressing ourselves on the internet, we aren’t harming anyone. All that will happen is that you will be ignored. Possibly blocked too. And if you think we are weird, that’s okay. Just please, keep it to yourself. If some haters see this comment, I hope they know to just keep their thoughts to themselves next time. Thank you.
Just want to clear up a misconception:
it's unreal how good people are at vocals!!!!!!!!!!!!
@TheM00nlight 14 dias atrás
I’m a dog therain but my mom said I’m not a therain but Mother Nature said I am a therain
The worst part about being a therian is being completely alone, Having no therian friends to relate to, and having to make fun of them in front of friends so they dont find out. I love it and hate it at the same time, sometimes I wish I could just quit being a therian, but its impossible. I do love feeling the connection with nature, having different types of shifts, and finding new theriotypes. But its still hard with the dysphoria and hate, I just wish I had friends near me to do quads with or talk abt these things.
Idk if I’m a therian or something related but as some one who’s good on all fours and dragon,k-9 and cat like vocals I can give a few tips
I am a therian and this comp really cool that the vocals they do are so real and how they can jump so high
The growling at
I recently found out I was a Therian, let me explain.
I like how you put tutorials to help new therians!