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4 Mai 2023



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About therian playlists: I’m not going to do separate theriotype ones because that would take ages, instead I’d like it if u guys can suggest more songs to add in the next one!! Thanks :)
Can you maybe make a black panther playlist? Or a fox one. I’m a black panther and my friends a fox. ❤❤❤
this playlist brings out my inner self, thank you so much! 🐾
I love this playlist 💜
@Foxandwolftherian 14 dias atrás
Idk why but when I started listening to this I got a big burst of energy, if anyone can explain this to me that would be great👍
I was just listening to this as draw the cute cat on that table is my book of cat and animals also therian diary I am a therian myself and I love all these songs!
Love this playlist thank you sm! ❤
Not a therian but I really like songs that are like these.
Could you make a wolf or coyote playlist?❤
always remember, a therian playlist is NEVER a good playlist without an autumn J song. (making this a good playlist because of it having alterhuman :D)
As a crow therian, this made my day tysmm 🖤
Even though I don’t have any equipment or anything like that, this song really helps me bring out my inner self. It makes me think I’m okay to be a therian Ty🐾🌲🌴🍀🌿☘️🪴🌏
I love this ❤❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡therian playlist 🐺
The 1st song makes me cry cuz the "my head is a jungle" is litterally me after a shift 😭
could you maybe do a Lynx playlist? Or maned wolf? They are my theriotypes!
Creo que soy parte de la comunidad therian estoy empezando por este camino y me identifico y me gusta hola a todos! Una mas se une al clan 😅❤ 🐾🐾creo identificar me con un lobo 🐺
tysm for making this playlist im struggiling with my human body and is practiing quads so tysm for this playlist to make me an others feel normal
Norwegian forest cat playlist next? If it isn't too much trouble of course😊