There's One Thing Jake Tapper Wants From Mueller's Probe

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'The Lead' host and 'The Hellfire Club' novelist Jake Tapper says that, regardless of what the special counsel's report finds, he's hoping it ends with one result in particular.

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17 Mai 2018



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Comentários 912
loved012one 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper is one of a few people who can keep Stephen on his toes. Always great to see him on the show!!!
anthony GARDNER
anthony GARDNER 4 anos atrás
loved012one on
Lee GaryB
Lee GaryB 4 anos atrás
I love Tapper just throwing shade at Colbert every chance he can. "Whiskers" had me hitting the floor
Fiona Tanzer
Fiona Tanzer 4 anos atrás
Jake and Stephen play so seamlessly well off of one another!
Muskan Chanana
Muskan Chanana 4 anos atrás
Tapper is a match for Colbert. A very engaging interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hunter Wyatt
Hunter Wyatt 4 anos atrás
I love how these guys can just call eachother out on their BS, and make everyone laugh while doing it, that's what real men do.
yashiWinchester 4 anos atrás
Their camaraderie is amazing. Always relevant conversations with a funny twist.
this is me
this is me 4 anos atrás
Keeping a straight face with the Stormy reference. Mark of a pro.
Patty Palermo
Patty Palermo 4 anos atrás
Great interview. Really liked seeing Jake Tapper as "Himself". He seems like a pretty cool guy. Someone you'd like to hang out with.
Ty Max
Ty Max 4 anos atrás
Love the chemistry between these two.
Larry Peebles
Larry Peebles 4 anos atrás
I knew he was handsome and smart, but I never knew he was so funny and creative. Tapper indeed.
Robbie 4 anos atrás
Mr Tapper, respect from Australia. You and Colbert together are fantastic. Love the banter. How do you find the time to write a book????
Fakhira S
Fakhira S 4 anos atrás
Robbie S Excuse me, but I'll answer for him. It took him 3-4 years to write the book.
Sindollx666x 4 anos atrás
"I'd just like the truth and facts to be respected again in this country." -Jake Tapper. 👏👏👏Amen!!!👏👏👏
Lila Lemos
Lila Lemos 4 anos atrás
I can’t get enough of this man, omg, Jake is so funny and charming. I looove that man 💚💚
Falling for Suicide
Falling for Suicide 4 anos atrás
I love how "catty" Jake Tapper is 😂
Richard Barber
Richard Barber 4 anos atrás
Tapper is just having way too much fun here... More power to you! He's always been one of my favorite News hosts, but I love him more every time I hear him being interviewed. The SNL sketches of him and Kellyanne Conway were always the best.
Eaque Johnson
Eaque Johnson 4 anos atrás
Honestly, I feel like Jake Tapper could just take his CNN show to Comedy Central and it would work like a charm. Dude is jokes.
Hollins23 4 anos atrás
11:08 I had to stop here...these two are so entertaining together. I love their rapport!! Great chemistry!
kingmantheman 2 anos atrás
You may missed the most important part
A Lo
A Lo 4 anos atrás
Colbert is getting greater and greater every show!
Nula 4 anos atrás
Such a great interview! Smart and fun. These two are absolutely on the same wave length.
krishni tharuki
krishni tharuki 4 anos atrás
I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Smart and funny
Rhys Hughes
Rhys Hughes 4 anos atrás
Jake gotta be on more. Someone quick enough to keep Colbert dancing!!
Antony Stringfellow
Antony Stringfellow 4 anos atrás
Tapper.... a man of many talents it seems. Best interview I've seen for a while.
nicknicksiren 4 anos atrás
He could be on the show every single day and I would never be bored.
Undecided turtle
Undecided turtle 4 anos atrás
"They caught few witches btw" Man I just love the comments he makes. 😍😍😍
H Mefford
H Mefford 3 anos atrás
Talia kooper YAS! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sheryl Smallwood-Valdivia
Well my crush on Jake Tapper just got a whole lot worse.
apban Anos atrás
It's the giggle for me 🥰
Klara Stern
Klara Stern Anos atrás
Miguel Gordillo
Miguel Gordillo 4 anos atrás
this was great. Tapper's so chill outside of CNN.
Peter Hagström
Peter Hagström 4 anos atrás
Jake and Stephen... that’s a hell of a duo. 👊🏻⭐️
John Robinson
John Robinson 4 anos atrás
"...with a blonde wig stapled on top." And the staples killed her brain and moral sense long, long ago.
Isabel Martin
Isabel Martin 4 anos atrás
More of Colbert's patent misogyny
Assaf Stone
Assaf Stone 4 anos atrás
I just realized: I associate Stephen Colbert’s Trump imitation with Trump, more than the man’s own voice...
Ezel Francisco
Ezel Francisco 2 anos atrás
Funny but i once saw a Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump's book. Robert Kiyosaki is well-known in the finance world. Curiousity got the better of me so i tried to read it. The thing is i never heard Robert Kiyosaki's voice before. So i have to read this with the mental voice of Donald Trump or Stephen's Trump voice. It was so disconcerting that i have to read it aloud so i could hear my own voice instead.
K E 4 anos atrás
This was a very fun interview. You need to have Tapper on more, he is awesome.
Froggy Me
Froggy Me 4 anos atrás
I love jack Taper..keep honest..for you..for your family and for this country
tresssalog 4 anos atrás
Lol, you can tell Stephen and Jake are good bud's.
Litisha Naidoo
Litisha Naidoo 4 anos atrás
By far my favorite Colbert interview. Love Jake Tapper.
PIGGLEMAN 4 anos atrás
I freaking love Tapper. Journalist and a human being who’s genuinely fun to watch
Lemonie Lala
Lemonie Lala 4 anos atrás
Jake's laugh is life ❤
Mother Time
Mother Time 4 anos atrás
Great side of Jake Tapper shown. Love these two talking.
Dorothy Tenute
Dorothy Tenute 4 anos atrás
"Collection of deception with a blonde wig stapled on top" 😂😂😂
var null
var null 4 anos atrás
You should have jake on more often, the banter between you two is amazing
Nexus 4 anos atrás
Brilliant, laughed all the way through, thanks to both!
Zoë Rae
Zoë Rae 4 anos atrás
“Twitterspray” is the best word used in this segment.
zap2002 4 anos atrás
Colbert needs to have Tapper come back regularly. Those guys have a great banter.
Mosno Al-Moseeki
Mosno Al-Moseeki 4 anos atrás
I really enjoyed this interview, so funny and intelligent at the same time.
Trace 23
Trace 23 3 anos atrás
The tonight show definitely needs to make a Jake Tapper segment a weekly thing
Michael Ramon
Michael Ramon 4 anos atrás
These two have such great chemistry.
Vincent Duhamel
Vincent Duhamel 4 anos atrás
This was amazing ! Such a great show !
Tauwolf 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper has become one of the best guests on late night tv.
abcd 2 anos atrás
Reading through the comments and am glad I'm not the only one thirsting after Jake lol.
Kintaro Oe
Kintaro Oe 2 anos atrás
i think i am just starting after my obama/biden bromance binge
Sterlin Charles
Sterlin Charles 4 anos atrás
I love how Jake Tapper speaks. Very eloquent
Alaffia Rose
Alaffia Rose 4 anos atrás
“A collection of deception with a wig stapled on top” harsh but oh so satisfying.
Mattt 4 anos atrás
"Trump will come and Trump will go...I think we learned that from Stormy" Wow thank god for slow-witted censors, that's a wonderfully dirty joke for CBS
Shahrzad Gilani
Shahrzad Gilani 4 anos atrás
Just when I thought Jake Tapper couldn't get any cooler he fucking correctly guessed what Stephen had for lunch ! Bruh
Austin Silldorff
Austin Silldorff 4 anos atrás
Always enjoy when Colbert brings an intelligent journalist on the show. Lends some credibility and blends the prevalent genres together real nice-like!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 4 anos atrás
Austin Silldorff This is my first time seeing Tapper on, but I’ve seen Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow. Seth has recently had both Ari Melber and Chris Hayes (Hays?); the one with Ari was especially interesting-at least to me it was.
B L 4 anos atrás
Enjoying the banter and when we can see Jake smile freely.
Kenneth Thysbjerg Jensen
Haha, that was the best ever! Well done Jake and Stephen!
Samuel Pérez García
Samuel Pérez García 4 anos atrás
Ok, this interview was really good. 😂
Adam Ta
Adam Ta 4 anos atrás
Stephen is at genius when talking about politics. When he does Hollywood stars he has no Interest and you can tell.
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald 4 anos atrás
tapper and colbert should work together in some way great interview appearance every time
-Scorpionox -
-Scorpionox - 4 anos atrás
These two need their own show.
Crystal Soulslayer
Crystal Soulslayer 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper is one of my favorite guests.
skyla sampson
skyla sampson 4 anos atrás
I love Jake Tapper, i so want to read his book!.
Alice's Rabbit
Alice's Rabbit 4 anos atrás
LOL, we know how your propaganda puppets think. blame everyone else for the problem, lie, cheat, steal, fear tactics, divide, recruit the uneducated to support policies that only benefit the top earners, make everyone else pay taxes, rape services and resources for free, gut programs that help the majority of the population, hate on entire groups of people, discredit academia, discredit those who tell the truth, discredit anyone who disagrees, defend propagandists at all costs, democrats are enemy number one, worse than isis and russian hacks, did i miss anything?
Tobi P
Tobi P 4 anos atrás
Lol. Well researched news coverage vs. a President who gets his news from fox and friends. You may not agree with everything CNN reports (which btw. isn't exclusively bad coverage of Trumpo) - but when it smells like fire, looks like fire, is hot like fire and burns you, it's most probably fire. That is what sane people like to call fact, not fake news. Please return to that concept, otherwise you're just embarrassing yourself...
unitedjt345 4 anos atrás
LOL but srsly that excerpt did not sound romantic >X’D
JustSayin 4 anos atrás
gabor we get it, stop copy and pasting and go back to Fox k. Thanks.
gabor 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper is FAKE NEWS. Colbert is a propagandist for the democrat-media complex and an absolute disgrace. #TRUMP2020
momo mily
momo mily 4 anos atrás
I love Jake Tapper!
William Crowley
William Crowley 4 anos atrás
Absolutely Steven. I don’t care if he is impeached at this point, we just need the truth.
messy352 4 anos atrás
If only he had the kitty ears on when Tapper called him Whiskers.... lol
Colin Mahoney
Colin Mahoney 4 anos atrás
When trump says he likes to grab a pussy, he really means it. I think he must get very annoyed when that cat on his head tries to get away!!!
Vahid Farahani
Vahid Farahani 4 anos atrás
These two just complete each other.both are funny but really different. I can see a successful show with these two on reporting the news.
Liz Joseph
Liz Joseph 4 anos atrás
I agree with Steven. He should keep on talking! Please, please keep talking 😈
DCcalling 4 anos atrás
Steven interviewing Jake is always great
Anne-Marie Vini
Anne-Marie Vini 4 anos atrás
"Whiskers" Colbert.. love it.. will use it
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 4 anos atrás
Stephen’s description of Kellyann Conway was absolutely dead on! 🥇🎖🏅🎖🥇🎖🏅🎖🥇
Shivender Dahiya
Shivender Dahiya 4 anos atrás
Colbert Tapper 2020!!!!!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 4 anos atrás
Mark Minimum ages: House of Representatives=25, Senate=30, Presidency-35.
M.J. Cicero
M.J. Cicero 4 anos atrás
@The Timejumper: how are they not qualified? If they are citizens past the minimum age (30? I forget), our constitution says they're qualified. More to the point, they seem highly educated, morally grounded, and seem to actually care about our country's well being. I submit they are more highly qualified than our current president, along with a number of past ones.
Walter Higo
Walter Higo 4 anos atrás
FAKE Tapper
The Timejumper
The Timejumper 4 anos atrás
As much as I love them both, neither are qualified to be President. We need to rebuild the idea that the Presidency is an office of the highest qualifications, that just any random celebrity can't become President
gabor 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper is FAKE NEWS. Colbert is a propagandist for the democrat-media complex and an absolute disgrace. #TRUMP2020
Boobalopbop 4 anos atrás
I love Jake Tapper!!!!
Jae M.
Jae M. 4 anos atrás
Jae Ehm 1 second ago No one has roasted Stephen "Whiskers" Colbert as well as Jake Tapper.
Jeffrey Katz
Jeffrey Katz 4 anos atrás
3:48 Tapper: "Truth in facts to be respected in this country!" He hit the nail on the head. 4:17 Tapper: "Two of the hostages (of the three), were taken hostage when Trump was president!"
19thHour 4 anos atrás
"Put that in your pipe and smoke it." Since Stephen is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, he might just pull a Gandalf and actually blow some smoke rings from that.
Jackie Roberts
Jackie Roberts 4 anos atrás
Speaking from the basement of education, Kentucky , we needed coal miners . Right M
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 4 anos atrás
Kevin Russell We just pretend ignorance to annoy the rest of the world-it’s our favorite, absolutely most favorite ploy. Glad to see it’s working! 🙂🙃🙂
Immanuel Kahn
Immanuel Kahn 4 anos atrás
Mary Rose Kent good point. Why are all americans so ignorant?
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 4 anos atrás
Kevin Russell Why do *all non-Americans posting on BRvid* insist on lumping all 325+ million of us into a single way of being?
Immanuel Kahn
Immanuel Kahn 4 anos atrás
19thHour you do know he didnt just make that up. Why are all amerikkkans illiterate?
Clothilde 4 anos atrás
That post-coital scene though 😂 (I really hope someone reads this who hasn’t actually watched the interview yet)
Patricia A
Patricia A 4 anos atrás
I didn't expect to laugh so much watching Jake Tapper
Asia JS
Asia JS 4 anos atrás
Jake has that shy and sexy smile when he's not working
Sweetheart Megz
Sweetheart Megz 4 anos atrás
tesalonica . 1 yes, I love it!
PhillyFrank1 4 anos atrás
And a great giggle.
chez moi
chez moi 4 anos atrás
unitedjt345 Yes, but haven't we all? * sigh *
Pat 4 anos atrás
That’s called being coy.
unitedjt345 4 anos atrás
Agreed but he has aged rapidly since the 2016 presidential campaign lmao
Bob Pirzada
Bob Pirzada 4 anos atrás
love jake tapper, he helps cut the bs.
Jesse James
Jesse James 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper seems like a good dude
Debbie Burnette
Debbie Burnette 4 anos atrás
Jake Tapper and Stephen Colbert together is everything.
19thHour 4 anos atrás
Why did Jake Tapper decide to start writing fiction? Everyone he interviewed from the administration was doing it, and making a ton of money, so he thought it might be worth a shot.
Oliver D
Oliver D 4 anos atrás
Dudes a cartoonist too. Just multi talented and likes exploring his creativity. But yeah, people making money off their work is crazy talk, how dare he!
Clocked 4 anos atrás
elchucofried Who's fault is that again? Also how would anyone believe he just worked on a book as big as that for 3 months? Logic dictates that would take years to write anyway. You wouldn't need to ruin a good joke for "informative" purposes when it's already clear as day
elchucofried 4 anos atrás
The Creeper Universe - HD Gaming And More! But most people don't know that he has been writing a book for three years and people just believe it especially trumptards
Clocked 4 anos atrás
Sarah C'mon, don't ruin a good joke like that! He's not trying to find a logical explanation he's trying to make people laugh.
Sarah 4 anos atrás
he's been writing this book for 3 years, but good try
Trust Love
Trust Love 4 anos atrás
Jake is so funny. I love seeing them trade quips.
Gary Friesen
Gary Friesen 4 anos atrás
Description of Kellyanne is spot on - a collection of deceptions with a blond wig stapled on top.
Radovan Lach
Radovan Lach 4 anos atrás
Love Stephen Colbert jake is an amazing journalist pure truth
Ben Trinh
Ben Trinh 4 anos atrás
I see Jake and Stephen, I click like :D
Naimul Haq
Naimul Haq 4 anos atrás
Just get at the truth out. Don't let Spanky bury it.
sammygirl6910 4 anos atrás
Cong Anh Huan Trinh Yep, I "click" too. ;))
Alan Hope
Alan Hope 4 anos atrás
Those guys are friends in real life, and they get on great. Whiskers. Busting ya balls.
Zoë Rae
Zoë Rae 4 anos atrás
I wasn’t sure if it was new because I swear he was just on a couple weeks ago. But clicked and saw the date and I was like !!!!!!! 🤗
thangnguyen02 4 anos atrás
Yep, I'd watch every show even if only one shows up. One click, both show up. Hey, it's awesome.
Sara Beth
Sara Beth 4 anos atrás
36 and a half Scaramucci's 😂😂😂
Kimberly Sikorski
Kimberly Sikorski 4 anos atrás
Sara Beth i know. I loved it
JKalin0249 4 anos atrás
+larryjohnny holy balls. I just got that. BRILLIANT!
larryjohnny 4 anos atrás
Sara Beth 1 scaramooch = 10 days (right?) So that's right 360 +- 5 days. *Happy Mullerversary!*
maee 4 anos atrás
Screw the rest of the show tonight....... I'm here for my man Jake.
Samantha Gaudet
Samantha Gaudet 4 anos atrás
I’m so sure Mr Tapper does more by 7 am than I do all day. Congratulations on the new novel sir. I do have super good hearing but super smell is impressive.
Simon Cole
Simon Cole 4 anos atrás
Whilst my ideological stance differs from Jake Tapper sometimes, I have a lot of respect for him. My respect for Colbert on the other hand is currently broken.
Rickie Khosla
Rickie Khosla 4 anos atrás
Please just book Jake Tapper at least once a week on the show!
Son Brimmer
Son Brimmer 4 anos atrás
Had no idea he had a special power. Awesome.
Fifthelement203 4 anos atrás
I love this back and forth! Jakes my man but don’t come for my guy Stephen 😤
badfeminist 4 anos atrás
“The Smith Center for Olfactory Gifts” 🤣 Lol JT got jokes
Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell 4 anos atrás
I have a strange attraction to these two! Can't get enough of them!
H D H 2 anos atrás
"First of all, America, you need a mint. All of ya." Well said, sir. Especially now when we're all wearing masks!! 😷
wheelyjon 4 anos atrás
Is it just me or did Stephen get out Stephened there once or twice??
Jonathan Arena
Jonathan Arena 4 anos atrás
More of these two.
IG: dialections
IG: dialections 4 anos atrás
I appreciate Jake Tapper attempting comedy. He had some good 'home runs'..not amazing but amazing for a CNN host thats for sure.
urshurak die ohne Kanal
Jake Tapper is awesome, I really like him!
Annsley Green
Annsley Green 4 anos atrás
Love Jake Tapper!!!
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson 4 anos atrás
What continues to appall me, is the fact that America has a president who looks confused and ignorant at the mention of the word "Constitution". One of his main jobs as president is to protect the HELL out of both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yet he continually uses both items as toilet paper. And he is reaching for the Declaration! Oh, and I LIKE Jake's tie.
elsa Grace
elsa Grace 4 anos atrás
The Hellfire Club sounds worth a read if I ever read fiction. Jake Tapper is a very sophisticated gentleman.
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