"Theme Song" ft. Les Claypool - South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert

South Park Studios
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South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert features co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone taking the stage to perform songs from the show’s 25-year history. They’re joined by Primus, Ween, and other special guests. Watch the concert for free:

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About South Park: South Park is the Emmy and Peabody-award winning animated series co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone about four boys living in one screwed-up Colorado mountain town. Between local and global tragedies, as well as parental and celebrity interference, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.

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12 Ago 2022



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Comentários 1 508
South Park Studios
Watch the full concert for free:
Howard McTroy
Trey and Matt had no idea they would still be doing this a quarter of a century later.
The passion Trey puts into the Cartman voice is a wonderful thing
A Random Passerby
I know everybody's talking about Matt and Trey, but let's not forget to give some love to Les Claypool, still kicking it and going strong, too!
the only thing i absolutely hate about this is the fact i couldn't be there to experience it firsthand
Les being dressed just as how he is in the show intro is perfect.
The theme song is a real classic! Sounds even better at a live concert! Kenny's part has always been my favorite. 🎵 🎶
Daryl Phelps
How are Trey's vocal cords still intact after doing that voice for 25 years
Don Shipman
Two of my favorite people ever to grace this planet! Matt and Trey are absolute geniuses!
Oswald McChickenbreast
Trey and Matt are getting a lot of praise - rightfully so. But Les Claypool is of equally legendary status. Founder of Primus, one of the best bass guitar players ever and he's Les Claypool.
If that's Trey doing Cartman without having his vocal pitch digitally altered, that's impressive.
Sabree Johnson
The theme song will always be classic and legendary in this show. Gotta love Kenny's part in the song. I'm never gonna forget the fact that they revealed it in the orchestra. Trey and Matt never disappoint us.
Mr Scratch
The fact that a cartoon has a 25th anniversary concert shows the impact it had on the world
Two comedy legends, still creating top notch comedy after literally decades. South Park is still hilarious and their films - Orgazmo, Baseketball and Team America are great.👍
Trey Parker managed to get the Cartman voice perfect even without a voice editor
I was glad to be on the concert, it was really worth it ! <3
Vale la K'amiy
I just love kenny's part
Kaila and Kristin B
Oh that was actually pretty cool. The theme song sounds even better live.
Trey went hard on the Cartman part
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