The Worst Fortnite Channel On YouTube

Drew Gooden
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Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring today's video!
Fortnite is the hot new game right now and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon (including me, as you can see). In the past few months, people have been able to make a name for themselves just from playing or posting the right type of Fortnite content to BRvid. There are good channels and bad channels, but no one quite like Best Trends.
Best Trends compiles Fortnite lists and highlights, but does it in the most... unique way possible. The dude is a legend, and my new personal favorite BRvidr. But who is the man behind one of the greatest channels in BRvid history? Who is this mastermind that's garnered over a million subs in just a few months? Watch and find out.
Check out best trends' channel, he's honestly hilarious:
my collab on danny's channel:
danny and i on cody's podcast:
danny and i on eddy burback's channel (joke's on me because eddy finished editing this before i finished mine):
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if you're still reading this, comment "drew, it's obvious that your stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and dumb. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man."


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12 Mar 2018



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Comentários 80
Mx. FluffyPants
Mx. FluffyPants Dia atrás
i'm so confused there's an ad in the bio but w h a t is it real
Eryn Warne
Eryn Warne Dia atrás
*he didn’t say hey guy*
Ace Dia atrás
I got an ad right at the of his midrolls rant lol
krismsa Dia atrás
drew, it's obvious that your stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and dumb. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man.
Gabby's World
Gabby's World Dia atrás
Drew, I'm the littlest stinker but I'm also the biggest stinker. So, what does that make me? I'm confused on the size of stinker that I am.
ethan lundberg
ethan lundberg 2 dias atrás
i can’t tell if he was joking about the epic games sponsor
Mathieu Gagné
Mathieu Gagné 2 dias atrás
That fuckin mid roll killed me hahahaha
Max Scott
Max Scott 2 dias atrás
when you were talking about ads i got an ad
TMWAN G00B 2 dias atrás
I just got an add in the middle of him complaining about having 4 adds I a one video
Claire Gibbles
Claire Gibbles 2 dias atrás
i got a fortnite ad for this video
Natalynn Mariotti
Natalynn Mariotti 2 dias atrás
Drew, I'm the littlest stinker, but I'm also the biggest stinker; so what does that make me? I'm confused on the size of stinker that I am. Be sure to comment that so I know that you're the true fan, and I can weave you guys out from the lukewarm fans, who I don't really care about. But it doesn't matter that I said that because they didn't see this part of the video, anyway. And that's it, guys. Thank you so much for watching; I'll be back next week. Peace out. Guys, if you want to play Fortnite and get so good at it that Best Trends makes a video about you, you're in luck, because it's free to download; click my link in the description to download it for free on your computer. It's also available on XBox 1 and PS4, which is where Eddy Burback and I have been playing it way too much. Basically, it's a massive 100 person PvP where the last man standing wins. It's hella intense. It's super satisfying when you start to get better at the game and understand which guns are good what situation, and learning how to incorporate building structures into combat. Seriously, it's so much fun; I can't stop playing it. DM me on Twitter if you ever want to play a squads game with me, and I'll try to make it happen. Again, free download link in the description. Thank you so much to Epic Games for sponsoring this video and making my favorite game in years. Thanks again for watching, guys; see you next week.
Smurfadoodle The Wise
Smurfadoodle The Wise 2 dias atrás
rew, it's obvious that yuor stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and clumsy. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man
DarthLucasPuppy 3 dias atrás
Wait wtf he was actually sponsored
The Hateocracy
The Hateocracy 3 dias atrás
"video interrupted-Ad" nice.
Emma Sim
Emma Sim 3 dias atrás
“The video is interrupted-“ *Ad begins to play*
bridget owens
bridget owens 4 dias atrás
Don't go to 2020 it sucks
Rheana Smith
Rheana Smith 4 dias atrás
"drew, it's obvious that your stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and dumb. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man."
Bogo's Adventure
Bogo's Adventure 4 dias atrás
Is it just me or is there a clock noise at 11:46
m 4 dias atrás
im doing this now
I , the potatoes
I , the potatoes 4 dias atrás
an ad interrupted you while talking BOUT ADS
Technicity 4 dias atrás
there was a midroll ad right after he was talking about it
Mr.moomoo 4 dias atrás
Drew: that mean every 2 minutes the video is in- Add plays
Samuel. E
Samuel. E 4 dias atrás
Let’s go look at the words he used to say
Abel Bolyard
Abel Bolyard 4 dias atrás
Did anyone notice that he put an add there on purpose when he said the vid gets interrupted
Giacomo ce
Giacomo ce 4 dias atrás
Why drew, why be sponsored by fortnite
Brayden Taylor
Brayden Taylor 4 dias atrás
I just noticed that Drew's right eyebrow is so much smaller than his left one lol.
シRealMrMeme101 4 dias atrás
I got an ad when Drew said that means every 2.5 minutes the video gets interrupted
Zukadacoolest Games
Zukadacoolest Games 4 dias atrás
pubg is better
JoshTheFantasyDude 5 dias atrás
Drew, I'm the littlest Stinker, but I'm also the biggest Stinker. So, what does that make me? I'm confused on the size of stinker that I am.
Phenoix a1
Phenoix a1 5 dias atrás
I am the littlest stinnker and the biggest one I am confused the size of stinker I am
Chanuka Wijesinghe
Chanuka Wijesinghe 5 dias atrás the sponsoring real...or just sarcasm as always?
maddy madsen
maddy madsen 5 dias atrás
the way he words things and talks reminds me of perd from parks and rec
big boy
big boy 5 dias atrás
I thought the Epic Games sponsorship was going to be a joke.
Ewan Wolcott
Ewan Wolcott 5 dias atrás
I am mad that you support fortnite
iFreaky 5 dias atrás
5:49 I cant be the only one who got an add right?
Maya K
Maya K 5 dias atrás
It’s so weird all these comments are recent when the video is 2yrs old.
Noot Noot
Noot Noot 6 dias atrás
Peter Wake
Peter Wake 6 dias atrás
ok that midroll ad timing was perfect. Literally lolled
Asylum 747
Asylum 747 6 dias atrás
Why is everyone confused if hes actually sponsored
Mister P4ncake
Mister P4ncake 6 dias atrás
Is anyone gonna question the SpongeBob fortnite drawing in the background?
Wyatt Phalp
Wyatt Phalp 7 dias atrás
I have a name of a legend
Elena Koziol
Elena Koziol 7 dias atrás
Best Trends sounds like he’s imitating Chills
JamesAndGames 5 dias atrás
He's Chills but unironic
Alfredo Lozano Jr
Alfredo Lozano Jr 7 dias atrás
5:50 lmao i love how drew put an ad right as he said that
GTGaming 7 dias atrás
Two years later and I still don’t k ow how he spilled the water...
Rylee Wheaton
Rylee Wheaton 7 dias atrás
Fortnite sucks
Zoey Dominguez
Zoey Dominguez 7 dias atrás
my brother and i always make fun of best trends but I DIDN’T ACTUALLY KNOW “5 fortnite youtubers who’ve sworn” WAS AN ACTUAL VIDEO HAHDHJAHA💀
HouseofToyz 1017
HouseofToyz 1017 7 dias atrás
Is this Real Matt? The guy who made the flamingo died video?
young jizz lord •
young jizz lord • 7 dias atrás
drew I’m the littlest stinker and the biggest stinker
YoDomino 7 dias atrás
5:49 right when drew said advertisement I got a add 😂
MasterONT 7 dias atrás
At first I thought it was a joke but now I'm just disappointed
Mellyn 7 dias atrás
He complains about how the youtuber puts so many ads in the videos, but right then he puts in ad. Haha *c l e v e r*
A rainbow sheep On YouTube
Drew actually did it He actually just interrupted himself talking about ads with an ad I hate you drew
l YourRoyalFoxy l
l YourRoyalFoxy l 8 dias atrás
so at 5:48 ish when Drew is complaining about the ads I got an ad and i laughed for 5 minutes straight
Matthew Schultz
Matthew Schultz 8 dias atrás
I like it bidet clean.
Leah Geary
Leah Geary 8 dias atrás
I'm confused about what kind of stinker I am!
Jayden Bechet
Jayden Bechet 8 dias atrás
drew, it's obvious that your stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and dumb. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man.
Michele 8 dias atrás
Are you kidding me Danny? As soon as you mentioned the thing about ads, I got two back to back ads. I dont know if I can still be truly Greg after this
M A G E 8 dias atrás
5 minecraft youtubers who've *S W O R N*
Aidanbrown280 B
Aidanbrown280 B 8 dias atrás
Lol when he was complaining about ads an ad poped up
julian a d
julian a d 8 dias atrás
i’m the littlest but also the biggest stinker i’m confused about the size of stinker i am also i’m confused about how i already forgot how this was worded 2 seconds after watching it
Anitia Truter
Anitia Truter 9 dias atrás
drew, danny, and kurtis should have a tik tok competition.
Will Storm
Will Storm 9 dias atrás
Did anyone get a add when he was talking about four mid role adds
GomerJ 9 dias atrás
"That means every 2 and 1/2 minutes, the video is interru..." *midroll ad hits*. I see what you did there, Drew
Element gaming
Element gaming 9 dias atrás
OG fortnite
Dencrator 9 dias atrás
Little did they know, he would later create a new channel named "Daily dose of internet".
Emasraw 10 dias atrás
(This is dumb but) Drew I’m the littlest stinker, but also the biggest stinker so what does that make me? So what’s does that make me I’m confused on the size of the stinker that I am
Alphafan 10 dias atrás
When he was ranting about the midrool ads I got an ad
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 10 dias atrás
Drew: That means the video is interrupted- Ad: **rAiD sHaDoW lEgEnDs**
1,000 Subscribers For My Dog?
Drew, I’m the littlest stinker but I’m also the biggest stinker. So what does that make me? I’m confused in the size of the stinker I am.
Zammoh 10 dias atrás
10:33 10:40
Christian Torelli
Christian Torelli 11 dias atrás
Drew i'm the littlest stinker but also the biggest stinker so what does that make me i'm confused on the size of stinker i am
L. B
L. B 11 dias atrás
I did noooooottt just here him say "welcome back to yo that was my shiiiiiitttt and miniclip
Nabil Kavari
Nabil Kavari 11 dias atrás
drew im the littlest stinker but also the biggest, i am confused about the size of my stinker.
Lil Fat Roll
Lil Fat Roll 11 dias atrás
this video is sponsored by fortnite, time to kill children
Rowan Indgjer
Rowan Indgjer 11 dias atrás
Cameron Alcala
Cameron Alcala 11 dias atrás
“That means every 2 minutes, the videos int-“ * Immediately gets ad
DiaperFace19 11 dias atrás
Drew starts talking about his 4 ads and then an ad pops up
Connnecting 65
Connnecting 65 12 dias atrás
When he said every two minutes the video gets interrupted I get an ad for mortal Kombat this is real humor
Jack Newark
Jack Newark 12 dias atrás
“INTERRUPTED” -ad plays- “by an ad.”
Philly Cilly
Philly Cilly 12 dias atrás
As soon as you said to put a advertisement, I g o t a n a d
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